• Published on Jul 29, 2018
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    Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest
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Comments • 172

  • Conbonji
    Conbonji Month ago

    recently Dream found out you can jump 5 blocks so this video is wrong.

  • Kiz Epic Journey
    Kiz Epic Journey Month ago

    Your content is the lowest of the low. Damn it's bad.

  • ComicDJ
    ComicDJ Month ago

    can we just take a moment to stop and admire the typing
    fingers finna make a sonic boom

    • Hinata Hyuga
      Hinata Hyuga Month ago

      Can we just take a moment to stop and admire how bad your grammar is

  • Zinklynkz TM
    Zinklynkz TM 2 months ago +2

    Their voices are so nasal😂

  • NadavBenArie
    NadavBenArie 2 months ago +1

    1:10 "you stoopid you stoopid" XD

  • Wilbert Pizon
    Wilbert Pizon 2 months ago +3

    Bruh 5 block jumps are possible

    • Andrew Ricklefs
      Andrew Ricklefs 20 days ago

      @NathanPlayzPH True but thats still not really a 5 block jump

    • NathanPlayzPH
      NathanPlayzPH 20 days ago

      @Andrew Ricklefs u can just jump and press the button

    • Andrew Ricklefs
      Andrew Ricklefs 29 days ago

      Not with that room. They only have a 3 block runway. Also, the ceiling is only 3 blocks high which impairs your jump height by hitting the ceiling.

  • Cdog616
    Cdog616 8 months ago

    I know how to do a 10 block jump!

    */gamemode creative*

  • Phantom Rider
    Phantom Rider 11 months ago

    Everyone doesnt play my map =(

  • Sylwia Janicka
    Sylwia Janicka Year ago

    why can you just shit in it?

  • uganda knuckles
    uganda knuckles Year ago

    u guy really bad at doing this are jerry!?

  • Electroblade
    Electroblade Year ago

    I feel sorry, this is just shitposting while trying to get money while demonetized lmao

  • Ady Ady
    Ady Ady Year ago

    5:14 only I saw a hole in the right-up corner?

  • Ady Ady
    Ady Ady Year ago

    3:50 you could jump 5 block with the flint and steel by burning yourself but it needs a lot of practice

  • Galaxy_ gamer
    Galaxy_ gamer Year ago

    Ez map

  • Memebot
    Memebot Year ago

    F word

  • Mik1
    Mik1 Year ago


  • Nyløu
    Nyløu Year ago

    you still make videos :o i remember you guys from when i was younger, thanks for the memories c:

  • shmikis
    shmikis Year ago +1


  • Neon Pilot
    Neon Pilot Year ago

    Jullie komen uit nederland ,maar uit welke plaats in nederland kommen jullie ?🤗

  • tan hoang dinh
    tan hoang dinh Year ago

    Link download this map plssss

  • Yayuk Wiryawan
    Yayuk Wiryawan Year ago +1


  • Golden Doge's VN
    Golden Doge's VN Year ago +1

    why jerry and harry dont comments ? why you nerver pin someone

  • TheLiya
    TheLiya Year ago +2

    if you want jerry and harry to do face revale like this comment

  • Xaxion Drak'emm Vanelite

    1 like? I think they are asking too much :v

  • ejalldayboy
    ejalldayboy Year ago


  • Akali Heartfilia
    Akali Heartfilia Year ago


  • sans box\ animation- games- and more

    guys your videos are so good theyll never get one like

  • Antonio Martins
    Antonio Martins Year ago


  • Indigo Gollum
    Indigo Gollum Year ago

    The rules said no taking stuff from furnaces

  • Dutch van der Linde

    Why do you guys upload the crappiest maps? Do you not care about content?

  • k01r01/exverteiz
    k01r01/exverteiz Year ago


  • hamforce 3245
    hamforce 3245 Year ago

    Only ice challenge

  • xeln xehn
    xeln xehn Year ago +2

    528 likes we failed them

  • Sniper Gaming
    Sniper Gaming Year ago

    On level 3 you forgot that you can destroy glass blocks.

  • Shockked
    Shockked Year ago

    name of map?

  • Daniela Cotolan
    Daniela Cotolan Year ago

    Its easy


  • Kickstar Gaming
    Kickstar Gaming Year ago


  • iFlawlessCow
    iFlawlessCow Year ago +12

    5:20 "We only need one but f-- fine.." XDDD

  • cheeto !
    cheeto ! Year ago +3

    I don't believe my eyes..

  • Phueno
    Phueno Year ago +5

    Wtf I didn't even notice you u made all these videos I thought it was someone else when I was 7 lol

  • TheLiya
    TheLiya Year ago +4

    pls do more parkures with speed potion

  • Lothyde
    Lothyde Year ago +17

    you could just jump and press the button before falling to your death, it's in reach lmao

  • TheZaiYT
    TheZaiYT Year ago +2


  • paper2222
    paper2222 Year ago +50

    Fun fact: with merely perfect coordinates on jumping, 5 blocks are possible.

      PEACEKULL 5 days ago

      It is possible to do it without ice, slime or +1 y coordinate.

    • Andrew Ricklefs
      Andrew Ricklefs 29 days ago

      No, you also need to build up enough momentum to make it

    • RedWizardMagic
      RedWizardMagic Month ago

      Zer Daddy Wanna bet, if you jump at the exact .300 coordinate of a block, you'll jump a longer distance than when you jump at .500 of the block.

    • Zer Daddy
      Zer Daddy Month ago

      A long distance jump is not caused by coordinations, momentum is key this, thanks to sprint jumping we can increase our normal speed by a small amount to jump to long distances.

    • EK
      EK Month ago

      You need momentum

  • Dimpayツ
    Dimpayツ Year ago


  • Волосок
    Волосок Year ago


  • leet1337
    leet1337 Year ago

    dead channel

  • Hassan Imam
    Hassan Imam Year ago

    Hmm Minecraft 1.13 is here and you guys are still call crafting table workbench they know nothing about new version

  • Alex_ii_ ous
    Alex_ii_ ous Year ago +2

    Awesome video

  • Alex_ii_ ous
    Alex_ii_ ous Year ago +2


  • viet nguyen quoc
    viet nguyen quoc Year ago

    Love your vid😙😙😙

  • SCP-173 keep look at me

    R.I.P ears the sound jhon cena meme :"v

  • UrDailyLocalWeeaboo

    80th comment earlyyy

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy Year ago

    Early squad

  • SS Owl Takizawa
    SS Owl Takizawa Year ago


  • Kris Muharrom
    Kris Muharrom Year ago +1

    indonesia here

  • Leap !
    Leap ! Year ago

    Just.fucking.wondering.why.john cent.

  • Tessa Bak
    Tessa Bak Year ago

    At the 3rd level there was glass on the Floor. U cloud break that glass and make there ur cobblestone generator...

  • Horseman Cro
    Horseman Cro Year ago +2

    Jarry or Harry would you mind checking my comment on your co op madness map please i would appreciate it a lot!

  • gaming with utkarsh
    gaming with utkarsh Year ago +1

    5:34 thung slip