• Published on Mar 18, 2019
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Comments • 21 987

  • Jacobo Weinstock
    Jacobo Weinstock 3 hours ago

    That guy in blue is saints player obafemi

  • Mattthewhendo6 Hendo 2.0

    I still can’t believe KSI spent $500,000 on a anime chain that took so long to make? Like why

  • DefterSun
    DefterSun 10 hours ago +1

    This chain costs 100,000 more than my house...

  • black jack
    black jack 14 hours ago

    Ksi can't afford lambo also ksi LOOK AT ME 500000 CHAIN

  • D.ellis .B
    D.ellis .B 15 hours ago

    When you think realize how cool something looks after making fun of it 11:20 to 11:34

  • Mazza Blanco
    Mazza Blanco 22 hours ago

    Harry a OG

  • Shannon Briggs
    Shannon Briggs Day ago +1

    Just how many hungry kids and people you can help just from that little thing

  • Honored Boizz
    Honored Boizz Day ago

    Big boy flex

  • Shannon Coxon
    Shannon Coxon Day ago

    I'm back again
    RU-clip giving me BTS adds that they know I won't skip if my life depended on it 😂I luv you rm oppa jin oppa suga oppa j hope oppa jimin oppa v oppa and you jungkook oppa😍

  • Game with Rishi YT

    Diamonds aint shining like Eliantte's ...... Should a went 2 elliot

  • Kezar
    Kezar Day ago

    Why is JJ wearing two watches?

  • Harry Awesome
    Harry Awesome Day ago

    I knew he was gonna smash the fake one first😂

  • Yovan Pursun
    Yovan Pursun Day ago

    He's wearning 2 watches..

  • triqqerxd
    triqqerxd Day ago

    beerus you spoilt brat. got a song and a 500k chain.

  • konrad .k
    konrad .k 2 days ago

    this video wants me not to be rich

  • Gráinne Lyons
    Gráinne Lyons 2 days ago

    Did anyone notice that jj had two watches on?
    Comment below if u noticed

  • Sheron D silva
    Sheron D silva 3 days ago

    Imagine the thing was fake gold

  • Not a threat Just a old friend

    In my mind I said wouldn’t it be funny if he bought the fake one and the real one and smashed the fake one in-front of the sideman lmao

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Video ?

    This mans hair color changes be like Super saiyan God , to Super saiyan god blue, to Ultra instinct

  • Darren Anliker
    Darren Anliker 3 days ago

    Wait, is he wearing 2 watches? Ha ha

  • Nicolai Scriver
    Nicolai Scriver 3 days ago +1

    Did the add revenue pay you back?

  • JogiCo
    JogiCo 3 days ago +1

    Who else thinks JJ will come to the fight with the chain

  • skatemetrix
    skatemetrix 3 days ago

    £500000 for a customized piece of jewellery is obscene! With that kind of money I could buy five houses in Darlington.

  • Ben Zuniga vlogs
    Ben Zuniga vlogs 3 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Railman Memes
    Railman Memes 3 days ago

    Whats that beat in the intro sick beat

  • All Topics
    All Topics 3 days ago

    The chain looks better on everyone but jj

  • Jacob Furuhaug
    Jacob Furuhaug 3 days ago

    This wasn't the reaction JJ was hoping for

  • M Chohan
    M Chohan 3 days ago

    why is ksi wearing 2 watches

  • lanky1983 YT
    lanky1983 YT 4 days ago

    Now we know what he spends his boxing money on...

  • Amunky
    Amunky 4 days ago

    Yeah, but why?

  • Zoinkz
    Zoinkz 4 days ago

    JJ: gets beerus chain
    *DBS outro plays*

  • Mr. Yee haw
    Mr. Yee haw 4 days ago

    Im as commited to the dragonball series as JJ but no money

  • RitzyTube
    RitzyTube 4 days ago

    better than 69, no snitching

  • harvasblackjacket _
    harvasblackjacket _ 4 days ago

    That's definitely in a bank vault

  • Siddharth Rai
    Siddharth Rai 5 days ago +2

    Anyone wondering why he didn’t wear this in the 2 press conferences

  • ethan cowles fornite is end

    JJ you cop everyving

  • Bron Bettis
    Bron Bettis 5 days ago

    6,666,238 views 6 months ago hold up👺

  • Undeldog
    Undeldog 5 days ago +1

    I like that he went through different hair colors in one video

  • GalenLive
    GalenLive 5 days ago

    Thats the ugliest shit ive seen

  • Ern
    Ern 5 days ago

    why tho

  • Aadam Hussain
    Aadam Hussain 5 days ago

    you made them

  • Fehzan Shah
    Fehzan Shah 5 days ago +2

    Who else thinks jj will come out with a beerus themed outfit and his chain for his ring walk in the second fight with Logan

  • mustaf same
    mustaf same 5 days ago +1

    3:05 what the hell was that “yea” it literally sounds like a devil

  • Aryan Seth
    Aryan Seth 5 days ago

    Kids: Beerus chain of diamonds.
    Legends: btec version.

  • Bored Man
    Bored Man 5 days ago

    Those white niggas are just laughing at the money they just made

  • Joel P
    Joel P 5 days ago +3

    10:22 My guy is wearing two watches and still probably doesn't use them to tell the time

  • PremierTV
    PremierTV 5 days ago

    Buys $500k chain... still gets clowned by bros.

  • Vanaja Nagaraj
    Vanaja Nagaraj 5 days ago

    Ayy thats an amazing white beerus.......

  • Lukus Lamming
    Lukus Lamming 6 days ago

    When he threw it down I legit shit myself

  • leviathan ragnarok
    leviathan ragnarok 6 days ago

    Is he drinking milk

  • Xymrv
    Xymrv 6 days ago +1

    this is the same ksi that said he couldn’t afford something for his pc that probably cost >$30

  • Ollie Jane06
    Ollie Jane06 6 days ago +2

    That’s when he stops playing dragon ball z

  • Johnツ
    Johnツ 6 days ago +1

    his hair changed 3 times in this video

  • Ozgur uzumaki
    Ozgur uzumaki 6 days ago +13

    Harry: I give it two weeks till it smashes
    Jj: smashes it 10 seconds later

  • Em Barnyard
    Em Barnyard 7 days ago

    Yo, 30,000 years rom now... our ancestors are gonna find this shit and think you were a fucking god man.



  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson 7 days ago

    That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Crackhead Productions

    Why does he wear two watches?

  • Rahul Babu
    Rahul Babu 7 days ago

    Is JJ wearing two watches on different hands? Lmao

  • Archie Shiel
    Archie Shiel 7 days ago

    Every time he went he died his hair another colour