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Dwardu Cardona: Order Out of Chaos | EU2015

  • Published on Mar 14, 2016
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dwardu Cardona could not attend the conference and Wal Thornhill gave his presentation.
    During this talk, it will be demonstrated that what became known as the Creation of what was said to be the world did not proceed out of nothing, but out of a pre-existing chaotic substance that was, among other things, understood as a celestial ocean circumscribing the sub-brown dwarf star that emitted the radiating light that went down into mytho-history as day one.
    A former Senior Editor of the journal Kronos and Editor of the journal Aeon, Dwardu has published well over a hundred papers and has authored four books: God Star, Flare Star, Primordial Star and Metamorphic Star.
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Comments • 185

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 5 years ago +21

    Wal Thornhill is a good egg and thankfully he was available to be there for Dwardu Cardona when he was in the hospital. As many of you know we lost Dwardu last summer and he is one of the senior members of the thunderbolts team who will surely be missed. Thank you Wal for doing this piece.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 11 months ago

      @Cybaeus B I am in total agreement in that these men will someday be rewarded for their insight, not only in science and a space research but in historical research as well. In my opinion it is impossible to understand human history without knowing this information.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 11 months ago

      @Cybaeus B Thank you and it is good to know that there some who really get this. Both Wal and the late Dwardu Cardona are, in my opinion, some of the smartest people on the planet.

  • Will Holley
    Will Holley 2 years ago +2

    I wanted to meet the man--that was such a gift to our world. I’ve bought and read many of his books and tediously vivid revelations.
    His collaboration with brave forward thinking plasma science academics, has given us a chance to move forward from divisions in science and faith-- as they are both of the same mystery.
    These books are a life’s work. Essentially a thesis on Defragmenting our universal traditions through storytelling. Attached to a cosmology that was our religion. I didn’t write it you didn’t write it it’s just there and that’s a fact. Oh the Barbaric skywatchers that survive catastrophe and witnessed something profound.
    These books are expensive. There’s a lot of material covers. It can be a long winded journey to finish a book for some. But it is worth it. If you buy a book, honor Cardona, Velikovsky, And the many others that I apologize I haven’t named.
    These gentlemen and ladies involved are doing the work that will resolve so many problems and find the book even with the cost is worth it to read and then give away or share or borrow or give to the library. Let’s change the world goes. Aren’t you tired of the same old story that everything is dead?

  • Illum Mulli
    Illum Mulli 4 years ago +5

    I love listening to Wal Thornhill. he is like a wise old man with so much knowledge. his voice is so easy to hear and get lost in the story and wonder.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 4 years ago

      + illum Mulli I agree, Wal has a calm reassurance in his voice which I believe comes from the many decades of research and that of knowing enough to give a sensible answer. Having been through all of the late Dwardu Cardona's book and much of Wal's work as well it is easy to get lost in the wondering, What happened? There is a growing number of us who are doing just this, postulating what it would have looked like and what effects these events would have had on humanity. Knowing Wal for the last 18 years has been a great boon to me personally as I believe I'am becoming a wiser man for it.

  • truBador2
    truBador2 6 years ago +9

    I continue to think that on the whole you are putting the pieces together rather nicely. I wonder how many mainstream astrophysicists are paying attention and just afraid...

  • Nick Donald
    Nick Donald 6 years ago +3

    Excellent! The truth will ultimately prevail. The chaotic-"sea" being organized into a nebular-band/stellar-garden/enclosure brings to mind the Norse myths of Jörmungandr as another example (the Ouroboros-like Sea-Serpent that grew so large it encircled the whole World).

  • David
    David 6 years ago +4

    GREAT presentation. The volume was too low but max volume worked. Thank you!

  • Black n Tan
    Black n Tan 6 years ago +10

    Brilliant! Thank you Thunderbolts 🌌🐶

  • Lara Green
    Lara Green 6 years ago +2

    Superb presentation, thank you! :)

  • awkwardpauses
    awkwardpauses Year ago +1

    some people are really hard to listen to, even when the material is fascinating. wal thornhill is not one of those people. he's a pleasure to hear. and the material is just...wow!

  • Edie Buchanan
    Edie Buchanan 6 years ago +1

    Thanks for sharing all your great research. Brilliant! Wow!

  • J.R. Hunn
    J.R. Hunn 2 years ago +1

    The original meaning of Eden in Hebrew is, I understand, a "garden within a wall or barrier." What if a ring or loop was the reference there (in terms of a "wall")? I make this comment in reference to the comment at 28:12 that Eden means a "pleasurable place." I believe that my reference here is not only more accurate, but incidentally is a much better fit for the Plasma Cosmology hypothesis.
    And... after I paused the video to type all of this, I resumed the play and he then references "encircled area." So there it is!

  • E. Lectricity
    E. Lectricity 6 years ago +2

    Spellbinding, Wal. You have done Dwardu a great deed. All the best to him and to you.--Atomic Louse # 7 178 000 001

    GIANTSECRETS 6 years ago +11

    The ancients were far more intelligent than we give them credit for and humans have had technology before only for it to be lost due to a cycle of catastrophes.

  • 2uneak
    2uneak 4 years ago +2

    I was raised heavily under catholicism. I struggled, and finally spoke up in the 3rd grade that I no longer believed in god. I was severely beaten for this, ostracized by members on both sides of my family and lived out the remainder of my childhood as 'the black sheep'. Children were to be seen and not heard in the southern states of America in the 60's. But what no one asked me, ever, was the motivation behind such a heinous statement. By the 3rd grade, I'd ascertained that god was a vengeful, punishing, judgmental overlord. Nothing about my native religion was joyful, enlightening, hopeful, encouraging or forgiving.
    Now exploring with EU and RE-discovering geology is nearly exhilarating! My years of study of geology was so dull and theoretical. Now...it all comes to a rational theory I can actually wrap my mind around! There is no wrathful god, there is science. The Sahara desert now makes sense to me.

    • U.P. Woodtick
      U.P. Woodtick 2 years ago +3

      2uneak I was raised Catholic as you were, but kept my thoughts to myself. I can’t buy the holy trinity but I was engulfed in a bright light in a moment of despair and felt warm accepting love and was healed, I can’t explain it but I am no longer an atheist. I have no idea was is after this life but there is something

  • Black n Tan
    Black n Tan 6 years ago +14

    Sad as I may be... I just saw a new Thunderbolts video and said "yes!"..... I'll watch it now.

    • Ricardo Petrazzi
      Ricardo Petrazzi 6 years ago +1

      he he... me too!

    • Jon Mallary
      Jon Mallary 6 years ago +1

      +Basenji Blue
      Yer a good egg!

    • Jon Mallary
      Jon Mallary 6 years ago +1

      +Lara Green

    • Black n Tan
      Black n Tan 6 years ago +1

      +Lara Green . Jealous 🐶. ..it's about 4 degrees here, and my river is about 2 degrees 😶..real feel minus 20. Too cold to get my hands in to trout tickle 😁🌅

  • SandiFromOz
    SandiFromOz 6 years ago +1

    Wonderful video. I do have a question: On the one hand this paper negates all creation mythology from anywhere on earth by simply saying "no one was there at creation". How then can that same mythology be used to explain the existence and characteristics/actions of Saturn. It still all boils down to the fact that no one was there. If you are saying that the whole world was peopled, as evidenced by mythology, I find it hard to believe that all peoples wrote it down and it all just happened to survive. Wouldn't you expect some (most) countries on earth today to have absolutely nothing on record because they took the brunt of the destruction? Even the pyramids surviving seems incredulous. I guess the EU is the best theory that we have so far.

    • t00by00zer
      t00by00zer 4 years ago

      They were there to watch Saturn transform from the first sun and into a planet that receded to its present orbit. But Saturn transforming from brown dwarf into a planet was not the beginning of the universe, just the beginning of our present world.

  • TheObservador777
    TheObservador777 6 years ago +2

    please fix the audio it is just too low, I have to get full volume on my sound system to hear it clearly. thanks keep up the good work.

  • peter germain
    peter germain 6 years ago +2

    all my love Dwardu

  • Following The Son
    Following The Son 6 years ago +3

    The Roman Poet Lucretius was being scientific when he said “you can’t create nothing out of nothing”. It’s irrational to believe that you can have complex design without a designer.

    • Joshua Light
      Joshua Light 6 years ago

      +Syncr0sity That's because those with the capacity to design (e.g. humans) recognize design for what it is. A product of forethought, deliberate action and applied intelligence. Anyone who makes life from scratch in a test tube is merely proving that it takes extraordinary, deliberate effort and applied intelligence to make life - it didn't happen by itself.

    • Following The Son
      Following The Son 6 years ago +2

      I think it's clear that Lucretius' was being scientific when he concluded 'nothing can be created out of nothing'. I also think it's scientific to say that you can't have complex design without a designer.

    • Following The Son
      Following The Son 6 years ago +1

      Tsk, tsk, you're not doing the math, 0+0=0, it's irrational to believe 0+0=1. Musician, Billy Preston, even sang a song about it called "Nothing from Nothing" leaves nothing! Apparently, he's more intelligent and gets it more so than some scientists do. I'll play the odds and say again, it’s irrational to believe that you can have complex design without a designer!

  • Adon Lando
    Adon Lando 4 years ago

    There was never a creation. It is all a simulation, a virtual reality. This virtual reality arises from the processing of the "metaphysical digital data bits". Consciousness and Chaos are the opposite sides of the same metaphysical coin. The journey (i. e. the processing), of these metaphysical bits at the interface between Consciousness and Chaos is what gives rise to our virtual reality.

    • Adon Lando
      Adon Lando 4 years ago

      Nocentre Noborder , existence. It is known that matter is mostly composed of empty space.

    • Adon Lando
      Adon Lando 4 years ago

      Nocentre Noborder , It is not a technological server in the sense that it was created by an intelligence specifically for the purpose of a virtual reality. It is cosmic memory. It is embedded into the physical universe. It arises from the interplay between conscious and chaos.

  • Jon Mallary
    Jon Mallary 6 years ago +2

    Logic and alternative.
    Food for thought.
    Strange fare for most, who's objectivity is mired in certainty.
    Until confirmed, all we have are mere theories.
    The more one understands classical physics, the more conclusion overshadows long held beliefs.
    Fact is, we do not know. But we're getting there.

  • Xyphira Vos
    Xyphira Vos 4 years ago +2

    My understanding is not that creation is out of nothingness, but rather subatomic and quantum particles. The star ocean, a sea of gases and plasma, but more abundantly so, a sea of waves. If you catch my drift.
    The earth (matter) was without form and void. There was no atomic structure and only excited quantum particles. Such as light. If you read scripture, it expresses not that YHWH created light, but that he formed it, and separated it from the darkness. "I form the light and create darkness" -book of Isaiah
    My speculative hypotheses would assume that as boundless electrons found their orbit about a nuclei and began to shape atomic matter, photons would be produced, and light would come out of darkness. From a man's perspective, both light and earth (the elements) would have appeared out of nothing. Before there is light, nothing can be visually observed anyhow.
    However, we know light to be one of many expressions of energy. And thus the potential was always there.
    "Let there be light". The first spoken words according to Torah. The first expression of sound. The first oscillation of electrons?
    Sound-> light spectrum-> electromagnetism-> atomic matter.
    We know sound waves cause compression and vibration, vibration causes friction, friction causes static, static expresses charge which causes magnetism. Magnetism pulls particles together, atomic matter is born from formless, lawless chaos, and the rest is history. Sonoluminescence.
    Also, in 2Peter, it talks about in the "end", of both the heavens and the earth, the very elements melt away with a fervent heat and a new heavens and earth are established.
    Also reference the heaven and earth roll up as a scroll, and of course "can tell the end of a thing from the beginning". Insinuating possible cyclical events of "gold being purified by fire".
    You have expression of eternal fundamental components, and death only for the ego that is the composition. And the promise of the birth of a new ego. Eternal singularity given individuality through mortal composition.
    Always thought it amusing people believe in an eternal hell in Sheol under the earth or on some distant planet, when the same books said that the earth and heavens would pass away and even the elements melt away when YHWH returns. You want to know where the lake of fire is when everything is returned to the state it was founded in, perhaps look at the "all consuming fire" that is "God".
    Anyways am done rambling 🤔 lol. Good day, everyone. Safe travels. Watch your step.

  • Sidney Pickering
    Sidney Pickering 6 years ago

    Thank you.

  • 13binay
    13binay 6 years ago +2

    saturn according to Hinduism is the son of Surya dev which means our present sun ☀

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +1

      Saturn and Surya are one and the same see the works of the late Dwardu Cardona.

  • Bify Gif
    Bify Gif Year ago

    I believe God created everything. Including electricity.

  • Skogssjön
    Skogssjön 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the video. There is two ways. Which do you follow?

    GIANTSECRETS 6 years ago

    Saturn is what our sun would have looked like. The next step would Jupiter. Then a brown dwarf and then a sun.

  • Gzpo
    Gzpo 6 years ago

    Therefore, if our use of the word 'thing' refers to that which forms, becomes apparent, i. e., comes together; it is conceivable then, to comprehend the meaning of "something from nothing" as that which appears (to one) as if from nothing to some thing. The Ether is the permiant medium out of which appears that which appears. No form, form, no form, form. Everything comes from no form - the in-apparent Ether which becomes (comes to light) by Charged Plasma coming together to take shape and form - becoming apparent (to human perception). This conception of 'thing' can be seen inwardly as well as outwardly. The Ether permeates all, including you and me. We are in and of it. We see in it and through it. And 'things' appear to us inwardly and outwardly as objects in space - space being the Ether - medium in and of which we are, and objects being 'things' - formations (Charged Plasma) expressed in and of our medium, The Ether - our eternal environment. Order (Cosmos) out of Chaos (Ether charged plasma).

  • Tony Stokes
    Tony Stokes 6 years ago

    This is an incomplete view. It may be part of the story of how mankind strayed from Prophetic teachings and mistook that which can be perceived (i.e. natural phenomena) for the Reality (Who is beyond perception). This misguided association of astronomical phenomena with the Divine Reality may be more understandable during times described in the talk. However, it is well documented, at the very least, in the Abrahamic religions that those with real Gnosis do not associate anything with their Lord. And by 'anything', it is very clear that this means anything what-so-ever as can be known or perceived in phenomenal existence. It was an interesting talk, just incomplete and maybe a little presumptuous.

  • Victoria Z.
    Victoria Z. 5 years ago +3

    Where was Mars and Venus when Saturn flared into life ? It sounds like creation /day of light only involved Saturn - how long would it have taken for Mars and Venus to move into position in front of it ?

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago +1

      + Victoria Zasikowski, For a very good description of how this all unfolded read the (Star Series) by the late Dwardu Cardona the man Wal is subbing for. I have read the first four and am working on the fifth, very good reading with plenty of references.

  • G.T
    G.T 6 years ago

    'The Two Babylon's' : Papal Worship proved to be the worship of Nimrod and his wife. An exposé written by Rev. Alexander Hislop.

  • Joonas Mäkinen
    Joonas Mäkinen 3 years ago

    Celestial waters = Aether? In all honesty, interestingly, New Testament of Bible implies so in 2. Pt. 3:5-7. And, Col. 1:16-17 and John 1:1-3 reveal that Aether either is or is in our Lord Jesus Christ, in which all was created and is actively held together.

  • edoffher
    edoffher 6 years ago

    If you haven't noticed, the POWER of myth itself has a lot of truth about it, particularly about water itself and if you don't believe me think of this, is it not the breaking of water the start of all LIFE? Or, the beginning of all LIFE, from birds eggs, reptiles,etc. I leave you in peace my peace I give you all.

  • Love & Division
    Love & Division 6 years ago +9

    Walt exegetes the Genesis scripture better than most of the Christian scholars. He's correct, there is no such thing as creation ex nihilo. One will find only the idea of creation ex invisio, in the bible, i.e. God preexisted the creation and God is not "nothing".

    • t00by00zer
      t00by00zer 4 years ago

      The universe in all its intricacies is nothing but an idea in the mind of God.

    • Joe Bob
      Joe Bob 4 years ago +2

      Actually, in mathematical terms, God IS a nothing and the Bible does talk about creation ex nihilo. However, regardless of the creation cosmology you ascribe to, they all say the same thing if you strip away the terms and symbolize them using topology. There is a nothing, literally a NO(thing), meaning it is undifferentiated sameness that extends in every direction, that nothing then somehow cleaves itself in two, creating two different nothings and a common surface they both share. In every creation story it is a 1 - 3, just like our differentiation of nothing into 3 discrete regions of nothings. However, it is a nothing, if there's no spin, no time, no motion, no anything, how would a nothing differentiate itself? Just ponder that one. Then think about Godel's incompleteness theorem and the anthropomorphic principle. There is a reason Newton, Leibniz, and all the greatest thinkers of the renaissance believed in God, and many of the greatest scientists today, are no different. Someone over, above, but also within the nothing had to will itself to differentiate.

    • Razor1uk
      Razor1uk 6 years ago

      "I AM" ..refers to themselves/themselves, let alone the Greek thinker "I think therefore I am." version; could it be that before some event made people after it think more selfishly due to dwindling resources, the changing nature & their environment. I do not mean to question your faith or your obvious knowledge of a faith, but to think briefly apart form it, on a contextual theory.

    • Sidereal1330h
      Sidereal1330h 6 years ago +3

      +SeanMauer --- However, we do have the writer of the book of Hebrews saying that faith accepts "that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." Heb. 11:3. So things that are seen, temporal things, were made from invisible things, i.e. eternal things. 2 Corinthians 4:18. That invisible stuff is spirit - which God is. John 4:24. "No man has seen God at any time." John 1:18. He is the invisible God. When he, El, revealed himself to man, he was not Saturn or anything visible. He revealed himself in his true nature, by his true name, which is I AM. No man to this day, has been able to fathom that profound concept.
      In modern terms, mind came before matter. In fact, mind creates matter and keeps it in existence. Colossians 1:16-17. A good book along this line is "The Field" by Lynne Taggart about the new ideas in quantum physics.
      Scientists have a blind spot when dealing with matter and tend to be reductionists, thinking there is nothing BUT matter - even our boys at Thunderbolts. So when it comes to the really important "stuff" of the universe, mind, life, love and power, the scientists are at a grave disadvantage in comprehension. I think it rather entertaining to watch Mr. Thornhill try to deal with universal power which powers the Galaxies and then the origin of that power. I've only seen one video of him mentioning it and he was nonplussed. Psalm 62:11-12.
      That is why God is called the Almighty. (pantocrator) Revelation 1:8

  • Riotboy1
    Riotboy1 6 years ago +10

    Religion and greed is holding back our progress as human beings understanding the Universe.

    • Mysixofnine
      Mysixofnine 3 years ago

      Enter the Braggn' capitalism 👍🏻

    • Joshua Light
      Joshua Light 6 years ago +4

      +Riotboy1 Only the religion of the standard model. There is no greed holding it back - greed and pride propel science just like they propel everything else. What is NASA greedy for? Not money - they are greedy for the information necessary to prove that the standard model - and Einstein - are the correct interpretation of the cosmos. Yet at every turn they are thwarted with the pesky reality of observation.
      What is holding back our understanding of the universe is the modern scientists' myopic dedication to the standard model - gravity-ruled universe, thermonuclear sun, Oort clouds, dark matter, strange matter and black holes - all imaginary rescue devices defining an imaginary world in the cosmos.
      What could open their eyes? Admission that the electrodynamic force is far-and-away the most powerful and driving force in the cosmos. Will they ever admit this? Not if it means they will forfeit their earnings, their friendships, their jobs. Science isn't worth that kind of sacrifice.

    • curlywolfone
      curlywolfone 6 years ago

      +Riotboy1 - I agree, no morals equals no hesitation for getting what you want. we should strive for Perfect Psychopathy.

  • Kathleen Sisco
    Kathleen Sisco 6 years ago +2

    Ancient Egyptian creation myth posits a void of nothingness Nun. The creative principle Atum parts the void. Atum breaths out Maat. Atum breaths in Maat and breaths out Tefnut and Shu.
    I am particularly fond of this creation myth as it has beautiful symmetry.
    A void of nothing. No movement, no wave, no flow, stygian silence. A creative principle, a prime mover, a first action - Atum.A part in nothingness.Before all, Maat.
    Nothing can begin before the symmetry, the perfection, the exactness deified by Maat.
    Atum must be a magnetic field and Maat must be a condition of this field. When met, allows the presence of Tefnut, water. Only when Tefnut is presented is Shu breathed. Air follows water. Water prepares way for air. Geb and Nut follow as Earth and Sky.
    From my paper A Water Maser Explanation on Google Drive open to public.

    • fool1shmortal
      fool1shmortal 4 years ago

      Joshua Light Yet, these guys use the stories that feed their theory. I agree that we can't observe or measure origin stories of the ABC (anything but Christianity) scifientific community. It's all faith. I wish the science people would stick to what they can know.

    • Joshua Light
      Joshua Light 6 years ago

      +Kathleen Sisco All great poetry - but you weren't there - there's no observed record of it. It's not science. Let's be clear about that.

  • Razor1uk
    Razor1uk 6 years ago +3

    ..Proto Saturn shedding/spitting out Venus, mmm, does anyone remember and zygote/egg splitting from one cell to two....

  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 years ago

    It is conclusive then than man doesn't know what God is especially when it has no beginning and no end, and yet man plays out something that cannot be grasped or even defined by a three letter word. That is when thought leads to invention of a representation that has nothing to do with what he can never know. There in lay the hoax, because nature has its own harmony.

  • Christopher Harvey
    Christopher Harvey 6 years ago +3

    This is my own OPINION, i have no evidence for this i just used logic to deduce this. But i can only think of three ways of how the universe came to be.
    1) the universe was never created and has always existed in different forms. This is from the second law of thermodynamics where the energy/matter in the universe has always existed and was never created and just continually changes forms.
    2) the universe was created by a creator. The creator would of had to use parts of the energy/matter from itself to create the universe. The creator must be infinite in energy and information and must not have a genesis. This would explain how information exists in the capacity that it does today. And why we observe a universe that changes in form but not nature and is basically at balance.
    3) the universe was created from nothing. This one is the least likely in my opinion because that would mean not only all of the energy/matter was created from nothing but that all the information of the universe was created from nothing by chance. plus the laws of science would need to be created in order for anything to be created from said energy/matter.

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon Year ago

      @W.A. I just got through looking at Andrew Womack's site as I promised and read the entire script. In the first part he mentions Mark 7: 13: "Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition." and I dare say that this is what I've been trying to say to folks all along, although I have a different notion of what God really is. 2nd he mentions the term/word Sovereign to mean "super above" which relative to what we now know, thanks to the thunderbolts team, is in reference to Saturn and it's position in the northern sky in ancient times, which I believe is what many people unknowingly are still doing today. 3rd Unrestricted power which Womack believes God gave to man and then man gave it to Satan? and that Satan has been messing things up ever since, which I really have to question as to why would God build Satan at all? "If it were up to Go we would all be blessed" James 1:17, aren't we all alive. 4th "Job was the greatest in wealth and integrity" how could this even be so when all who are taken into consideration are those mentioned in the Bible not taking into consideration any other people on the Earth? God sets up covenants with the people of Israel and nowhere else? Why would God make a standard no one could live up to? 5th After the murder of Jesus some 2026 years ago you would think someone would have figured this out! I have one question for you Maira Bay, if I may and that is do you believe that God created this universe?

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon Year ago

      @W.A. I will take a look at the sites you mentioned out of curiosity, as I'm not one who cherry picks, and get back to you.

    • t00by00zer
      t00by00zer 4 years ago

      James, you apparently know nothing of the Gospels or their message.
      And I find it quite humorous that you think you can define a Creator based on your own ideas of what you think is "fair."

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 4 years ago

      + t00by00zer, You thinking you know the gospels as well as you think you do s also hilarious. Have you ever asked yourself why the lifespan of humans is so short and why we're constantly in danger, if there was a creator that knows so much, like the beginning from the end, and why would this being put his/her creation in any danger?

  • The Insufferable Tool
    The Insufferable Tool 6 years ago +7

    I get it, you guys don't like religion. As an Evangelical, while we may have differences of opinion, I have to say that I very much line up with TBP. I have no idea how the universe came into being, and I obviously believe in Christ the son and God the father. But past all of that, I like what I see. I don't necessarily see religious core ideologies as getting in the way of proving EU Theory. In fact, when TBP looks back in time and Christians look back in time, we are all kind of guessing at things. Though again, I don't see why your theory on the solar system's formation, even the recent violent past of our solar system as we know it today is necessarily incompatible. It's not. But go back far enough, obviously we have to agree to disagree. I'm fine with that and taking the heat for it as well. I'm not a big bang theorist either. I don't think EU evidence supports any kind of Big Bang cosmology. Anyhow. there is my peace. Figured I'd put it out there.

    • udanbug
      udanbug 4 years ago +2

      The Bible does mention the creation of the waters:
      Exodus 20:11 "For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is"
      Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
      Yet, there are explanation as to why the 'intellects' won't admit it.
      Daniel 11:38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces:
      Romans 1:20-23 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: {21} Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. {22} Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, {23} And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things."

    • The Insufferable Tool
      The Insufferable Tool 6 years ago +1

      I appreciate the thoughtful reply! Thank you

    • Stixx n stones
      Stixx n stones 6 years ago +3

      +TheMagnumb A respectful comment. You have a faith and this information doesn't offend your faith which usually means you really have a faith! Most Evangelicals get very offended when information presented contradicts their faith, which is in a book rather than an experience. That, my friend is no faith at all. They can be downright cruel about it. I have a faith as well and that faith is not offended at any information presented. Except the subjugation of free human thought and ideas through religious dogma, that condition should never exist. Don't get me wrong, religious dogma is everywhere...including and most of all...in scientific assumptions. Their dogma is so powerful that when facts and evidence contradict their theories/hypothesis, they simply add more unverifiable conditions to explain/excuse their theory. Try arguing against the Lambda Cold Dark Matter Model with astrophysicist or mathematician and THEY get dogmatic and offended really quick! :-) Next thing you know, they're implying your sister is your spouse! Teeheehee
      Nice to see you're out and about Magnumb.

  • servet y
    servet y 4 years ago

    Name of Music at end pls

  • eutyglue
    eutyglue 6 years ago +1

    nice puzzle piece.

  • Allen Vallee
    Allen Vallee 6 years ago

    ISAIAH 40:22 The earth is a sphere. Job 26:7 earth floats in space. Job 28:25 air and water has weight.

    • Allen Vallee
      Allen Vallee 6 years ago

      +ArchytypeNet Isaiah Chapter 40:22, It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth. There were two views with the catholic church leaders back in history . Flat Earthers and none flat Earthers

    • Ricardo Petrazzi
      Ricardo Petrazzi 6 years ago +1

      what's your point quoting passages.?

  • Angra Mainyu
    Angra Mainyu 6 years ago +4

    ☢=Chaos out of order

    • The Anarcho–Nazbol Inquisition
      The Anarcho–Nazbol Inquisition 5 years ago

      Big bang = Chaos out of nothing

    • Jon Mallary
      Jon Mallary 6 years ago +2

      Yes it is.
      Yet even so...I can spell Satanic correctly.
      Seriously. Wouldn't you prefer a venue more nurturing to your views?
      One where consideration of alternatives is stifled and forsaken for the warm fuzzy like minded...close minded?
      Casting mean spirited aspersion seems petty to me. Is this your idea of godly works? Bringing the word to the heathen masses? Saving souls?
      Insult and belittlement seem unwieldy tools for such a noble end. Use your brain and conscience for a change. You may find it difficult to overcome your programming but it's worth the effort.
      I'll pray for your soul brother. Plasma loves you!

    • Jon Mallary
      Jon Mallary 6 years ago +1

      Satnic... is that like a picnic?

  • S Lenn
    S Lenn 6 years ago +1

    Did the name ISRaEl come from the three gods of Egypt- Isis-Ra-El ?

    • Joshua Light
      Joshua Light 6 years ago +1

      +S Lenn Yawn - no - you would have to rewrite ancient history. Egypt and Israel were spawned from separate bloodlines - and the name of Israel is the second name of the patriarch Jacob - by his own testimony.
      But I guess you can make it up as you go.

    • Simon Mijatovich
      Simon Mijatovich 6 years ago +1

      +midnitehound I KNOW RIGHT? They're dedicated at the very least. I can't quite tell if J.Max is... legitimate, or if he's... a distraction? Maybe it's his age or the vast quantity of information he has that overloads him, but it is very difficult for me to learn useful information from him. His analysis of the legal system and deep brohoods is decent though!
      I'd encourage all to listen to them both and discern for themselves. I think that M.Tsarion's best work is his lecture series on "psychic vampires," echoes of Mark Passio in there

    • midnitehound
      midnitehound 6 years ago +2

      +Simon Mijatovich
      Ah yes, those two are great at gathering together lots of information and then completely misinterpreting it.

    • midnitehound
      midnitehound 6 years ago +1

      +S Lenn
      Kind of, ISis=Venus, Ra=Mars and El=Saturn. 3 gods in 1 and so explains the Trinity doctrine. The aspects of the 3 planets are represented in the Eye of Ra - Crescent (Saturn), Tail (Venus) and Cosmic Mooring Post (Mars).

    • Simon Mijatovich
      Simon Mijatovich 6 years ago

      +S Lenn you been watching jordan maxwell and michael tsarion? :D

  • Hivolt Arc
    Hivolt Arc 6 years ago

    Elohim is not a name any more than the word person or human is a name.

  • curlywolfone
    curlywolfone 6 years ago

    His name is "YeHoWaH," pronounce by many as "YeHoVaH." "Elohim" means literally, "The Name;" "Elohim" is not His name. Blessed is His name, "YHWH."

    • curlywolfone
      curlywolfone 5 years ago

      Hey Pard, came back to this for a revisit and wanted to respond to something I neglected to last year; your question and statement, "Are you certain it is pronounced YeHoVaH and not YaHWeH? There are no vowels in Hebrew, after all." Let me suggest this: "Nehemia Gordon: How to Pronounce YHWH in Hebrew The Awakening Report" Shalom!

    • curlywolfone
      curlywolfone 6 years ago

      Hey Pard, I'm not mad at him; I'm just adjusting the micrometer.

    • Joshua Light
      Joshua Light 6 years ago

      +curlywolfone He was simply referencing the Hebrew word used in the particular reference, and this is accurate.
      Are you certain it is pronounced YeHoVaH and not YaHWeH? There are no vowels in Hebrew, after all.

  • Gzpo
    Gzpo 6 years ago

    I discovered that our word, thing, comes from the Dutch word, ting, meaning assembly. get it? That which assembles or is assembled is thing or a thing. As-semble. Semblance.

  • Larlue Fischer
    Larlue Fischer 6 years ago

    very blind for a smart guy.

    • Jon Mallary
      Jon Mallary 6 years ago +1

      +The Last Relevant Sage
      Who's beginning? Ours?

    • midnitehound
      midnitehound 6 years ago +1

      +Larlue Fischer

    BRUSH HOG 5 years ago

    well it looks like your lifelong work is to prove man right and God wrong or non-existent in the form of the Bible. you are making a video that may very well be the witness against you on Judgement Day. judgement day that's something that can't be seen but surely is. it's okay to pick on Newton's Law which I don't care about anyway but I think you'd better leave God out of it

    • James Kenyon
      James Kenyon 5 years ago

      + Brush Hog, When you refer to this concept of god your only referring to the planet Saturn see (Symbols of an alien sky and Remembering the end of the world) and think about it.

  • Clayton Denchuk
    Clayton Denchuk 6 years ago

    Flat Earth

    • Black n Tan
      Black n Tan 6 years ago

      +The Last Relevant Sage . 😉😠😶😜!!!! Bare with. I just wrote a very long polite reply. I have hand / arm trouble... I wad trying to send comment and it disappeared! I am now actually FUCKING FUMING!!! Not with you😉. With technology and me. Soon👊

    • Black n Tan
      Black n Tan 6 years ago +2

      +Clayton Denchuk . I think you may be on the wrong channel.

  • Chispas
    Chispas 6 years ago +1

    Thunderbolts Project. . .please don't get involved in religion or atheism! Otherwise, I won't take you seriously!

    • Chispas
      Chispas 6 years ago

      @Ochipwa Greenspider My tribe is not local. I live in Southern California Inland Empire. I will ask about a naming ceremony at the many tribes around here. Thanks!

    • Chispas
      Chispas 6 years ago

      @Ochipwa Greenspider Thanks my brother! I am definitely not atheist either. My mind is not made up even if it may sound like it is! I still search for truth; and, as I reconcile my deeply Christian beliefs with modern science. . .I let go of some of those religious interpretations and convert them over to spiritual. I also came here in search of truth. . .unadulterated truth! I'll keep searching! Yahweh is my God and science 'cannot' disprove it! To me Yahweh is omnipotent,omnipresent,omniscient and immortal! In effect. . .he is also science! Peace also with you! Can I get a Native American name? I am Purepecha and Spanish.

    • Chispas
      Chispas 6 years ago

      @Mark DeWall Thanks Mark for reading and caring enough to comment on my ignorance on the plethora of scientific material with no ideological agenda that I did not seem to be aware of.. I am now aware of this agenda. But it should not matter to anyone on this site . . .because no one really gives a shit for real unadulterated science! They just want to pave the way to their own ideological justifications. In that case, I don't give a shit either! Bang On! Please disregard my intrusive and ignorant comments!

    • Chispas
      Chispas 6 years ago

      @Ochipwa Greenspider I accept what you've said and I agree! I should just glean off any academic, scientific information I see fit or logical. If TBP decides to use a science venue for dissemination of personal ideological beliefs. . .they should be free to do so! Its their site. But they, for that matter, speak with forked tongue!; and, I loose trust in people, groups, channels who have a hidden agenda of sorts. They have a hidden agenda! Their agenda should be posted as 'vlogger be ware we are about to justify our personal ideological beliefs under the guise of science!" LOL! I am Native American half breed. I don't appreciate people with hidden agendas. They are snake oil salesmen! I don't care how 'intelligent' they purport to be, they all conjure refutable theories!

    • Chispas
      Chispas 6 years ago +1

      @Robert W Thanks for sharing your personal beliefs! We are all entitled to have personal ideological beliefs! Thats all they are!. . . personal!