Renegades React to... FITZ - WHEN GIRLS PLAY CS:GO 2

  • Published on Dec 2, 2018
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Comments • 98

  • Renegade Media Group
    Renegade Media Group  6 months ago +8

    Renegades Ramble LIVE! Playlist:

    • Kamen Rider Cronus
      Kamen Rider Cronus 6 months ago

      Please react to JoJo part 5 anime

    • Starkill8
      Starkill8 6 months ago

      you guys should watch more of smii7y prediction compilation.

  • Unique Azrael' Gaming

    Actually bordie is the only exact member the do more often game with them
    HeyImBee rarely does with them cuz she does VR
    Alina and some other girls play with them
    You can check all girls member by watching Bordie's video
    "Playing with the girls"

  • Akashdeep Chakrabarti

    They wasted 5 mins for the intro. What is this.

  • iCY Nightmarish Z
    iCY Nightmarish Z 2 months ago

    Can yall shut the fuck up and do ur stolen content shit instead

  • Home Town Vlogs
    Home Town Vlogs 4 months ago

    12:12 TheGamingLemon?

  • Brett Balok
    Brett Balok 4 months ago


  • Anakin Sandy Low-Ground

    whoa, i was just wondering....that instrumental playing with the renegades ramble thing....was that nate on the guitar or did they come up with it some other way? or is it just from another piece of music?

  • ruthleshunter
    ruthleshunter 6 months ago

    Reaction starts at 4:54.

  • heyimkarla
    heyimkarla 6 months ago

    PLease watch Fitzs new video

  • iRx Destiny
    iRx Destiny 6 months ago +2

    Bappo nuked the jappos

  • Kingofgames2k
    Kingofgames2k 6 months ago +2

    Thomas Sander's RU-clip stuff is great

  • rohan kamath
    rohan kamath 6 months ago

    dude aug is more expensive than the ak, btw as u t-side coz u trying to by an ak, its sg. aug is for the ct-side.

  • Elijah Cukryznski
    Elijah Cukryznski 6 months ago

    14:38 _something_ _that_ _you_ _might_ _like_ _to_ _hear_ ... *it's* *free* *real* *estate*

  • TheVideogamer722
    TheVideogamer722 6 months ago

    Respecting women in csgo

  • james
    james 6 months ago

    watch misfits house tour

  • Ridley 74
    Ridley 74 6 months ago

    Please watch Jontron's new Flex Tape vid.

  • ThatRandomPerson
    ThatRandomPerson 6 months ago

    Hi Renegades I really liked your video. On a side note I recommend to you a RU-clip channel called Cubby Cramer he does gaming videos but he uses soundboards for comedy purposes. My favourite one is where he uses a Gordon Ramsey sound board.

  • Batman's Pet Goldfish
    Batman's Pet Goldfish 6 months ago

    Bordie is great.

  • BEASTIE heastie
    BEASTIE heastie 6 months ago +2



  • Filipe Costa
    Filipe Costa 6 months ago


  • Wriizo Beatbox
    Wriizo Beatbox 6 months ago

    React bedbanana scp musical or scp last D boy or planet rust

  • Kuzor
    Kuzor 6 months ago

    Nate the great and metal version of jesus equals a substantial duo

  • LeemarG1445
    LeemarG1445 6 months ago

    You should react to CS:GO high by raccooneggs, it’s hilarious.

  • Cally
    Cally 6 months ago

    I like the Studio!

  • TheGlitchedBloodWolf 74
    TheGlitchedBloodWolf 74 6 months ago +2

    They need to react to Jontron's second Flex Tape video

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 6 months ago

    CS:GO Moments that will make you want to join the Military or also the exact opposite
    By Kryoz.

  • SmoothTurtle
    SmoothTurtle 6 months ago

    PLEASE react to the sequel of the Flex Tape JonTron video, titled: _Flex Tape II: The Flexening_

  • JamesP
    JamesP 6 months ago

    Please react to "CSGO Radio show" by fitz it's a classic

  • jasonic
    jasonic 6 months ago +6

    I think this channel has a good potential, but Nate don't just repeat the joke they just said in a worse accent, it isn't funny cause that makes you seem like you have nothing original, and make the video more audible, unless you are talking, cause the format you have the video makes it hard to read and the audio to hard too hear

    • Adrian Diaz
      Adrian Diaz 6 months ago +2

      I agree. I like the stuff they do but they'll never be greater then they are now if they don't improve such in the ways you said

  • Mr Drake
    Mr Drake 6 months ago

    Jontron is back!!!!!

  • Mr. Styro
    Mr. Styro 6 months ago

    I know this is a odd request but can you please react to Super Mario Bros Super? It’s really good!

  • Lel ok
    Lel ok 6 months ago

    React to sovietwomble rust pls

  • idontknow
    idontknow 6 months ago

    I've been waiting for this react!!!!!

  • Ghost 326
    Ghost 326 6 months ago

    Plug for Renegades Ramble playlist? Y’all are moving up in the world, and I love it!

    RJ JOYCE 6 months ago

    Hey guys always love the vids and wish you all the best from Scotland, also heads up, Johntron has brought out a flex tape two, it’s gooood!

  • Sum Random Dude In the Internet

    Part 3 of smi77y's predictions just came out a week ago, you MUST react to it. After part 2 ofc

  • Nekrozius
    Nekrozius 6 months ago +2

    How abot the: Google Translate Meets Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Video from Alpharad? Thought of that one as pretty funny, maybe it even breaks Ben?

  • MrMonstermusik
    MrMonstermusik 6 months ago +4

    Hey again guys ok so heres the thing: RWBY Season 6 is out and has a couple of episodes.
    Team fourstar has a new ultimate hellsing episode.
    and my most favorite which just came out today Jontron FlexTape 2 the flexening !!!

  • Masterosprey 622
    Masterosprey 622 6 months ago +2

    React to SAO abridged 13

  • rain
    rain 6 months ago

    React to arch enemy

  • Andre Rosario
    Andre Rosario 6 months ago

    Most toxic csgo I have ever seen PLEASE

  • Thomas Rolfe
    Thomas Rolfe 6 months ago +3

    react to hellsing ultimate abridged 9 please

  • TheTrueHusky
    TheTrueHusky 6 months ago

    Fitz’s video wasn’t where “You angry little spastic” came from

  • andrew potter
    andrew potter 6 months ago

    Thomas Sanders is on Tik Tok now doing 12 second videos again

  • Ciphric P
    Ciphric P 6 months ago

    Can you guys watch “The worst thing to happen in csgo” by fitz?

  • Empty God
    Empty God 6 months ago

    Jameskii’s “Vrchat in a nutshell” NEXT.

  • Dybala Argentina
    Dybala Argentina 6 months ago +20

    The video needs to be louder when you're watching it.. Nobody wants to hear loud coughs and laughs midway. Got something to say pause the video. No offence, but its annoying lol and you've been doing it since forever

    • Dybala Argentina
      Dybala Argentina 6 months ago +1

      @Dartanyan The video itself needs to be louder or their mic needs to be lower. Wow so completely different. Thank you for correcting something so absolutely unnecessary.
      Im not saying i dont wanna hear their laughs, mate, im saying it doesnt have to be that damn loud. Barely can hear the video they're watching because i have to turn the sound lower, to avoid hearing loud ass laughs all of a sudden.

    • Dartanyan
      Dartanyan 6 months ago

      No, you are are telling them the video itself needs to be louder because you simply did not like their "loud coughs and laughs" and that it is annoying and that they have been doing it "since forever". Even tho those reactions of theirs and thoughts are the main point of this video. It assumes you have watched and enjoyed the video they are actually watching.
      Read your own comment and then try to tell me I cannot read :p when you just told me in your most recent comment something completely incorrect

    • Dybala Argentina
      Dybala Argentina 6 months ago +3

      @Dartanyan Can you read? Pretty sure all i said was turn down your volume a bit more because it doesn't have to be that loud.

    • Dartanyan
      Dartanyan 6 months ago +1

      Or watch the original video first if u want to watch the actual video

    • Dybala Argentina
      Dybala Argentina 6 months ago +1

      @ChaosMiles07 What do you mean?

  • tobi-sempai kawaii
    tobi-sempai kawaii 6 months ago

    Can the next fitz video you react be when idiots play cs go 3?

  • Rodrigo Trujillo Montoya
    Rodrigo Trujillo Montoya 6 months ago +3

    Is this video demonitized too?

  • Lemonn 17
    Lemonn 17 6 months ago

    You need to react to Fitz - Respecting woman in csgo its one of his best videos ;)

  • daniel martinez
    daniel martinez 6 months ago +2


  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron 6 months ago +2

    Really like the layout of the room you're in. It looks nice ^^

  • Yoggnil Kesarch
    Yoggnil Kesarch 6 months ago +18

    Can you please react to filthy Frank 100 life hacks! PLS like if you agree.

  • Mason Douglas
    Mason Douglas 6 months ago

    React to When a beatboxer plays csgo

  • Andrew Trevino
    Andrew Trevino 6 months ago

    Reaction to csgo for kids

  • Ken & Violet's Let's Play
    Ken & Violet's Let's Play 6 months ago +7

    4:56 Reaction starts

  • Beetlejew
    Beetlejew 6 months ago


  • Darius Goodrum
    Darius Goodrum 6 months ago +10

    Plz watch Just Csgo Things with Smitty. You will cry laughing 😂😂😂😂

    • Durag Jones
      Durag Jones 6 months ago +2

      Darius Goodrum *miss those times, especially the spoon shows* 😔

  • Nice Good
    Nice Good 6 months ago +1

    React to WHY I LOVE CS GO SURF by RaccoonEggs
    Is funnier than all Fitz’s videos

  • Nice Good
    Nice Good 6 months ago

    React to WHY I LOVE CS GO SURF by RaccoonEggs
    Is funnier than all Fitz’s videos

  • Andrew Trevino
    Andrew Trevino 6 months ago

    Horrible Ainsley

  • Andrew Trevino
    Andrew Trevino 6 months ago


  • Jack Thompson
    Jack Thompson 6 months ago +2

    Please react to more jontron.

  • BagazZ123
    BagazZ123 6 months ago +17

    Angriest csgo player ever pleaseee

  • ALX FX
    ALX FX 6 months ago

    The soundboard "go fuck yourself" is used by The Gaming Lemon

  • The Bushloft
    The Bushloft 6 months ago +16

    Hi, been watchin’ you guys for about a year, and I love your content. Nate, I know you read comments, so I want you to know that you are the MAN! One of my favorite content creators name is Scatsbury, but he’s been inactive for 3 years now. One of his main highlights of his channel is his Skyrim Randomness series, and some weird and crazy things happen in it. Maybe you could give it a watch in the future?

  • Mr. Nerd
    Mr. Nerd 6 months ago +54

    Bordie is one of my favorite youtuber's in this group.

    • Unique Azrael' Gaming
      Unique Azrael' Gaming Month ago

      Bordie is the only main member of the gang

      HeyImBee does Vr more often and less Competitive
      And rarely alina or other girls play

    • Francis Dimaano
      Francis Dimaano 4 months ago

      John Lee Zhen no. Where tf did you get that info

    • Sisa Musudroka
      Sisa Musudroka 5 months ago

      @Deer Bambi bordieis gay

    • kusipää
      kusipää 6 months ago +2

      @Deer Bambi no

    • Deer Bambi
      Deer Bambi 6 months ago

      Super Nerd isnt bordie and fitz dating?

  • Gray Christian
    Gray Christian 6 months ago

    react to IMPS Relentless. You guys will love it!

  • Forty The Alien
    Forty The Alien 6 months ago

    Hmmm... Okay..

  • xXRabbitSnipezXx
    xXRabbitSnipezXx 6 months ago

    Damn that was a pretty spot on impression Nate

  • Aicmer O'Tiranchi
    Aicmer O'Tiranchi 6 months ago +86

    At 4:56

  • Mr. Porkington
    Mr. Porkington 6 months ago +85

    Please react to Jameskii’s “Vrchat in a nutshell”

  • ALX FX
    ALX FX 6 months ago