ANGEL OF DEATH/Guardian Goblin/DEATH SPRITES: Creatures Saving My Ant Empire

  • Опубликовано: 9 фев 2019
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    The Angel of Death is finally revealed, the creature I've chosen to exterminate all surviving ants infected with parasitic mites in my ant terrarium, called the Hacienda Del Dorado. The Golden Empire, one of our O.G. ant supercolonies on this channel are on the brink of extinction, but thankfully, with the help of some unique creatures, including an unexpected Guardian Goblin and a new team of Death Sprites, our beloved ant empire and their massive home kingdom, may just be saved amidst their on going battle with parasitic blood-sucking mites.
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  • AntsCanada
    AntsCanada  10 дней назад +2755

    AC Family, we're back, and MAN, was this episode SUPER difficult and long to make! I even got sick making it! Anyway, hope you like this week's episode! Let me know what you guys think? Please remember to give the video a LIKE, leave me a COMMENT, and hit the SUBSCRIBE button and BELL to join the Notification Squad! Thank you for watching! Ant love forever!

  • Paul Lonardo
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  • Johan García
    Johan García 16 часов назад

    This was very boring, too many “drama” to get into the relevant

  • Rice Krispys
    Rice Krispys 16 часов назад

    #team Zeus

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  • Kevin B.
    Kevin B. 17 часов назад +1

    Name for painted toads: Michelangelo, Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, etc.

  • Eirik Lindmoen
    Eirik Lindmoen 17 часов назад

    If none of your plans work until plan: Z Consider eating the ants yourself

  • Helen K
    Helen K 17 часов назад

    I can see why he left that huge cliffhanger at the last video now. Angel of No-show. #TeamHades

  • the reaper t
    the reaper t 17 часов назад


  • Lexx Primak
    Lexx Primak 17 часов назад +1

    If a centipede was the angel of death it would have made work a lot easier.not even mites will defeat it..if the toad does not work..stick with it it will be our only hope

  • Lilbill Caillu
    Lilbill Caillu 17 часов назад

    I knew it

  • Sir Ovens
    Sir Ovens 18 часов назад

    Call them the Children of Thanos!

  • Kokonose Haruka
    Kokonose Haruka 18 часов назад

    Dionysus best boy! #TeamDionysus

  • George Kalomiris
    George Kalomiris 18 часов назад

    Things that are stuck to my head for ever, for now on..
    Hacienda Del Dorado
    Angel of death

  • Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker 18 часов назад

    The toxin from toad skin is called Bufotoxin. Bufotoxins are a family of toxic steroid lactones. They occur in the parotoid glands, skin and poison of many toads (genus Bufo) and other amphibians, and in some plants and mushrooms.

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  • justin s
    justin s 18 часов назад

    what? no new episode this weekend?

    NYHCMONSTER 19 часов назад

    G.E.D.S. Golden Empire Death Squad.

  • Knyht Fall
    Knyht Fall 19 часов назад

    I thought it was a frog

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  • Pusheen Cat
    Pusheen Cat 19 часов назад

    # TeamHAdes

  • Rosette Dipa
    Rosette Dipa 19 часов назад

    The name should be the painters

  • Knyht Fall
    Knyht Fall 19 часов назад


  • 7563 YT
    7563 YT 19 часов назад

    Name them the element of surprise bc you didn't know you were gunna end up using those little frogs

  • Sanny Gaming
    Sanny Gaming 20 часов назад

    When you say Day 5, I thought of Fnaf

  • Snap Squares
    Snap Squares 20 часов назад

    Call them the (Ant Deleteders)

  • Rock Skunk
    Rock Skunk 21 час назад

    hey Mr. AC! i litterally just finnished catching up, watching the playlist you made. i LOVE your channel. i've been thinking of keeping ants myself, but i doubt it could ever be as interesting as watching your colonies. your bellsubs just went +1.

  • Emre Azis
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  • Harsho Flame
    Harsho Flame 21 час назад

    You could just clean the whole tank and add new mud without any parasite in it. It will be a hard work but our ants can saved

  • Harsho Flame
    Harsho Flame 21 час назад

    Bufotoxin is produced by most of the toad

  • Lorde Fatalis
    Lorde Fatalis 21 час назад

    Cheering for Team Hades. Always gotta rep the boi.

  • NekoHanyouHanaru
    NekoHanyouHanaru 21 час назад

    “Yes! Thanos’d!!” Lol

  • Dr. Slaughterstein
    Dr. Slaughterstein 21 час назад

    Team Hades. I can't resist villains and underdogs

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze 21 час назад +1


  • Jean Ajucum
    Jean Ajucum 22 часа назад

    Bufotoxin is what the poison is called

  • Sojjer
    Sojjer 22 часа назад

    name them after scooby doo characters

  • Henryworks Sierra
    Henryworks Sierra 22 часа назад

    rooting tooter toads

  • Wiktor R
    Wiktor R 22 часа назад

    Where the new video at

  • spider-man spider
    spider-man spider 22 часа назад

    You blow my mind it's a tob the 😂😂😂

  • khun Naing Lin Tun
    khun Naing Lin Tun 22 часа назад

    Goodbye the golden empire

  • Noise Marine Dylan
    Noise Marine Dylan 22 часа назад

    You should name your toads after the four horsemen of the apocalypse, War Pestilences Famine and Death.

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe 22 часа назад

    #TeamHades my dudes

  • Al Peep
    Al Peep 23 часа назад

    Where's the new episode >:/

  • TwilightVash
    TwilightVash 23 часа назад

    Less fluff and more getting to the point... Please stop this faffery.

  • Daedro 1888
    Daedro 1888 23 часа назад

    Think you should call those frogs the gold gobblers

  • Clorox Wipes
    Clorox Wipes 23 часа назад

    They produce bufotoxins

  • 19sow07
    19sow07 23 часа назад

    You Sir, are absolutely amazing.

  • Gamer Jordan
    Gamer Jordan День назад

    Team posiden

  • Letícia M.
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  • RIKKYBOY Majestic
    RIKKYBOY Majestic День назад

    U have a poet like narration, nice voice man 👍

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  • Hamzah Shaikh
    Hamzah Shaikh День назад

    Could we have a update on the titans

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    Shi Jason День назад


    Please use the name

  • Rhys Martin Stolk
    Rhys Martin Stolk День назад

    I live in manila to magandang umaga

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    the purifiers

  • W J
    W J День назад

    29:23 you said thanosed.

  • Roley Chiu
    Roley Chiu День назад

    Sitting here eagerly awaiting this weekend's post. The suspense is killing me.

  • Maximilian Diregger
    Maximilian Diregger День назад

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  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing День назад

    I hate you so much right now... I tough the angel of death would be something WAY bigger and exciting but I was wrong I hate this... and other reasons

  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing День назад

    “The angel of death...” **puts oil in it** **american army comes in the tank** “GET THE OIL!”

  • Wyatt
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  • Black Hole
    Black Hole День назад

    10:05 You aren't Antvenom. Although you do keep ants.

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  • nathan ousley
    nathan ousley День назад

    Ninja frogles

  • Cjc 509
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  • Jordan Bomhold
    Jordan Bomhold День назад

    when he said thanosed all I thought of was calling the painted toads the dark order which is thanos' group that helps him. lol.

  • Anne Decelle
    Anne Decelle День назад

    call them stealth wizards

  • Death 48
    Death 48 День назад

    O god another frog yay does it do flips???

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  • Casey Wittmer
    Casey Wittmer День назад

    Hades all the way

  • hades 1355
    hades 1355 День назад

    Team Hades

  • Jacob McComas
    Jacob McComas День назад

    if crazy ants are going into the golden empires domain, does that mean they could possibly transfer mites back into their colony

  • Yavonna Hannigan
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  • JJ steed
    JJ steed День назад

    Thanos and thaness

  • Tom Logan
    Tom Logan День назад

    Could you torch the tank to sanatize it fron all mites then restart the colony

  • HeyZeus78
    HeyZeus78 День назад

    #TeamZeus all the way baby :D

  • Jake Bewely
    Jake Bewely День назад

    Hades all the wayy

  • ewest0905
    ewest0905 День назад

    We should call the death sprites "The Death From Darkness" or TDFD for short

  • Stunn Locke
    Stunn Locke День назад

    wow at your singing it's pretty good. Also next time just cut the lights out and add a little moon light

  • Ibrahim Al balooshi
    Ibrahim Al balooshi День назад

    #Team zeus

  • Ibrahim Al balooshi
    Ibrahim Al balooshi День назад

    AC family is in Philippines 😎

    Can we meet?

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    Ibrahim Al balooshi День назад

    Hi AC idk your a Filipino? pinoy ako

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    Roman Gaming День назад +1

    Mikey: The gecko smells something with its tounge

    Me: *WTF?*

  • realtahu033 !
    realtahu033 ! День назад

    another black container...

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    õwø üwú {gäçhâ çhāñlë} День назад

    Therorist **reads poem**

    *This is beyond science*

  • ALLGames&Tech
    ALLGames&Tech День назад

    How did mite affect them if its an enclosed system? DID YOU DO THIS!?

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    Simply_ Sin День назад

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    The God of War will reign over Olympus

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    Lemon День назад

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    Shyla Coper День назад

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