We Overclocked EVERYTHING - Even the FANS!

  • Published on Jun 24, 2018
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    You've overclocked your CPU. You've overclocked your GPU. You've overclocked your RAM. But you want more... Let's overclock EVERYTHING!
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Comments • 5 029

  • Tizzandor
    Tizzandor 2 hours ago

    How are people able to work with 120 volt?

  • Willard Hartley
    Willard Hartley Day ago

    I somehow just noticed the tattoo on linuses forearm. I've been watching the channel for years. Is it new?

  • yeetmeister jr
    yeetmeister jr Day ago

    ThAt of was still quieter than my laptop I have to try and game on hp pavilion g7

  • Ya boi Jeff
    Ya boi Jeff 2 days ago

    You forgot to overclock the disk drive

  • tristan 123455
    tristan 123455 2 days ago

    You forgot to overclock your pp

  • vidyaWolf
    vidyaWolf 2 days ago

    brb overclocking my mouse to 1.21 Jiggawatt

    RTX PRODUCTION 2 days ago

    You didnt overclock your usb, CLICKBAIT

  • rush BbBbBb
    rush BbBbBb 3 days ago

    I did before whitout fans😧

  • Obsidian Cloud
    Obsidian Cloud 3 days ago

    Next up: overclocking a blowie

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 3 days ago

    I would like to overclock my eggplant

    • Dakota Jones
      Dakota Jones Day ago

      Add a steady stream of CO2 to your garden area. Enjoy your high-performance eggplant.

  • noobiii
    noobiii 4 days ago +3

    you didn't overclock the mousepad. this is clickbait.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 5 days ago

    Over clock the dust filter next time

  • Pizza PowerXYZ
    Pizza PowerXYZ 5 days ago

    Wtf why is everyone else getting really low mem clock boosts
    I got +1300mhz ram clock before I got the things that are messed up processes
    Like a line going up into the sky for no reason

  • Graham B
    Graham B 5 days ago

    Ok you have 240V single phase to your dwelling or building and in some cases you have might have 3 phase power

  • REZ- Reviews and More!

    You need to overclock your mouse pad.

  • NonsensicalVids
    NonsensicalVids 10 days ago

    My mouse has 1000 hzpolling rate anyway

  • Itamar Blomont
    Itamar Blomont 11 days ago

    Bigger better stronger bigger bigger better stronger

  • Jarod Skaff
    Jarod Skaff 12 days ago

    You can clock external peripherals apparently. I understand how it's possible for a monitor but what the crap would a mouse and keyboard need? IT'S A KEYBOARD, THERE AREN'T ANY IMPROVEMENTS FOR ANYTHING!

  • Amirali Nejati
    Amirali Nejati 13 days ago

    overclock with set fsb tutorial

  • MaximumChannel
    MaximumChannel 19 days ago

    oc cables for higher voltage capacity

    WEASELS 19 days ago

    the only thing you can overclock to make the computer cooler is the RGB

  • seen
    seen 20 days ago

    smh you didn’t even overclock your case I feel clickbaited now

  • Azhan TM
    Azhan TM 21 day ago

    People who only watches Linus to read comment like here

  • Ivar Visser
    Ivar Visser 21 day ago

    gues mouse manufacturers are doing a better job now. 930 max on the mouse rate checker

  • TBS Clips
    TBS Clips 23 days ago

    You didn’t overclock the case

  • chris ziebell
    chris ziebell 29 days ago

    What's your thoughts on the linux program sysbench?

  • Unstoppable Gaming
    Unstoppable Gaming Month ago

    Next video: *'How to overclock a capacitor'*

  • ghost500e
    ghost500e Month ago

    60hz screen now running 86hz lol and yeah it was a difference for sure. but wait, tomorrow my 165hz screen arrives hahaha. wonder how much it will Clock?

  • William Barath
    William Barath Month ago

    Don't use 1000hz mouse. All those interrupts slow down Core 0, which slows down your scheduling, which slows down all your cores. Run a time demo and record the 99th percentile FPS, then run it again while you're dragging that mouse around and you'll see a significant drop. 200hz mouse is the sweet spot.

  • Un-Professional Duck
    Un-Professional Duck Month ago +1

    Went from 144Hz to 145Hz on my monitor. #BONUSPERFORMANCE

  • Harvey Harwood
    Harvey Harwood Month ago

    It's funny that a 208V power outlet is amazing in Canada. In the UK we have 230V power everywhere and in factories we have 480V power.

  • Code Tutorials
    Code Tutorials Month ago

    “overclocking eggplants”

  • freeman k1ng
    freeman k1ng Month ago

    Dude 1.27v for CPU for 5.1 Ghz . My i7 920 works at 4.0 GHz and i had to give him a nice 1.37 volts xD

  • Josh A
    Josh A Month ago

    My shit wireless mouse maxed out at 126hz

  • cook lasanga :P
    cook lasanga :P Month ago

    When you realized everything is overclockable even my potato internet connection

  • Adrian Arneson
    Adrian Arneson Month ago

    In general I'm looking for a triple fan cooled 2080 GPU and I noticed while looking at the different makes of GPU the higher the clock speed the higher for the cost of card. Would it make sense to buy the lowest cost for the specs I want, then overclock it myself to those higher advertised clock speeds?

    • P. V.C
      P. V.C Month ago +1

      No... Variances in clock speed within a card are usually due to the design of the card itself and the cooling solution honestly your gains in terms of OC performance blikely won't be for then a few frames here and there

  • Markus
    Markus Month ago

    For the GPU with power limit issues you'll need to undervolt for higher clocks

  • Alex Boon
    Alex Boon Month ago

    Did not sucessfully overclock the BCLK, PCIE or FCLK
    Man you should have at least 101MHz to call everything overclocked.
    At least you admitted at 5:03

  • Mchappyfan
    Mchappyfan Month ago +1

    i tried the mouse rate checker and my already goes to 1000hz lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    I've never had a problem with AMP. Js.

  • Biotic Whisper
    Biotic Whisper Month ago +7

    Yes but now how you gonna cool the OC fans 🤔🤔🤔

  • Brandon Yen
    Brandon Yen Month ago

    Ya didn't overclock the mousepad...

  • Tom H
    Tom H 2 months ago

    Magic blue smoke caught me off guard lol

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 2 months ago

    Yeah i do wanna overclock my eggplant

  • Jav Hop
    Jav Hop 2 months ago

    my mouse runs at 504 Hz hjahahahahahahjajjahaj

  • Adam_BG_02
    Adam_BG_02 2 months ago +3

    if you want 200+ volts just move to the UK as we have 240v from the wall

    • Adam_BG_02
      Adam_BG_02 Day ago

      Dakota Jones I didn’t know that! 👍🏻

    • Dakota Jones
      Dakota Jones Day ago

      Same in America, USA that is, though most are 120V. The 240s are used almost exclusively for washing machines and dryers. I'm sure there are other uses, but I've never personally seen it.

  • The8-BitFox
    The8-BitFox 2 months ago

    I overclocked yur mum

  • Nick Berry
    Nick Berry 2 months ago

    please never ever rev that car again

  • MCB z
    MCB z 2 months ago +6

    I overclocked my CD burner now burn it blurays😎

  • Mario In Space 33
    Mario In Space 33 2 months ago

    You forgot to overclock the rgb

  • Vishal Bothra
    Vishal Bothra 2 months ago

    9:17 😂😂😂🤣

  • Fabreeze Keeps It Fresh

    5:47 nice to know that Linus is doing his part in the fight

  • snellsypu
    snellsypu 2 months ago

    linus does know that almost everyone apart from the american continents have 240v as standard right?

    • Hayden Nester
      Hayden Nester 2 months ago

      snellsypu that is why he stated “if you live in North America “

  • Big Dubyuh
    Big Dubyuh 3 months ago

    he is right you cant stop the AI from taking over scientists did an experiment with 2 AI to see how they would interact and they started talking to each other in their own language So they immediately stopped the project . I think it was Facebook or Google.

    SHMOB 3 months ago

    Did you overclock the rgb?

  • Arkanite
    Arkanite 3 months ago

    Didn't over clock monitor. Video = clickbait.

  • Alexandru Alexandru
    Alexandru Alexandru 3 months ago

    Big thanks for this one. I really didn't know that you can change the refresh rate and I didn't know either what polling rate did. Thanks!!!

  • Xen YOLO
    Xen YOLO 3 months ago +23

    Instructions unclear:
    Set my house on fire

  • Celivalg
    Celivalg 3 months ago +4

    didn't even overclock the rgb leds... disapointed

  • Drift Maniac
    Drift Maniac 3 months ago

    Managed to overclock my 1360x768 TV to 89hz

  • Addicted 2This
    Addicted 2This 3 months ago

    Overclocked RGB strips

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 3 months ago +1

    How long has Linus had that arm tattoo? I just noticed it for the first time today watching this video.

  • jb888888888
    jb888888888 3 months ago

    THAT'S been my problem. I was using a liquid power supply.

    • wvlfAce
      wvlfAce 2 months ago

      That's an actual thing lmao

  • AnonymousNoName
    AnonymousNoName 3 months ago +2

    *How to overclock my skill?*

  • Miracollix
    Miracollix 3 months ago

    Stronger. Faster. *showing Linus running like a bitch*

  • Hitrover
    Hitrover 3 months ago +5

    Instructions unclear, keyboard broke after exceeding 1k wpm.

  • Jake Hostetler
    Jake Hostetler 3 months ago

    I overclocked myself with adderall

  • Jarell Hamilton
    Jarell Hamilton 3 months ago

    Disliked. Didn't overclock task manager or bios

  • Haxor inator
    Haxor inator 3 months ago +8

    You could have “overclocked” the performance of a Samsung SSD by enable RAM caching or “RAPID” mode.

  • Ryan Melenchuk
    Ryan Melenchuk 3 months ago

    Is overclocking not likely to kill your components as long as you keep the temps down and the voltage at a safe level? Because that's what I've heard so far. Also, if managed properly how long would an OC component be likely to last? I've got the i7-8700k and an RTX 2060 which I plan on overclocking

  • Richard Dougherty
    Richard Dougherty 3 months ago

    overclocking is looking its relevance unless you go hardcore or extreme...it kind of makes me sad. If my memory serves me right we could boost the clock speed to twice the rated speed in the heyday of the first Celerons. We called them "celery" or at least I did. So we were cooking with celery from 200Mhz to 400Mhz. Wouldn't it be awesome to buy a 5Ghz CPU and push it all the way to 10Ghz! What?!

  • TAG_Niner
    TAG_Niner 3 months ago

    well, my mouse is faster then his.... well then

  • deadfred821
    deadfred821 3 months ago

    Curious to see how the fans get overclocked....🤔

    • deadfred821
      deadfred821 3 months ago

      Wait... you overclocked i/o's? 😧

  • nathan Lowe
    nathan Lowe 3 months ago

    Dude my pc has the same case

  • DATtguy1080
    DATtguy1080 3 months ago

    Did you overclock the water?

  • ajddavid452
    ajddavid452 3 months ago

    the intro was missing "harder"

  • I have no first name Mcloving

    Overclocking is like smoking. Just because shit doesnt malfunction when you first do it, doesnt mean it never will and why take the risk. I can see the reasoning over 20 fps, but isnt justified by the shortened lifetime. Plus im a laptop gamer, so i have a reliance on my screen. Before you pc people hate me about that, the screen i run is a 4k 120hz gsync screen and they are expensive. Not a simple £150 fix. Also, it voids waranty( although Hp says its fine to overclock as long as it isnt to the point to where it breaks and you wont void it doing that, however any change to the screen hz will void) is it really worth it though? shave off years off the lifetime. Im happy with lows of 80 on intensive games

  • forknife gamer
    forknife gamer 4 months ago

    I have a corsair harpoon and it comes with a 1000hz refreshrate out of the box

  • Blynk Clan
    Blynk Clan 4 months ago +2

    U forgot to overclock your mouse pad lol

  • GingerGamer
    GingerGamer 4 months ago

    I thought it was an ad(starting part)

  • GamerZoneArmy
    GamerZoneArmy 4 months ago

    So when are you gonna over clock the cables you amateur

  • DraFe
    DraFe 4 months ago

    My 1030 got a 400 memory overclock. Thats bad luck

  • Connor Bertelsman
    Connor Bertelsman 4 months ago

    did you try overclocking the case?

  • Sanzu River
    Sanzu River 4 months ago

    I touch type and after overclock I went from typing 88 words a min to 89 words a min. Apparently my typing skills don't have a K in it's model number.

  • google inc
    google inc 4 months ago

    i can O.C monitor?? im gonna try increase my 144hz higher :)

  • Antto Suhonen
    Antto Suhonen 4 months ago

    5:46 even Linus is doing his part

  • Michael S
    Michael S 4 months ago +4

    Clickbait, the dude wasn't overclocked by a gallon of RedBull

  • Max Stephenson
    Max Stephenson 4 months ago

    could you do a review on the fake 960 gtx nivida cards being sold on ebay they are being sold for $53 I got one work good

  • MHanssen
    MHanssen 4 months ago

    Mine Is Over 1050Hz On The Mouse

  • CRT Monitor
    CRT Monitor 4 months ago

    Is It strange I've already done everything in this video besides KB and fans

  • AlphasRetro
    AlphasRetro 4 months ago

    I really want you to hit 10 million subscribers

  • Jackie Scholl
    Jackie Scholl 4 months ago

    I feel like it should definitely be possible to overclock the SSD microcontroller somehow

  • bepis despacito
    bepis despacito 4 months ago

    Power outage 101

  • Michael Eber
    Michael Eber 4 months ago

    The Video part of the video was terrific. I was following your instructions only to find my 144Hz monitor was only running in a default setting of 60Hz!!!

  • negerito Pizza
    negerito Pizza 4 months ago

    Some other test shows CPU cashe overclocking gave 10-30% improvement in games like GTA, BF1

  • FURY PvP
    FURY PvP 4 months ago

    Best vid from you guys ever

  • Lukas
    Lukas 4 months ago

    In germany we have 230 volts standart

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin Top 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin Top 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Muffin Top
    Muffin Top 4 months ago

    Oh yeah yeah