Narcissist, Psychopath, or Sociopath: How to Spot the Differences

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • Narcissist, psychopath, or sociopath? Here's how to spot the differences.
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    What is the difference between a sociopath, a psychopath, and a narcissist? Here to tell us is leading psychologist and author of "Should I Stay or Should I Go: Surviving a Narcissistic Relationship" Dr. Ramani Durvasula.
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  • MedCircle
    MedCircle  7 months ago +191

    Do you know any narcissists, psychopaths, or sociopaths?
    Check out our Premium Original series on all 3 types here:

    • CanadaCommunity Org
      CanadaCommunity Org 2 days ago

      Very true!

    • Cryo Gyro
      Cryo Gyro 2 days ago +1

      This woman is a quack. Let's sum up hundreds if not thousands of years of intense studies done in this field in a little over 10 minutes. Gee wiz.

    • jaim haas
      jaim haas 4 days ago +1

      don't be so obvious....We are all this! Don't try to be so glib.

    • lisa
      lisa 5 days ago +1

      My husband's career was ruined by a psychopath
      yes we know one who is in prison

    • Hunter
      Hunter 6 days ago +1

      @Jeanne Ciampa You ever think maybe the problem was you? You admit you feel like you are crazy, maybe your gut instinct is right.

  • Catherine Bush
    Catherine Bush 22 minutes ago +1

    Please get a new host! He is 100% unfit for a medical interview. He wouldn’t even let Dr. Ramini speak. So obnoxious, he made this video unbearable.

  • Philippe Som
    Philippe Som Hour ago

    You know the psychopaths are watching this video so they can continue their bob and weave undetected

  • nizzla_eso
    nizzla_eso 2 hours ago

    this fuck sounds like apsychopath simply because o the fact he gets moeny for this shit and pretends to give a fuck when we all know he dontgive no fucks

  • Global
    Global 6 hours ago

    So if psycopaths are narcs and narcs not necessarily a psychopath... does this count for sociopaths?

  • Nj Osborne
    Nj Osborne 6 hours ago

    What about a
    “Malignant Narcissist”

  • Skater 760
    Skater 760 7 hours ago

    I grew up rough dad died I got in fights did drugs watched other people do drugs like my mom I stole and did bad things am I sociopath ? I don’t regret anything I’ve done except some drugs :/

    MARYANN THORSON 7 hours ago

    It sounded like the couple he was speaking about... the man who was perfect for year then broke up with the woman on their anniversary ...was Ted Bundy ..Ted did the exact same thing ..The first time the woman dated him she cut him loose because she thought he was immature had no goals in life ..Then later he reappeared becoming absolutely perfect he became everything this woman wanted in a man ..then Bang he left her life calls no nothing ..Ted figured he got the last laugh ...Some profilers had the opinion the woman was basis for all the victims he had murdered ..hairstyle , looks , education etc. Well Ted was put to death in Florida's electric chair in the late 80s I guess she got the last laugh on him ..🥀

  • christopher dunn
    christopher dunn 11 hours ago

    Funny i guess if your born that way ? you can't blame them but have to deal with them so guess who's to blame then ?

  • Phil Arnold's CHANNEL LINEAGE

    Sociopath, made by MK Ultra!

  • Alain
    Alain 11 hours ago

    Trump checks all the box

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday 12 hours ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how this interviewer looks like Brendan Urie?

  • Celia C
    Celia C 13 hours ago

    9:59 let the woman finish her points!!!!! Omg I wanna know what sociopath is more likely to do??!! Who can answer that question please?!

  • J Rich
    J Rich 13 hours ago

    Maniac vs. Witch Doctor😂😂😂

  • All Powerful Mitochondria

    Why does everyone have to chalk them up as serial killers? Like there are higher functioning sociopaths and narcissists. They are pretty dangerous people.

  • Jason Rees
    Jason Rees 16 hours ago

    Hey buds .She's got bigger arms than you . Maybe do a few push-ups. You look like a skinny little kid .I bet this offends you. Ha

    • Jason Rees
      Jason Rees 16 hours ago

      OOps ,she's got arm fat . sowwy.

  • panicfanatd
    panicfanatd 18 hours ago +1

    "Just to clarify not like, pet, like dogs and cats right?"

    Gee, imagine telling someone, "Hey, you may be a psychopath, let's do a pet scan." "You want to scan my dog?!"

  • xIcy Breezy
    xIcy Breezy 20 hours ago

    I want this guy to shut up

  • Madeline Johnson
    Madeline Johnson 22 hours ago

    Damn. I might be a psychopath lmfaaao. It’s not really funny but...

  • Kitty daddy Girl

    She probably was in a relationship with a cars sales men and he cheated on her than deforced her

  • Balam's Message
    Balam's Message Day ago

    Try living with a sadistic psychopath for 21 years. He did major mindfucks on me and my boys. And now he is onto a new family doing it. He discarded us.

  • 헤린송
    헤린송 Day ago

    very good explanation, thank you;

  • yaimavol
    yaimavol Day ago

    So, the question -- can a psychopath ever change and become and empathetic human?

  • xdsmastermia
    xdsmastermia Day ago

    is it possible to be both psycho and sociopathic?

  • Linda McDonald
    Linda McDonald Day ago

    Sounds like Trump to me!!!!

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol Day ago

      Obama was a narcissist too, but just in a different way. His speeches are peppered with I and me ad nausea. Probably every POTUS has a bit of a psychopath in them. That's what drives them to get to that point

  • G OA
    G OA Day ago

    If anyone knows female behavior, its another female... Don't forget!! Women don't want to be around women because they hate eachother too..

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol Day ago

      @Emokiriemi Abednego Wait can he read even old Snap messages? I thought they got deleted

    • yaimavol
      yaimavol Day ago

      You ask women who their worst boss ever has been and most of the time it's another woman.

    • Emokiriemi Abednego
      Emokiriemi Abednego Day ago +1

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  • Touch me
    Touch me Day ago

    Weren't these videos of her like 3,000 views. Shane has a big impact

  • caseyjoanz
    caseyjoanz Day ago

    What about when you really aren’t responsible, but people want you to be. Like you see the cops light and you may even have a body in your trunk, but you know why and it’s no problem. You know a cop is going to be all, “Like, get out of the car, dude!” Cause cops aren’t going to take into account that it’s your fucking car, and maybe you don’t like being judged every time some cop (who didn’t even know her) thinks you’re doing something unusual.

  • Phiroza Schrueder

    The interviewer is bloody annoying.

  • QueerSwede1
    QueerSwede1 Day ago

    one word - Trump!

  • M F
    M F Day ago

    this is the worst interviewer i have ever seen, he is fucking retard. the doctor is well educated and spoken and she brings up valid points. the interviewer doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. he should get punched out for acting and waving his head the way he does. he's like those waving whacky inflatable balloon things people put up to advertise a tire sale or discount furniture. and why does the camera man turn the camera away from the doctor to get the retarded interviewers stupid face and stupid reaction. this video made me so mad. i hope the interviewer dies or commits suicide. he's a fucking clown.

  • M L
    M L Day ago

    I cant actually believe you morons think this is intellectual. You have the emotional grade as an infant. Ive been trolling my enough now. Piss off sluts

  • M L
    M L Day ago

    So fucking shitty. And I wouldnt be here if my ex didnt stress that i was one. Whst about u other guys girls homos trance whatever. Have you no selfinteresst. You fucking piss me off. Moresoover, they in the video piss me off. Fucking jehovas

  • M L
    M L Day ago

    Im a psychpath, and you think that weenie eenie stuck up botch with no experience can spot a nonempathetic person please. And the guy, so fucking gay. He need counsouling from me. Two slaps and a necktwist. So what we are rude overconfident and emotionally, what the new age people say: love love love. Fuck that. Were male, carrying semiautomstics and if u step, you bettet be stepping off. Some quasi psychlogist who based their entire studies on freud and the other guy. Naah, bullshit video. Best of all, atleast as I can spot a manipulator. Theyre full of shit. She needs a dick and so does he lmao

  • RockOnPearl
    RockOnPearl Day ago

    Trump .. clear narcissist .... perhaps sociopath.

  • low sistem
    low sistem Day ago

    You can see this man here is a Europea Indian, looks like the kick of the discussion. The people have no problem they just want to be the first to be seen, they want everyone to be in their support they form gang to pinch someone, at the other end they are laughing.
    This illreponsible people, are just stupid most of them could be pasters and one like the people talking here they took doing evil deed as joke, something to pass time with. They enjoy on people pain they have in them, unseen cancer. Watch them when they dress or walking to any offices

  • low sistem
    low sistem Day ago

    So i am suffering from psycohpath and sociopathic people like serial kill yes the don't have feeling since they took me up they never left me. When i go to the grave i wish they follow me.

  • Adalberto Fernandez

    Psychopaths and sociopaths sound like Capricorns!!!🤣🤣🤣👍

    • Tsuki Dragneel
      Tsuki Dragneel 22 hours ago +3

      Damn I was just thinking that Psychopaths seem to be Geminis 🤣🤣🤣 The facade thing and all :3 Such a gemini thing to make up a whole personality as a shield for their truth 👀

  • Adalberto Fernandez

    Are you saying that there are people who are born evil? Very interesting!!!♦️

  • EcceSignumRex
    EcceSignumRex Day ago

    i have to go back to being pathological -

  • Trix
    Trix Day ago

    I dated a psychopath. He was SOOO charming and i was brainwashed as hell!

  • Brian Sousa
    Brian Sousa Day ago

    Is it also true that Psychopaths lack emotional control and Sociopaths control theirs? I've read that Sociopaths can manipulate a Psychopath's emotional outbursts and love the ability to control that (parasite/host relationship).

  • ESP1000
    ESP1000 Day ago

    "If you begin as a lie, then nothing is revealed except truth then appears as a lie." R.Eastburn ESP1000

  • ESP1000
    ESP1000 Day ago

    "If you begin as a lie, then nothing is revealed except truth then appears as a lie." R.Eastburn ESP1000

  • Hyberean Glastonbury

    I disagree. Look at criminals in prison. Nobody would argue that psychopaths and sociopaths make up the vast majority of personalities within any prison. Psychopaths are grandiose and overly charismatic
    Sociopaths are exactly what the word infers. They have trouble socializing. Psychopaths are chiefly extraverts and sociopaths are chiefly intraverts.

  • Ito cc
    Ito cc 2 days ago

    Wai wait wait a minute, I set things on fire I skip school and more often than not I bullied my friends, but I'm not a psychopath. I knw because when I did something bad, I fear getting beat by my mother D:

  • Akihito007
    Akihito007 2 days ago

    Ah heck, why not go for all THREE!

  • Pegi Robinson
    Pegi Robinson 2 days ago

    Watch "Pegi Robinson's NDE's Part 1" &2.

  • Dawg Home
    Dawg Home 2 days ago


  • Dawg Home
    Dawg Home 2 days ago

    I dissagree, my dad was a narcissist and psychopath with a wobbly conscience prior but by the time I got born of the many kids he had over his adult life ( also in prior marriage he had more kids) he graduated into a sociopath, he was charming when much younger, I didn't see that, as he was very average, yeh the more I hear the more I dissagree with her, my dad developed into sociopath he evolved into it as he did killings for others in 'peace-time', my dad sought help via a GP but the doctor sent a 'secret fraternaty', instead. He originated from landed gentry she's an idiot, irrespective of your 'class' or background it doesn't dictate that ignorant conclusion. I've watched 'the iceman', the serial killer who killed for organised crime, he reminds me a lot like my dad, my dad exclaimed like another American real life x-soldier doing time, exclaimed on an interview in prison with his gawdy orange prison clothes, "they teach you to kill but they don't unteach you"!! Word for word that's what my dad used to say too! I just pointed at the tv! "Yeh!! My dad used to say that! He was trapped in his own miasma!

  • elissa tallent
    elissa tallent 2 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice how gorgeous the interviewer is?? His smile and facial expressions, his voice and that beautiful cute chin. Those eyes and eyebrows too 💕💕💕

  • Nice Push
    Nice Push 2 days ago +1

    Why she got Charley Manson eyes??

    • Rod
      Rod 8 hours ago

      She is thinking of you. You Narcissist.

  • wq rf
    wq rf 2 days ago

    People who generally dont have a grip on their subject always spread more confusion while explaining some issue. But here she did such a good job of clarifying the overlapping boundaries of these terms. Many many thanks. You've got a new student.

  • mmeeeeooww
    mmeeeeooww 2 days ago

    Okay this guy is like - shes about to call me out. ahahahaaha

    JUST ME 2 days ago

    Anyone else notice that the clock on the wall barely moved?

  • Della Damson
    Della Damson 2 days ago

    Does a person have to be all the things she listed in order to be a narcissist? For example, can a person possess all the issues she listed with the exception of "lack of empathy" but still be classed a narcissist?

  • Christian Arrizon
    Christian Arrizon 2 days ago

    He is probably a phsycopath

  • shaktam
    shaktam 2 days ago

    I like both of thm I don't know this sick society is making nice peopl trying to understand and communicate with smart woman a loser ..your attitude is the problem ..the interviewer is genuine and spontaneous , and he is really trying to help and understand so he doesn't get caught under the control of sick people like narc or anyone of them !! and he is good listener and interacting with her ..

  • Kenneth Ketchum
    Kenneth Ketchum 2 days ago

    Always pay traffic tickets! 3:24

  • Will Kehler
    Will Kehler 2 days ago

    This dude is has the IQ level of Forrest Gump

  • Maxwell Moller
    Maxwell Moller 2 days ago

    I have to return some video tapes...

  • Sunny shah
    Sunny shah 2 days ago +1

    3:46 god damn it that made me cringe, that was the most retarded question ever

  • stephen f
    stephen f 3 days ago

    possibly not the best thumbnail for this particular vid

  • Joseph Coleman
    Joseph Coleman 3 days ago

    Well that settles that. I'm no psychopath.. I like rollor coasters

  • Shang Hunter
    Shang Hunter 3 days ago

    The interviewer (skippy).....he isn't well !!

  • Naomi
    Naomi 3 days ago

    The interviewer is incredibly stupid.

  • Nathan B Kilgore Sr Kilgore Sr

    Psyjudgeopaths; (n) their shit don't stink.....

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith 3 days ago

    What is the ratio of male to female psychopaths and sociopaths? Is it even known?

  • Sab Sab
    Sab Sab 3 days ago +2

    I like the interviewer! I usually act like him because i want to make things not so formal.

  • onirockman
    onirockman 4 days ago

    id really like to ask this doctor a question if they dont think about consequences the thats is so so many people.....and if sociopaths are made thru time then people need more welfare cause thats what they making

  • onirockman
    onirockman 4 days ago

    im kind of confused humans live on this earth just like animals they eat either plants or meat just like animals or cant call humans crazy humans in the human world are predators and prey just like every animal who hunt each other i dont get it

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes 4 days ago

    Woaaa...He should work as a clown in a circus😉😂Not doing interviews😕😖😧😕

    • MSneberger
      MSneberger 3 days ago

      You realize this is not an "interview" - right? This is more of an infomercial situation.

  • Baby Cakes
    Baby Cakes 4 days ago

    The interviewer gives me anxiety😒😨I can't focus on what she says because HE is SOOO distracting😱😂😨😂😮😧😦😭

  • Grace Sabo
    Grace Sabo 4 days ago

    This terrified me.

  • Dawn Hemphill
    Dawn Hemphill 4 days ago

    This broad is all about the new world order,Her talking about these types of people gets her awfully excited and animated.

  • Anna93
    Anna93 4 days ago

    So which is Trump?

  • bitTorrenter
    bitTorrenter 4 days ago

    I have never heard so much crock in my life!

  • La Deda
    La Deda 4 days ago

    Putting labels to break down people of any type of authority. Before this they attacked the genius and called them crazy and destroyed them by driving them insane! Beware people! These are the thought police! Stalin would have been exstatic to have had these folks on his side!

  • Sean Crockett
    Sean Crockett 4 days ago

    I know quite a few Narcissists

  • Gay Springgfield
    Gay Springgfield 4 days ago

    Please explain Borderline Personaliy Disorder

  • Ionut
    Ionut 4 days ago

    She is a witch !!! :)))))))))))))

  • C
    C 4 days ago

    This video popped up out of nowhere, I guess my previous search patterns insinuated that I needed to see this haha. Btw I can’t stand this chick:

  • blasterssen
    blasterssen 5 days ago +2

    I think the host is a psychopath/narcissist and also a gaylord. His reactions are way too overexaggerated and artificial. Oh, and both of them are left-wing.

    • blasterssen
      blasterssen 3 days ago

      ​@neena Daniels Yeah, but because he acts so strange you can also say that he pretended to be interested/engaged. He is somewhere on a scale but probably not a full blown psychopath.

    • neena Daniels
      neena Daniels 3 days ago

      She said psychopaths DONT react to things. A psychopath would act cool and calm. You've got it backwards. He's showing interest and engaging.

    • blasterssen
      blasterssen 3 days ago

      @Larry Sunde It was just an observation... for fun

    • Larry Sunde
      Larry Sunde 4 days ago

      Politics? Sad

  • Jose Vilchis
    Jose Vilchis 5 days ago

    I bet most of y'all didn't even watch the whole video. just jump right into the comments to say she's wrong. lol. you all sound so narcissist

  • Justin Robertson
    Justin Robertson 5 days ago +1

    So with everyone say Donald trump is a narcissist if this is true then he actually feels shame for what he does? If he does then why keep doing it?

    • Stasia Spade
      Stasia Spade 4 days ago

      You can be a narcissist And a Psychopath or Sociopath or just a narcissist. At least, that's what I understand from listening to her.

  • TJ Strong
    TJ Strong 5 days ago

    Don't know behavior type of dude on couch, but man he needs to get to the Gym..

  • Sarah Duckro
    Sarah Duckro 5 days ago

    What would you call a person (man) been in the military for 14 years. Productive citizen. And very great soldier. Married him and within 6 months he killed my dog and acted like he had no clue what happened. Very abusive to my animals leading up to this. (Red flags) But had had many many of his own and can just buy and get rid of them at the drop of a dime? Serious question here

  • Valéria Bispo Silva

    I´ve been hunting a long time...for subjects on psyco matters. Thank´s a lot.

  • L. Meyir Shymshon Kuki

    That reaction face needs a hug from hulk with a kiss from the most ugliest ass.

  • Fucktheworld Fucktheworld

    And you a feminist you refer all that to a men like men are the crazy ones fucking bitch 😂

  • SamWilliams_Music
    SamWilliams_Music 5 days ago

    This dudes jim halpert from the office lmao

    JEZZIKENZII 5 days ago

    this really is helping me understand myself

  • jim Nicosia
    jim Nicosia 5 days ago

    The difference between a Psycho and a Socio is Psychos make youtube videos about the differences and Socios don't.

  • JmDoAnim e
    JmDoAnim e 5 days ago

    I'm some of the things she said but not all

  • susan powell
    susan powell 5 days ago


  • Типичный Поц


  • Ameerul Rosselly
    Ameerul Rosselly 5 days ago

    Sorry but dude's damn annoying

  • Let there be Light
    Let there be Light 5 days ago

    how would you spot the difference between one of this mental illnesses and a random society worthy person who attends night clubs, is a sex addict after college hours, or a poker addict.... drunkard to the acceptable limits... ? think about it, what the psychology society has accomplished since the Darwin's era is to seclude themselves along with their lavish and erotic vices from the rest of the so said illiterate and possibly "narcissistic", "sociopathic", or "psychopathic" barbarian world; for instance even this psychologist might share a small amount of narcissism... and the way she explain things I could easily point out in her displayed psychology through facial trigger points that she is at some point some sort of addict to whatever personal vice, as most doctorates are...

    and with car tickets, who wouldn't want a pardon after being caught on carpool at 8:00 am in the morning trying to make it to their day job and slept late because of their second job and now they have a ticket and can't afford to pay rent, eat, or even worse not have enough to pay their student loan debt...? honesty catcher.... be honest. don't socio- and psycho every term now, unless you end up like some interesting democrat members of congress, or a particular studied secretary of state who paid for a false dossier against her opponent presidential candidate...we have some degrees of paranoic science use in this clip. But here's the catch, be real with yourselves, yes, MedCircle indoctrinators, a sociopath and psychopath can also be the very teacher that is expert at this very subjects exasperatingly self flattering themselves to the point of surpassing the real in depth meaning of the subject itself. We call it priggish, or perhaps moralista in beautiful Latin.

  • david sanders
    david sanders 6 days ago +2

    All kobe beef is Waygu, but not all Wagyu is Kobe

  • Kavahsiae jordan
    Kavahsiae jordan 6 days ago

    I wanna slap him. Idk why though