Dwight Howard’s resurgence with the Lakers surprises the NBA | ESPN Voices

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Dwight Howard's career has experienced a resurgence since re-joining the Los Angeles Lakers and ESPN’s NBA authorities like Jalen Rose and Rachel Nichols have taken notice.
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Comments • 762

  • The Guy
    The Guy 5 days ago +1

    Yeah um do people forget his great numbers in Charlotte?! And Atlanta?! Come on people jesus

  • John Valdez
    John Valdez 6 days ago +1

    im glad he looks happy and if bron is happy with him that makes him feel really good about himself go howard

  • yhwhzson
    yhwhzson 6 days ago

    As is any athlete that has gone to the pros, once "focused" the sky's the limit.
    Arrogance breeds distraction.
    Humiliating desperation breeds a beast.

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Its lebrons presence that has been making him look good
    But really he went from awesome to a bad disappointment

  • E Cov
    E Cov 9 days ago

    Been waiting for the legend Dwight to return!

  • Joshua Batts
    Joshua Batts 10 days ago +1

    I’m glad shaq has finally got over the BS with Dwight. It has only motivated Dwight that much more.

  • Light Arcangel
    Light Arcangel 11 days ago

    The Return of the " SUPERMAN

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 12 days ago

    Let's get that championship! Laker for life!

  • David Nuñez
    David Nuñez 12 days ago

    And that’s why Lebron is the King to me makes everyone play at their best! A true leader! And I’m so fucking happy for Howard he simply changed he’s mentality and that happened he always had the potential he just needed the right mindset!

  • zeus guinoo
    zeus guinoo 12 days ago

    dwight rodman

  • GreenJeepAdventures
    GreenJeepAdventures 15 days ago +1

    DH must be one strong dude, cause people keep ending up on the ground after he battles them.

  • i do nothing
    i do nothing 15 days ago

    And the best part is he IS enjoying the minutes.

  • Jeremy Reynolds
    Jeremy Reynolds 15 days ago

    I said it when they signed Howard thAt heeeeessss back

  • Modern_ Mario
    Modern_ Mario 16 days ago

    Dwight is my man hes my fav

  • Jose Q. Lols
    Jose Q. Lols 16 days ago

    Happy for Dwight

  • Johnny Angel
    Johnny Angel 16 days ago


  • Luk Pelevic
    Luk Pelevic 16 days ago

    Is it me or Rachel Nichols is irritating

  • light44
    light44 17 days ago

    I noticed that Dwight is WIDE open 5-10 times a game , but players NOT passing it to him which always led to a MISSED shot, I think some players on the team ONLY CARES for their STATS than whats good for the TEAM ....

  • Dante Fajardo
    Dante Fajardo 17 days ago

    The funny thing is he wasn't this good when he played with a bigger salary.

  • Bushiere
    Bushiere 17 days ago

    Dwight is just in another situation , where he is not the main person the team depends on

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 18 days ago

    I'm so happy for him

  • viz Rez
    viz Rez 18 days ago

    Shocking nahhhh he was an all star competitor he just need to be in a good team all around and the chemistry fits him

  • Larry Song
    Larry Song 18 days ago

    I don't like Lakers but no hater 😂
    I do like how Rachel and Jalen takes about Dwight Howard.
    Hope they would bring up melo more. He got 18 pts in first game since season started. Melo 👍👍😄

  • Max B. Solo
    Max B. Solo 18 days ago

    I don’t really understand this myth that he fell off so drastically. Everywhere he’s gone he’s been efficient and productive, even his first go around in LA he averaged like 17/13 coming off back surgery. If you want to say it’s about other things that’s one thing but people act like he didn’t produce. I just find it odd.

  • Mo Fode
    Mo Fode 18 days ago

    Cause he Finally came out the Closet

  • darko714
    darko714 18 days ago

    Howard's rebounding and rim protection are exactly what the Lakers need. Now, if he can only stay healthy . . .

  • Carson Barnes
    Carson Barnes 18 days ago

    For everyone who's saying they're not surprised needs to quit CAPPIn.

  • Jay
    Jay 18 days ago

    He was solid in the limited minutes he played in DC. Ya'll acting like talent's been the guy's problem. It never has been.

  • Pulomas Jaktim
    Pulomas Jaktim 18 days ago

    Still the same...except he's playing in hollywood/lakers right now, that's the difference.

  • jm moncada
    jm moncada 18 days ago +1

    Supeeeeerman is in the building 💪

  • tamale andrew
    tamale andrew 18 days ago

    Ohh men, superman is on cloud 9 ..

  • coco smiles
    coco smiles 18 days ago

    Dwight used to be handsome not so now.

  • Danilo jr Garcia
    Danilo jr Garcia 19 days ago +1

    Dwight Howard is BACK!! with AUTHORITY!!!

  • J Prince
    J Prince 19 days ago

    If you haven't been a fan like I have of Dwight howard then u a media head because dwight howard has been good everytime he has been on the court. Look at his stats and the locker cancer is a joke because the same year they said that about him he won the award for best locker room something at Charlotte.

  • BMo
    BMo 19 days ago

    Whats up with that wig? Can my sisters wear their own natural hair? I refuse to accept anything that perpetuates another groups beauty standards.

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 19 days ago

    ESPN the CNN of sports with the fake news

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 19 days ago

    Ma Dwight je jedan fin čovjek ljudskog karaktera i svaka mu čast!

  • Khult Herro
    Khult Herro 19 days ago +1

    This is EXACTLY what Howard meant to be, block shots, rebound, and play D. Howard + Blocks + Rebounds + Defense = Lakers fans love Dwight.

  • andrew mwabenga
    andrew mwabenga 19 days ago +1

    Stop with this media manufacturing stuff to talk about nonsense! When was there ever any doubt that Howard could get a few buckets, grab some boards and protect the rim? smh

  • Harvey Crewe
    Harvey Crewe 19 days ago

    Why the surprise? 🤔
    I'm confused. He's never stopped being this player?

  • Berry McGregor
    Berry McGregor 19 days ago

    i have to give more credit to shaq , class man, class act, the older shaq gets the better a human

  • Trae Drayton
    Trae Drayton 19 days ago +1

    1:34 when did gucci start being a ref

  • Earl John fabul
    Earl John fabul 19 days ago +2

    i already knew he's gonna be good this season , its not really surprising for me cuz he actually played good back when he was in the hornets!

  • Sakilye Poole
    Sakilye Poole 19 days ago +2

    Lol I bet he wish he would of played with LeBron from the start

  • TyizhawnForKing
    TyizhawnForKing 19 days ago

    Shaq calling Dwight Superman oh
    Yeah we definitely in 2019

  • Continuation
    Continuation 19 days ago

    Thanks cousins

  • Rod Vinas
    Rod Vinas 19 days ago

    For your information. Howard is the real and only Superman in the NBA. So dont be surprise.

  • Wojciech Dziedzic
    Wojciech Dziedzic 19 days ago

    The truth is espn is has shaded this man for quite some time and now finally decided they can switch to positive for better drama. It sucks how media influences these players' careers.

  • jose yepez
    jose yepez 20 days ago

    I’m Charlotte he had a 30 point 30 rebounds game he wasn’t bad on these teams just not great

  • What do you want?
    What do you want? 20 days ago +2

    If he played like this during his time with Kobe, they could've won another championship

  • JoKe ToNg
    JoKe ToNg 20 days ago

    long time ago Howard sucks with Kobe team, now Howard in superman mode with King’s team...

  • Free Hong Kong
    Free Hong Kong 20 days ago

    This guy took a team to the finals. He is skilled.

  • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot
    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot 20 days ago +1

    At what point do you honestly start asking about the negative impact a declining Kobe Bryant had on the franchise? Dwight had issues, but the man played through a torn labrum...I've had a mild shoulder separation and that was excruciating...my labrum wasn't freakin' torn! And Kobe's inability to be a quality teammate when his on court ability didn't override his surliness as a person kept teams from wanting anything to do with the Lakers. It's the most open secret of the decade. I was one of the people who had a feeling this would work because there was always something more than met the eye to me about what went wrong for Dwight in 2012-13 as a Laker. And for all of their fanboying, Kobe Kids can't refute the fact that the team was abjectly awful from the second Howard left until Kobe was gone. Not just bad, but awful. I'm glad as a Lakers fan to see Howard earn the affection of the sane element of the fan base back. He's playing hard and clearly has better teammates that support him this time around.

  • Toddy Kwest
    Toddy Kwest 20 days ago +1

    Imagen if he did this his whole career??

  • Terry Sigmon
    Terry Sigmon 20 days ago

    Im happy for him. Everyone deserves another chance no matter how bad the past has been. Forgiveness is the best way to be toward anyone.

  • Jovi Mizuhara
    Jovi Mizuhara 20 days ago

    Im happy for Dwight. Keep it up bro

  • qwertyuiop
    qwertyuiop 20 days ago


  • UCN /KingVon
    UCN /KingVon 20 days ago

    I’ve been waiting for this I never gave up on u

  • Daniel Hoover
    Daniel Hoover 20 days ago

    Amazing what one can accomplish when playing with players and an organization that wants to win and not playing for minutes and a bigger paycheck.

  • j p
    j p 20 days ago

    Dwight just needed other good players around him thats it he been good he just need other great players around him so he can really show wat he can do