You’ll Want the Galaxy Fold

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Do you think foldable phones are the future or a fad? Let's talk about the future of smartphones, and see if the future is now the present.
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  • Jon Rettinger
    Jon Rettinger  Month ago +318

    Are foldable phones the future? Do you care about the crease? WIll you buy a Fold? Sound off!

    • Corich Cortex
      Corich Cortex Month ago

      Want it,but definitely waiting for 2 gen or for the company to ship out improvements regarding the screen... the hinge that allows debris to get under the screen which could break it,isn’t worth the buy.
      Find a way to extend the protection layer on the screen to the frame and to stop debris from getting under the screen. If the company make those fixes,than I will buy it. Otherwise the wait for gen 2 is real.

    • SimoneAAA
      SimoneAAA Month ago

      I desperately want to buy the Fold, but am holding out for gen 2. That is what I did with the Note.

    • pwcorgi2000
      pwcorgi2000 Month ago

      I might...but in a later generation. Definitely not the first.

    • Carrie Gagnon
      Carrie Gagnon Month ago

      I want one!!

    • Raul Jocson
      Raul Jocson Month ago

      Thanks for this review. Seems like everyone's on the Samsung Fold hate train, but you have a balanced and insightful perspective.
      If you asked me, the bad press seems engineered. Certain brands have a lot to lose if the Fold is a success.

  • WeeWeeJumbo
    WeeWeeJumbo 14 days ago


  • Dethmuerte
    Dethmuerte 18 days ago

    Purism librem5 for me. Tired of spybricks in the pocket

  • CosmicNebula Nirvana
    CosmicNebula Nirvana 26 days ago

    I don't want a creaseon my display if I'm paying $2,000. You can say it's foldable so it comes with the territory but to me if it cost that much they should figure something out.

  • MrNYClax
    MrNYClax 26 days ago

    You want to impress me make a foldable tv 📺

  • well done
    well done 28 days ago +1

    im very very disappointed of samsung all i can say

  • Allin7days
    Allin7days 29 days ago

    ...and I'm still having a problem paying $1,000 for a phone.

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 29 days ago +1

    Actually, not really.

  • knowwe
    knowwe 29 days ago

    The one good thing about all the shilling for this phone I’ve endured over the past week, is that at least I know who’s not to be trusted for opinions in the youtube tech world. This guy is right on the border of shill/reviewer. This ugly, overpriced, gimmicky, pointless brick will obviously Fail miserably.

  • moeshickenyay
    moeshickenyay 29 days ago +1

    Problem is it can only fold once, my current phone can do that.

  • David Howard
    David Howard 29 days ago

    Screen is trash LOL.

  • Roger Wittekind
    Roger Wittekind Month ago

    Right now I will notch buy a notch phone or notch tablet.
    BTW I still have my original Note.

  • St. Batu
    St. Batu Month ago

    Or just get an SE and a mini. You save $1200.

  • Focken Focker
    Focken Focker Month ago

    It's defective probably get recalled later.

  • CJ Walters
    CJ Walters Month ago


  • Mark Beldon
    Mark Beldon Month ago

    if you fold anything a number of times it starts to go weak and brittle on the fold line, bet none of these devices made by any smartphone manufacturer will be in any fit state to use before your 2-3 year contracts are up when you can renew your phone... maybe 2nd or 3rd generation models.. in fact there are already reports of review models screens ' lifting' a film which looks like a screen cover but isn't, people have peeled it back and the screen has malfunctioned or died completely.

  • Small fIsH
    Small fIsH Month ago

    its got a crease in the middle like my grannies freshly washed pants out of the drier

  • Noodles
    Noodles Month ago

    So they made a new Nokia Communicator. The asymmetrical hinge crease can not be unseen, it's not wide enough when folded and the outer screen is a joke. There's also no S Pen. Please tell me a device other than the Note that would really go great with an S Pen if not the Fold. Sorry, back to the drawing board.

  • BfSkinnerPunk
    BfSkinnerPunk Month ago +1

    With a foldable keyboard, this would be an ideal tablet, mobile computer...carry the keyboard in a cargo pocket....and you have a handsfree (no comp0uter bag!) situation.

  • dms 4999
    dms 4999 Month ago +1

    I hate this stupid thing.

  • JJ Parker
    JJ Parker Month ago

    What a cute clutch.

  • Thingsyourollup
    Thingsyourollup Month ago +5

    No I wont. I prefer to have phones that work for more than a couple of days.

  • Pnuttz Clark
    Pnuttz Clark Month ago +1

    I’d say, if you work outside, then this galaxy fold would be a terrible option.

  • Bud Wzr
    Bud Wzr Month ago +1

    Half-ass product rushed to market. Wait for Gen2.

  • Chris Lee
    Chris Lee Month ago

    It's too expensive given all the potential problems it will present in due time. End of life value is nil.

  • Filip Carlsson
    Filip Carlsson Month ago +1

    no i wont, i want mate x

  • Roger Shew
    Roger Shew Month ago

    3-5 years from now, a folding phone will be standard. Similar to 4 wheels on a suitcase, just takes a some time until it catches on and the price comes down. Who wouldn't want to watch video on double the screen size? Gen 2 phone will be much better so best to wait.

  • Led Ge
    Led Ge Month ago

    It needs to have a pen!!!

  • MichaelMing
    MichaelMing Month ago

    This is definitely a gimmicky fad that will pass - not practical at all, it can't replace a small tablet

  • akadimas
    akadimas Month ago

    This is like a comeback of nokia communicator

  • evil men will be no more

    No thanks i rather have the Mate X

  • Mark Portch
    Mark Portch Month ago

    Sorry for price of £1900, your welcome to it. I would imagine that crease getting more prominent over time. Oh and watching RU-clip or a film on it with again a crease line going through it especially in dark scenes and at lower brightness settings would put people off. Front screen is to small and narrow. Hawaii mate x gives you a better single screen size. Although no thanks again at £2000.

  • Kieran Rossbotham
    Kieran Rossbotham Month ago +1

    I'm looking forward to the note version. To me it would be the ultimate in your pocket device

  • Mandy Cheong
    Mandy Cheong Month ago

    The price will surely be high at this point. This is a new tech on market

  • K L
    K L Month ago

    Huawei is made in china. that is the only reason I do not purchase.

  • Dude Sah
    Dude Sah Month ago

    I guarantee you phones will not replace laptops. The screens, even if they can be folded, are way too small to type on like a laptop. However, I think tablets have the potential to replace laptops.

  • LiveTheWild
    LiveTheWild Month ago +1

    Uugh.... Glossy, shiny finishes.
    I want to find the shmuck who first introduced to idea of shiny, glossy finishes for electronics... Especially handheld devices.

  • Re Pe
    Re Pe Month ago

    RIP Samsung fold, too many issues and a foldable screen will have huge trade offs as we have seen in just TWO DAYS! That screen just won't last and its not waterproof and so thick and that small front screen is a joke, so 70s

  • Kent Garrett
    Kent Garrett Month ago

    Great video! Like it or not if Samsung didn't do this the market would still be stuck on slabs with specs being pushed. If we didn't innovate we'd all still be using the Palm Pilot. I praise Samsung for trying to think outside the box! If risk takers didn't try and support new technology there never would've been an iPhone. Remember when they launched at close to 1k when everyone else offered free phones?

  • elysium76
    elysium76 Month ago

    No I don’t

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Month ago

    see you guys in a year when you get this all sorted out! best of luck and thanks in advance!

  • Nicolae Florin Pașca

    just buy a laptop for 2k it folds also but you can play pc games

  • The Goose
    The Goose Month ago

    a new flip phone

  • imserious2187
    imserious2187 Month ago

    I do want this, but not for 2k

  • Patrick VonHorn
    Patrick VonHorn Month ago

    Love the intro

  • Will Yu
    Will Yu Month ago

    Breaking fold

  • MR smith
    MR smith Month ago

    look I'm going to be completely honest with you I never really watched your videos but i did sub and like every vid u posted i am yong this meaning i cant get a phone till i can get a job and you no how it is win u dont have a phone u acking like u cool and your frends or pupels wip out there phones ask u for social media and u dont got a phone or social media then all that respect u ernd is gone you have been living under a rock your hole life 😢 but if I get this phone my G things are going to start changing i meen its a galaxy fold thoses who tezzed me will tezz no more😁

  • Daniel Nanton
    Daniel Nanton Month ago

    I love the idea of the galaxy fold but u got to be Retarded to buy the generation one of anything

  • Skull Fucker
    Skull Fucker Month ago

    garbage device

  • oscarmejiavera
    oscarmejiavera Month ago

    I would use primarily the small display all day and only use tablet mode at night or while reading a extensive text.

  • FF Legend
    FF Legend Month ago

    No, I won't.

  • Sylvie
    Sylvie Month ago

    If the price drops a grand I may try it.

  • Ni Tian
    Ni Tian Month ago

    Lol no.

  • TheKingLeeroy
    TheKingLeeroy Month ago

    This phone is trash, really poor build quality

  • Howard Thomas
    Howard Thomas Month ago +1

    No phone is worth that price tag. You were given the phone for free to review. Spend 2000 dollars of your own money and use the phone for a year, then do a full review to see how the phone has held up from daily use for one year.

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii Month ago

    Wife : what’s that in your hand honey
    Husband: a foldable phone bae
    Wife: ooo how much ?
    Husband: $2600
    Wife: packed your bags and get the Fuck ou of this house 😂

    KOREE KASH Month ago

    That color is freaking amazing 😍

  • ian
    ian Month ago

    complete garbage..

  • 420cookiee
    420cookiee Month ago

    My iPad Pro cost less then that

  • Jess Gil
    Jess Gil Month ago

    It will be awesome to hang around with the phone. Note 9 iphone xs will be nothing to it. Thing is “can’t afford it”.

  • Abeba Aesthetics
    Abeba Aesthetics Month ago

    Phone case manufacturers are probably frustrated rn

  • Carie Saad
    Carie Saad Month ago

    Maybe the Note 10 will look like this & BECOME the 2nd gen Fold. Lol.

  • David Viner
    David Viner Month ago

    It's too chunky for your pocket so fails as a phone and as a tablet there is a horrible crease down the middle, so it is a Betamax of a phone...

    CASMANWHAT Month ago

    Almost there... but just not yet...

  • dava00007
    dava00007 Month ago +5

    Well, this is when you see a video like that, that you know you have found a channel run by a corporate chill...

  • Btv
    Btv Month ago +11

    this just sounds like a paid ad

    • Btv
      Btv Month ago

      Mike I understand that totally. Trolls have ruined it for legit comments.

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago

      ah ok.. hard to tell if people are joking or not in this comment section

    • Btv
      Btv Month ago

      +Mike unfortunately he dosen't make that clear.

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago +2

      It is

  • scottietrippen33
    scottietrippen33 Month ago +1

    Brought back the zak Morris phone huh? The future.....

  • Obi Dark
    Obi Dark Month ago +1

    Don't peel the protective layer it may break. Don't try to close it the wrong way it may bulge. Don't keep the phone on because this ultra thin amoled will burn in quick. Just don't buy 😂

  • Nicole Lea
    Nicole Lea Month ago

    Thank you for the review, I became aware of you and your channel from watching you on Lew Later. Thank you also for the insight you provided about "clay-gate", and subscribed!

  • sean m
    sean m Month ago

    Omg its so different than a smartphone ...its does folds ..nailed it ....worth 2k dollars

  • Julia
    Julia Month ago

    once a company can put a smart phone in contacts or a wrist band THEN i’ll spend $2000 on it

  • Seretha Stroud
    Seretha Stroud Month ago

    This is like a phone and tablet in one

  • Diggnuts
    Diggnuts Month ago

    It is a stupid concept. It solves not real problem. It creates a myriad of new problems. It is an inferior device for a ridiculous amount of cash.

  • DanzZZz
    DanzZZz Month ago +2

    The title of this video made me laugh.
    Good joke 👍

  • Tow Dow 3
    Tow Dow 3 Month ago

    no folding phones are NOT the future, I couldn't care less, and HELL NO im not buying a phone for we have had folding phones for YEARS..... might as well come out with the Razr again again...

  • GoogIe
    GoogIe Month ago +3

    *Sees videos coming out of these phones breaking all over the place*

    "Well, this video didn't age very well..."

  • Minisoft & Technology

    How You gonna hold it on car window to use Navigation??

  • TheSingularity
    TheSingularity Month ago

    Nice pre-broken review.

  • warriorprince101010
    warriorprince101010 Month ago +2

    Its a clunky mess but it is the future.

  • DR. Cryptohead
    DR. Cryptohead Month ago +2

    dude, just admit this phone completely sucks and missed the mark. Aside from the fact that the screen is EXTREMELY fragile (prone to mark and dings because it's plastic not glass and also broke on many reviewers out there, just run a search), it looks terrible, has an awkward form factor (too thick and tapered when closed), front screen is basically a glorified screen saver, the middle crease is not acceptable at this price point, Android tablet software still not there yet, it's not practical (too cumbersome to open for a quick glance)... and so on and so forth. Basically a first generation brick that costs an arm and a leg. Samsung is literally running a mass worldwide BETA test on a foldable phone, that is years away from being ready for prime time and making the testers pay big money out of their pockets for it. Genius from Samsung. (for the record, I do own the S10+ and I am a Samsung/Android fanboy)

  • Humberto Soria
    Humberto Soria Month ago

    I just going to wait for the galaxy s11 to come out next year because this phone doesn't have 5 g

  • LilTMGaming
    LilTMGaming Month ago

    Yes I want

  • Samuel Musser
    Samuel Musser Month ago

    You’ll want a replacement Galaxy Fold

  • TxT Peer
    TxT Peer Month ago

    No we dont want the galaxi fold

  • TxT Peer
    TxT Peer Month ago

    The art to create somthing i dont need

  • simon199418
    simon199418 Month ago

    please make a normal phone that folds into a tiny packet.....
    please make a normal phone that folds into a tiny packet.....
    please make a normal phone that folds into a tiny packet.....
    please make a normal phone that folds into a tiny packet.....
    please make a normal phone that folds into a tiny packet.....

  • lost worldhistory
    lost worldhistory Month ago

    Compared to an incremental upgrade, single screen phone with a notch like iPhone XS Max (512GB) costs almost $1,500, the Fold is definitely worth the price and cheap from technology (512 GB storage, three screens, etc,), usability, and novelty perspective.

  • Michael J
    Michael J Month ago

    Half-baked product!
    I’ll just wait for APPLES version of foldable mobile devices. You know it’ll be done right.

    • Michael J
      Michael J Month ago

      There is nothing subjective about iOS, the fact is, it’s the most secure and stable operating system in the world. My iPhone crashed once in 2 years, and the reason was a third party app. I’ve never in the 12 years, I’ve used an iPhone, got a bug.

      As far as the quality of hardware design and materials used, apple will always use the highest quality components available, even if they have to buy it from competitors. You gotta respect that. Here’s another fact; 80% of the iPhone hardware is manufactured in Germany, again, in pursuit of quality.
      I don’t know about you, but I like to use products that are well thought-out, objectively designed while they look and feel wonderful.
      All that costs more, obviously.

    • Sawyer
      Sawyer Month ago

      +Michael J 3/4 of those are subjective to say the least. Apple is more secure, no doubt about that.

    • Michael J
      Michael J Month ago

      But it’ll work flawlessly, be more secure, intuitive, beautifully engineered hardware. And that’s good enough for me!

    • Sawyer
      Sawyer Month ago

      and be twice the price with half the features, while still using a Samsung display. :)

  • FL moseley
    FL moseley Month ago

    That phone is 2 grand and wont last 6 months max. What idiot buys this?

  • TommyTom
    TommyTom Month ago

    So I had to explain what the fold was like to my idiot wife, who doesn't understand technology or pictures, and the best analogy I could come up with was a book, which of course she didn't understand

  • user96RR
    user96RR Month ago

    Why would anyone want this? This is the most delicate device ever created at the price of a laptop.

  • djanitor
    djanitor Month ago

    Reviews that aged poorly.

  • Troy Klk
    Troy Klk Month ago +1

    Way too fragile for something that costs $2000.

  • sweetiegirlkorea85
    sweetiegirlkorea85 Month ago

    Samsung nice try!! Remarkable work done.

  • michaellondon2000
    michaellondon2000 Month ago

    This just looks stupid and they brake after less then a day

  • Gapi P
    Gapi P Month ago

    Less functionality than the standard S10(no headphone jack, not waterproof), more clunky and harder to carry, easier to break due to having moving parts, a giant ass notch that could fit 7 cameras and a crest in the middle of the screen. It's a cool piece of technology but basically a useless gimmick to show off. Sounds like a cool idea in theory like flying cars but it's definitely not the future. Also who even uses tablets? Grandmas who find laptops too complicated and terrible parents who give them to their kids?

  • Ger Warren
    Ger Warren Month ago

    At the moment I think this looks terrible.

  • ralph emerson marzan

    If it won’t work in the long run you can use it as a credit card clip...

    • Sawyer
      Sawyer Month ago

      The credit card might cause the hinge to break off completely.

  • SlippstersVideos
    SlippstersVideos Month ago

    No, I will not. Thumbs down.

  • emnor koeng
    emnor koeng Month ago +1

    Galaxy Fold is more appropriate as a foldable smart mobile as the main screen folds inward thus, it is protected. The small secondary screen out side is the smart idea, I am able to make calls and send sms without opening the primary screens. I will definitely opted to own the Galaxy Fold over the Mate X, moreover its cheaper. However, if the Galaxy Fold has the S Pen just like the Note Series, then it will be really really awesome. I am able to do my office work in a wider screen without carrying a tap or laptop. Half of the primary screen will be turned into a keyboard, thus we are able to type just like a laptop. I really don't care about the notch for selfie camera as it doen't interfere but dont ever having it with the flip for selfie camera like some other brands are doing now, it will dislocate and spoil.Tq Samsung for making our office work alot easier.