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Woman confronts Van Jones at CPAC

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • CNN's Van Jones chronicles his experiences at the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.

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  • jfizzle
    jfizzle 2 years ago +61

    I respect Van Jones for this! Thank you for at least trying to find common ground with people you disagree with politically, great job!

    • spywhale
      spywhale 2 years ago

      At least conservatives don't get triggered

    • alwaysopen
      alwaysopen 2 years ago +2

      Jones went there to try and mock those people.

    • Ozone Randle
      Ozone Randle 2 years ago +1

      Van Jones knows where to go if u really want progress on policy & it ain't gonna be on left! Let's be honest if we want prison reform u can't expect the democrats who hve locked more ppl of color up than republicans to actually care!

    • Jeff McGowan
      Jeff McGowan 2 years ago

      did not want to talk about the whitelash

    • Carlos
      Carlos 2 years ago +3

      You are easily amused.

  • Clay S
    Clay S 2 years ago +80

    I like that he’s actually going out and talking to these people

    • The Son Man
      The Son Man 10 months ago

      @TruckdriverJoe AndOtherFables I was just about to make the same comment!! Cheers!

    • Andrew Sidelo
      Andrew Sidelo 10 months ago

      He didn't do this when Trump was president, watch how nice the so called deplorable and racists are Vin. Can't say the same for Dems and CNN viewers I have engaged with.

    • TruckdriverJoe AndOtherFables
      TruckdriverJoe AndOtherFables Year ago +1

      To bad the left hardly allows a Republican the same courtesy.

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      It's what normal people do. I do it daily. You don't?

    • Mind Heart Soul
      Mind Heart Soul Year ago +1

      Yes but he doesn't let the people talk back to him unless what they say supports his agenda. he didn't let the NFL player explain how President Donald Trump has been helping with the prison reform system but he talked to him on camera because he's a black man and that's part of his pose as Hey Brother I feel you... not enough to let what you actually had to say be included in this tape but you get to talk to me the great man on a video you can share with your friends.

  • Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars

    Big up man like Van Jones; for if nothing else, being willing to converse with those on opposing sides of certain issues - with and intent of finding some common ground.

    • kreed82
      kreed82 10 months ago

      Does he have to be so soft and shoe shuffling about it.

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      @Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars Of course there are going to be SOME conservatives who are limited to Fox. But even then, if you were to watch Fox on a regular basis, you would know that most of the shows spend A LOT OF TIME covering what the liberal media report. This is essentially all Tucker Carlson does on his show --- report on what liberals, and the liberal media, are saying about the news of the day. That's the essence of Carlson's show. Up until recently Carlson used to have at least half of each show's guests be liberals, who he would debate with. He hasn't done this as much for several months because some whack job liberal that he had on for years actually sued him for sexual harassment --- because he stopped inviting her on the show because she's an idiot. Most of what Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham cover every night is what liberals are saying --- liberal news outlets and liberal politicians. So even that 1% of conservatives who restrict themselves to Fox are getting a good view of what the liberal media is saying. By contrast, I listen to NPR every day and they NEVER report on what conservatives are saying. They don't even cover serious news if it makes liberals look bad. And because liberals don't watch Fox news to take in the other side because they have attitudes toward it like yours --- even though you don't watch it --- they are kept in a fantasy world in which they miss half the real news. But generally speaking, there is a HUGE difference between liberals and conservatives in terms of news consumption. The vast majority of conservatives seek out news every day from the other side, whereas the vast majority if liberals don't do that.

      And you exemplify this by being so impressed that Van Jones did it this one time. If it were routine it wouldn't be so impressive to you --- it would just be normal and something not even worth commenting on or calling out.

    • Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars
      Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars Year ago

      @Home At Last Believe what you want relative to whether or not I am a liberal or conservative or combination of the two or neither. But would you not agree that there conservatives who’s views are limited to what Fox News and other “conservative outlets” say ( I use quotations because not every outlet that calls itself conservative or liberal actually is )?
      And again, you are assuming that most (whatever number that may represent) conservatives do/don’t do “X” and most liberals do/don’t do “X”. I believe there are individuals who identify as Con/Lib that take in media from all sides and those who choose to only consume media that confirms their thoughts rather than challenges them or offer differing perspectives. And it’s no shock that “news” outlets omit, distort, fabricate, and brush off - in addition to reporting actual facts and important information. But again, that’s what you find in all media outlets (to what degree is questionable).

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      @Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars If you were a real conservative you'd know that most conservatives take in media from all sides, and that liberals don't. Conservatives talk about this ALL THE TIME. Even the pundits like Hannity talk about it. Rush Limbaugh calls them "low-information voters" because their views are limited to what CNN and MSNBC tell them, and we know that those outlets omit key news constantly, or, just outright lie.

      So, yeah, I think you're a liberal. A bluffing liberal.

      I spend a lot of time on boards like this talking to liberals. I also listen to NPR daily, including 2 liberal NPR talk shows. So my understanding of liberals isn't limited to my friends in any way at all.

    • Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars
      Ahbleza Ah-Blaze-ah Sellars Year ago

      @Home At Last So you think I’m a liberal? Or were you actually speaking to one while you were typing? ( I’m legit curious. I read the sentence and wasn’t certain what you meant. No snide intent here).

      And I can appreciate you breaking down your history and your perspective. And listen, I don’t know your friends. Awesome people to you, though they may be, they are not the complete and total representation of all Liberals.
      I too know folks who are liberal and who are Conservative. And I know folks who are liberal on certain issues and conservative on others. Liberals do reach out across the aisle; but not all of them. Just like Conservatives do reach out across the isle; but not all of them.

      And I’m not making his speaking with Republicans or Conservatives some humongous deal. But I’m super glad that it’s happening; and I applaud it.

      And I believe he’s crossing the isle, so to speak, far more often than what the clip depicts. You can’t assume that he is not in constant/consistent dialogue, constructively, with those who are (or may be previewed to be) in opposition to him politically. I can’t state that he is for fact. But we don’t know that he isn’t.

  • Justin Lighter
    Justin Lighter 2 years ago +4

    This is more of the reporting the country needs. Start a dialogue with with your political adversaries, talk to them and don't just start an argument, let's make a difference like this amazing guy!

    • Chris Jones
      Chris Jones 10 months ago

      Exactly right! We've been derailed in later years. It was bad, but tolerable pre-pandemic, as our heads were in the sand for a lot of it. We did our routines, jobs, etc. Stripping us away from that forced us to address the elephant in the room. *How* we responded to said elephant, however, varied: earlier, it was how weak our financial sustainability was nationally, then race relations, then rhetoric, now there's an overcorrection on a partisan scale and underperformance where it actually matters.

      I take no joy in calling something a cult, but there's no reasoning behind a lot of said actions that one can't have a civil discourse on. When driven by emotion and your rhetoric is Pathos without Ethos, nor Logos, then there's no discourse or argument to be had. This video is a reflective piece of just how far gone (worse) we've become in 1-2 years.

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 2 years ago +8

    6:10 people with different political beliefs who can honestly answer the climate change question effectively. Finding middle ground without towing the blind partisan talking points.

  • Alex Mercedes
    Alex Mercedes 10 months ago +2

    Remarkable Van. You do a good job of talking to craziness without spilling or breaking a thing.

  • Hans Aaraas
    Hans Aaraas 10 months ago +7

    Watching this a year later in the middle of the pandemic it's weird to see them standing so close to each other without masks talking

    • Marty2465 P
      Marty2465 P 22 days ago

      To guard against getting the virus I always keep my lucky stone in my pocket - because it is about as useful as a mask.

  • David S
    David S 2 years ago +52

    Van Jones said "Where have you been my whole life" instead of asking "what kind of limited government policies do you think would help with global warming?"

    • Jerome Wade
      Jerome Wade 27 days ago

      @Jonathan Diehl And when has the GOP cared about global warming,Jonathan?

    • Semi Demi
      Semi Demi 10 months ago

      None, its nature not the dishonest money and power grab lies we have been fed.

    • Craig Dabney
      Craig Dabney 2 years ago +1

      David S What he said sounded like an oxymoron.

    • Andrew Bankole
      Andrew Bankole 2 years ago +1

      I agree, but keep in mind this is probably an Edited segment that needs to be both entertaining and informative. You can’t have it all in a short timeframe

    • Jonathan Diehl
      Jonathan Diehl 2 years ago

      @armpitpuncher I think it's more a debate about state rights and federal government. Each state has a different economy therefore it's a case by case basis. An overall sweeping program benefits certain states while ostracizing others. The limited government debate is more about federal vs state in my mind. Yes state laws are still a form of government however again they are more classed into a case by case system. I mean with no government how would roads, bridges, and schools be built? Alsoo I have never heard, except for outliers of the Republican party, that we should let companies run themselves and that statement is very fringe. Again the debate goes back to federal vs state the way I look at it. Republicans want more state rights while Demcrats want more overall nationwide changes. Now do nationwide changes for certain things/rights make sense, of course, however when it comes to ideas about economics that should be left to the states. I dont think anyone is saying 'let corporations run free' , because we all know they will do anything to take the money and run, but do not allow an overall sweep to happen. In conclusion Trump will be the Republican nominee but I dont think he actually reflects the actual party ideas. He more reflects a knee jerk reaction in individuals that feel attacked and threatened by Democrats, social justice warriors, and Big Government. In all honesty I see him winning again however I hope he does not. Hell, even I did not vote for him, but I did not vote for Hillary as well. Just remember Hogan 2024, hes a great Governor

  • Lilly Ernst
    Lilly Ernst 2 years ago +67

    For the most part you were treated well! Except that crazy woman. You handled well with out injury.

    • Ginikachi Anyanwu
      Ginikachi Anyanwu 2 years ago

      The million dollar question is will the liberals do the same that's handle themselves well and be civil?

    • Dusty Davis
      Dusty Davis 2 years ago

      That crazy lady told him how he is and he couldn't deny it. Fucking idiot he is

    • Charlie
      Charlie 2 years ago

      Yeah, it was so wrong of her to confront Jones' racism.

    • sydIRISH
      sydIRISH 2 years ago +2

      90% of Trump supporters don't get violent...THAT'S THE LEFT'S FORTE. Honestly, if Trump supporters were even close to what the media portrayed us as, the left would've been wiped out LAST YEAR. They make us out to be some kind of Boogeymen, then you go to a Trump rally and the only violence you see....IS FROM THE LEFT!!!! And of course, the media blames it on Trump...he "asked for it". Ok....

      It's a fucking hat!!! It's a fucking slogan!!! Words are just fucking words!!! They can't hurt you, unless you let them!!! *The Left = Nazis.*

    • Foenem 000
      Foenem 000 2 years ago +1

      Wyn crazy women he called the election a white lash which wasn’t true

  • listen CLOSELY
    listen CLOSELY 2 years ago +33

    3:34 - Everyone needs to be responsible for their rhetoric *and* their actions, Moises. Too many people in law enforcement do not or have never interacted with minorities and harbor an unrealistic fear of them; causing them to kill, often without consequence.

    My father was in law enforcement, he saw the ugliest sides of our society. He engages with all people with understanding, which helps to avoid unnecessarily escalating potentially dangerous situations.

  • Michael Cohen
    Michael Cohen 2 years ago +41

    I disagree with so much of what van jones says, but I do appreciate him at least listening to and coming to cpac.

  • Moh5Itachi1
    Moh5Itachi1 Year ago +40

    2:23: 'I never want to be viewed as a woman, i want to be viewed as a person'
    Seems to imply that you cant be woman and be a person.

    • Bobs Burgers
      Bobs Burgers 7 months ago

      @Sword Arm Studios it literally does, and it’s a current problem. A lot of women are treated as just sex objects, or less than a man. We ARE people too, and it’s time all men see us as people and as equals

    • Bobs Burgers
      Bobs Burgers 7 months ago

      sadly a lot of people don’t view women as people first, I totally get what she meant by that.

    • Promoted Firebird
      Promoted Firebird 10 months ago

      @Tom Thelen remember: you don't know jack shit about American history, and it shows.

    • Promoted Firebird
      Promoted Firebird 10 months ago +1

      Ding ding ding! Now you're getting the idea of what Women have been saying for, oh, THOUSANDS of god damned years.

    • Tom Thelen
      Tom Thelen 10 months ago

      Remember America equals individualism and Socialism equals group think, the collective. Which fan are you?

  • Crystal Naranjo
    Crystal Naranjo 2 years ago

    After watching the video and reading the comments it reconfirms how divided we are as a nation, not in policies (we are very similar) but in respect and how we address each other. This video really opens my eyes on the conservative side. The media paints the right as the crazy radicals who love guns over kids and most are racist, sexist etc. and paints the left as the side that is morally right and just when in fact they are hypersensitive and sometimes points their frustration at the wrong direction (in most cases). I consider myself as a progressive, where we should be a nation moving forward and have the ambition to be first and great at many things but when you hear the painful cries from Americans who struggle with finance (healthcare, jobs instability), stressed from the bullying from the other side, the name-calling, the stress from being ridiculed etc. WE CAN DO BETTER as a nation, it starts with respect and listening to opposing views. GOD gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason, let us be civil and have a dialogue without the screaming and finger pointing. Yes, we make mistakes but "a fool repeats the same mistakes while the wise learn from them". So let us learn from each other and find the common ground. The left/democrats that are bullying the conservatives and vice versa, it does us no good when we fight our American family versus fighting the real problems (Poverty, health, education, jobs etc). As a college student, I make my mistakes but I make sure to open up my mind while listening and respecting others. So let us move on TOGETHER.

    #Progressive #RespectAmericans

  • Dan
    Dan 10 months ago +7

    Props to Vance for sure. I can’t be easy walking around a room engaging with so many people suffering from Anencephaly.😮👍🏾👍🏾

  • Dat Meme
    Dat Meme 10 months ago +70

    Woman at a coalition meeting: "Don't lump me in with a coalition!!!"

    • Richard Lanahan
      Richard Lanahan 5 months ago

      Van was there, no?

    • Darryl Wllliams
      Darryl Wllliams 10 months ago +1

      @John O'Donnell so you are focusing on how Van responded, when the woman was full of venom and hostility. Typical conservative to ignore your owns shortcomings.

    • Dat Meme
      Dat Meme 10 months ago

      @rsmithabq8304 Someone is not a Republican just because they say so. It's like a vegetarian who eats steak on the weekends. BTW, Trump eats a lot of steak.

    • rsmithabq8304
      rsmithabq8304 10 months ago +1

      No doubt , she is also somebody who stormed the capital on Jan. 6th .


    • living
      living 10 months ago

      @John O'Donnell you are doing the same thing you are accusing Democrats of doing...dummy!

  • tonya thompson
    tonya thompson 2 years ago +92

    At the end of the day ,this country is so damn divided! 😤

  • Tedros Zerihin
    Tedros Zerihin 2 years ago +384

    George Zimmerman is not the police. He was told to back off the kid, and he didn't.

    • John Gentry
      John Gentry 9 months ago

      @Easy1 It was the Republicans who freed the slaves in 1865. Who signed off on MLK day 3 years 3arlier in 1983 and Congress would not pass it till 1986? Obama and Trump both sucks in how the Gray Wolf is going exstinct...l

    • Tedros Zerihin
      Tedros Zerihin 9 months ago

      @URentited2myOpinion oh lol

    • URentited2myOpinion
      URentited2myOpinion 9 months ago

      @Tedros Zerihin I was agreeing with you smart ass

    • Tedros Zerihin
      Tedros Zerihin 9 months ago

      @URentited2myOpinion agreed. What OJ did was horrendous and he should still be in prison for it . Idk what your point is smart ass.

    • URentited2myOpinion
      URentited2myOpinion 9 months ago

      @strika52 if the roles were reversed

  • Marko Crear
    Marko Crear 2 years ago +9

    Thank you Van for your courage in doing this! You are walking the talk.

  • Scoopdy Whoop
    Scoopdy Whoop 2 years ago +5

    Respect to Van Jones for this seriously!

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago +1

      What's this thing with you liberals that you leave your subject and verb out of your declarative sentences? What's that all about?

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 10 months ago +50

    How the hell you going to engage with somebody with their finger pointing in your face.

    • Frog5684
      Frog5684 10 months ago

      @julius ceasar wow, i swore this was going to end with threats but somehow you made a reasonable argument that I don't agree with, but cannot find myself to be upset over. There's hope for humanity.

    • B. Green
      B. Green 10 months ago


    • Bucket List Escapes
      Bucket List Escapes 10 months ago

      I think he just demonstrated how. It takes courage

    • julius ceasar
      julius ceasar 10 months ago

      @B. Green 🤗

    • B. Green
      B. Green 10 months ago

      @julius ceasar Carlos I thought that I couldn't stand you BUT there is something kinda likeable about you 😏You take it easy stay safe BE NICE and be well!

  • ddlyify
    ddlyify Year ago

    Respect to DeMario Davis. It's good to see a sports star actually getting off their butt and doing something or, at least, trying.

  • Lorenzo A
    Lorenzo A 9 months ago

    Wow, the media can be biased. I am glad there are CPAC members who are opened-minded!

  • Austin Zappas
    Austin Zappas 2 years ago +5

    Props to Van for being the man.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 10 months ago +25

    This was refreshing to see. Too bad it didn't carry over today.

  • Indi Hangan
    Indi Hangan Year ago +18

    Respect to him for going and talking

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      @Buck Naked You mean in a single election you simultaneously voted for both the Republican and Democrat candidates? No, I've never done that.

    • Buck Naked
      Buck Naked Year ago

      @Home At Last funny being that I e voted for both parties before. Have you?

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      @Buck Naked The ULTIMATE partisan hack.

    • Buck Naked
      Buck Naked Year ago

      He's a partisn hack. White lash.. lol dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    • Home At Last
      Home At Last Year ago

      What's this thing that you liberals do where you leave the subject and verb out of your declarative sentences?

  • Ezequiel Garcia
    Ezequiel Garcia 2 years ago +14

    Good job men. God bless you, Fight for the truth for peace and freedon.

  • Travis Fuller
    Travis Fuller 8 months ago

    Need more folks like Van Jones! Kudos for attempting to reach out across the aisle.

  • Sammy Casey
    Sammy Casey 2 years ago +4

    Good on ya van, we need more of it

  • W T
    W T 2 years ago

    I can’t remember a time when I agreed with Van Jones, but I do appreciate him showing up at CPAC. A man wearing a MAGA hat being offensive to some people, is just like a different man wearing a Hillary for President. It just doesn’t matter. You have to be able to hear the other side in order to understand it. It is simply not appropriate to antagonize, lash out, fight or demean anyone just because they wear a shirt or hat you don’t like. Freedom of speech is an incredible privilege, which was no where in sight when I visited China. Our driver in China told us not to ask any questions about the Chinese leadership when we are walking around the Tienamen (sp?) Square, as their are plain clothed police everywhere.

  • eddyvideostar
    eddyvideostar 2 years ago +2

    At 2:00 minutes: This sharp and smart young woman is well poised and spot-on with her replies. I enjoyed her expressive neologism: "tokenized." Well done. The main aspect is proper politics.

    • cnew
      cnew 2 years ago

      She went to my school. We really didn't talk much but she has a powerful voice!

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones 2 years ago +2

    In all seriousness, well done!

  • holodoctor1
    holodoctor1 2 years ago +541

    We need better education in this country 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • bombud1
      bombud1 10 months ago

      Funny, better education wasn't on the top 12 list of concerns for Democrats. Is was on the top 12 list from Republicans though.

    • Rsb Ds
      Rsb Ds 11 months ago +1

      You mean we must brainwash people with more propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, Hollywood, liberal universitys

    • James Jacquot
      James Jacquot Year ago

      @Agnostic Atheist It seems like the red states have higher Sat scores.


      I mean the liberal utopia California 1065?? and New York 1065? and you are proud of this? With all the money those states have... this is what you get?

      This is not a fun fact this is a hilarious fact of failure.

      How about this -

      It goes to show you that the blue states waste tons of money and get no results. Kind of like what the Obama administration was like.

      Also good luck with your beliefs. You need it.

    • Murali N
      Murali N Year ago

      Not the education, it's the lack of wisdom

    • brian gardner
      brian gardner Year ago

      @Keep Holden On That is not true, regular Americans slowly started to change their minds on these subject. That is the way things change not the progressives screaming like idiots off on the sidelines. But the truth is black people gay people always had rights (given by God) the stupid culture of laws against them had to be cut out. Not the other way around.

  • Mr. Mackey
    Mr. Mackey 2 years ago +1

    I dont like the title but, I do love the dialogue in this video. This is exactly what people need. Dialogue and understanding. I dont want some white or black person to speak on issues concerning my community that dont live in my community because they can only speak from what they see on tv and what they hear from a bias point of view.

  • I believe in Jesus And trust only in GOD

    I will give him some credit for atleast trying to have a conversation.

    The problem I see is that we keep listing to the wrong people on both sides.We had our disagreements in the past but the one thing we used to have common and agree on was the fact that we all knew that while not perfect America was a great place to live.

    That's not the case anymore and I fear it will be the thing that destorys us.

  • Brent Paul
    Brent Paul 2 years ago

    In such a divisive time, Thank you van jones. No matter your party, no matter your skin tone. We are one. And stronger because of it.

    BIG GEE 2 years ago +20

    Trump scared to show his daycare records!! 😂

    • Mic Mic
      Mic Mic 2 years ago +1


  • David Wong
    David Wong 2 years ago +14

    Love that professionalism...

  • Scott Schwartz
    Scott Schwartz 2 years ago +2

    Good on you Van. We need more people doing this.

  • Jack Marti
    Jack Marti 2 years ago +165

    I am a Conservative, and after watching this I have greater respect for Van Jones. At least he's willing to dialog.

    • lion man
      lion man Year ago

      @Natas - America does have a systemic racial bias against people of color. Just because you are Lilly white and does not have to deal with being pulled over for driving while black, live in your bubble and turn a blind eye to injustice.

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 2 years ago

      @Matthew Smith it matters to hav dialogue

    • Matthew Smith
      Matthew Smith 2 years ago

      You know this started out as a nice conversation....

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 2 years ago

      @BigBo andrew Jackson was against ending slavery wake up

    • Anthony Williams
      Anthony Williams 2 years ago

      Dialogue should be good but racist is racist if there s no respect it wont be given vote democrats 220. Or as trump started it black s will finish it

  • RealTakerslady
    RealTakerslady 2 years ago +4

    That drunk lady trying to confront Van Jones, really! I can’t sympathize one bit with a person who supports Trump.

  • StutesNstuff
    StutesNstuff 2 years ago

    Van I applaud you for going to CPAC and having respectful dialogue with political opponents. We need more, a lot lot more of this as an example. I really hope you continue to do this and be that examplary example for all. ✋

    • Todd Feehley
      Todd Feehley 2 years ago

      What did you think the conservatives were going to do treat him bad there Classy people...

  • Blaine E. Griffith
    Blaine E. Griffith 10 months ago

    Van making steps in the right direction, Bless you brother !

  • turn all things to ash

    " i dont ever want to be viewed as a woman i want to be viewed as a person" the lies that woman tell

  • Gertrude Buck
    Gertrude Buck 10 months ago

    I Appreciate what you and your comrades are doing today! Thank You 🙏🏾 😄😃😀❤️❤️👍🏾👍🏾

  • Kegan Vlogs Sometimes
    Kegan Vlogs Sometimes 10 months ago +1

    You’ve got balls boy to walk in CPAC! Wish I had been there

    • Alan Morris
      Alan Morris 5 months ago +1

      What would you have done if you had been there? Let me tell you what you would've done. You would've walked on past Van Jones and minded your own business just like everyone else did.

  • Emmanuel Udoh
    Emmanuel Udoh 2 years ago

    I respect Van Jones for trying to humanize those with conservative views. This piece was eye opening to me. It's incredibly sad that the majority of the comments from the left are just as narrow and hateful as those closed minded idiots on the right. We need to hear out each side and understand each other. The "need to be right" is destroying political cooperation in the USA.

  • Big Buss
    Big Buss 2 years ago +140

    This whole country needs a reset button!

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 2 years ago +16

    Good for you Van jones for behaving with such decorum in the face of that hysterical shrieking woman.

    • Daryl Brown
      Daryl Brown 2 years ago

      ​ ramms mutter69 I'm sure you watch news and have witnessed the reporting on frandom European Americans calling law enforcement on African Americans. You're on youtube and you can look it up. Search for "White people calling the police on black people." Take your pick.

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 2 years ago

      @Daryl Brown Got some links? Or you just talking out your ass?

    • Daryl Brown
      Daryl Brown 2 years ago +1

      Surprised she didn't call security or the police. With all his people becoming more embolden and reporting Blacks for performing everyday mundane task.

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M 2 years ago

    This man has seen the light, well done u are working to truly make America great again

  • krishni tharuki
    krishni tharuki 2 years ago +2

    You are great, Van!

  • Craig Bowen
    Craig Bowen Year ago +7

    I have hope for you. As long as you will have a conversation.

    • phiksit
      phiksit Year ago +2

      I don't. Not for these willfully ignorant folks.

  • pyro lopez
    pyro lopez 2 years ago +1

    You know I'm a Democrat and I believe that this kind of thing really does need to be talked out but with Civility and respect.

    You don't need some crazy person in a Maga hat OR some crazy feminist sjw shouting at people who are trying to have a decent conversation discussing and debating out these issues civilly. it's these kind of people here that don't need to belong and both sides especially liberals as well as conservatives on both sides need to call out their own people and say "Hey! either you be civil about this or you get the hell out!" To be honest a lot of civility has gone out the window but I do agree that there are people who are willing to have a conscious straight up debate.

    yes depending on the topics flares might run high but at the end of the day we are civil to each other and we can go about our day being decent human beings.

    • Golden Butterjam
      Golden Butterjam 2 years ago

      As a conservative I say Amen to this! That's all most is trying to do is have a respectable conversation without getting personal and thank you for saying this!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis 2 years ago +6

    Well handled mr Jones 👏🏽

  • MrChuuk Micronesia
    MrChuuk Micronesia 2 years ago

    Damn I got to give it to the CPAC for respecting CNN. If it was the other way around, if Fox was at a democratic event they’d get nothing but yelling.

  • Shadrach Attack
    Shadrach Attack 2 years ago +1

    Good at Van Jones for participating in dialogue and good at (most) of the attendees for being open to it.

    There are two sides to every story as long as both sides can be heard and told.

  • Donna M
    Donna M 2 years ago

    "I never want to be viewed as a woman. I want to be viewed as a person." Newsflash Lady, women are people. Equality 101.

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 2 years ago

    The latter portion of the interview showed me there is space for compromise and reason which gives me hope. The beginning of the interview I saw an immigrant who thinks she's special, a person who compared Clinton to Palin, and a woman who doesnt want to acknowledge that racist love trump

  • Omni -Archon
    Omni -Archon 10 months ago

    The was a good interview and a positive interaction ☺

    KNOBL 2 years ago +1

    its nice to see this thank you van jones

  • July
    July 2 years ago

    Appreciate it when people can oppose ideas but be civil

  • ABS - Jakes
    ABS - Jakes Year ago +1

    Kudos to you Van !

  • logan catron
    logan catron 2 years ago +275

    I dont see how someone can say they care about the environment or money in politics and also support trump.

    • Chris Barnes
      Chris Barnes 2 years ago

      ESIREYEWUN SANNI right how can they live with themselves? I mean even living is a contradiction to helping the environment, we breath out carbon dioxide. Everyone should just either die or not give a shit about the planet, pretty logical. 🤔

    • Red Door
      Red Door 2 years ago

      logan catron you cannot see because you are not intelligent enough to realize that those are their differences but on justice reform they are together. Van Jones understands that on certain issues you must work with people that you don’t like. He’s certainly right to work with ANYBODY that will further that cause. The justice system in the US is a travesty!

    • Chris Barnes
      Chris Barnes 2 years ago

      ramms mutter69 where are you getting that number? If you weren’t ignorant and being honest you would know the green new deal doesn’t have anything that can be calculated, it’s a PROPOSAL not legislation, moron. These are goals for the country to aim for. Things that people have calculated into that number aren’t even suggested in the green new deal. Such as “getting rid of cows and planes” calculating a number for that is just disingenuous because there are ways to get rid of emissions without doing away with planes or cows. That number is a lie. Try again, do some better research lol.

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 2 years ago

      @Chris Barnes haha yes we do. 100 trillion you dope.

    • Chris Barnes
      Chris Barnes 2 years ago

      I love how none of the attackers of the green deal in this thread have any clue what they are talking about and don’t have any solutions to the problem. Just do some research and actually read the green new deal, go google some articles And do your own research it’s not that hard.

  • bassman777
    bassman777 Year ago +3

    Thank for taking the chance to go out and have a conversation.

  • David Deal
    David Deal 2 years ago +136

    This is most CNN I have watched in years ...lol

    • TLUDragon
      TLUDragon 10 months ago

      @Aahhh!! Lol you are such an idiot

    • G
      G 10 months ago

      @Diane Bannister lol theyre all the same and work together behind the scenes. funny part is how most people are sheep easily swayed by computer algorithms and lying media whether its CNN or FOX.... which reminds me i need to get off my youtube account.... the amount of horsecrap circulating on youtube is nauseating. 🤢 Google, Facebook etc... the king of disinformation..... "just google it". 😂😂😂😂 they have a monopoly on information and youre "social programming" along with Amazon and MSFT..... fun times ahead. 🥳🎉🎊🍺

    • Diane Bannister
      Diane Bannister 10 months ago +2

      @Danielle Jachowicz FOX Opinion Hosts are the real FAKE NEWS lying all the time, Conspiracy Theories.... And unfortunately, people who are devoted to watching FOX Opinion believe their lies.

    • Edward Rebb
      Edward Rebb 10 months ago

      Shame on you 😕😆

    • edna purcell-diaz
      edna purcell-diaz 10 months ago

      @prometheus5700 correction: cnn is MISinfo

  • G Booze
    G Booze 2 years ago

    2:23 thank you! Im not a republican but i wish democrats will just look at us as people instead of putting us with labels based on race, colour, etcm for votes. Thats whats separates us

  • beyondrace666
    beyondrace666 2 years ago +12

    Love this phrase regarding Micheal Cohen subject, "I do to a certain extent but not really".

  • Andre King
    Andre King 2 years ago

    Mad respect for all that he interviewed ( obvious exception is the entitled white woman) but they represented well. Stop picking sides and do what can make this country better

  • Michael James
    Michael James 2 years ago

    "I don't want to be seen as a woman. I want to be seen as a person." Conservatives rally against people who argue for gender neutral policies, but this conservative woman doesn't wanna be seen as a woman. It's all very confusing.

  • Daniel sanchezaldana
    Daniel sanchezaldana 2 years ago +7

    At least van jones gave Republicans props for prison reform policies as well
    As budget cuts.he has some common sense.

    • Daniel sanchezaldana
      Daniel sanchezaldana 10 months ago

      @E pluribus unum blm was founded in 2013 do some research. Prison reform isn’t just for blacks people lol it’s for everyone. I’d rather have a president who takes action then one who facilitates discussion especially if it involves jail time.

    • E pluribus unum
      E pluribus unum 10 months ago

      @Daniel sanchezaldana
      Obama was smart if you actually listened to him he facilitated discussion. So the people can bring about change, not him. He was president for all , if he started making policies just for black people it would then justify the next president to make policies for his own people. The fact that you actually think blm started under him clearly shows you were not paying attention to black people protesting before Obama got into office.

    • Daniel sanchezaldana
      Daniel sanchezaldana 10 months ago

      @Ralph Campbell prison reform is not caring about people in jail it’s about the people who might go to jail. How does prison reform help kushners dad? It doesn’t. God bless you.

    • Daniel sanchezaldana
      Daniel sanchezaldana 10 months ago

      @Michelle Byrd too bad I do

    • Daniel sanchezaldana
      Daniel sanchezaldana 10 months ago

      @E pluribus unum ya right those protests started under Obama and he never raised a finger to change it at all.

  • Terry Baumann
    Terry Baumann Year ago

    Like the fact that this guy took the time to listen and ask some good questions. Even if he doesn't agree with my personal position I can respect him greatly. I am a Fox guy but if CNN did stuff like this more often I would probably subscribe.

  • Illest Whiteboy
    Illest Whiteboy 2 years ago

    Halfway honest reporting from van Jones?
    I'm in shock

  • David hazelmoff
    David hazelmoff 10 months ago +2

    Hahaha loved how he just brushed her off lol

  • Derek Miller
    Derek Miller 2 years ago

    Van Jones admitting to being intimated to be there perfectly explains his apologist behavior while he was there. Dude totally left his balls at home that day. This video makes it seem like he went there and upheld his principles .

  • papito5ft6
    papito5ft6 2 years ago +3

    "I mean aside from helping people kill themselves out of mercy....I hear Dr. Kevorkian was a good physician..."...thats the best analogy (not literal) when a conservative says "i look at the things he has done about what I'M concerned about.."..when not caring about trump breaking laws...

  • robo wop
    robo wop 2 years ago +25

    It is incredible how much power "the hat" has.

    • Sleeping Hill
      Sleeping Hill 10 months ago

      Like wearing a swasika

    • James Fanshawe
      James Fanshawe 2 years ago

      @ramms mutter69 Considering your past comments and how you say blacks as a group are treated a certain way based on the actions of some black individuals (and then you bring Asians into this, forgetting that the history of Asians in America is not even remotely close to the history of blacks in America), I'd say you are kind of racist. But it's possible for you to change. A few years ago, I was kind of homophobic and against gay marriage, but then I saw the stupidity and irrationality of that viewpoint, so now I'm not. If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.

    • ramms mutter69
      ramms mutter69 2 years ago

      @James Fanshawe That's not the argument. The argument is what the symbol stands for. We aren't fooled by people calling us racist for loving our country and wanting to protect it from enemies. They can continue to act like petulant children and we will win again.

    • James Fanshawe
      James Fanshawe 2 years ago +2

      It's not just a hat. It's a symbol. I'm sure you get angry at football players kneeling during the national anthem. I'm not going to say the American flag is just a piece of fabric. This is simple stuff, don't be disingenuous.

    • Daryl Brown
      Daryl Brown 2 years ago

      @ramms mutter69 Never ceases to amaze me. You speak your mind like every American is entitled to under the Constitution and some want to get belligerent. LOL

  • MediocreVideos
    MediocreVideos 2 years ago

    All of the moderate, reasonable, and even left leaning voices that spoke are the kind of people that make up the conservative party in Canada. Not that Canada is perfect, but it just goes to show how polarized United States politics has become.

    This was truly refreshing and I don't even agree with most of those people. Thank you

  • Robert Skorwider
    Robert Skorwider 11 months ago

    Seems that Van Jones is always eager to throw shade at the conservatives even when hearing perfectly rational arguments about what their issues are. Be an unbiased reporter for once. This is why our country is so divided, the media, not Trump

  • Drago Mcnants
    Drago Mcnants 2 years ago

    I’ve never seen this many intellectual conservatives since 2012. But I still think race and insecurity underlies the majority of most conservatives that are trump supporters.

  • Yoos C
    Yoos C 2 years ago +88

    That in itself is racist.... George Zimmerman was NOT a part of law enforcement.

    • Y Smith
      Y Smith 2 years ago +1

      How many young black men do you see joining a neighborhood watch program to keep their neighborhood's safe. All I ever see is them terrorizing them.

    • alwaysopen
      alwaysopen 2 years ago +1

      @M M
      Zimmerman did what any man should have.

    • M M
      M M 2 years ago

      C caymer George Zimmerman did EVERYTHING wrong.

    • steven kelly
      steven kelly 2 years ago +1

      @C caymer ignorant fool STFU.

    • Nakia Howe
      Nakia Howe 2 years ago +6

      Zimmerman had no badge, uniform, and he probably did not introduce himself as a neighborhood watchman. Imagine what Trayvon was thinking. If Zimmerman was following me, I would think he’s a fat Hispanic man trying to attack me. Zimmerman could of been an Ms13 gang member for all I know.

  • Aviation Diaries
    Aviation Diaries Year ago +4

    We need education in this country immediately -

    • K M
      K M Year ago +3

      The left controls 95% of higher education. Prager U is taking off as of late.

  • beckomobil
    beckomobil 2 years ago

    Kudos to Van Jones for coming out to CPAC. If a conservative went to a liberal event, he wouldn’t be treated with such civility though.


    Didnt like Van Jones at all years back until I opened my eyes to the world

  • Bryan Kelly
    Bryan Kelly 10 months ago +2

    "We need...limited government...we need to create a policy NATIONALLY..." HuH?!?

  • Jeremiah Blundon
    Jeremiah Blundon 2 years ago

    Overall a good video to be honest. It's probably the most accurate video about the right from CNN. It showed the diversity, maturity, and willingness to have a civil conversation by the right. It certainly didn't look like the racist, hillbilly, white supremacy conference that Jimmy Kimmel described. I appreciate you going to the conference and talking to people who you know you'll disagree with most of the time.

    The comments in this section are unbelievable tho. You guys need to take a page out of Van Jones book and do what he did in this video. I'm a Trump supporter but I respect Van Jones for taking the initiative to go talk to the other side. Yeah, his questions were worded to suit the liberal story line but he had a civil dialogue out of it. You'll come to find out that the right is more willing to have a grown up conversation about issues and beliefs. When you try to have a conversation with liberals (I wont say the whole left, cause that's not true) it just becomes a shouting match. Everyone in the comment section is condemning the girl for shouting at Van Jones, but that's what liberals do to conservatives 9/10 times when you talk to them about politics. Those actions are either okay, or not okay, it shouldn't matter who is saying them or who they're being said to.

    I would love to see more civil talk from both sides to be honest. Yes, President Trumps rhetoric isn't the best, I'm not going to sit here and try to defend that, but take a look in the mirror. Some of the comments in this section are just as bad, maybe even worse than anything Trump has said. So, like I said before, the actions are either okay or not okay, it shouldn't matter who says them or who they're being said to. You can't complain about someone's bad rhetoric and then have bad rhetoric yourself.

  • peter8488
    peter8488 2 years ago

    Did you hear that - 05:24 "I want the government to take care of our bootstrap issues"
    This guy is conservative, yet often conservatives will say it is the liberals who desire big government.
    Conservatives often attack socializing parts of our system yet we have lived with socialism in many parts of our government and it has worked fairly well, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps for the public, yet when AOC and progressives point to the billions paid to corporate welfare programs like bailouts, low/no interest loans, to subsidies, they are attacked as "hating wealth" when in fact the corporate welfare cost this country far more, when we buy a $10,000 toilet seat in government/military doesn't bat an eye yet conservatives attack the welfare mom pulling down the big dollars through welfare system, give me a break.

    Both sides are attacking the wrong villain in this plot, the real people robbing our society instead of polarizing on each other.

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 2 years ago +9

    "I don't want to be viewed as a woman" - Random conservative girl

    "That sounds really liberal" - Me

    "But you're a woman"- Also me

  • solomon kawazer
    solomon kawazer 2 years ago

    I never want to be viewed as a criminal, I want to be viewed as a person. Can you still trust me?

  • Project X
    Project X Year ago +2

    For a guy who never did this kind of thing before You did an Awsm job Van and you looked good doing it 💗 Rock on my CNN friend💕

  • Kimmie B
    Kimmie B 2 years ago

    Look anytime you hear someone talk about wrong on “both sides” it signals to me that they know stuff is dead wrong but to soften the blow EVERYONE is wrong 🤨 don’t buy it

  • Jedi391
    Jedi391 2 years ago

    I don’t think a conservative would be treated with the same openness and respect if they tried the same at a liberal convention.

  • John Romolor
    John Romolor 2 years ago +11

    Imagine if it's the other way around people would be screaming on top of their lungs but in this just one person 😁 no wonder why people are switching

    • Yupi23
      Yupi23 Year ago

      @Harvey Grant They don't go to those conventions..they go to THEIR OWN conventions..and when they walk outside they get attacked and beaten by unhinged liberals like you. Want me to show you videos of Conservatives being attacked at THEIR OWN rallies by Democrats waiting outside?? I didn't think so. Sit down son, you are outmatched.

    • Yupi23
      Yupi23 Year ago

      @Harvey Grant Sure I did. With your emotion filled response. Republicans are bad!! Boo-hoo....Orange Man Bad....boo hoo.......If this were a Republican at a liberal event he would be attacked non-stop....you pathetic bags of emotion can't even stand seeing a red hat.

    • Yupi23
      Yupi23 Year ago

      @Harvey Grant Because a Republican would come to disturb the event with their same old talking points, rather than asking questions and trying to understand the thoughts of the people there.

      ....make no mistake, Republicans and Conservatives are way more vicious, but people see whatever they want to see.


    • Yupi23
      Yupi23 Year ago

      @Harvey Grant Thanks for proving his point. hahhahhahhaha

  • Slip 'n Dip
    Slip 'n Dip 2 years ago +1

    Here’s the thing...if Van says to the lady, in pain English, “in part” and she still goes bezerk, she must be in that part he’s taking about, otherwise there’s no need to be angry.

  • Lisa Phillips
    Lisa Phillips Year ago

    You can't educate what's in peoples heart. Out of the mouth flows what's in your heart. For how a man/ woman think so is he.

  • Edward Pfingston
    Edward Pfingston Year ago

    That lady immigrant hit the nail on the head as an immigrant that came into this country legally she doesn't want Democrats to open the floodgates and let them all just run in.

  • P.E.M. Run Balance Wheel - RBW

    🧐 - Mr Van Jones, sir;
    You deserve a lot of credit, for attending such an event.
    You’ve asked and answered questions from some of the attendees, that was difficult at times, but you handle it brilliantly. 👍

    There’s a question, the you may or may not of asked the attendees, that was not shown on this particular CNN RU-clip clip; that I hoped was asked.
    The question as follows :

    Do you think the 45th President, has made the United States of American / the world safer, since he’s been giving out 'Top Secret Clearances', to various individuals, and !
    Under minding his our US Intelligence Agency ?

    • justin time
      justin time 2 years ago

      Ran away when the truth was brought to him.

  • Cardion Don
    Cardion Don 2 years ago

    I loved this. I love Van.

  • Yanna Tolbert
    Yanna Tolbert 2 years ago +17

    5:20 "yea I do to a certain extent, but actually no"...LOL

  • HipHop Critic
    HipHop Critic 2 years ago

    I cant help but lmao 😂

    RAVEN STAR Year ago +6

    PUNCHLINE 😂😂😂 2:30 ( she flips out instead of TALKING 😂)

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 2 years ago

    Try sending a conservative to the DNC

    The funniest part was when he asked why don’t you believe what Michael Cohen said. Because conservatives think for themselves they don’t just believe what other people say just because they said it. It’s called critical thinking.