Captain Marvel is MUCH WEAKER than Thor

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Kevin Feige announced that Captain Marvel would be the most powerful hero in the MCU, but this doesn’t line up with the comics. Kevin Feige is free to do what he wants with his MCU, but on this episode of Thor Talk, we’re going to set the record straight.
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    ARAFAT SIAM 9 hours ago

    Just read the norse mythology and u will know all about thor😎

    CDJAWESOME 123 12 hours ago

    This is pretty bias

  • Mystic Boy
    Mystic Boy 15 hours ago +1

    I don't care what he says actually, because i know it, theoretically, logically Thor, Dr Strange, Scarlet Witch is stronger than her. i refuse to accept her as the strongest hero in MCU.

  • flen john
    flen john 15 hours ago +2

    Thor is the strongest in comics and a character that can be respected but the M.C.U has been ruining thor's credibility..I don't know why they had to do that..In the infinity war, he just ripped out half of the Thanos army but in the endgame, he was a piece of crap..just to portrait that captain marvel is stronger...I have actually started hating MCU for ruining Thor

  • Ben K
    Ben K 16 hours ago

    But not in mcu. Deal with it.

  • Dylan The Weeaboo

    Kinda obvious because Thor with the odinforce can overpower galactus

  • Jannis lelou
    Jannis lelou Day ago

    Am I the only one that finds it kinda strange that they had to travel back in time and get the infinity stones and blah blah u know the rest when they could just travel back in time and make Thor aim for the head...

  • Gamer Mode
    Gamer Mode Day ago

    You have forgotten Captain Marvel has the power of *Political Correctness* making her the most powerful being to ever exist.

  • Daryl dixon
    Daryl dixon Day ago +2

    Feminist rage encreases faster than sayajins fight Power 😂

  • Core Blaster
    Core Blaster Day ago

    Idk if the channel called "thor talk" is the unbiased opinion I need for this debate
    (I jest)

  • René Grotz
    René Grotz 2 days ago

    Bruh you missspelled stronger

  • Sidonex 5176
    Sidonex 5176 2 days ago

    All these MCU comments. Casuals...

  • excalibur2112
    excalibur2112 2 days ago +1

    1) Scarlet Witch
    2) Thor
    3) Possibly Captain America due to lifting Mjolnir (He's worthy)

  • CarlNirvee
    CarlNirvee 2 days ago

    Which comic is used for the bit where Binary Marvel is KO'd?

  • Blacksáber Predator

    Point Break is full of surprises

  • Super Craft
    Super Craft 3 days ago +5

    Here is MY TOP strongest characters

    1.Thor (of course)
    2.Scarlet witch
    3.Doctor Strange
    4.Captain Marvel
    7. Iron man
    8. Captain America
    9. Black Panther
    10. Ant man

  • Vphurple
    Vphurple 3 days ago

    I am surprised that the comment section is not angry feminists defining a fictional character, but its memes. Noice

  • ramen1k
    ramen1k 3 days ago +3

    If they were ever alone in a room, she could accuse him of rape decades later.
    Who is truly more powerful?

  • Daan van Rijn
    Daan van Rijn 3 days ago

    Thor should have been waaay more powerful than he was in endgame.

  • thanksforvisiting
    thanksforvisiting 4 days ago

    Fact, these are simply fictional characters.
    Fact, white men are increasingly getting insecure by strong women including animated female characters

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Fact: women never noticed black widow
      Fact: Scarlett witch was also unnoticed
      Fact: we like their character not their strengths which is why no one likes captain Marvel and everyone lies black widow more
      Fact: you no nothing of this subject
      Last fact: stay in buzzfeed

    • Azazel
      Azazel 3 days ago +1

      thanksforvisiting Nobody really gets insecure because of this. It’s just really stupid when a character is pretty much perfect just to push an agenda.
      Scarlett Witch is extremely powerful in the comics, she’s also strong in the MCU and nobody complains about her. The problem with Captain Marvel (in the MCU) isn’t that she is a woman, it’s that she’s overpowered, boring, and overall, a bad character. The Captain Marvel from the comics actually develops as a character, is strong and is far more interesting than the one in the movies.

  • Fish
    Fish 4 days ago

    I feel like they wanted captain marvel to be a Superman but the MCU writers haven’t learned that Superman has been considered lame for years, every hero needs a real weakness

  • rudeep kathi
    rudeep kathi 5 days ago

    U idiot Thor is no one in mcu and dc

  • ugxsan
    ugxsan 5 days ago

    Ok, but the MCU is a different universe with different rules. All you need to see is Thor fighting Thanos vs Capt Marvel doing so and it’s clear in the MCU they aren’t even close. Thanos needed to wield the Power stone to do any real damage to her. Thor had help and still wound up in a pinch.
    Still, the comic universe does have a very clear answer, as well, which is interesting to hear about. I just wanted to field the obvious response that this particular Capt Marvel is apparently much stronger than the typical one.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago +1

      Remember when Thor threw Stormbreaker at thanks in IW and thanks couldn't stop it with all the infinity stones. That's him in his prime, if he 1v1 Thanos without the stones he could beat him easily so quit the MCU bullshit because that's not working

    • Azazel
      Azazel 3 days ago

      ugxsan I think that just sucks. I was so disappointed at how overpowered Captain Marvel was in the movie. Thor, Iron Man and a Captain America with the Mjorlnr barely do anything to Thanos at the start of the fight, then Captain Marvel just swoops in and does as pretty much the same damage that they did. Sorry, but that’s just bullshit; Thor and Iron Man are two of the strongest Avengers, Captain America isn’t but with the Mjolnr he’s way more powerful.
      It just makes me mad how perfect and overpowered Captain Marvel is. She’s a plain and boring character. She has no real match (apart from Thanos, obviously), she has no flaws and she never develops neither as a hero nor as a person.

  • Santa Cookie
    Santa Cookie 6 days ago +2

    The strongest person in the mcu is obviously


  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 6 days ago +1

    Feminist shit

  • Rigo Martinez
    Rigo Martinez 6 days ago

    This is a no brainer, captain marvel sucks .

  • Sweta Barua
    Sweta Barua 6 days ago +4

    Frankly I prefer Scarlet Witch over Captain Marvel.
    And for me, Thor is definitely the most powerful in the MCU.
    I felt Captain Marvel was too cliched in the power level. But despite that, I don't think attacking the actress who plays the character is a good idea. You may not like a character but don't attack the actor personally because of it.
    That's my POV.

  • Nam Ek
    Nam Ek 7 days ago

    I agree with your opinion.

  • Stevecap_89
    Stevecap_89 7 days ago

    Thor is the god of thunder. The character dates all the way back to ancient Germanic mythology, he is supposed to be at an insane power level. Carol fucking Danvers is a creation of modern day feminism and isn't even true to the original source material. Fucking lame.

  • shahar kaioken
    shahar kaioken 7 days ago

    I think the strongest is

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      shahar kaioken Reddit approved

      Everyone liked that

  • Migki
    Migki 7 days ago

    cock-sucking a fictional character is so dumb.

  • Flávio Giannini
    Flávio Giannini 7 days ago

    He lifted 20 planets, but couldn't handle Tanos weight and strength pushing the axe against his chest.

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones 7 days ago

    In my marvel ultimate alliance Thor is way stronger than Ms. Marvel not the same but that was right before her name was changed

  • Miguel Lirazan
    Miguel Lirazan 8 days ago

    *feminists intensifies*
    Nice vid tho

  • Phil John
    Phil John 8 days ago

    Thor is the best … end of story

  • ScoPperlOit FinnimBrun
    ScoPperlOit FinnimBrun 8 days ago +2

    Thor is no longer the most powerful Avenger in MarySue Comical Universe!

  • Larry Pavone
    Larry Pavone 8 days ago

    cap'n marvel annoyed the flip out of me in endgame. but really, why was thanos so underpowered.
    seriously. how does a dude who easily beats the hulk in hand to hand combat get restrained and killed by cap'n america and friends so easily?
    or at the end, how can everyone hold their own against him?
    endgame tilted me the whole way through, beginning to end.

  • DDPC clan
    DDPC clan 9 days ago

    *nobody is stronger than: the legend27*

  • Wilbor Arthur
    Wilbor Arthur 9 days ago +1

    And she is boring

  • Wilbor Arthur
    Wilbor Arthur 9 days ago

    And she is boring

  • Wilbor Arthur
    Wilbor Arthur 9 days ago

    And she is boring

  • Wilbor Arthur
    Wilbor Arthur 9 days ago

    And she is boring

  • Ismel Ariosa
    Ismel Ariosa 9 days ago

    According to Kevin mcu karal is a moon buster and can tank suns lol.

    • Ismel Ariosa
      Ismel Ariosa Day ago

      +Kevin DeMevin it beat thor also cx

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Ismel Ariosa But rotten tomato can beat her easily

  • DersNoNem
    DersNoNem 9 days ago

    I think read some comics but I don't remember what issue but he is physically as strong as Hulk right? I mean both of them are like the icon of strength

  • leon 31
    leon 31 9 days ago

    Fuck captain marvel 10xtimes

  • Stalewater 24
    Stalewater 24 9 days ago

    who gives a shit
    why am i even watching
    what a waste of time

    • Azazel
      Azazel 3 days ago +1

      Stalewater 24 There’s people who think this is interesting. If you personally don’t, then don’t watch the video and let others enjoy what they want.

  • Jonathan De Leon
    Jonathan De Leon 9 days ago

    Hey what did you think of fat thor

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Jonathan De Leon Funniest shit I've seen in the entire movie

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 9 days ago +3

    Thor is stronger than captain marvel both in movies and comics

  • Young Coffey
    Young Coffey 9 days ago

    I still despise that she is called captain marvel ever

  • brothers of wrath
    brothers of wrath 10 days ago

    Why is thor's intelligence that low? I thought he has thousands of years of experience

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      brothers of wrath lived for 2000 years and killed double as much

  • brian hung
    brian hung 10 days ago

    Thor is a god...I mean...that’s why mythology doesn’t mix well with superheroes, you have to make them comparable to mortals. Technically he should be able to fuck pre-rainbow thanos back to nowhere.

  • Michael LaDuke
    Michael LaDuke 10 days ago

    Thor talk: thor is the strongest avenger.
    Thor: *turns into the big Lebowski*

  • Kratom connoisseur
    Kratom connoisseur 10 days ago +1

    Thor doesn't have girl power.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Kratom connoisseur but he does have Reddit memes

  • puppiesinspace
    puppiesinspace 10 days ago

    I loved endgame until close to the end when they shoved the whole women are more powerful than men crap down our throats....

  • Becker AS
    Becker AS 10 days ago +2

    Captain marvel is just a copy of Shazam because of Feminists got hella mad or whatever. Thor BODIES the hoe.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Becker AS D.C. Owns the name too but Shazam is better the hero

  • Josh B
    Josh B 10 days ago

    Cause Feminism...that's pretty much why.

  • Tankado
    Tankado 10 days ago

    Ehem excuse me! NO! She is a strong independent woman! And just as strong as Thor or even much stronger as shown in the movies!

  • Jelle Posthuma
    Jelle Posthuma 10 days ago

    Wait how is thor actually quicker then captain marvel... Think about it. She travelled multiple lightyears in around 20 minutes. Its insane how OP she is in endgame.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      And why wasn't she timetravelin with the others

    • brothers of wrath
      brothers of wrath 10 days ago +1

      Thor moved at speed 30 million times that of light

  • Tomi Adewole
    Tomi Adewole 10 days ago

    Of Thor is vastly stronger than Captain Marvel lol. Hell - because of the realities of sexual dimorphism (she has breasts and hips, people!), the male version of her from her own planet is much stronger than her:-)

  • Hannibal Lecter
    Hannibal Lecter 10 days ago

    Brie Larson: *cries in insecurity

  • Helios Jinouga
    Helios Jinouga 10 days ago

    The Fight Between Non Captain Marvel Support vs Captain Marvel Supporter is like a Civil War
    PornHub does not have Civil War in there Comment Section

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Helios Jinouga That's why I'm always on it

  • Jacob Shide
    Jacob Shide 10 days ago

    I’m from Norway and one thing pisses me off THOR IS A GOD GODS DO NOT BLEED AND THEY DO NOT DIE

  • Catalina Saldivar
    Catalina Saldivar 10 days ago

    Thor is more powerful than caption marvel

  • CK Da gawd
    CK Da gawd 11 days ago

    Of course...of course....of course.

  • Ninja Hombrepalito
    Ninja Hombrepalito 11 days ago

    Look, I agree that Thor is stronger, but you are completely ignoring Captain Marvel being physically strong enough to move planets, and in raw power, being more than star level.
    And Captain Marvel, by the source of her powers, could potentially be white hole level. For those who don't know, a white hole is like a black hole, except stuff comes out instead of going in. Kinda like a wormhole, or a portal from another dimension. Stuff that gets sucked into a black hole comes out of a white hole.

  • God is my fortress VerHalen

    Just like wakanda politics got involved and they had to make a profemin this woman that's why they cut her hair off too they made her stronger so I can get some more viewing from the audience

  • Levin
    Levin 11 days ago

    Good to know

  • xXKILLER56Xx
    xXKILLER56Xx 11 days ago

    Lmao screen rant copied your video

  • Ed Simons
    Ed Simons 11 days ago

    I can't stand Brie Larson so I don't care who's stronger. Go THOR!

  • PatchedDEX
    PatchedDEX 11 days ago

    Shouldnt he be god of lightning since thunder is the sound whilst the electric part is lightning??

  • A microphone
    A microphone 11 days ago

    Rune king would fart captain marvel out of reality.

  • Finch
    Finch 11 days ago +1

    yep, Thor is a man, she is a woman. There's a big strength difference.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Rainyciin mEn ArE pIgS

      Task failed successfully

    • Rainyciin
      Rainyciin 11 days ago

      WoMeN cAn Be As StRoNg As MeN

  • TeufelhundenGrunt
    TeufelhundenGrunt 11 days ago

    Let's be honest what she did in endgame Thor's hammer could have done. She ain't sh!t

  • TheBlackPhoenix64
    TheBlackPhoenix64 11 days ago

    In the Comics Captain Marvel is stronger if you look at her power set.

  • Jeremie Roman Games
    Jeremie Roman Games 11 days ago

    Or you can look at the movie where thanos beat the crap out of Thor and captain marvel literally landed like 20 hits and PICKED HIM UP AND THREW HIM AWAY

    • luis alejandro lopez buendia
      luis alejandro lopez buendia 7 days ago +2

      After he fought Thor, Ironman, Captain America with Mjolnir, Scarlet Witch. That looked more like that guy in an online match trying to steal the kill, and failing

  • Jordan Alexander-Cooper

    Shoulda known. Idk I ain read up on it before ms.marvel was announced

  • SlyApex
    SlyApex 11 days ago

    Fuck Hollywood

  • Guillermo Montoya
    Guillermo Montoya 11 days ago

    Twitter SJWs are way more powerful than Thor which is why we get a BS character interpretation with Captain Marvel

  • pokeface119
    pokeface119 11 days ago

    I honestly though that it was Fury with the Shield Helicarrier that Thanos' ship started shooting at.
    (Maybe it was in a version that hadn't made it to the big screen 🤔)

  • Howard Lam
    Howard Lam 11 days ago

    Too much 2019 political correctness

  • Liem Solow
    Liem Solow 11 days ago +9

    At least Brie Larson does her own stu... nevermind

  • Trini Red Devil
    Trini Red Devil 11 days ago

    I always knew Thor was stronger

  • D U
    D U 11 days ago +1

    Fucking bigot. WHATEVER! she has the power of the sun and black holes. That means galactic. Face it Carols dick is bigger than yours.

    Edit: you probably dream about Thor's hammer in your butt.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      D U Ha and MCU lied to themselves, Thor threw an axe that faced all the stones, Carol couldn't face one stone. Your just a feminist bigot that doesn't go by the facts

  • irreleventology
    irreleventology 11 days ago

    But if you think about it, captain marvel has the best super power though

  • Just Nick
    Just Nick 11 days ago

    Captain Marvel has whooped Hulk's ass with little effort. Thor gets his shit kicked in or is closer to an equal match.

    • luis alejandro lopez buendia
      luis alejandro lopez buendia 7 days ago +1

      He just showed a panel in wich Hulk punched her into orbit, plus Thor was created by Stan Lee to be more powerfull than Hulk

  • Wyatt Meisner
    Wyatt Meisner 11 days ago +1

    Brie Larson says this is why I hate white men

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Wyatt Meisner I'm black and I hate her

      This is an absolute win

  • Deprece
    Deprece 11 days ago +15

    Why all the dislikes? I thought it was pretty obvious Thor was stronger

  • Shoryu Ken
    Shoryu Ken 11 days ago +5

    Marvel Studios: Captain Marvel will be the Strongest Avenger
    Thor, Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch: Are we a joke to you?!

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Shoryu Ken Scarlett witch mainly she's a woman and doesn't get credit like WTF

  • vudek coomzos
    vudek coomzos 11 days ago

    Thank you Captain Marvel Especially the carol danvers one shes lame rogue fucked up her day.

  • Terra The Terrible
    Terra The Terrible 11 days ago +2

    In the MCU peak Thor scales higher. In Infinite war he cuts through a blast from the *infinity gauntlet.* In Endgame it takes a punch powered by the power stone only to subdue Carol.

    • Felix Sellberg
      Felix Sellberg 11 days ago

      Even Ironman survived a power stone punch and still managed to fight back

  • First
    First 11 days ago

    Ok sure whatever you say about the comics, but in the MCU she is quite clearly waaaaaay more powerful than anyone else. Thanos required the direct use of the power stone to stop her, without it he was clearly outmatched, while he wiped the floor with Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America all at the same time without any stones. She can fly through space at faster than the speed of light (apparently), doesn't need weapons, can do it all herself. Her only failing is that she has a bitchy personality and is a boring character whereas Thor is likeable.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Feminist bigot how do you think Thor got back to Earth from literally another galaxy in Infinity war in only a couple of minutes get your facts straight.

    • Sidonex 5176
      Sidonex 5176 2 days ago +1

      Iron Man survived a blast from the power stone for at least 5 seconds and Thor was tortured by it. She got punched once and was never seen again.

    • Azazel
      Azazel 3 days ago

      First I don’t really agree. They downplayed Thor immensely in Endgame. Just watch Infinity War again; Thor could resist a direct blast from one of the gems and even counterattack. I think they had to make Thor way weaker because if he was able to hit Thanos with all the stones with an attack that dealt some great damage, he would’ve just destroyed Thanos without any stone, even more so if he fought alongside Iron Man and Captain America.
      Despite understanding the logic behind Thor having to be weaker, I think it was way too much and he should’ve done waaaaaay more in Endgame.

      CYBERSTRIK3 11 days ago

      Comics are the source material, fucking casual bet you've never read a comic.

  • Serghei Tricolici
    Serghei Tricolici 11 days ago

    I'm not convinced! /s

  • Phantastic Jam
    Phantastic Jam 11 days ago +1

    Both are weak compared to scarlet witch apparently. Seeing how she solo’d Thanos and forced him to blow up the battlefield just to get away from her.

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      Finally, Someone who's a female supporter who supports Scarlett. I hate feminists but I like you

    • No More CHANCE!!
      No More CHANCE!! 10 days ago

      Unless we're talking bout pre endgame thor

  • Mr. Infinity
    Mr. Infinity 11 days ago +2

    Truth hurts. Sorry. Lol

  • Tommy Brunstad
    Tommy Brunstad 11 days ago

    Thor is real same as Jesus and Mohammed . Norrøn mytologi . My people my religion . Besides im a christian ...

  • In The Filth
    In The Filth 11 days ago

    It's really annoying how the MCU has nerfed a lot of the heros when compared to the comics.

  • RarinMantella17
    RarinMantella17 11 days ago +1

    NoobMaster69: I am the strongest.
    Thor: You Dare Oppose Me Mortal!

    • Kevin DeMevin
      Kevin DeMevin Day ago

      RarinMantella17 NOOBMASTER69: plays Thanos mode on Fortnite

  • Bid Your Blogs
    Bid Your Blogs 11 days ago

    Fuckn women empowerment.

  • Artemis
    Artemis 11 days ago +2

    No matter how strong she is
    We simply don't like that cunt Brie Larson

    A 4 PLAYJUNKIE 11 days ago +1

    A God vs. A wahman.......
    SJW B.S. 🤔🤗