AMD Radeon 7... Amazing or Disappointing?

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
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Comments • 3 867

  • Bilal Malik
    Bilal Malik Month ago

    I just ordered the Radeon VII GOLD Edition from AMD website, it is comparable to the RTX 2080

  • Max Hughes
    Max Hughes Month ago

    Think of Intel and Nvidia as ANTIFA and Femenazis in the NWO and think of Utube's klan of reviewers as the MSM. See the "disapointing" in the title of this video. A negative term is used in every AMD review title by the same klan. The content is the same, as though they all had a script.

  • Max Hughes
    Max Hughes Month ago

    I have noticed that the klan of reviewers with tens of thousands of views always post videos on AMD with a question. "disappointing?" But I never see that on their reviews of a new Intel or Nvidia product. With two products about the same price they always include in the graph a top end pricy Intel or Nvidia product reguardless of price. It's mind control!

  • Music Maker
    Music Maker 2 months ago

    the ending to this video was sooooooooooooooooooooo Fan Best

  • jesus antonio romero navarro


  • Cioby
    Cioby 4 months ago

    No idea what settings they use, no idea what they put in the "comparison desk of Nvidia", so yea. Guess they faked performance. And if this shit is as expensive as 2080, your shit Navi won't beat 2070 with 250$ price lmao, dream on.

  • ShoneDaddy
    ShoneDaddy 4 months ago

    I’m sure this card will age like a fine wine, but it’s not what people were looking for.

  • Jordan Von Buse
    Jordan Von Buse 4 months ago

    Nvidias 2 cents ....

  • Adam949
    Adam949 4 months ago

    Not real 7nm lol. They reserved that for NextGen or 7nm+ aka just 7nm...

  • fro16883
    fro16883 4 months ago

    a dope video card should never cost more then 500$ imo .-.

  • rem kanji
    rem kanji 4 months ago

    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE

  • denvera1g1
    denvera1g1 4 months ago

    If this is similar to the 2080, then yes $699 is a good price

  • Popi Colorao
    Popi Colorao 4 months ago

    VIVA -------AMD-------- :) AMD AMD AMD LOVER :)

  • Yonn Lopez
    Yonn Lopez 4 months ago

    Dat gpu looks like a brushed beer can with holes on it 😂😂😂

  • James
    James 4 months ago

    fuck nvidia i saved for 8 months to get a top of the line 1080 and all the sudden right when about to buy prices doubled. rtx 2080 new 1300 to 1600 on newegg?! im either crossfire two vega 64s or getting this new card i just can not condone this insanity with SOOOOO MUCH time and hard work in the form of my money being wasted just because nvidia tells me to im so fucking mad even if 2080 was 5 times better i still wont touch one or even think about putting one in my system

  • Brian Andreasen
    Brian Andreasen 4 months ago

    Radeon 7 will appeal to a wide audience of people who don't want to pay Nvidia's price hikes. I bought a GTX 1070 on release I have loved the card, but I'm not buying a RTX series card Ray Tracing doesn't sell me enough. If you're giving me more perf where it counts and not worried about Ray Tracing and games supporting ray tracing IMO this is the card to buy. I will be selling my 1070 once I procure one of these.

  • Eric B
    Eric B 4 months ago

    $500 maybe , $700 is too much

  • David Langley
    David Langley 4 months ago

    I want to see a new toxic card

  • edponpon
    edponpon 4 months ago

    YAWN. Lemme know when AMD can actually beat NVIDIAs newest offerings. THEN I'll be interested.

  • Mopar Mike
    Mopar Mike 4 months ago +1

    That's great good for AMD... But I'm only using Intel and Nvidia in my build... Long time supporter

    • The Drunken Basterd
      The Drunken Basterd 4 months ago

      2400$ for a 4k build... or 1400$ for a 4k build. Both achieve the same framerates and quality. Hmm.

  • alcibiades79
    alcibiades79 4 months ago

    The price increase of the series is something to worry about especially taking into account that the cryptocurrency bubble has burst. There is no way to know for sure if the technology invested is simply more expensive but there is definetely a growing feeling amongst the community "of market price fixing" which is quite angering. Been waiting for this card, I've a got a build in fact standby for this baby or the RTX 2080 Gigabyte edition if for whatever reason when it circulates I am not satisfied.

  • Puddz
    Puddz 4 months ago +1

    I know this graphic's card is older, but i'm buying the AMD Radeon R5 230 Asus 1GB GDDR3.
    Is that a good graphic's card?

  • Dumiso Siwawa
    Dumiso Siwawa 4 months ago

    Should have done a 8GB version at $499

  • TheNewDragon91
    TheNewDragon91 4 months ago

    We have benchmarks of Radeon VII 😆

  • Watch or Not
    Watch or Not 4 months ago

    retailers don't screw us...very interested in this card want to support competition before there is none also

  • Tripfy -
    Tripfy - 4 months ago

    It's simply dissapointing to see AMD finally release a new GPU, that only now matches a 3 year old GPU 1080 Ti, aka 2080
    AMD plays catch up with Nvidia and there's no proper high end card from AMD. When will they release something to beat 2080 Ti ?
    Answer is, when AMD releases 2080 Ti competitor, Nvidia will launch a whole new lineup of GPUs. And that sucks

  • saultube44
    saultube44 4 months ago

    The Radeon 7 performance wise is doing better against the RTX 2080 and GTX 1660 that Vega did against the GTX 1080, but AMD screwed it up big time, reducing the CUs to 60 from 64, big mistake, 64 was a proven technology and needed to have a RTX 2080Ti performance level, but I think nVidia bought the competing part by probably paying AMD to exclude those CUs and remain second best, for a ton of money of course, AMD needing it for financing all the new engineering they're doing accepted, this is what I think as the only possible explanation, because if I were Lisa, I'd have taken Radeon 7 to have even more CUs maybe 8 or 16 more, have nVidia a run for their money, truly have the most powerful GPU, specially for so many things that are not 3D representation or gaming, but computing too. Also AMD announced no Double Precision on the GPU activated, I don't know for the Engineering Sample or what, although Wikipedia shows benchmark for it So not sure, why they'd say something so stupidly counterproductive, to cause outrage and get attention? anyway, double precision is used more and more for 3D applications, so now is not an option, so makes no sense not to activate it, and if they did it out of attention seeking, very childish, anyway AMD sadly doesn't look good. So after legal battles with Intel for 2-3 decades, a fairly successful firs Zen generation, now they had a mature product able to match nVidia best GPU flop by flop, and they royally screwed themselves, it was harder to screw it up, since what they wanted was to catch and pass Intel and nVidia, Vega was doing better than Ryzen, now Ryzen catch and passed Intel, the GPU was guaranteed to overcome nVidia GPU because AMD was using CPU+GPU R&D advances to help each other team design better each product and the MoBo Chipset, but Oh Behold Jupiter's Cock came and screwed that mighty winning design up so hard and Radeon 7 was doomed, so for me it's 1 of those great moments that was ruined by the greed and anti-values of assholes, whom? don't know but I would good money there were and someday we'll know, it's a day of grief for micro-electronic design IMO

  • Crusaderglenn
    Crusaderglenn 4 months ago

    I'm liking this alot.Amd always was my hero.It's gonna be interesting to see the benchmarks on this card.Keep it up lads!

  • Jereome Moore
    Jereome Moore 4 months ago

    I'll be passing on upgrading video cards this year. The graphics card companies got drunk on the increased demand and price scalping that happened because of the crypto mining craze yet now that demand has dropped they refuse to lower the prices to where they should be. In my opinion there is no way that a top tier graphics card for the average consumer should cost more than 800 dollars, yet here is Nvidia selling the 2080ti for close to 1300 dollars.

  • MrStubbs1981
    MrStubbs1981 4 months ago

    Value at current prices is by now destroyed. The base we have to look from is significantly higher than we all want. 700 bucks to challenge the 2080? Good as long as both stay the same in terms of pricing, I would probably go to AMD, because I hated the step down from VRAM of the 20series cards. And in that term, I think the AMD card would age better and we are talking about a card that some will buy and use for a long time. I was happy with even the Vega Frontier Edition I got, when they were about to launch the thrid party card. It was 750 bucks for a few days and then went up again into the 1200-1400 USD range. It sucked, that I had a motherboard problem and didnt figure it out. I checked some stuff and was confident that the card has a defect. So I finally, after trying to insist on getting a new one, they refunded me (the shop probably checked the card and said it had a defect, though 1 week later they got a new frontier edition card in the shop, which probably was mine, and sold it for 1199 USD).
    Problem of the whole situation: We all want to step up from a 2 year old 1080Ti level in that pricetag. A new card in the 700 USD range should by now have a 2080Ti performance (without raytraycing). That would be normal. Instead we got a toned down, worse 1080Ti in the 2080 and now finally a AMD card that does, what they wanted to achieve for 2 years now.
    I feel a bit bad about buying a 1080Ti performance (wether it is a 2080 or a Vega 7) for around 700 bucks after there was a card for 700-800 bucks 2 years ago already. That feels horrible and that is why I have huge problems with it.
    It would have made my decision absolutely 100% easier, if that Vega card was below, but close to a 2080Ti performance. Why? Because we now see a company getting away for charging us 1200-1400 bucks for a normal 15% performance increase and we have no competitor putting that malicious practice to a rest, so that the REAL DEAL graphics card performance comes back to a 700-800 USD pricing.
    I see the 2080 and Vega 7 as cards that should quickly go as low as 500 bucks and a 2080Ti at 700-800. But yeah....sadly the market is ruined for some years to come.
    And bad timings, good answers from Nvidia and also some really biased fanboyism got us where we are....having to pay 700 dollars more to get a 15% increase and the 2 year old performance stays where it is at.

  • Tyler c
    Tyler c 4 months ago

    AMD fanboy here, thought I’d chime in with my obbbbbbbviously non biased opinion. Screw NoVideo. I’ve been rocking amd cpu and gpu solutions since I was 15. I’ve been on my old fury x for a while now and been waiting to upgrade. I’ll be buying this card and the 100 bucks won’t bother me a bit. Why? Because competition is a good thing. Nvidia has been robbing customers, even the nvidia die hards, for way too long. I’ll give my money to amd just because I stand against nvidia sand their monopoly, despite the fact that I love amd and their products.

  • tlove21
    tlove21 4 months ago

    My next build will be all AMD!!

  • alvin ivy
    alvin ivy 4 months ago

    Ha! Nvidia has ray tracing now. My 1987 Commodore Amiga 2000 could do ray tracing and did it excellent. This is the same machine that was responsible for all the animations on Babylon 5.

  • Dr Shaik
    Dr Shaik 4 months ago

    Plz... everyone buy AMD gpus ..i got rx 570 instead of 1050ti

  • Shaun Maddison
    Shaun Maddison 4 months ago

    Anyone have any ideas if these will be easy to buy or will stock be non existant?

  • Darkio
    Darkio 4 months ago

    Very beautiful card indeed imagine it in white/red themed build ummmmm perfect :P

  • Grezel Perfecruz
    Grezel Perfecruz 4 months ago

    im gonna buy gpu next month, im planning rtx 2070 but its almost same price range with this card. please help me decide.. tia.

  • Hyasmo
    Hyasmo 4 months ago

    Honestly I want to see AMD on both sides start forcing team blue and green to lower prices. I’m sorry $1300 for a RTX 2080ti is just insane and only reason they do it is because what else is there to compete with it. I’d love to see too tier cards be around $700-800 again and awesome mainstream be $400

  • b j
    b j 4 months ago

    just make 100 dollar video card

  • Rick Newton
    Rick Newton 4 months ago

    I will purchase an AMD card when they are not heaters or are actually competitive around the 400 CAD price range vs invidiot. I only buy AMD CPUs now. I hate intel. Hoping for an AMD take over and I’ll buy amd GPUs again. And yes I did have a few mod of the road AMD cards. R9 280 among other cards.

  • Dream Adidas
    Dream Adidas 4 months ago

    Don't forget freesync

  • Cpt. Horn Swoggle
    Cpt. Horn Swoggle 4 months ago

    still waiting and still wanting AMD to be on top

  • Robert
    Robert 4 months ago

    16gb ram is expensive, tho

  • Louis Imbrogno
    Louis Imbrogno 4 months ago

    Nice theres another option, but with dlss and ray tracing you get more features, and its only going to get better as drivers get optimized. Lets not forget, intel just backed nvidia stating ray tracing and dlss are going to be mainstream. even though its not supported much now 1. your investing in a faster product with more features 2. in the future this card will definetly have more capability. Had they released this at 50-100 dollars cheaper even though they are losing out, they would sell more and own more of the gaming segment which this card was sought to enter. next year will be the year to really invest in a gaming card with intel pushing their new graphics cards, nvidia and amd trying to compete with them. I been holding off upgrading these 970 slis and rx 580 until then. I've been happy with both amd and nvidia offerings this last go round i had. We'll see what 2020 brings, should be interesting.

  • Iceman Chambers
    Iceman Chambers 4 months ago

    I think AMD could kill Nvidia if they release their new NAVI GPUs.

  • gaibi gangmei
    gaibi gangmei 4 months ago

    Do rtx vs vega7.

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 4 months ago

    it is amazing disapointment only!!

  • Walnut Spice
    Walnut Spice 4 months ago

    Rip all 7nm product prices

    • Walnut Spice
      Walnut Spice 4 months ago

  • Chouchers
    Chouchers 4 months ago

    PC market needs to die console market is master race.

  • B20C0
    B20C0 4 months ago

    Actually I'm kinda disappointed in that card.
    I currently have an RX580 in my gaming rig (1440p) and it's ok-ish for me, will be waiting till mid year for a completely new rig (on Ryzen 3000 basis I hope) and then I'll see if I pick up a new graphics card.
    But honestly, 16GB HBM2 drives the price up needlessly.
    You get 2080 performance but lose RTX (I and I believe most people don't give a shit about that) and more importantly DLSS which is a huge potential performance boost. So in the end it's really NOT at the performance level of a 2080 when it comes to gaming but costs the same.
    Given that most games don't support DLSS yet but it sure will become a thing in the future. Performance optimization with the use of precomputed algorithms will definitely be a thing.
    We'll see how DirectML will work on Radeon VII and what AMD will come up with to reach DLSS performance levels.
    But right now it feels like we're at the brink of a few industry defining standards and going either green or red feels a bit like going Betamax or VHS (for the youngens: Blu Ray vs HD-DVD). Better wait and see which it'll be.

  • Bachir Dz
    Bachir Dz 4 months ago +2

    AMD Better 💪💪

  • TheLdoubleE
    TheLdoubleE 4 months ago

    3200€ for Corsair i140. Hahahahahahahaha. No.

  • Brotha G
    Brotha G 4 months ago

    Dude, I can't get pass you flicking your nose the touching the card😵🤣 Otherwise good vid.👍🏿

  • RySec Newton
    RySec Newton 4 months ago

    Once AMD drop HBM (because it's simply too expensive still) and go with GDDR6 (maybe wait until Nvidia figure out if their RTX cards are architecture issues or memory) and then they would be able to price more competitively.
    Also it's rumored Navi is in the works for PS5 and Xbox, meaning due to AMDs size and cost, PC kinda suffered a little with Vega II instead of Navi.

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph Smith 4 months ago

    Nvidia may win with the RTX 2060 . IF ONLY they had the price in the $300-$400 Range :( no I would have been happy with 8gig VRAM. I guess AMD will never learn and cares more about CPU's and beating Intel.

  • jac jac
    jac jac 4 months ago

    i decided to look into FH4, and the RVII actually beats the 2080ti in 1080p, which is... interesting

  • Bill Bynum
    Bill Bynum 4 months ago

    clickbait screen grab... wow

  • Siim Koger
    Siim Koger 4 months ago

    Wish amd support will get better for deep learning in some years.. right now going to stick to nvidia still.

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy 4 months ago

    Vega 64 is showing up even cheaper if you shop around and can be very competitive in the used market. This is a little too much, UNLESS you do content creation! It makes much more sense in the gp-gpu market than the gaming market.

  • Notmi Relnam
    Notmi Relnam 4 months ago

    I will not be buying this card, but then I was not going to buy an expensive Nvidia card either. I hover around in the "good enough" gpu market. Just yesterday, I saw a sale for a RX580 8 gb for under $170 on Slickdeals. If you can get deals like that, then it's hard to justify spending $700. How many times could you buy a newer generation of sub-$200 gpus before you're out the same amount of money? Also, the independent game studios don't have the resources to make games with ultra realistic graphics anyway, so the only time you're utilizing the top end of your GPU is when playing AAA developer games. I don't play enough of those to justify spending vastly more. I'd rather turn down a few settings the few times that I'm playing a modern AAA game.

  • xlr8r2010
    xlr8r2010 4 months ago

    Piece of

  • wacio
    wacio 4 months ago

    I had Radeon cards only since my Matrox G200. Multiple generations. But during mining situation my Radeon 7850 died and I ended up buying GTX1070 for my system. It works great. Yes it has its quirks just like any complex part - I'm not liking their drivers user interface. For some reasons drivers tent to soft crash during standby recovery when MS Outlook is on the screen. Black screen for 2 seconds and than message about driver recovering crash (last several generations of the driver) - but its not very frequent (every two or three weeks). Radeons appeared to be more stable for me...

  • Danger Davis
    Danger Davis 4 months ago

    If it is a competitor for the RTX 2080 and truly $699 then the price, although high, is a better deal than Nvidia. I personally will keep buying Nvidia cards until AMD can match them card for card.

  • ZepG
    ZepG 4 months ago

    AMD is my favorite keep Intel and Nvidia in check company. I would never buy AMD but they keep my prices down by almost being as good as them.

    JESUS CHRIST Is LORD 4 months ago

  • Tres Loco
    Tres Loco 4 months ago

    I got a 1080 Ti, I paid 600$ for it almost 2 years ago why would I buy this card which costs 100$ more and offers no more performance, uses more power etc almost 3 years later?
    I guess it has more memory and probably more OpenCL and better Vulkan performance, but those things don't matter so much unless you are a scientific researcher or game developer working on some future game engine.
    I'd probably go for one of these over a 2080 though, the Vulkan performance boost seems better than RTX to me. The 16gb ram also is nice for renders and things like that.
    Tho the 2080 works much better with TensorFlow as it has tensor cores and so on, and that seems like it could be an interesting hardware platform for doing things like advanced physics and audio engines as well.
    If AMD wants my attention they need to work on their drivers so that their Async Compute engine can offer multi-gpu rendering without explicit code in game for Radeon cards, if they did that I would easily run out and buy 3 of their cards in the future. I would even buy their HEDT platform so I could run my 280x, 390x, Vega 64, and this beast all in one big Async Compute cluster. Only game I can do that with now is (sort of) Ashes of Singularity.
    I bought a 1200w Seasonic power supply with 20 year gold rating and two 390x cards because AMD promised this type of GPU scaling with DX12, Vulkan and Mantle about 6 years ago and it's still not come to pass. Actually, Nvidia seems to have more games supported with SLI with OpenGL and DX11 than amd with multi-gpu and DX12/Vulkan, even in premier Vulkan titles IE Doom which runs in SLI on OpenGL but no multi GPU with Vulkan on the AMD or Nvidia sides.
    I fucking HATE throwing away my old flagship GPU every time a new one comes out, I tend to only upgrade when performance at least doubles, but still it's a complete waste when the past two GPUs I owned are 75% the performance of the latest flagship.
    Other thing AMD could do is offer some kind of physics and/or AI library for 2ndary GPUs to use. My 390x is in a 2nd computer right now which I bought simply for that card when I got my 1080 Ti, but I'd rather have one badass computer that plays amazing open world games with all kinds of simulated physics and wetness and destruction than run arcade style console games on each system.
    AMD is going to have the problem that even with the better CPU and GPU platforms that nobody will buy their high end products because no software uses them if RTG doesn't crack down on software/library support, things like PhysX but open and taking advantage of 32 or 64 threads. For example no reason RTX couldn't run on Threadripper 2990WX or the upcoming 32 core Threadripper or even the existing 16 core Threadrippers and upcoming 16 core Ryzen CPUs, but the software libraries simply are not there.
    GPU Open is a good start but it's simply not at the level of support that Nvidia has with Physx. Support Unity, repackage and sell the stuff on the Unity and UE4 stores or something.

  • Stephen Kent
    Stephen Kent 4 months ago

    As requested to comment (among 3.8k others) I am glad they have something as a gap filler out prior to Navi, as I believe that they are tweaking Navi to be a ray-tracing device. This Vega 7 card I will be buying regardless as a space heater for my office XD.
    But once Navi drops I will transition over to a more value per watt/dollar solution that Navi should supply I'd say around October/November. Glad to see competition as I believe AMD/Radeon has always been price / performance ratio minded and Vega 7 will most likely fill a void in their planned Navi release.

  • other tomperson
    other tomperson 4 months ago

    It's disappointing inasmuch as it is the same performance and price as the 2080, which is itself a bit wank.

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity 4 months ago

    Turrible beard.

  • JYBM
    JYBM 4 months ago

    I think that card is going to be a great compromise for content creators who also like to game. I am personally a fan of the 16gb vram for content creation, skipping the 2080 ti for it. So eager to get it.

  • Facelord
    Facelord 4 months ago

    16GB of HBM vs ray tracing. I'm gonna give the Radeon VII the win over the 2080. Too bad I already have a 1080 Ti and a Vega 64, won't be upgrading for several years. I hope AMD wins more marketshare.

  • Poul Hansen
    Poul Hansen 4 months ago

    I stick with N-vidia. As i got a G-sync monitor.

  • Austin Covey
    Austin Covey 4 months ago

    As someone that does content creation, the bump up in RAM is actually a huge selling point to me. It allows access to a card with 16 GB of RAM, without having to pay workstation card prices.

  • UTube
    UTube 4 months ago

    Crazy price, sticking with Nvidia until AMD get real.

  • Richard Newton
    Richard Newton 4 months ago

    I've got a nice freesync monitor already, and even though Nvidia is finally letting their cards use freesync, I'm still tied to that monitor. I prefer Vulkan / Async Compute over ray tracing, and like other comments i value framerate over better reflections, especially in a game like BF. My Rx 480 is still getting it done just fine, but i might just sell it and pick up a Vega 7, especially if the performance is anywhere near the 2080.

  • Jack Wright
    Jack Wright 4 months ago

    7nm card, HBM2 = next gen consoles kicking ass in performance!
    I also hope that Microsoft and Sony really up their game with CPU performance. That was a serious limitation with our current gen systems.

  • 84Actionjack
    84Actionjack 4 months ago

    Wish I had gotten my Vega 64 for $700.

  • Josh
    Josh 4 months ago

    Even the floor is RGB

  • Mark Aguilar
    Mark Aguilar 4 months ago

    If AMD sells this card for $600 or less and it performs on-par with an RTX 2080, then Nvidia is in knee-deep shit. I have a gtx 1060 and I don't mind going team red if they can go toe to toe with a 2080.

  • DopestDope
    DopestDope 4 months ago

    i wouldnt buy it, because i dont have money

  • Googlar
    Googlar 4 months ago

    I don't have a strong opinion on Radeon 7 one way or the other. It's way faster than what I need and way out of my price range. Even if I COULD afford it, I don't think I'd see any need to go above the $400 range, and probably wouldn't go higher than about $250 in any case. I'm very happy with the used RX 480 I bought recently for super cheap. It's crazy how the resale price of AMD's Polaris cards (RX 470, 480, 570, and 580) is lower than Nvidia cards which are equal or worse in performance. I'm looking for the best bang for my buck with a graphics card, with the caveat that I'm willing to pay up to about 20 dollars more for a version which has better cooling and/or a better warranty policy from the board partner. MSI is currently at the top of my list because they currently have the best warranty policy (as far as I can tell), in addition to their products generally being very well reviewed lately (reviews of their motherboards have been particularly good as well).

  • Victor England
    Victor England 4 months ago

    It's disappointing. The price is too high. It's a good product but if they want to take on nVidia, they MUST do what they did with Intel and their insanely high prices.

  • Terxlas
    Terxlas 4 months ago

    I am optimistic about AMD going forward. I hope they can manage to keep giving nvidia even more competition in the GPU market. Where I live, the retail price of a 1080ti is now higher or equivalent to RTX 2080. Basically the price hasn't dropped at all on the 1080ti. Benchmarks suggest (at least for 4k) that RTX 2080 in general performs slightly better on most titles (marginally). So if you're considering upgrading and want a brand new card, why in the world would you choose to upgrade to a gtx 1080ti, and lose out on DLSS. Then you have to consider the other option, RTX 2080, which I'm not that keen on either apart from the DLSS bit. Which may amount to being just big gimmick (DLSS/RTX). I feel nvidia is keeping those prices on gtx 1080ti still so high because they know they can. And it's sort of like this: let's keep the prices on GTX 1080ti artificially high, so people would just rather jump on the RTX cards. And if people choose not to RTX, they can buy GTX 1080ti for literally premium price (equivalent to launch prices).

  • Nasmera Nasmera
    Nasmera Nasmera 4 months ago

    if Steve jobs is here we have the ultimate gaming platform Steve jobs was a such innovative man

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott 4 months ago

    Jay when you test radeon 7, please can you see if a ek vega water block fits. Pls

  • Lews Therin
    Lews Therin 4 months ago

    All the price increases are a deal breakers. New GPU pricing on both sides KEEPS climbing while old tech is barely dropping. Price drops used to be RELATIVE to new tech. And I hate to say it this way, but it will never change as long as retards like friends of mine keep paying $1200-$1500 for GPU's and the abuser manufactures are not called out on it. Unfortunately, average people like myself and other 'commenters' have no influence on it, but Jay, you and others like you do! I want to know what their profit margins are on each series of cards by percentage, anyone know that???

  • Pretender Gamer
    Pretender Gamer 4 months ago

    I had GTX 1060 6GB amazing card, Upgraded to VEGA 64 STRIX OC and very disappointed, High Temps (85-90c), OC not working same was like later found JayzTC review about this card so returned back and asked for Refund. I was lucky to order RTX 2060 FE on release date and now Im very happy with this card compare with all market prices.

  • Danny D
    Danny D 4 months ago

    Amazingly disappointing. Even with the low standards I judge AMD with.

  • BoilingMachine
    BoilingMachine 4 months ago

    OMG this we on 3.22 and it's 400k+ views O_O after this we are famous now!!! yeeeha =)

  • Ed
    Ed 4 months ago

    I personally think they screwed up putting hbm2 in it. 100 bucks cheaper would have been good for amd

    BLKBRDSR71 4 months ago

    Please activate your copy of windows - Microsoft 😂

  • Nando Cantarelo
    Nando Cantarelo 4 months ago

    If the radeon can stand bettewn rtx 2070 and rxt 2080 its a good bang for the buck. Cause the prices f the rtx's on EU are very high

  • Speedball Jones
    Speedball Jones 4 months ago

    Isn't Jay one of the ones that basically said buy the RTX

  • v1m30
    v1m30 4 months ago

    Navi or bust. Sub $300 and sub $500.

  • Narekaci Shahbazyan
    Narekaci Shahbazyan 4 months ago

    Radeon 7 is the worst card AMD ever produced. It is 700, and is barely offering 2080 performance. Why the hell would I pay that kind of money, if I can get an MSI 1080 for 500 bucks plus 2 free games.

  • bud009m
    bud009m 4 months ago

    i would definitely buy it. i was on the fence when buying my last card between a 1070ti and vega64, i just so happened to come across a super lightly used 1080ti for $550 and grabbed it up. so now i have an amd cpu paired with a nvidia card :( but if i grab one ones these i'll throw it in my build, then throw the 1080ti in something else

  • kutark
    kutark 4 months ago

    Here's my issue. They expect me to pay MORE for the same performance as I could have gotten 2 years ago with a 1080ti. Yes, it's got 16gb ram and that's amazing, but I can't justify 700 dollars for something I could have gotten for 650 2 years ago.

  • aleon1018
    aleon1018 4 months ago


  • crzyces1
    crzyces1 4 months ago

    As a prosumer I see value in the card as I expect them to provide _semi-pro_ drivers in the future.
    As a gamer I do not see value in *ANY* of the cards that have been released. The 2060 has 150mm of wasted space *imo*. I understand they needed the tensor cores for dx12/Vulkan performance, as well as DLSS and Raytracing (the Titan V Raytraces better than the RTX Titan, and it doesn't have RTX cores), but the 2060 just isn't powerful enough to Raytrace the way Nvidia has it implemented. Are you going to upscale from 480p? C'mon, that's not what you want when you buy a $350+ card. You don't want that from a $250 card! Not now, as we are talking about the successor to a card that was released 31 (?) months ago?
    I'm not bashing Nvidia as without competition they can set the price as high as they want and if it's too high they can lower it. AMD does need a faster card than the 2060 for about $225 and a 2070 level card for $275-$300 if they are serious about taking home consumer discreet GPU marketshare; and I am not sure they are.
    I would not buy any GPU from this gen for gaming at these prices. It has nothing to do with being able to afford it. Most people can save an extra $100 for a 2060, or $150 for a 2070 etc. It is not wanting to he part of raising the xx60 series out of the midrange price point, which will cause game devs to lower PC standards yet again. Consoles already slow progress fidelity-wise and with over 80% of consumers paying less than $/£300 for the past *TWO DECADES* for what was considered a midrange+ GPU, I don't want any part in having devs target textures that an xx50 or x60 can run at 60FPS at a high/ultra mix. Not when it means the quality jump will be lower and the xx50 and x60 cards will go up in price. Screw that noise.
    I hope the 20 series sales bomb, I really do. I hope the 11 series *is* a series (if it is real at all). I hope Navi is what was _leaked_. That's a lot of hope put on an obscenely greedy company (yeah yeah, all companies are greedy, but Nvidia is big pharma greedy) and a company who's GPU division has not hit performance or release goals in 5 years.

  • Rafael Tristão
    Rafael Tristão 4 months ago

    The problem is it's TOO EASY for Nvidia to simply lower the price of it's already avaiable cards. AMD should SERIOUSLY launch a 8GB Radeon 7 at 499-599 price range. Now that would be awesome.