ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
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    The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites.
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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  4 months ago +3143

    AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!

    • alieo
      alieo 3 days ago

      You know it's funny hades in mythology is the oldest God but taking the longest to grow as a beetle

    • SuperEdo07
      SuperEdo07 21 day ago

      I cant shake the feeling you didn't like making it for the same reason I didn't like watching it. You pump it up and nothing happens. At all. This entire video could be stricken from your series and this channel would lose nothing.

    • Mark Condrey
      Mark Condrey Month ago

      The whole premise of this video was to kill all survivors ... least the mites spread. If you are using observation and quantitative would this EVER be possible? I am not buying any of this and I bet this never gets posted.

    • ToxicNova
      ToxicNova 2 months ago


    • Ada Sierek
      Ada Sierek 2 months ago

      @random izer Messor barbarus aka harvester ants are good begginer ants! They feed on seeds and ocasional meat. here is a link to something I reccomend:

  • Silas Napitan
    Silas Napitan 21 minute ago

    #TeamHephaestus can my prize be the male Axolotl

  • Gotta_Clay_Em_All
    Gotta_Clay_Em_All 23 minutes ago

    Editing is absolutely top notch. I feel like I'm watching a show on animal planet.

  • moopee1
    moopee1 26 minutes ago


  • Manolo Perez
    Manolo Perez Hour ago

    I was Sinkiang some tantakils

  • Cresman Eyas
    Cresman Eyas 9 hours ago

    Im a girl and im living in the phillipines. Too

  • Pullin Slack
    Pullin Slack 10 hours ago

    Don’t you need more than one of those queens for a super colony

  • Raptor
    Raptor 11 hours ago

    I know I am late but #TEAM HADES

  • xianzero Life
    xianzero Life 13 hours ago

    What song song is that at 20:37 is that Final Fantasy?

  • Jonathan Cortez
    Jonathan Cortez 15 hours ago


  • Brown Rooster
    Brown Rooster 16 hours ago

    That toad didn't came out to hunt those ants cause you should of used black light at night

  • Juan Mendoza
    Juan Mendoza 22 hours ago

    Team hades

  • Fake Person
    Fake Person Day ago

    Name the death fairies the avengers

  • BUZz KiLL
    BUZz KiLL Day ago

    to much suspense degrades the video quality. to count on suspense as the only trop is lazy, its highly over used

  • Jacob Seitula
    Jacob Seitula Day ago


  • kloosmitsoos xD
    kloosmitsoos xD Day ago

    3:05 omg sooo cute imagine having these things in your room😍

  • Amy Franz
    Amy Franz Day ago

    Hey quick question did you name the angle of death after the slayer song?

  • FiveAMSkateSesh
    FiveAMSkateSesh Day ago +1

    Passionate, funny, AND a great singer? My dude, you're the whole package. Who knew we'd all grow to love bugs so much!?

  • Kr0d67
    Kr0d67 Day ago

    Bro you try to hard and treat the video as an anime with cliffhanger. Just get to the point. never subscribing

  • Smokyy Lee
    Smokyy Lee Day ago

    Think you can make a alien or sifi tell with insects an Arachnids? Your Commentary is great and with a great imagination I think you can pull it off

  • Dr.PimpDaddy smith

    Bro u lead on too long

  • Katelynn Curran
    Katelynn Curran Day ago

    do you remember ur ant colony the titans in one of the ep of the titans getting killed there was a black blind snake the diet was termites and anys maby you can put her/him in there

  • Ethan Flohr
    Ethan Flohr Day ago

    At 7:28
    Since I didn't even see the hidden video, I couldn't guess, but from this I'm 90% sure it's a frog/toad. They can be poisonous, they come out at night, they're loud, they are amphibious, so they like water, and they probably eat ants and other small insects.

  • Kerri D
    Kerri D Day ago

    “It’s shaggy 100%” 😂😂

  • Ike_of_the_Greil_Mercenaries

    If that was you singing, you have a beautiful voice.

  • zawjatu umar
    zawjatu umar 2 days ago


  • CaliMcMeowMeow and the cat family


  • nookbear 63
    nookbear 63 2 days ago

    Cane toads shouldnt be alive at all they are bloody pests i got like 300 in my back yard

    STARz BOY 2 days ago

    New subscriber 😉😊

  • Ayden Jacko
    Ayden Jacko 2 days ago

    cane tones are a bit of a pest in Australia their introduced

  • Luke Anthony
    Luke Anthony 2 days ago

    It was a frog

  • mickeyd008
    mickeyd008 2 days ago

    I didn't see the secret video but when he showed the riddle I instantly knew it was a cane toad

  • Rogue Elephant
    Rogue Elephant 2 days ago

    Ants Canada lives in the Phillipines? Bummer

  • Emilio .j molina
    Emilio .j molina 2 days ago

    Team Hades.

  • Matthew Hall
    Matthew Hall 3 days ago


  • Heather Kavanagh
    Heather Kavanagh 3 days ago

    Omg you don’t need to recap your last video, we can watch it.. it’s RU-clip. Also, please chill with the voice.

  • Pandapod83
    Pandapod83 3 days ago +3

    I’m sticking by the little guy hades!
    He was always my favourite Greek god.
    But I have a feeling Aries might win he WAS pretty big :/
    Edit: just realized that I’m a couple months to late for this but hey In my defence if there is an episode for the beetle games I haven’t seen it yet (gonna look for it after this though)

  • Luke Six
    Luke Six 3 days ago

    geez.... i hate house geckos... especially when they drop from the ceiling onto my arm, and i have the urge to chop my arm off..

  • Tapu Blast
    Tapu Blast 3 days ago

    #TeamHades, I mean come on. It's the underdog, we all expect him to win.

  • Ernadel Villaruz Reyes
    Ernadel Villaruz Reyes 4 days ago +1

    i have house geckos 1000 thousand geckos...

  • Mister Jake
    Mister Jake 4 days ago

    you are good!!

  • Yeeter Gacha
    Yeeter Gacha 4 days ago +1

    I havent watcched The video fully yet but is The Angel of death a piranha?

    Edit:.... Oh

  • G T
    G T 5 days ago


  • Seth Hughes
    Seth Hughes 5 days ago +1

    how did i get here from looking at how to cook lobster?

  • G T
    G T 5 days ago

    I live in the philipins to

  • Strange Stranger
    Strange Stranger 5 days ago

    omg how ironic i just watched my favorite geckos be cannibals .-. the dusk day Hawaii geckos attack these poor house geckos

  • Tyler Animates
    Tyler Animates 5 days ago

    You are good at singing

  • tom
    tom 5 days ago

    Yay more todes 😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😁😁

  • tom
    tom 5 days ago

    Oh thank god the tode is ok 😥😥😥😥

  • tom
    tom 5 days ago

    You are very good at sing nice vose

  • - Miles
    - Miles 5 days ago


  • danyolmode
    danyolmode 5 days ago

    Great vids but they can be shorter especially if you are mainly repeating the same verbage. I dont wana be rude or hurtful but i believe if they were edited slightly to eliminate repetitious information, you would gain more in the long run 😛 long live ants bro keep it up !!!

  • Mortale Gadzooks
    Mortale Gadzooks 5 days ago


    TTA PPY 6 days ago

    I live in Philippines. And you too

  • Xhan
    Xhan 6 days ago

    29:23 That "bloop" got me laughing
    I appreciate the pacing with this episode far better than the previous one and I'm so glad he took the criticism into consideration to change that and the evil cliffhangers

  • SinSniperz YouTube
    SinSniperz YouTube 6 days ago


  • Reine Bloodwolf
    Reine Bloodwolf 6 days ago +10

    AntsCanada your singing voice is just pure bliss to my ears! Please sing more :D

  • Aware bird
    Aware bird 7 days ago

    One day, I would love to have a little ecosystem in my house just like that. Great channel, I appreciate so much more about ants.

  • Autumns Fun House. Aka Insanity


  • uberschnil the great


  • Jason Stiger
    Jason Stiger 7 days ago

    David Ramirez was so close! He said lizard lizards are close to geckos right?

  • Patrick Geraghty
    Patrick Geraghty 8 days ago


  • Oliver Söder
    Oliver Söder 8 days ago

    Man, just fill that fishtank with CO2 and cover it air tight. Mites and ants will die.

  • SapphireGames
    SapphireGames 8 days ago

    #teamares mother fucker

  • Anne Ogedegbe
    Anne Ogedegbe 8 days ago


  • dan rodriguez
    dan rodriguez 8 days ago

    Is this guy "Mikey Bostos"?

  • Raitis Brakmanis
    Raitis Brakmanis 8 days ago


  • Aeneas Harris
    Aeneas Harris 8 days ago


  • Hope Nichole
    Hope Nichole 8 days ago +12

    This just mite work. And the new pond look toadally cool

  • Isabella Levan
    Isabella Levan 8 days ago



  • Travis Medders
    Travis Medders 8 days ago

    YES. THANOS’D lmao

  • Wolf -man
    Wolf -man 8 days ago +1


  • BPR. Everything
    BPR. Everything 8 days ago +1


  • King DarkBlade
    King DarkBlade 8 days ago

    27:40 it smells the area with it’s tongue?

  • Butch Lewis
    Butch Lewis 8 days ago

    As soon as the creature put it's head out I did not see it and got a ad

  • Dylan Han
    Dylan Han 8 days ago +2

    @21:25 0_0!!!
    HOLY SMOKES. YOU SING INCREDIBLY!!! Make a singing channel? xD

  • DC Uploads - Raw and Ready

    Can anyone kindly tell me the name of the music playing at 09:45? Thanks guys

  • Anaya Key
    Anaya Key 8 days ago

    I somehow came to be amune to toads poison. I remember never washing my hands after playing with them and being peed on by them 24/7. I was always told that I would get a wart but I never listened to anyone and never did. I've even kissed one before. he was hopping around my pool, lol.

  • anime deaf music
    anime deaf music 8 days ago

    It's a raccoon obviously 😂😂😂 lol ....I still feel bad for the ants especially that one who had three

  • Ted Arbury
    Ted Arbury 8 days ago


  • Formless Snow
    Formless Snow 8 days ago

    You have a better singing voice than Mariah

  • Chloe Espinoza
    Chloe Espinoza 8 days ago +1

    ant: oh hey dare i see your new so howa bout i show
    toad:no thanks *eats*

  • Ally Aske
    Ally Aske 9 days ago


  • the legendary egg
    the legendary egg 9 days ago

    John wick is the real angel of death

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    bobby 69 9 days ago


  • Chunkey Munkey
    Chunkey Munkey 9 days ago

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    Cowfish Blobfish 9 days ago

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    Bryce Thompson 9 days ago

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  • SamKingdom
    SamKingdom 9 days ago

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  • Thuận An Tý Thiều
    Thuận An Tý Thiều 9 days ago +40

    Girlfriend: Urgh, he must be stay up late watching Porn again.

  • Michael Wagner
    Michael Wagner 9 days ago

    Am I the only one that 2x the speed on the video to make it a 15min video?

  • Eli Banks
    Eli Banks 9 days ago

    toadally new look : D

  • Gareth Book Review
    Gareth Book Review 9 days ago


  • Nerd King
    Nerd King 9 days ago

    Call them Thanos squad

  • Marina Segale
    Marina Segale 9 days ago

    Team Zeus

  • Nerd King
    Nerd King 9 days ago


  • Shane Hisle
    Shane Hisle 9 days ago

    The worms came out because you poured cold water. Lol.

  • SkyKid002
    SkyKid002 9 days ago

    S/o bufo alvarius 🐸✌😉

  • MisaXhonZ Hon
    MisaXhonZ Hon 9 days ago

    Why not just drown the remaining ants and mites with bleench?

  • TCNHL Hockey
    TCNHL Hockey 10 days ago