LEGO Marvel vs DC Similar Characters Side by Side Comparison

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
  • This video shows a comparison of Marvel and DC Similar Characters. This includes LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 & 2 as well as Marvel's Avengers, LEGO DC Super Villains and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. #LEGO #MarvelDC
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  • Zompiggy
    Zompiggy Day ago +1

    3:13 should have been vision and superman

    • Kobi Brown
      Kobi Brown 21 hour ago

      Sentry is literally Marvel's version of Superman so it makes perfect sense

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales Day ago

    O my God

  • Esponjoso 599
    Esponjoso 599 2 days ago

    0:57 Breaking The Universes

  • 187 Gzuz
    187 Gzuz 2 days ago


  • L B
    L B 3 days ago


  • Awesome Mark's YT
    Awesome Mark's YT 3 days ago

    I just feel like Marvel and DC are copying each other

  • void of dread
    void of dread 3 days ago

    Swamp thing

  • void of dread
    void of dread 3 days ago

    Bucky Barnes

  • podemos llegar a 1000 subs sin un video ?

    1:06 is the same animation 🤦‍♂️

    OGS OOPS 4 days ago


  • Jeremiah Blundell
    Jeremiah Blundell 5 days ago

    1:07 I know Wonder Woman but who is the other girl

    GAMING TUBE 5 days ago

    DC is cool

  • Jace Jaler
    Jace Jaler 10 days ago +1

    What game is red hulk in

    MOOFAMDEEZ 10 days ago +1

    1:06 they literally used the same idle animation

  • Neusa Maria Santos
    Neusa Maria Santos 10 days ago +1


  • Jared McGee
    Jared McGee 10 days ago +1

    And next time put their names on the list.

  • Aurelia Del Carmen Pizarro Quijada

    Gana marvel

  • Megaman Estelar j Neko B

    1:06 que personajes son estos?

  • Anclex Gamer
    Anclex Gamer 11 days ago +1

    Dc le copio a Marvel
    Marvel es mejor
    Like si crees lo mismo

    • Mauro Tasco
      Mauro Tasco 10 days ago

      @Mercedes Storni No más fíjate en las características: Foto dandoselas de galán, peinado común de barrio, videos de Free Fire, el sufijo gamer, glorificación exagerada a Marvel posiblemente debida al MCU.
      Ese tipo es un cerebro de hongo y no hay que perder el tiempo discutiendo o explicándole el círculo de plagios entre las dos marcas.

    • Mercedes Storni
      Mercedes Storni 10 days ago

      @Anclex Gamer nadie se copio de nadie

    • Anclex Gamer
      Anclex Gamer 10 days ago +1

      @Mercedes Storni nola, estás equivocada infórmate bien

    • Mercedes Storni
      Mercedes Storni 10 days ago

      Es al revés crack

  • Big Josh
    Big Josh 15 days ago

    If only Disney buys DC😔😔😔😔😔

  • rodrigo garcia serrano

    Marvel gana

  • Áron Németh
    Áron Németh 16 days ago

    Like DC

  • -_DANILØ_- -_FREFIRE_-

    Marvel and much better

  • Braian Gacha series
    Braian Gacha series 18 days ago +2

    Marvel victory!!!

  • Braian Gacha series
    Braian Gacha series 18 days ago

    Marvel:20pont dc:15point dc lixo

  • funny world99
    funny world99 19 days ago

    Dc more famous than marvel.
    DC like
    Marvel comment

  • Mitchell Macpherson
    Mitchell Macpherson 19 days ago

    The spectre and doctor doom are not similar characters, they both just have green hoods

  • Hermster HD
    Hermster HD 21 day ago

    Marvel lives for ever

  • Rolfi Molfi
    Rolfi Molfi 21 day ago

    We need a Marvel vs DC Lego game

  • BintangSyahYT
    BintangSyahYT 25 days ago

    Wait i think someone forgot, where's ironman and batman

  • DCMarcelfanboy x-stream

    Carnage is Marvel's Joker not green goblin...

  • Josué da silva santos


  • TimTam
    TimTam 27 days ago

    I love marvel but they copied all of dc’s characters.

  • Ren the hedgehog
    Ren the hedgehog 28 days ago

    DC copied sif's moves to wonder woman

  • big daz
    big daz 28 days ago

    Whatever you prefer, one does not simply diss Solomon grundy

  • Pak the gamer
    Pak the gamer 28 days ago +1

    The 1st one in terms of design dc wins.
    2nd one its a tough one so id say dc.
    3rd one marvel wins.
    4th one dc wins
    5th both of them are good so both of them.
    6th.i kinda like marvel a bit more.
    7th.obviously dc.
    8th marvel.
    9th i wonr compare those 2 since they almost have nothing in common.
    10th. Dc.
    11th marvel.
    12th marvel
    13th dc
    14th dc
    15th dc
    16th i like redhood but marvel wins.
    17th both good so tie.
    18th dc no contest.
    19th marvel
    20th dc
    21st marvel.
    22nd marvel.
    23th marvel
    24th dc
    25th dc
    26th dc
    27th dc
    28th tie
    29th also tie
    30th dc
    31th dc
    32nd dc
    33rd Idk
    34th marvel
    35th marvel
    36th marvel
    37th tie
    38th Dc
    39th obviously ares is better design
    40th idk
    41th cyborg is a bit better.

    • big daz
      big daz 28 days ago

      Pak the gamer yeah no doubt about Aries

  • sagi hazan
    sagi hazan 29 days ago

    Why didnt him wrote bames

  • Alvaro Tavares
    Alvaro Tavares Month ago

    Dc is Very best

  • Big Josh
    Big Josh Month ago

    2:05 who is that Marvel character?

  • Joshua N
    Joshua N Month ago

    I always find most of these comparisons humorous because if you look at the vast majority of characters you are comparing with similar abilities. Original creation DC rip-off Marvel. I used to like Marvel more but because of them becoming PC bo-tards that and my favorite character ever was the last man standing in the Marvel vs DC comic crossover. Those that are true fans without googling it will know.

  • Kakka Pylly
    Kakka Pylly Month ago

    This is awful. Marvel can’t make original characters 😂😂

    • Ghost Arrow Fire!
      Ghost Arrow Fire! 20 days ago

      @Kakka Pylly proof?

    • Kakka Pylly
      Kakka Pylly Month ago

      Roberto Castaneda yes but marvel has copied like 50+ idk and dc maybe 5+

    • Roberto Castaneda
      Roberto Castaneda Month ago

      Actually, some of the DC characters were made after Marvel made theirs

  • a coleçao hh
    a coleçao hh Month ago

    Claro que a DC é melhor

  • Scheila Costa
    Scheila Costa Month ago

    A dc por causa de trigon

  • René Correa
    René Correa Month ago +2

    I miss you Howard The Duck with Green Loontern

  • Roman Madvig
    Roman Madvig Month ago

    Marvel one and if u think I'm wrong I will tell 362 reasons why u r wrong😂😂

  • Jhoslin Efraín Peña Aragón

    I love both.

  • Malu Marvel
    Malu Marvel Month ago

    Batalha épica todos os heróis da Marvel vs os heróis da DC

  • Hıyar Of Thrones HD


    MANO POK Month ago


  • Town Village City
    Town Village City Month ago +1

    What About Stan Lee And Adam West

  • LUCA 05
    LUCA 05 Month ago

    I like more DC my childhood😍


    Like si eres de marvel

  • Technology Integration

    But what about Spider-Man?

  • Duke Wadasa
    Duke Wadasa Month ago +1

    Sorry Quicksilver, Flash is just too fast for you to keep up.

  • ياسر سالم
    ياسر سالم Month ago

    This song is so so WONDERFUL AND AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Pain
    Pain Month ago

    Dc hulk is Abumination

  • Tony 77 Tony 77
    Tony 77 Tony 77 Month ago

    Abonné vous à tiskow off

  • Elsa Mandzhieva
    Elsa Mandzhieva Month ago

    DC ❤️

  • Lab Cycle
    Lab Cycle Month ago

    DC always win