The Power of Listening - An Ancient Practice for Our Future: Leon Berg at TEDxRedondoBeach

  • Published on Jun 12, 2013
  • Leon Berg is a founding member of the Ojai Foundation, an educational sanctuary in the Upper Ojai Valley of Southern California. He is a Senior Trainer of the Ojai Foundation's Center for Council Practice, and has been facilitating Council groups in the U.S. and abroad for over 20 years. In 2001, he went to Israel to seed the practice of Council among Israeli Jews and Arabs, co-founding the Israeli non-profit organization Ma'agal Hakshava (Listening Circles). Leon has returned to Israel many times since then to conduct Council trainings and lead a variety of coexistence programs. In 2008 Leon and his partner, Glori Zeltzer, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, began to teach their relationship workshops, Tools For Togetherness, to couples seeking to enrich and/or heal their relationships. They now teach the practices to couples in the US and abroad. For more information visit

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  • Laura B
    Laura B 28 days ago

    I was listening, but the recoding volume is so low it's hard to listen

  • Lost Serendipity
    Lost Serendipity 6 months ago

    This is boring

  • Margarida Matos
    Margarida Matos Year ago +1

    Wonderful! Thank you very much!

  • Glori Zeltzer
    Glori Zeltzer Year ago

    Your work still carries so much value, I'm so pleased!

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith Year ago

    Really great!! I learned a lot.. Thank you for your message. Amazing!!

  • Mirna Yasser
    Mirna Yasser Year ago +1

    The loss of Palestinians and Israelis are not equal when Israelis are the ones who kicked them out of their land and killed them,there is no war of independence for Israel READ HISTORY

  • Scott Johnson Productions

    Will be sharing this video for one of my group counseling classes that I lead. It's about effective listening in recovery.

  • wim lammens
    wim lammens Year ago

    Leon, thank you for you sharing yr experience. Hope for humanity if more people would connect to their souls through not running from feelings. Mostley males prefer to suppress feelings considered weak(fear and pain) man prefer to show agression in stead of heartfelt pain and tears. One of the stupiedest things parents and teachers learn boys "boys don't cry" that's why boys kill and fight as this behaviour is more accepted and even glorified in movies tough killing fighters, soldiers. We are shaped by our culture and influenced by media and sports. People hitting each other (boxing) untill the other one falls is glorified in stadiums and sports theaters. Figures like james bond who prey on woman(specific young skinny sexualised) and kill for their government are glorified. If we would choose to make mother theresa and father damien and Gandhi heroes or ordinary people helping others
    our heroes we would lead our children to better choices (not greed and abuse, but love and sharing and caring) we would start to see a better world.

  • Cynthia bieber Drew
    Cynthia bieber Drew Year ago +1

    I understood perfectly all,thanks sir.

  • Shalini Chakranarayan

    I gave myself a very beautiful start of the morning with this calm and poised talk.....loved it truly

  • Satyajeet Giram
    Satyajeet Giram Year ago


  • Asesh Datta
    Asesh Datta Year ago +4

    Listening is attentive. The pause between the sounds is also part of listening. Observe eye to eye. Feel he warmth, smell the odor, ask small questions, give proactive gestures to allow freedom to express are very subtle parts of listening. It is deep and emotive. Great talk. Regards

  • Reza Rusandi
    Reza Rusandi Year ago

    His speaking totally suits the concept of vulnerability by Brene Brown

    HISSEN DAOUD 2 years ago +5

    Listening Requires Focus and Attention

  • SoldiersofSelfMastery
    SoldiersofSelfMastery 2 years ago +3

    Lately in my Journey I've been really focused on being a Really Great Listener! Instead of Just running my mouth! Oh it Felt good saying that!

  • salim abuker
    salim abuker 2 years ago

    it was so beautiful

  • Brian Bachmeyer
    Brian Bachmeyer 2 years ago +1

    Leon is a good, good man. Thank you for this talk!!

  • Nels 5
    Nels 5 2 years ago

    Simply AWESOME

  • Sherry Sutherland
    Sherry Sutherland 2 years ago +1

    Happy to have stumbled onto this beautiful Ted talk.

  • Sonia Kiran
    Sonia Kiran 2 years ago

    What was a seductive voice

  • Guillermo Antonio Barrios


    • Leon Berg
      Leon Berg Year ago

      There is now a version with Spanish subtitles....thank you

  • Mahlet Baye
    Mahlet Baye 2 years ago

    Very impressed 👍🏽

  • bonekolekta
    bonekolekta 2 years ago

    Feelings isn't a cognitive tool. Faith is the commitment of one's consciousness to beliefs for which one has no sensory evidence or rational proof. When man rejects reason as his standard of judgement, only one alternative standard remains to him: his feelings. A mystic is a man who treats his feelings as tools of cognition. Faith is the equation of feelings with knowledge

  • Dharmendra Rai
    Dharmendra Rai 2 years ago +4

    Brilliant talk on listening
    Dharmendra Rai , Invisible Negotiation Trainer

  • laugh out loud
    laugh out loud 3 years ago

    Listening to the world around us is the antidote to listening to your inner mental chatter.

  • Alexandr Semichin
    Alexandr Semichin 3 years ago +1

    Amazing video!

  • Imdad Hussain
    Imdad Hussain 3 years ago

    Haq Moajood dear Sir, accept Sufi (mystics ) hi. I love love love you.

  • Kern Beare
    Kern Beare 3 years ago +1

    Wonderful presentation, filled with wisdom. I will share this with more. Thank you.

  • rodger so
    rodger so 4 years ago +1

    In bible it also says that we should kill gays and mary our rapists so we should really think before we blindly folow some ancient book written mostly by homophobic assholes and pick out stuff that it says which are actually right and not something like marying a rapist

    • Andy Wade
      Andy Wade 3 years ago +1

      One does not need religion to learn how to hate. While the Bible and other sacred texts have been misused to fuel much hate around the world, hate originates in the heart and can be spewed by anyone. Rather than attacking, I invite you to join with others to build bridges to understanding. If you have been hurt by the church, an many have, your own personal healing will not come through anger or hate, but understanding and, if possible, forgiveness. Neither of these is an excuse to let abusers and mis-users of sacred texts off the hook for contributing to division, hate, and injury. They need to be held accountable for their actions and will need to travel their own path to healing and wholeness. When we fester in our own pain and the hate that sets seed, we not only harm ourselves but also join with those creating more pain in the world.

    • Dhillon Dhass
      Dhillon Dhass 3 years ago +2

      +bibudito kobulia Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. i'll meet you there. :)

  • Stephen Goh
    Stephen Goh 4 years ago +6

    I am fortunate to have listen to your great sharing. Thank you.

  • Jade Patnode
    Jade Patnode 4 years ago +1

    great truth .thank you

  • II. Gyula
    II. Gyula 4 years ago +1

    this was fantastic :)

  • Angelo Francisco
    Angelo Francisco 4 years ago

    wonderfull thank you for the inside vision and for sharing you wisdom and expirience ! namaste , it is very inspiring for me to learn and teach a powerfull and simply way of relationships in harmony ! salute big ugg my brother !

  • T-34
    T-34 5 years ago +29

    I find that people love to be listened to but dont always reciprocate this and listen back. I am constantly listening to others and giving them the space to express themselves, and its getting boring. People will quite happily use you for their attention needs.

    • Jacks
      Jacks Year ago +2

      I notice a number of people agree they also have this experience. I too have become the “listener”. The question is also where are people speaking from? If it’s the heart speaking there isn’t a problem. But often the talk is just a cover up or release of tension for the other person. That’s painful unless you can get underneath by asking the right question. Also people are always reflecting something about ourselves so it can be revealing and confronting to see how and where we do that ourselves. If I manage to face a projection in myself the outer behaviour seems to vanish. But it’s important to know we have the power stop the “listening” if it’s not really sharing and that’s healthy.

    • jackdawcaw
      jackdawcaw Year ago +2

      Maybe you can try to see what might be learned from it? I mean, you are listening for them, but even more so for yourself. You can learn a lot about yourself, about those people, and about people in general, by listening. I can understand that you also have needs to express yourself though. That only makes sense.

  • Bob Eden
    Bob Eden 5 years ago +15

    Totally get it. I live in "Heartspace" not "Headspace" and "My Mind is just a Tool that I use when I Choose"!

  • Joy Harmon
    Joy Harmon 5 years ago +1

    I have had the privilege of Native American Council teachings for many years...and earned the permission to share these teachings with JOY: In perso or remote options. Technology can/must be used for the higher good.....we can show you how! BE THE JOY. REPLY HERE FOR MORE INFO! Peace to you...and best listening!

  • Success Resources Australia

    "Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you'd have preferred to talk." - Doug Larson

  • KY Done
    KY Done 5 years ago +2

    Such a useful and true to the matter regarding relationship. Listening is the center point and most important activity any couple should do to and for each other. I can really related to this speaker personally and it is all truth.

  • Leo Tyrron Whyte
    Leo Tyrron Whyte 5 years ago +3

    a very beautiful lesson to learn and follow.

  • Bill Quinn
    Bill Quinn 5 years ago

    Good talk. One technical aspect that might be helpful for all uploaders to be aware of--check the volume after uploading. (Of course, it could be argued that the low volume on this was designed to make me listen more closely--but, I had to max out the RU-clip volume setting, and my laptop's volume setting to hear it.)

  • Chris Osborn
    Chris Osborn 6 years ago +1

    Amazing, truly inspiring words, a man speaking his truth. Thank you!

  • Christopher Tun
    Christopher Tun 6 years ago

    Thank you

  • Phoenix66
    Phoenix66 6 years ago

    Thank you

  • IIJamesII
    IIJamesII 6 years ago +1

    "What's more seductive than a man who wants to listen to you and share his feelings?" Ummmm.... Money?? Seriously, women are so emotionally sophisticated that men's feelings are generally BORING. ;)

  • IIJamesII
    IIJamesII 6 years ago

    Strangely enough, what is "within" us can destroy us also.

  • Sheila Mac
    Sheila Mac 6 years ago +2

    As a former teacher, current personal coach, parent, and business owner; the training that I received at the Ojai Foundation has helped me along life's journey in many aspects.
    It is in this TRUE LISTENING -- ON A SOUL LEVEL, that I have found my voice...
    As always I wish you,
    "Life, Love, Laughter, & Light!"

  • Chari McHale
    Chari McHale 6 years ago +1

    How I miss the The Ojai Foundation and sitting in the lap of Grandfather Land, listening to lives unfurl and hearts open....Thank you, Mr. Berg, I never met you but I certainly felt the peace of the practice of listening, of council come through your voice.

  • juliecaracreates
    juliecaracreates 6 years ago

    very beautiful.. so excited!

  • Verona Fonte
    Verona Fonte 6 years ago

    Hey Leon, Sweet teaching from a sweet man. Good for you!

  • Harry Poliak
    Harry Poliak 6 years ago

    Leon, beautiful presentation.

  • Steve Onyett
    Steve Onyett 6 years ago +3

    Beautiful, gentle, grounded. A gift to the world. Thank you.

  • Han Delissen
    Han Delissen 6 years ago +1

    Hi Leon,
    Thanks for this important story at this podium. Great talk.

  • Kim Maxwell
    Kim Maxwell 6 years ago

    Well done Leon -- well done!!!

  • מרכז אוריאל
    מרכז אוריאל 6 years ago

    thanx leon for bringing Council to israel - we at Uriel center have trained more than 80 facilitators since 2007 and they spread the word(and the silence...)
    Toda raba - Eran and Nurit halevi

  • Kevin Wallace
    Kevin Wallace 6 years ago


  • Horizons K-8 School
    Horizons K-8 School 6 years ago +2

    So very grateful for this man and this message. Please listen!