Part 3/4: How to Fix Broken Atmos Heating Coil Not Working - Atmos Raw Rx Heating Chamber Repair

  • Published on Feb 7, 2014
    FYI, if you can't fix it, we now offer heating chambers for only $12.99! Yep. Another #Atmos heating coil repair tutorial. Better camera angle this time, so hopefully you can see everything that's going on. While I can't guarantee a 100% fix, this video incorporates all the tricks I've learned that have helped me fix numerous old chambers for others. Make sure to power your pen for the full 10 seconds, too. Sometimes after fixing a broken coil, they will take a couple seconds longer to heat up. You can also try pressing the paper clip down inside Connecting Piece 1 or 2 and wiggling around slightly to adjust the contact point with the coil. It just takes time, practice, and a bit of trial and error. #Atmos #Repair
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  • Sofia Garza
    Sofia Garza Month ago

    Oh my god you’re a lifesaver I was near crying until I found this video thank you

  • Vsan
    Vsan Month ago

    thought i was the only one

  • Yahnee DaGemini
    Yahnee DaGemini 8 months ago

    Your amazing , thank you 😩

  • Jon Finwall
    Jon Finwall Year ago

    atmos customer service is a joke ,-do your research

  • Jon Finwall
    Jon Finwall Year ago

    much better vapes out there. If you buy an atmos , you better buy three so you can rotate sending them back

  • Jon Finwall
    Jon Finwall Year ago

    atmos vapes are low quality - Im throwing mine away- no time for cheap stuff

  • Victor Angeles
    Victor Angeles Year ago

    What about the simple pen like “ 510” i think.. its cheap like $10. How do i fix the coil or open the battery pack to fix it?

  • Arturo Unknown
    Arturo Unknown Year ago

    Mine is brand new all the other attachments heat up but the dry herb one does not it does not get hot

  • kiasia516
    kiasia516 Year ago

    Wow that worked right away!! Thanks 🤗

  • Tee Mack
    Tee Mack Year ago

    damn dude thanks I fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ren
    Ren Year ago

    Nice worked for me

  • bimmer boyz
    bimmer boyz Year ago +1

    Wow it worked😃

  • Dorothy Monger
    Dorothy Monger 2 years ago

    my joytech wont fire , any suggestions ? The atomizer works ....

  • Skeeter X
    Skeeter X 2 years ago +1

    Thanks a lot dude! You helped me. 😀

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Always happy to help. If you have any further questions or need help with anything else, please contact our support team at

  • Andres Munoz
    Andres Munoz 2 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video it worked perfect thanks for the video!!!

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Always happy to help. If you want to learn more about vaporizers or vaping in general, you can visit our Vaporizer Learning Center here:

  • Shakiera Hamilton
    Shakiera Hamilton 2 years ago

    Atmos Dry Herb Chamber Connector Spring Broke Off Could It Fix

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Hello. Sorry to hear about the springs breaking. If you need new springs, we do have them for sale. Just reach out to our support team at and they'll gladly assist you.

  • Female Vasectomy
    Female Vasectomy 2 years ago

    Will this work for micro g pen?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Unfortunately, the micro g pen is built differently and a bit more difficult to fix. We usually suggest micro g pen users to order more 3packs of vape coils. If you are having issues with your micro g pen, please reach out to our support staff. We can definitely assist you. Just contact and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
      We do carry extra vape coils for the micro g pen. go to this page here to learn more:

  • SuperGman12
    SuperGman12 2 years ago

    Seriously loving you rn almost threw my pen away thank you so much for this easy explanation to fix it

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      No problem. Always happy to help. if you ever need more assistance you can reach out to our support team at We'll get back to you asap no matter what problem you have.

  • Arminvan
    Arminvan 2 years ago

    Damn man thanks a lot, It works

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      We're so happy to hear that it works. Please contact our support if you need any further assistance. If you want to just read more information about our vaporizers or vaping in general, you can visit our vaporizer learning center. Just go to the page here:

  • Honcho Hall
    Honcho Hall 2 years ago

    You are the man. thank you

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      your welcome. Always happy to help. Let us know if you need any further assistance. Our support team at will get back to you immediately.

  • savino Soto
    savino Soto 3 years ago

    it fucken works better then when i got it only take 3 seconds and them coils are burning orange

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Really happy to hear that it works. If you ever need any further assistance, please reach out to our support staff. Also, if you're in the market for wax heating chambers, you can go to this page here:

  • Beccs
    Beccs 3 years ago

    is it possible to change this coil?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  3 years ago

      Yes it is! Get a coil at the following link:

  • Treyvon Mills
    Treyvon Mills 3 years ago

    fuck you and your awesomeness THANK YOU BROO YOU JUST SAVED ME $15-!! you're amazing

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Glad it worked out. If you ever have issues with your vaporizer, please reach out to our support team at and we'll make sure to assist you immediately. You can also check out our blog in this link below so you could learn more vaporizer information and tips.

    • Treyvon Mills
      Treyvon Mills 3 years ago

      +Treyvon Mills did not

    • Treyvon Mills
      Treyvon Mills 3 years ago

      lol and don't take the first few words to heart I did expect it to work

    YOUNG JUAN 3 years ago

    Thank you!!! You just saved me $10!

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago +1

      Always happy to help. if you ever need any further assistance, please go to and reach out to our support team. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Nathan Adams
    Nathan Adams 3 years ago +3

    Mine shipped to me not working and this worked amazing, thanks vape vet. 30 dollar smoking pen. worth it!!!!

    • Annelisa Alvarado
      Annelisa Alvarado Year ago

      mine came broken too and for the life of me i cant fix it ......

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      Hi Nathan. Glad you're all set now. If you ever need any further assistance, you may contact our support team or read more of our tutorials on our blog. Check them out here:

  • Clout Einstein
    Clout Einstein 3 years ago +1

    I know this is an older video but YES! Thank you so much!!! This fixed my Snoop Dogg G-Slim :D

  • MrLionsown
    MrLionsown 3 years ago

    I'm not sure what my problem is. When I disconnect the battery, I can press the battery and it will light up fine. When I connect it to the heating chamber I'll hold the power button down and it will stay lit for at least 3 seconds after I let the power button go. I hold the button for 5 seconds, the battery will be lit for at least 8 seconds. The heating coils will not heat up, I've tried your steps but it still does not seem to work. I'm not sure if I have a connection issue or a heating one

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  3 years ago

      +MrLionsown I can't say I've encountered that specific behavior, so unfortunately I can't really offer up any specific advice. Atmos has extended their warranty to 5 years now, so it's worth registering for a possible replacement:

  • shaunyoung1on1
    shaunyoung1on1 3 years ago

    I have had a g5 Jr. for one month and never touched the coil, but now when I push the power button it just blinks about 8 times shuts the light off and doesn't heat up. randomly it worked the next morning, but back to the same again. any advice?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  3 years ago

      +shaunyoung1on1 In my experience, if the battery just flashes the moment you press the power down, there's a chance the coils are overlapping in a way that's causing a short-circuit warning to go off. You could attach the battery to a different chamber, and if it works, then the original chamber is the issue. Vice versa, you could attach the original chamber to a different battery to see if the battery is the problem. If it's the battery, there's probably little you can do other than replace it. If it's the chamber, this video might still be of some use. You'll be trying to gently nudge and space the coils out properly if they are overlapping.

  • へぇKamへぇ
    へぇKamへぇ 3 years ago

    Maybe I've missed something, but I can't see to expose the heating coils. Its just flat on the inside, is there some kind of trick to exposing it ???

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  3 years ago +1

      +Gena L The newer Atmos devices (R2, and the new version of the RX which I believe they called the DHK or something strange) have chambers that don't have heating coils. This is a good improvement. Basically what they've done is build the glass screen mechanism right into the device, so there's no longer a need to have them separately. The heating element is beneath the bottom of the chamber.

  • jason brown
    jason brown 3 years ago

    mine is sooo clogged,how do i clean it to get a smooth easy hit?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  3 years ago

      +jason brown For a really bad clog, I've soaked my chamber and mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol for a few hours before. I've also boiled those parts before to help loosen up the buildup. This is for extreme clogs, but it's the best way to loosen thick build up.

  • Sandy Stifler
    Sandy Stifler 4 years ago +1

    thnx for the tut...and can u plz make a tut on air flow m unable to suck air frm my atmos...its kinda very hard to do so coz of some blockage or sumthng...and i dnt have any idea abt its air flow

  • bossy
    bossy 4 years ago +1

    worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • MegamanChaosZero
    MegamanChaosZero 4 years ago +2

    IT WORKED! thanks i can use mine again after all this time.

  • Emmet McIlvenna
    Emmet McIlvenna 4 years ago

    Why does my coil look so different from the's like a feeble one strand of thin hair compared to this , which looks relatively substantial. Completely stopped working for no reason, the coil is bunk !

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Emmet McIlvenna That sounds odd. This is the size/thickness of the coils I've seen in all the Atmos chambers. It does look brighter/hotter in the video though because the camera lens doesn't adjust to the sudden brightness of a heating coil well. But the size should be the same.

  • Ethon O'Brien
    Ethon O'Brien 4 years ago +1

    Dude you totally saved my vape pen. Well the chamber anyway. I was getting ready to go buy a new one but decided not to give up on fixing it and found your video. I have an AGO but it works and even looks almost identical. The way you explained in such detail the ways you need to adjust the connections helped me so much. Keep up the good work man. Saved me 10 bucks

  • King Tut
    King Tut 4 years ago

    still didn't work

    • King Tut
      King Tut 4 years ago

      @Vape Vet I have an Atmos Jewel, though. that's a different model.
      I am trying to repair it for a friend. she never cleaned it, and it has thick layers of weed around the sides. so much that it's hard to scrape off of the walls. how often should one clean the coil? i was thinking maybe that was the main problem. my friend never cleaned her Atmos...

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Whoamiii111 The chamber could just be too far beyond repair to fix in this manner. There are spares available online, though:

  • Danilo Branquinho
    Danilo Branquinho 4 years ago

    Thanks man, you just help a person from Brazil. GANJA

  • e3mada
    e3mada 4 years ago

    Thanks God. I feel the Atmos Jewel is a top notch vaporizer. Bought mine from a bodega for $45, a fucking steal!

  • Cyn Victory
    Cyn Victory 4 years ago +7

    Thank God because I was ready to throw this shit away and buy a new one but I'm am now back in action! Thx

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  2 years ago

      hahah. We're glad to hear you got things to work. If you ever need to learn more about vaporizers and vaping in general, please visit our blog here:

  • Scott Rothman
    Scott Rothman 4 years ago

    my coil is heating the wax and melting it down, but not producing any smoke. Any idea whats going on?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago +1

      @Scott Rothman I would start with cleaning out the chamber using some isopropyl and a q-tip. Then, try just heating the coil over and over in short bursts until some of the excess burns off. What's happened to me before is that, if you put too much wax in at once, it will melt down extremely fast and the oil will sort of overload the heating coil. It can't heat properly until the excess oil is gone, so cleaning it and burning it off helps. After that, just make sure to only use a small amount of wax at a time to prevent the same thing from happening.

  • Amanda Coy
    Amanda Coy 4 years ago

    Okay I'm stuck. Mines brand new. I watched your video abiut taking the spring out and did all that but when it came down to it, the coil won't light up. It gives of some smoke sometimes but that's it. I can't seem to fiddle with it the right way to make it work . Please help :(

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Amanda Coy If the coil won't light up, you may want to check out the battery repair video. That's a problem some people run into. Also, just in case, make sure the device is powered on (5 rapid clicks of the power button). Here's the battery repair video:

  • Benjamin Berenfield
    Benjamin Berenfield 4 years ago +1

    awesome vid, question:
    When I press the button when holding just the battery it lights up fine but when I attach the ceramic heating chamber whenever I THEN press the button it flashes like 5 times and won't heat the chamber at all. Any thoughts?

    • Matthew Phipps
      Matthew Phipps 4 years ago

      Same problem and I just got mine yesterday. Pretty much just wouldn't advise anyone to buy this. Total crap of a product. I love the "no warranty after it's been used". Funny how it works perfectly before use. EFF YOU Atmos. Total robbery.

    • Benjamin Berenfield
      Benjamin Berenfield 4 years ago

      @Vape Vet Thanks! Tried that though, nothing:/ Also the battery starts flashing if I press the button when I'm in the middle of attaching the ceramic chamber so it seems whenever the ceramic chamber makes contact with the battery it immediately short circuits. Any thoughts? Can my Atmos be saved? Thanks very much for your time btw

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Benjamin Berenfield Thanks! In my experience, this would happen to me if the coils were overlapping too much. This would trigger the battery's short circuit protection, which is why it just flashes 5 times immediately and shuts off. Gently spacing out the coils to make sure they weren't overlapping onto each other too much helped me solve that problem.

  • Stefan Stefanovic
    Stefan Stefanovic 4 years ago +1

    omg thanks so much man, you made my evening :)

  • Bea A
    Bea A 4 years ago +1

    oh my godddd! I was freaking out, thinking I had permanently broke mine! thank you so much!

  • kurryrush
    kurryrush 4 years ago +1

    rly workd well on my new g pen, with slitghly off Heating Chamber ;S thx man!

  • Ivan Huerta
    Ivan Huerta 4 years ago

    When I connect mine to the chamber and press the button it shows 0's and the blue light on the power button blinks around 5 times and turns back off

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Ivan Huerta Hmm.. I can't say for sure, here. The chamber could be messed up. Sometimes if the coils start to overlap, it will cause a short circuit, which is usually the light blinking a few times like you describe and then turning off. It's possible that the battery is never getting fully charged, too though. It could be the connecting pin needing to be raised (you can do this with the packing tool), or it could be the USB adapter or charger.

  • kadafi67
    kadafi67 4 years ago +1

    Thanks bruh I though I had broken my buddies g5 and i'm dead broke and I was scared he was going to make me pay and this trick go it working again!

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @kadafi67 Awesome! As always, happy to have helped.

  • Nick1994H
    Nick1994H 4 years ago +2

    Holy shit thanks! Only used mine for about a week before it pooped out on me

  • Don Poncho
    Don Poncho 4 years ago

    Did all of that,& still nada.tried moving the coil like the video showed.tried charging it for over 10 hours lights no coil heating.what now this sux!

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      Try the battery repair video first. If that doesn't work, then yeah, you might need a new chamber: Atmos Raw Rx Battery Repair (and eVic No Atomizer Found / G5, etc): How to Fix Vaporizer Battery

    • andrea adams
      andrea adams 4 years ago

      @Vape Vet I just bought my pen and havent even used it more than 5 times and it isnt working. Should I just take it back?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      If you're not getting any lights, sounds like you might need a new battery. Clicking the power button 5 times fast should definitely produce some lights, so if it's charged and that's not happening, I feel like it's the battery. It should light up with the power button is held down, even without the chamber attached. If that does work, then again, it could be the heating coil. And keep in mind, while this tip works, it can't fix every heating coil. Sometimes it does come time to make a replacement.

  • Don Poncho
    Don Poncho 4 years ago

    Just got the atmos jewel and nothing. it charges I can see the red to green light(on the charger). But nothing after that no coil heating no blue light.please help

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  4 years ago

      @Don Poncho Hmm, the first problem that a lot of people seem to run into is not knowing that the batteries can actually be turned on and off. Try giving the power button 5 rapid clicks. You should see some lights, and then it should power fine after that.

  • rcronico1
    rcronico1 5 years ago

    That was really helpful, man. Thanks! Btw, I noticed in the comments you said buying off Rakuten and eBay wasnt a great idea. I actually got mine off Rakuten...why might you not suggest buying from them? Great Tut!

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      @rcronico1 No problem! Buying from Rakuten, eBay, etc. just increases the chances of getting a fake or counterfeit product (that could potentially break more easily) because Atmos does not allow for their wholesale buyers to resell on those platforms. It doesn't mean a real product can't be found there, just that Atmos doesn't allow it and tries to stop sellers from doing it. The more negative side of that spectrum is that counterfeiting products and selling them is against the law, so it's illegal for those sellers to import fake products and blatantly counterfeit the Atmos brand. So my policy is always to buy the real thing, from the real company, from the channels they approve, and I encourage others to do the same. People who sell fake Pax models and fake Atmos and fake whatever-else-they-can-get just sort of pisses me off, but that's just my personal opinion.

  • Black Dynamite
    Black Dynamite 5 years ago

    Bruh how the fuck you gonna make me spend damn near $100 on this bullshit and it dont even work for more than a month?!
    Niggas always thinkin they makin some innovating, breakthrough technology when really its the equivalent to the Shamwow. Might as well just stick with a fuckin towel.

  • angela pruitt
    angela pruitt 5 years ago +2

    i want to say thank you so much i was about to throw my pen away and then i watched this video THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      @angela pruitt No problem--glad it helped you out!

  • Andres LP
    Andres LP 5 years ago +1

    when using the heating chamber (coil won't heat up) my device won't turn on, it'll just show zeros. does this mean there's a short?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      @Andres LP This could just be an issue with the heating chamber coil. A short usually shows flashing lights every time you try to hit the power button (almost like what happens when you hold the power button down for longer than 7-10 seconds).

  • King Bilben
    King Bilben 5 years ago +1

    HOLY SHIT I LOVE YOU!!!! I just got my vape (atmos junior) and only used it twice and it didn't work and you saved me

  • CrystalKingdoms
    CrystalKingdoms 5 years ago

    horrible device, i bought one and it didnt work off the bat and i proceeded to do this and it still wont work

  • Meese!
    Meese! 5 years ago +1

    My atmos juniors coil had stopped working and then i fixed it by using ur trick, but afyer packing and scraping some oil off the sides it stopped burning fully and after messing with it, the coil stopped heating
    Any help??

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      First, try cleaning out the chamber more and see if that helps any: Vaporizer FAQ: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Atmos, Yocan, AGO, etc pens

  • Brandon Moch
    Brandon Moch 5 years ago +1

    Holy shit THANK YOU! I just bought this shit, used it twice and the coil wasn't lighting then I was flipping out and getting pissed, watched this then fucked it with a paper clip and it lights up now. Thanks for the help.

  • Adam Alharaz
    Adam Alharaz 5 years ago +1

    alright so i didnt know not to touch the coil with the paper clip while the battery is powering it until the end of the video and now its not heating up at all is this just messed up forever or is their a fix for it?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      I don't think that would instantly kill it. There are built-in mechanisms which help prevent against short circuits like that. It's just doing that for a prolonged period of time could kill the battery over time, and it wouldn't really affect the heating chamber at all. I think you probably still need to adjust the coil position more to see if it works. Also, fully charge your battery, and if possible, see if it's still working on any other attachments (just to make sure it wasn't zapped completely).

  • Joe Rocks
    Joe Rocks 5 years ago +1

    Yo bro, my coil is working perfectly fine but my hits aren't as smooth as they once were.. I think it has something to do with the filter, each hit is get harder and harder to pull through. Can you help me out?

    • Vape Vet Store
      Vape Vet Store  5 years ago

      Sounds like the device is getting a bit clogged. One thing that can help is to inhale more slowly. This will keep things from getting caught up in the filter. However, also check out our video on cleaning out the device: