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Dwardu Cardona: Order Out of Chaos | EU2015

  • Published on Mar 14, 2016
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dwardu Cardona could not attend the conference and Wal Thornhill gave his presentation.

    During this talk, it will be demonstrated that what became known as the Creation of what was said to be the world did not proceed out of nothing, but out of a pre-existing chaotic substance that was, among other things, understood as a celestial ocean circumscribing the sub-brown dwarf star that emitted the radiating light that went down into mytho-history as day one.

    A former Senior Editor of the journal Kronos and Editor of the journal Aeon, Dwardu has published well over a hundred papers and has authored four books: God Star, Flare Star, Primordial Star and Metamorphic Star.

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Comments • 199

  • James Kenyon
    James Kenyon 4 years ago +20

    Wal Thornhill is a good egg and thankfully he was available to be there for Dwardu Cardona when he was in the hospital. As many of you know we lost Dwardu last summer and he is one of the senior members of the thunderbolts team who will surely be missed. Thank you Wal for doing this piece.

  • truBador2
    truBador2 5 years ago +9

    I continue to think that on the whole you are putting the pieces together rather nicely. I wonder how many mainstream astrophysicists are paying attention and just afraid...

  • Will Holley
    Will Holley Year ago +1

    I wanted to meet the man--that was such a gift to our world. I’ve bought and read many of his books and tediously vivid revelations.

  • David
    David 5 years ago +4

    GREAT presentation. The volume was too low but max volume worked. Thank you!

  • Black n Tan
    Black n Tan 5 years ago +10

    Brilliant! Thank you Thunderbolts 🌌🐶

  • Illum Mulli
    Illum Mulli 4 years ago +3

    I love listening to Wal Thornhill. he is like a wise old man with so much knowledge. his voice is so easy to hear and get lost in the story and wonder.

  • Nick Donald
    Nick Donald 5 years ago +2

    Excellent! The truth will ultimately prevail. The chaotic-"sea" being organized into a nebular-band/stellar-garden/enclosure brings to mind the Norse myths of Jörmungandr as another example (the Ouroboros-like Sea-Serpent that grew so large it encircled the whole World).

  • Lara Green
    Lara Green 5 years ago +2

    Superb presentation, thank you! :)

  • chill toast

    some people are really hard to listen to, even when the material is fascinating. wal thornhill is not one of those people. he's a pleasure to hear. and the material is just...wow!

  • Edie Buchanan
    Edie Buchanan 5 years ago +1

    Thanks for sharing all your great research. Brilliant! Wow!

  • E. Lectricity
    E. Lectricity 5 years ago +2

    Spellbinding, Wal. You have done Dwardu a great deed. All the best to him and to you.--Atomic Louse # 7 178 000 001

  • J.R. Hunn
    J.R. Hunn 2 years ago +1

    The original meaning of Eden in Hebrew is, I understand, a "garden within a wall or barrier." What if a ring or loop was the reference there (in terms of a "wall")? I make this comment in reference to the comment at

  • SandiFromOz
    SandiFromOz 5 years ago +1

    Wonderful video. I do have a question: On the one hand this paper negates all creation mythology from anywhere on earth by simply saying "no one was there at creation". How then can that same mythology be used to explain the existence and characteristics/actions of Saturn. It still all boils down to the fact that no one was there. If you are saying that the whole world was peopled, as evidenced by mythology, I find it hard to believe that all peoples wrote it down and it all just happened to survive. Wouldn't you expect some (most) countries on earth today to have absolutely nothing on record because they took the brunt of the destruction? Even the pyramids surviving seems incredulous. I guess the EU is the best theory that we have so far.

  • Following The Son
    Following The Son 5 years ago +3

    The Roman Poet Lucretius was being scientific when he said “you can’t create nothing out of nothing”. It’s irrational to believe that you can have complex design without a designer.

  • Black n Tan
    Black n Tan 5 years ago +14

    Sad as I may be... I just saw a new Thunderbolts video and said "yes!"..... I'll watch it now.

  • 2uneak
    2uneak 3 years ago +2

    I was raised heavily under catholicism. I struggled, and finally spoke up in the 3rd grade that I no longer believed in god. I was severely beaten for this, ostracized by members on both sides of my family and lived out the remainder of my childhood as 'the black sheep'. Children were to be seen and not heard in the southern states of America in the 60's. But what no one asked me, ever, was the motivation behind such a heinous statement. By the 3rd grade, I'd ascertained that god was a vengeful, punishing, judgmental overlord. Nothing about my native religion was joyful, enlightening, hopeful, encouraging or forgiving.

    GIANTSECRETS 5 years ago +11

    The ancients were far more intelligent than we give them credit for and humans have had technology before only for it to be lost due to a cycle of catastrophes.

  • TheObservador777
    TheObservador777 5 years ago +2

    please fix the audio it is just too low, I have to get full volume on my sound system to hear it clearly. thanks keep up the good work.

  • Adon Lando
    Adon Lando 4 years ago

    There was never a creation. It is all a simulation, a virtual reality. This virtual reality arises from the processing of the "metaphysical digital data bits". Consciousness and Chaos are the opposite sides of the same metaphysical coin. The journey (i. e. the processing), of these metaphysical bits at the interface between Consciousness and Chaos is what gives rise to our virtual reality.

  • peter germain
    peter germain 5 years ago +2

    all my love Dwardu