Captain Marvel Skrull-Inspired Salad | Eat the Universe

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Justin Warner welcomes the hosts of Earth’s Mightiest Show and Marvel’s Voices, Lorraine Cink and Angelique Roche to create a Skrull-inspired, cleverly disguised dish. See the Skrulls in action in Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel", in theaters now.
    Check out the full recipe here:
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Comments • 174

  • Gateway into Comics
    Gateway into Comics 26 days ago +1

    This is one of the dumbest things I've ever watched.

  • Cᥲroᥣ Dᥲᥒvᥱrs

    Lorraine and Angelique are like a real life Carol and Maria

    DEADSCHOOLED Month ago

    Does this video shapeshifter into something that's not complete f@990+r¥....?

  • Razorsfury
    Razorsfury Month ago +1

    Where the hell do they find these stupid trying too hard losers? Maybe find someone that actually likes comics....What idiot thought making recipe videos was a good idea. Oh wait... it was probably Fail Simone... That fat pig can't stop putting food in her terrible comics....

  • tedthez
    tedthez Month ago +1

    Why does Disney hate me?

  • Кира Асманова

    есть кто смотрит эт с России? =)

  • Zero Privacy
    Zero Privacy Month ago

    I don't believe those two ladies have ever eaten a salad their whole life.

    • Zero Privacy
      Zero Privacy Month ago

      +Aquariuskudo really? with those guts? I don't buy it, that's mcdonald's right there.

    • Aquariuskudo
      Aquariuskudo Month ago

      They clearly look like salad eaters.

  • Chloe and friends
    Chloe and friends Month ago

    Captain Marvel is so funny and also really nice

  • Allern
    Allern Month ago


  • Bingobong
    Bingobong Month ago


  • ron arz
    ron arz Month ago

    hey marvel can u make a event at roblox about the avengers endgame plssssss

  • Chaosherold
    Chaosherold Month ago +4

    What does "strong female character" even mean at this point? Which female lead in a movie isn't strong in one way or the other?

    • Captain McDog
      Captain McDog Month ago

      It's every female character now. They're all strong, they share the same personality, and they're all besties.

      To Hell with this. I'm buying indie comics, with half of them coming from female creators, because they are good concepts and the creators aren't doing the 'omg, like totes woman power, amiright?????' schtick.

  • Elwin Vasquez
    Elwin Vasquez Month ago +2

    Can You Add Goose the cat In Avengers Endgame Like is you agree

  • Spartacus Smith
    Spartacus Smith Month ago

    Captain Marvel sucked so much my extremely feminist mother fell asleep watching it.

  • JaMonkey
    JaMonkey Month ago

    That was the best dad joke know how I know? I laughed!

  • KUGAN PRIME 2002
    KUGAN PRIME 2002 Month ago

    Avengers endgame trailer

  • Zombie Joke
    Zombie Joke Month ago

    So skrulls are the good guys, and you are..

  • 1k subscribers
    1k subscribers Month ago +4

    Where is avengers 4 trailer 2??

  • vince sabatino
    vince sabatino Month ago +3

    Still waiting on the release of the avengers endgame trailer 2. Where is it marvel???????

  • Jocy Arroyo
    Jocy Arroyo Month ago

    6:24 "I think that tomato went binary"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hello 123456789
    Hello 123456789 Month ago +3

    What the skub did I just watch

  • earlgrey macaroon
    earlgrey macaroon Month ago +7

    how is that even skrull inspired

  • מצח גיימינג

    Nice name to a vore

  • Marcel Rizki
    Marcel Rizki Month ago +1

    When trailer2 avengers end game

  • Tvajlix CZ
    Tvajlix CZ Month ago


  • Art & Animations by Victor Solace

    Eat up nom nom.

  • Marathi Gamer
    Marathi Gamer Month ago

    Brei is Captain Marvel

  • Kriti Sharma
    Kriti Sharma Month ago +2

    Did anyone else go, "Is that Barry Kripke?!!"

  • qasqer1004
    qasqer1004 Month ago +2

    So much fake “woman empowerment”, and i am a girl

  • DR. MRVL
    DR. MRVL Month ago

    doing a review for MCU need support thank you!

  • Matheus Lisboa
    Matheus Lisboa Month ago

    Marvel criei um personagem chamado Ultra. Potei ele pra ser irmão da Capitã marvel

  • Ringo Doom
    Ringo Doom Month ago

    I kind of like the idea of this video, but I wish it had more substance. Like, have you ever seen these nerdy cookbooks? Theres a Fallout cookboook, a Star Wars cookbook, a World of Warcraft cookbook... and then you do a show about cooking and present us with raddishes and tomatoes. It is a great skrull joke recipe! I didnt expect the mozzarella to be raddishes. But I hoped for a real recipe aswell.
    I like the idea of Captain Marvel inspired salad. I think if I had to come up with one, it would mostly have sweet ingredients as a base. Some sweet red bell peppers, corn and grated carrots, maybe add avocado. Because she is a fun and lighthearted personality sweet ingredients would fit well. In the movie you see it best when she jokes with Nick Fury. But then her powers kick in, so I would top the salad with a spicy dressing with chili and pepper. This is how I would do a Marvel cooking show.

  • ofek tamang
    ofek tamang Month ago

    I will like her only if she doesn't overtake iron man

  • LAM0212
    LAM0212 Month ago +1

    How is 5 tomatoes and 3 shaved radishes a salad?

  • Gibrán Lara
    Gibrán Lara Month ago

    The movie is so good, I'm gonna watch it for 3rd time

  • S G
    S G Month ago


  • ThePrattLP
    ThePrattLP Month ago +5

    Why... Why are doing this? Do none of your writers or artist have nothing to say? No thoughts? Is there no need to interview someone or give up a preview or breakdown of a story or arc? No actors bring on? You have 10m subs! Can we not get better content than this?! A pull list show perhaps? Speed drawing? A look into the past?

  • tony y
    tony y Month ago

    say that pun again I dare you

  • PEW DiePie
    PEW DiePie Month ago


    ART KNOWN Month ago

    where's Jessica Chobot ?

  • Angelo Aquino
    Angelo Aquino Month ago +1

    The film was stupid. There.

  • Scrooge
    Scrooge Month ago +14

    Why did y’all even bother. Delete this video

  • Robin Stinson
    Robin Stinson Month ago +1

    Captain marvel was awesome btw :) love the movie! Want to see her in endgame so bad.

  • José Mellinas
    José Mellinas Month ago +5

    Are you serious? Right in front of my salad?

  • Swainhammer13
    Swainhammer13 Month ago +1

    About to stop trying to watch this show. Love the concept. I did like captain marvel, but the show hasn’t been good yet. Eat the universe is just crappy.

  • Shahid Bajwa
    Shahid Bajwa Month ago +4

    We need a tutorial to make thanos car 🚙

  • KyruHecho
    KyruHecho Month ago +1

    nothing about captain marvel blew anyone's minds btw, maybe how badly larson fits the role.. maybe that blew some minds

    • KyruHecho
      KyruHecho Month ago

      +La croix Queen but see, being empowering isn't an aspect of cinema and filmaking that should hold as much weight as acting itself, screenplay and script writing, action choreography and so fourth. All the mentioned aspects of this movie were mediocre at best and I'm not saying it's Larson's fault per say, maybe it was directing vision, maybe they way they were pushing her to act or the script itself, which in many parts of the movie fell flat and had very little impact to the audience (or to everyone in the theater I was in anyway) im glad women can get big representation in the mcu but a mediocre movie is just that. Regardless of how much it tries to appeal to any political agenda. Which is why the black panther is known by most as one of THE most boring and bland mcu movies next to ant man 2. It just is, no matter how you spin it, black representation or not, I don't care. It's not a good movie. I just hope the next captain marvel or for God's sake Endgame movie can bring this character to light and portray her in a better fashion. Which is not that hard to do after watching this movie.

    • La croix Queen
      La croix Queen Month ago +2

      KyruHecho I really liked her I think she was very empowering and I think she did an amazing job in her roll in my opinion. She did a great job!

  • Raijinshi
    Raijinshi Month ago +43

    Does the salad shapeshift into a burger?

  • Jorge Maldonado
    Jorge Maldonado Month ago

    Marvel please release the second trailer for Endgame

  • Joshua Stark.
    Joshua Stark. Month ago +2

    Enough with the captain marvel already.

  • Yovanyy Bustamante
    Yovanyy Bustamante Month ago

    Wtf is end game trailer ?

  • The Ravioli Monster


  • 8-bit Ivan
    8-bit Ivan Month ago


  • Sean
    Sean Month ago


  • Y so Serious
    Y so Serious Month ago


  • Fırat KARA
    Fırat KARA Month ago

    Ne yapmaya çalışıyorsun la sen hoşuna giden ne?

  • Geico the N word
    Geico the N word Month ago

    Does the salad also feel empowered? Does it also wanna make their children watch the movie to feel empowered?
    Good i hope it is

  • PaladinGX
    PaladinGX Month ago +1

    Eeew captain marvel, yum salad

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Month ago +2

    you miss the soy

    TONY DA TIGER Month ago +8

    Samuel L Jackson was the only good character in the movie

      DEADSCHOOLED Month ago

      +MrGenexxx 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 sure, f@990t, sure

      DEADSCHOOLED Month ago

      No. There were no good characters in the movie.

    • Ameliee
      Ameliee Month ago

      The LP Well, thats your opinion, but i just dont understand, why people say that shes not showing emotions? Like she cries, she screams and she laughes so, aren’t that emotions?

    • Inter lude
      Inter lude Month ago

      Ameliee her acting wasn’t good in this movie

    • Ameliee
      Ameliee Month ago

      The LP did you saw the movie? Like tf, of course she shows emotions? wtf all you people just hate her, because shes a woman. And it seems like yall hating on her because captain marvel is a much stronger WOMAN, than the other avengers. And the thing is, captain america is not really showing much emotions, but he doesnt get ANY hate about it, so?

  • Dr Stentle
    Dr Stentle Month ago +26

    That dudes voice does not match his face

  • StayUns
    StayUns Month ago +2


  • King of Boi
    King of Boi Month ago


  • Keneth Ramos
    Keneth Ramos Month ago +5

    Wakanda forever

  • Johnny Martinez
    Johnny Martinez Month ago


  • david chan
    david chan Month ago


  • shani
    shani Month ago +72

    was anyone else expecting something more green

  • FLOKI -04
    FLOKI -04 Month ago +28

    What is Howard Wolowitz doing there?

    • FLOKI -04
      FLOKI -04 Month ago

      +Yung Reggie He looks like Howard Wolowitz, a character from the TV show

    • Yung Reggie
      Yung Reggie Month ago

      +FLOKI -04 What does that have to do with this???

    • FLOKI -04
      FLOKI -04 Month ago +1

      +Yung Reggie You know, Big Bang Theory

    • Yung Reggie
      Yung Reggie Month ago


  • Doctor Stephen Strange


  • Flynn Calladine
    Flynn Calladine Month ago +11

    Press it turns blue

    • Ritchie
      Ritchie Month ago +8

      So does the dislike button

  • Flynn Calladine
    Flynn Calladine Month ago +4


  • penis parker
    penis parker Month ago +1


  • Doctor Stephen Strange


  • Flynn Calladine
    Flynn Calladine Month ago +1


  • Zadquiel Vargas
    Zadquiel Vargas Month ago


  • The TOP Secret channel
    The TOP Secret channel Month ago +19

    I’m goin to start my own comic company, marvel you goin down haha

    • KillaBee023
      KillaBee023 Month ago +2

      Name your company “TOP SECRET”

  • Doctor Stephen Strange


  • Doctor Stephen Strange


  • cocolejo ._.
    cocolejo ._. Month ago +2

    donde esta el trailer de avengers???

  • isaac godinez
    isaac godinez Month ago

    Like si hablas español

  • tomas turbano
    tomas turbano Month ago +1

    Nao entendi nada mas e da Marvel entao tabom

  • we r dope no matter wut robloxians

    Marvel time

  • Mr gato
    Mr gato Month ago

    New record !!!

  • Cam Bam
    Cam Bam Month ago +10

    Marvel, the king of trolling

  • Keegan Sochocky
    Keegan Sochocky Month ago +2


  • Jose Paz
    Jose Paz Month ago


  • Matwolf Gamer
    Matwolf Gamer Month ago

    First comment

  • Biju Thomas
    Biju Thomas Month ago +2

    Deaspacito 2

  • Deadpool throne
    Deadpool throne Month ago +1

    God bless marvel

    《JSR》 ROHAN Month ago


  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia Month ago +7

    Segundo comentario
    Quiero mis likes :3

    JORGE GONZALEZ Month ago +4

    Reporte a los que hablan español

      JORGE GONZALEZ Month ago

      +8-bit Ivan que no hay más personas que hablan español

    • 8-bit Ivan
      8-bit Ivan Month ago +1

      Hola mi compa.

  • Noob Gamer 2.0
    Noob Gamer 2.0 Month ago


  • Luke_C_393
    Luke_C_393 Month ago


  • DDS Clown
    DDS Clown Month ago +2


  • tomas turbano
    tomas turbano Month ago


  • A l
    A l Month ago


    SUPER TALK Month ago


    SUPER TALK Month ago