Ancestors (2018) | Sci-fi short film | WexShorts competition

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
  • Several centuries in the future, an explorer visits his ancestral homeworld to find out what happened to all the humans on Earth.
    Ancestors was made for the WexShorts short film competition 2018. The theme was 'sustainability'. As well as making a film about humankind's impact on the planet, I wanted to make the film in a sustainable, low impact way. This meant spending zero money, taking public transport to the filming locations, and doing everything myself, right down to making the props and creating the music.
    I hope you like it!
    Copyright © Scott Tanner 2018
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  • TannerProductions
    TannerProductions  10 months ago +92

    I'm pleased to see so many people watching and commenting on my film! Some people aren't happy with the subject matter, or the way in which I handled it, but please remember Ancestors was designed to win a competition with a very specific theme (sustainability) and had to be 4 minutes or less, so I purposely played up and exaggerated certain aspects to get a point across quickly. It's fascinating to see how some viewers find the film insightful and thought-provoking, whilst others find it preachy and liberal. The way a film can split an audience like that is something to celebrate, as are the different opinions the same text can create. Anyway, thanks for watching, everyone!!!

    • myname604 .FCKgoogle
      myname604 .FCKgoogle 8 days ago

      Would have a lot better if it wasn't cheap propaganda!

    • Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira
      Alexandre Nunes de Oliveira Month ago

      If you really did it all by yourself, you deserve the credit! :)

    • Brad Burke
      Brad Burke 2 months ago

      More left wing doom and gloom rubbish to convince the masses that co2 is evil, we humans are responsible and only a carbon tax can fix it. For christ sake, wake up, it's about a redistribution of wealth, social engineering by stealth.

    • la borincana
      la borincana 2 months ago

      Your work is excellent. Hopeto see more of your work soon.

    • Robert Worley
      Robert Worley 2 months ago

      I am one of the unhappy ones for my own reasons. with that said....great job with the filming. well played out. it looked great on screen.

  • Finn David
    Finn David 21 hour ago


  • Ruprecht Mudorc
    Ruprecht Mudorc Day ago

    Very well done... quite emotive at times .. Respect.

  • Ravi Menon
    Ravi Menon 2 days ago +1

    "They had a paradise but they destroyed it !" How true. Beautiful story. Keep em coming. 👍

  • Stewart Ritchey
    Stewart Ritchey 3 days ago


  • Symon Sheppard
    Symon Sheppard 8 days ago +1

    Quite clever, with meaning and to the point , wheel tracks were a bit silly though .

  • John Juan
    John Juan 9 days ago

    Excellent short although I guess you could have at least, since all life is dead already, filmed at a location that didn't have fresh tire tracks 0:17 all over it, lol. Great job Tanner, from a fellow Scott. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • DoubledEdgeSword321
    DoubledEdgeSword321 10 days ago

    ugly ship..

  • Solar Solar
    Solar Solar 11 days ago

    Meh, just more leftist SJW BS!

  • Paddy Cooper
    Paddy Cooper 12 days ago

    You are telling us what most of us know

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson 13 days ago

    Best to accept all interests and comments without replying to any of them. You come off as repelling when you answer every comment or place your own opinions of anything. Keep to your film making and let the comments fly. Don't react to them. Water off a ducks back. And I agree with everyone else, it seems like propaganda.

  • Cactus Wren
    Cactus Wren 14 days ago

    Enough with the patronizing propaganda lecture already.

  • David ben Mesecke
    David ben Mesecke 20 days ago

    What a piece of unscientific PC garbage. If CO2 levels where so high, why wasn't there vastly more plantlife?

  • Markus Patients
    Markus Patients 20 days ago

    Every nation can claim their fear share of earth's pollution levels but for the past 30 years China can take the credit for OZONE depletion and lying about it.

  • Wayne G
    Wayne G 22 days ago

    Poorly acted, crappy script, horribly done. Shows a complete lack of understanding of the issue it tried to present.

    I AM KURGAN 27 days ago

    AOC will save us!!!!!!! Im out.

    CBOLAR 27 days ago

    2:11 choice buds

  • Thomas Fleig
    Thomas Fleig Month ago

    It's been 500 years since you lost contact with earth, yet you are just now wondering why?

  • Johnboy1701
    Johnboy1701 Month ago

    OMG! This film managed to say more in four minutes than most of our "elected" leaders have in decades. This short film should be required viewing to any of our elected leaders or captains of industry. While they continue to debate whether or not climate change is real or not and managing to ignore the freight train that is right around the bend going to run us over. We can hear the train approaching, but as usual, we put ear plugs in and figure that the train will stop before it gets to us. Just like being in a abusive relationship Mother Nature is getting fed up with our attitude and lack of concern for what we are doing to her. Quite frankly I can see why she wants a divorce.

  • Lee Connelly
    Lee Connelly Month ago

    So many science fiction fans but so few who understand what the science says..its the earths magnetic field that protects us most the ozone layer is a fine tuning adjustment...important yes but at the rate we are losing the magnetic field mankind hasnt much future at travel and other places...alot trickier then ya think..somethins bound to go wrong..without earths receorces to help it becomes almost laughable. Besides..everyone is forgetting about genetic depletion..each time genes make a copy of themselves infirmation is lost.! Not added. Let that sink in as you look around you at the latest generations! Soon..and very soon..all people boen will be deformed or ...special. mistakes enter in.ya cant breed the same stock forever and not ruin the line...ask all thise dog breeders out there....and i dont trust mankinds science to add information or find a solution to this fatal problem..even if its a superman today the changes will invite decay even wont last.but will polute the genes even here was designed and wasnt made to last long.this creator was real good and thought of everything.this is beyond even an angels work.dude was goid whoever he or she was!...but all this is temperary..our temperal world and universe.even the very matter everything is made of wont last forever.stars are burning out..ive seen no new ones being created that we can prove are new?..a star ignition in our galaxy would attract alotta attention i think...super nova and such are rare ...cause i think they just started to pop off! Or else the night sky would be peppered with i think mankind and life on earth is a flash in the pan. We wont be here too much longer. Its sad but out if our hands id say. Man would be best served living sober and grateful in the time it has left. Maybe we could buy a little time ? We wonr last much longer listening and trusting in the dreamers though i do kniw that. Just some thoughts.

  • Traci Vosberg
    Traci Vosberg Month ago

    That was sort and to the point. This should be played in schools so we don't keep making wrong choices. Ty

  • Month ago

    I can't believe your beautiful film demonises that much CO2.
    We are looking for a company to make a film of this quality but about our project, how to contact you?

  • Doug A.
    Doug A. Month ago

    We have to put less drain on the earths resources ..and the way I believe to accomplish that is to breed less people responsible family planning and contraception ..and getting away from the religious belief of procreation ..going forth and multiplying ..there is enuf of us now and let's face it, some people need another child like a hole in the head! ...we have to be "responsible"! .."it isn't a god given right"!!

  • Michael Simmons
    Michael Simmons Month ago

    Listen. Do you hear that? A whale is in trouble. Gotta go!

  • chrebetcrunch
    chrebetcrunch Month ago

    Liberal PC motivated agenda. Truly science fiction since there is NO evidence to prove global warming or as they now say climate change. Same people in 1970 were calling for a 11 degree drop in global temperature by 1990. In 1990 they were saying the world's temperature would increase so much half of North America would be under water. Now in 2019 they say we only have 10 years before the end, but since they can't make up their minds they just call it climate change. News flash, the oceans have raised 400 feet in the last 12,000 years, but only 5-8" in the last 120 years. It appeasers the world has stabilized. Even if the tree hungers were right, It would not matter what the western world did to try and save the climate when China, India and Africa have no regulations and produce the largest majority of pollution.

  • Articulate Management

    Been watching these doomsday films by young college parrots for 50 years now. The only real change I see is that the hippies got mean.

  • Grace Collins
    Grace Collins Month ago

    While this is fiction, it definitely isn't science.

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni Month ago

    500 years deserted, yet lands straight on hundreds of weel tracks

  • Reverend Saltine
    Reverend Saltine Month ago

    Pure leftist bullsht

  • Хайпер Друг

    Good job

  • scott carr
    scott carr Month ago

    Quite an apt movie. It's a pity that no one in CONTROL will ever change how we do things. It will always be the same outcome, because of greed.

  • Lisa Godin
    Lisa Godin Month ago

    How interesting we lecture save the planet! Let's call it global warming for a few years then change it to climate change! Save the environment everyone shouts. But what we won't do is stop stockpiling nuclear weapons. Am I worried that some ice sheet melts? Nope. I'm worried about nuclear destruction and our stupid on going wars.
    Let's stop using fossil fuels! Let's go to wind energy so we can charge triple! Bit what we WON'T do is take nuclear war seriously, we refuse to stop our incessant wars, we refuse to stop hating each other and we refuse to develop the space program enough so we can find a new home. We'll waste billions to start some Space Force dreamed up by our delusional president who can't go an hour without lying and giving in to paranoid delusions whose got the nuclear codes.
    We need clean air and water we fear monger, while we cage human beings like animals, demand more guns put on the streets, think it normal to have shootings in schools.

  • 58 fregate
    58 fregate Month ago

    Too bad that in the dirt shot there are tire tracks, could have broom the place before filming.

  • Will Baird
    Will Baird Month ago +2

    Does he find SUVS? I don't know didn't watch after the C02 high reading which this moron couldn't figure out why since humans have been gone 500 years! Maybe the robots are still driving them!

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk Month ago +3

    Caprisun lives on 500 years in the future

  • Bernadete Morey
    Bernadete Morey Month ago

    Very good!

  • kustom13rods
    kustom13rods Month ago


  • Murmurations
    Murmurations Month ago +1

    If only they had done the Green New Deal....

  • Geoff
    Geoff 2 months ago

    Utter unadulterated bullshit

  • Philip Sanders
    Philip Sanders 2 months ago

    The scary thing is that we are not good for the planet.peace,what's left of it.

  • Daniel Mathers
    Daniel Mathers 2 months ago +1

    Yes it's better to believe politicians and conspiracy theorists than scientists. Makes so much more sense.

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 2 months ago

    Where are all the ghosts, on this, planet of ghosts?

  • Mark Lerma
    Mark Lerma 2 months ago

    Global warming, climate change Claptrap...

  • Kamelhaj
    Kamelhaj 2 months ago +1

    Although I, too, noticed the tire tracks at 0:19 and the heavy reliance on exaggerated global-scale human influences, the film was nicely done, especially considering the zero budget and time constraints.

  • Roy Whit
    Roy Whit 2 months ago

    Nicely done! The subject is prescient.

  • Cinquecento Nero
    Cinquecento Nero 2 months ago

    Another soft brained liberal indoctrinated fairy boy. Once in my life I would like to see a film without a left leaning entitled rich boy crying on camera.



  • He Did Something
    He Did Something 2 months ago +1

    so, abortion after birth was becoming reality rite? 😕

  • Mechaghostman2
    Mechaghostman2 2 months ago +1

    I agree that pollution is bad. That said, the big liberal coastal states are the biggest polluters. Travel to the American south sometime. You'll see that they keep their environment clean. They have to in order to have healthy deer and fish to eat. Liberals care about climate change with their mouths only, while conservatives deny that it's happening while also keeping their section of the planet clean. Kind of weird. I've seen idiots throw out entire McDonalds bags out of their car window as they're driving along. Like seriously, why would you do that you lazy slob?

  • JohnJ469
    JohnJ469 2 months ago +1

    It did come across a bit "preachy", but as you say there was a defined topic and only 4 minutes to tell the story. Personally I think it was an excellent effort but do pay a bit more attention to background science. A world with a much higher CO2 will be a lot greener for example, little things like that quickly build an ambience and a feel for the setting. Just my 2 cents on a marvellous job, well done.

    • JohnJ469
      JohnJ469 2 months ago

      @TannerProductions No problems. I thought that you might be tight for locations. I look forward to seeing more work.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  2 months ago

      Thanks John, glad you enjoyed the film. As for the science, it's not just about the CO2, it's about the cumulative effects of lots of factors like industrialisation, Ozone-layer destruction, and a multitude of greenhouse gases. My thinking was that although CO2 alone would bring a greener, lusher world, poisonous soil, unstable weather, higher UV radiation, and other greenhouse effects might offset this and give a dryer world. Also, as I'd made a commitment to not drive myself to a location, I had a limited selection of terrains in my locality to choose from! Still though, you make a good point and I will look for more scientific accuracy in future projects. Thanks again!

  • Grayson J. Stedman jr.
    Grayson J. Stedman jr. 2 months ago +1

    I find it so strange. When did caring about pollution become a leftist agenda?
    I'm old enough to remember when everyone cared about reducing pollution, except for polluters.
    How and when did supporting a particular political party transcend into not caring if you, your neighbour, your children and grandchildren live in a poisonous toxic dump, and thinking that anyone that cares about clean air and water is some sort of enemy?

    • Mechaghostman2
      Mechaghostman2 2 months ago +1

      It all started in the 80's when Exxon decided to ignore their own scientist's warnings about global warming. Then the propaganda from them really started being pushed in the 90's and 2000's.
      People need to stop worshiping billionaires and money. They are not benevolent.

  • Ahmad Faisal
    Ahmad Faisal 3 months ago


  • Nenad Kukuljan
    Nenad Kukuljan 3 months ago +1

    Great story ,but effects are lame.
    You should make it more futuristic, like his suit ,or ship could be more complex than looking like helicopter...

    • I have a harpoon In my back pocket
      I have a harpoon In my back pocket 10 days ago

      Nenad Kukuljan maybe in the future they discovered a more effective model for space travel and it looks like a helicopter. Use some imagination dude I love the effects their very well done and look unique. Honestly a way better short than I expected a 3:58 one to be.

  • Barry R McCain
    Barry R McCain 3 months ago +1

    did Al Gore write the script?

  • Kevin Cozens
    Kevin Cozens 3 months ago

    Nice short. Where was it shot?

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  3 months ago

      Thanks Kevin! Ancestors was shot near Farnborough, in Hampshire, UK.

  • V Terranova
    V Terranova 3 months ago +1

    Thankfully this didn't run longer. The worse video I've run across. Looking forward now for the world to end in the next 11 3/4 yrs.

  • Mike The Stand
    Mike The Stand 3 months ago +1

    Total climate change disaster bollocks, do some real research do not go by what government and mass media want you to think or crap like this.

  • Classical Liberal Warrior

    Pollution is NOT our enemy or destroyer except is a very tiny way. Our enemy and destroyer is THE WELFARE STATE. Also general illiberalism and the rejection of Enlightenment values. Give us capitalism, libertarianism, and freedom and pollution will die out post haste.

  • ian watts
    ian watts 3 months ago

    how the heck did you know what alien's are doing in their ufo's coming to earth???????????????????👍👍👍👍👍✨✨✨✨✨✨💖😊🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🛌🙌👍👍👍✨✨✨✨ You need to tell those alien Buff's, THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING WHEN THEY COME TO EARTH...

  • tonycavanagh1929
    tonycavanagh1929 3 months ago

    Enjoyed watching this.

  • Skeptisk
    Skeptisk 3 months ago

    He found Dagobah...

  • pnamajck
    pnamajck 3 months ago

    well done on your film, scott.

  • Boodew 55 55
    Boodew 55 55 3 months ago

    Total Soy BS !

  • San Francisco
    San Francisco 3 months ago

    Oh, please. Get off the climate change bandwagon. We have enough socialist pessimists here already.

  • Intercat
    Intercat 3 months ago

    Disclosure at the end is the best bit. Hope the competition took it into account.

  • Will Lipscombe
    Will Lipscombe 3 months ago

    VERY well done, good plot, great acting and realistic special effect and props.
    Now a comment on the subject matter:
    I think here in the USA we have done pretty good with cleaning up the environment. In 1969 I was in Jr. High School (what is called Middle School now a days) in Los Angeles and I remember walking to school and I could hardly see the Hollywood sign even though we lived only about ten miles from the base of the Hollywood Hills (where most of the houses and buildings ended and Griffith Park began) because of the horrible smog. By about three in the afternoon our eyes would be red and sore from all the pollution. It got so bad they had to cancel P.E. some days.
    And I remember pictures of all of the garbage floating next to the shore in the Great Lakes.
    Yes, still more needs to be done. But I think a large part of that is convincing other countries to follow suit.
    A friend of mine just went to a wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia and they were nice enough to send me pictures of the city. I noticed a lot of smog and it made me think of how Hollywood used to be.

  • Maria Cline
    Maria Cline 3 months ago

    It just hit me. The message. Great job.

  • Davo gifman
    Davo gifman 3 months ago

    Good effort. You're right we did basically have paradise,and our greed has indeed ruined it. Hopefully you people from the future can learn from our mistakes
    Through all this their's only thing that baffles me. You're in the 25th century,and their's still no cure for acne?!?! 🤔

  • Covenant Soul
    Covenant Soul 3 months ago +1

    I'll tell you what happened - Instead of concentrating on real problems like pollution in drinking water, the Lefties forced everyone's attention onto matters that made no difference and about which we could do little - like how warm it was and how high the ocean was. Then they put the blame on things that made no sense. The "sustainable" policies that followed were stupid and counter-productive - like killing all the cattle in the world. After they destroyed all the food, civilization didn't last very long.

  • xxwookey
    xxwookey 3 months ago +1

    Nicely done. You could perhaps have upped the props budget slightly (baby bone, fish skeleton) but we understood. Perhaps a smidge heavy-handed, but like you say, you only had 4 mins, and of course the point needs making, over and over, every which way until people change their ways. As we can see from the comments, there are still way too many people who _want_ to go down in (ignorant) flames.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  3 months ago

      Glad you enjoyed it, xxwookey. I get a lot of negative comments about this film but it's got significantly more thumbs up than thumbs down so I still feel that the majority of viewers are on my side. Thanks for watching!

  • langelagrenouille
    langelagrenouille 4 months ago

    Well done. Nice visuals but i'm going to have to go with the other commentors... The story and the message are cliché. Yes pollution is bad. We know.

  • David Bolden
    David Bolden 4 months ago +3

    Bad science makes for bad science fiction. I realize your intended audience was a very specific crowd with fundamentally flawed perspectives, which are more closely related to religion than science - but when facts require blind faith devoid of evidence, and apocalyptic theories are considered "settled science" without replicable testing, and only altered data and cherry picked computer models can support them, we are no longer pursuing answers to the question of sustainability but propaganda for demonizing real science.

  • w4csc
    w4csc 4 months ago +1

    If the CO2 levels had been so high, all those puny plants would have long ago turned this landscape into a massive jungle of growth. Why do these greenies always portray CO2 as some kind of pollutant? Without CO2 and lots of it, life is extinct, idiots!
    Our experiments in our plastic tent full of CO2 and common veggies makes 1800-2500 ppm as a wonderful combination of being able to create this much CO2 in the presence of plants and economy. These levels were not obtainable over an open dirt floor. The soil sucked up all the CO2 we could generate faster than we could generate it. A plastic floor with holes for growing plants solved that problem. We didn't have massive gas burners available. Ever see a tomato the size of a melon? Delicious!

  • Ace Tycho
    Ace Tycho 4 months ago +1

    Great job creating this. I'm now looking for more work of yours.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Thanks Ace! I've been very busy recently so haven't been making nearly as much as I'd like but check out my channel for more videos :)

  • C Bruce Strickland
    C Bruce Strickland 4 months ago +1

    I am sick of every sci-fi film being about how we destroyed ourselves and the earth.

  • TheDrummerman1951
    TheDrummerman1951 4 months ago

    Cow farts killed us all.

  • Jack Shadow
    Jack Shadow 4 months ago +1

    Too preachy.

  • S.A. Morris
    S.A. Morris 4 months ago DuPont teflon killed the world...

  • 1TalldrinkH2O
    1TalldrinkH2O 4 months ago

    You expressed the environmental concerns as stated in the Green New Deal concerns very well. Please remember that humans are destroying more than the physical world.
    Isaiah 24:4-6
    "The earth dries up and withers, the world languishes and withers, the exalted of the earth languish. The earth is defiled by its people; they have disobeyed the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt. Therefore earth's inhabitants are burned up, and very few are left."

  • BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse
    BRAVOZULU DWEST boathouse 4 months ago +1

    as if his hi-tech space craft is "GREEN"

  • JBTechCon
    JBTechCon 4 months ago

    It's sad so many great screenplays go unfilmed while money and effort are wasted on zero-creativity zero-story films like this.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Actually, this film was made on a zero budget, and the only effort 'wasted' was my own. I now challenge you to make something with half the creativity of my film. I also politely ask you to be a nicer human being.

  • Oby-1
    Oby-1 4 months ago

    So, so true.

  • Steve Bailey
    Steve Bailey 4 months ago

    We were there, just hiding from yet another GEEK. lol

  • Kenny H
    Kenny H 4 months ago

    Can you say Low Budget?

  • MrFriendly B
    MrFriendly B 4 months ago +2

    Soy boy.

  • LaughTooHard
    LaughTooHard 4 months ago +2

    I couldn't stomach watching this to the end. Al Gore can buy this.

  • Jason Coomer
    Jason Coomer 4 months ago

    Id rather be a dying race than be as Smug as the character in this film...

  • patrick davis
    patrick davis 4 months ago +2

    Great video. Bet you caught hell from many.. But I get it's ideal. We as humans need to be responsible for our actions, and actions have real consequences.. Well made and put. 10 thumbs up!!!

  • Leicester Blackthorne
    Leicester Blackthorne 4 months ago

    Crappy political bullshit

  • Bob Spencer
    Bob Spencer 4 months ago

    Interesting, and possibly true in time. however the country would not be that green. Good short.

  • Danan Butler
    Danan Butler 4 months ago

    Cough, Cough, Bullshit, Cough, Cough.

  • Andrew Bauld
    Andrew Bauld 4 months ago

    Well. I’m not fussed about what other people are writing about your short. This is better than good! To the point. Very well done!

  • Alan Brown
    Alan Brown 4 months ago

    Most likely you'd also see reduced oxygen levels too (look into anoxic events) and this is a likely future if we don't get our CO2 levels under control. Reduced oxygen will explain the enhanced UV levels - CFCs will be almost completely gone after 500 years (their atmospheric halflife is about 70 years)
    Everyone's concentrating on AGW and sea levels, but an anoxic event is the more dangerous scenario - oceanic acidity has doubled since the start of the industrial revolution (pH scales are logarmithmic, so it's a small pH change) and it's at the point where shell-forming organisms are having trouble forming their shells - both at macro (shellfish) and more importantly at microscopic levels (zooplankton) - the long term effect is likely to be a food chain collapse in the seas, which leads into the Anoxic Event (red tides on steroids) scenarios.
    The tipping point is likely to be the Leptav sea (Siberia) - right now there is a lot of methane bubbling out of the seafloor on the continental margin, triggered by warm water incursions - shocking scientists because they assumed that methane emissions like this would never reach the surface. Before Russia shut down investigations in 2011, the plumes were reported to be 1km wide. Russians are (correctly) pointing out that the emissions don't contribute to global warming - but that misses what's happening on the seafloor - the methane bubbling out is leaving voids in the ice deposits (methane clathrates) and making the area more suspectable to a massive submarine slide and "bloop" in the event of a good sized earthquake - similar to the Storegga slides of 9000 years ago. Arctic Tsunamis and 5-25Gigatonnes of methane into the atmosphere would be enough to push things from "marginal" to "triggering"
    5GT is the low estimate - it would trigger enough acidity change to push things over. 25GT is the high end and would be catastrophic - probably an extinction event for any land animale greater than 40kg.
    We get HALF our breathable oxygen from the seas. If atmospheric levels reduce to 17% you can expect to lose half the human population due to cardiopulmonary congestion. if it goes lower than that then the rate of loss goes up sharply. (Look at equivalent oxygen percentages with altitude and you'll see what I mean.). The last big anoxic event dropped oxygen levels down to 12-14%
    Hopefully this will give you some ideas for another "what happened to them?" - right now everyone who matters is slowly coming out of their state of denial about how bad things are with regard to sea level rises and weather changes, but raising the prospect of oxygen suffocation gets the equivalent of fingers in the ears and "neener neener go away, I can't hear you"

    • Thomas Fleig
      Thomas Fleig Month ago

      Losing half the human population would be a good thing. Since overpopulation is the real problem.

    • Alan Brown
      Alan Brown 4 months ago +1

      @TannerProductions The implications of a lowering of oxygen levels can't be understated.
      Effectively raising the equivalent altitude of sea level to what we see at 8-9000 feet, you render about 1/3 of the earth's land area uninhabitable. If it's raised to 12,000 feet or higher then you start seriously impairing cognitive functions on top of the heightened problems with cardiopulumary congestion. (The only ethnic groups capable of handling high altitudes are Nepalese and Tibetians, everyone else copes by thickening their blood and that's what gives you the congestion problem)
      Access to hypobaric chambers or oxygen concentrators will be the new dividing line between rich and poor. You can expect nasty clampdowns on emissions and activities which affect trees/greenery.
      Frank Bonham's "The Missing Persons League" would be a good starting point for cli-fi stuff.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Wow, thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response. Very interesting read! Obviously the science in my film was pretty rushed, yours sounds a lot more plausible and, because of that, is even more troubling. Thanks for watching!

  • Ian Yeubrey
    Ian Yeubrey 4 months ago

    You're speaking to the wrong people. I've never chopped down a rainforest tree and none of my oiltankers have sunk. I have a staff of shallow minded idiots to do that sort of thing for me. I call them entrepreneurs and government.

  • Warrington Williams
    Warrington Williams 4 months ago

    While I agree with the films message, the "science" is sloppy, the production is lazy and generally hurts the cause of sustainibility more than it helps.

  • Bruce woolford
    Bruce woolford 4 months ago

    Good but could be better. Redo it but try not to sound like your reading from a book. Needs to sound more natural with the dialog.

  • Sid of the id
    Sid of the id 4 months ago

    A really big congratulations on the making of this film. This should be shown in schools and colleges everywhere in the hope that your generation will not make the same mistakes as previous ones. Excellent production on such a small budget and so thought provoking. You are to be commended. Well done to you.

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Thanks Sid! It means a lot to get positive comments like this!

  • Deano
    Deano 4 months ago +2

    First of all I have to say that we need more people like you on this planet. This topic should be drummed in to our next generation at a very young age, I also admire that you did this on your own with no money spent. You even lowered your carbon footprint by using public transport. You should be very proud of yourself, ignore the haters, it’s easier to make stupid comments than be creative and help this world. I’ll look forward to your next videos . 👍

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Even though I get more negative comments than positive ones, it makes the positive ones like yours all the more appreciated :) Thanks for watching!

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Even though I get more negative comments than positive ones, it makes the positive ones like yours all the more appreciated :) Thanks for watching!

  • Walter Erhart
    Walter Erhart 4 months ago

    tree huggers good, Normal people bad. Damn dip shits.

  • bobby mariani
    bobby mariani 4 months ago +1

    I really enjoyed it! Great job on getting so much across in 4 minutes. Well written and directed. Very impressed you did this 💯 by yourself!! I give it a 9/10!

    • TannerProductions
      TannerProductions  4 months ago

      Thanks Bobby - if only all my viewers were as kind as you!