You Can Still Have Babies After 35 | Adam Ruins Everything

  • Published on Jul 12, 2017
  • The data that "modern" fertility advice is based on is actually straight-up medieval.
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    Adam Ruins Everything - Adam Conover, CollegeHumor's resident know-it-all and major bummer, takes on society's biggest misconceptions.
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Comments • 10 619

  • FaZeFazbear X
    FaZeFazbear X 3 hours ago

    Is she a man

  • Leo Holguin
    Leo Holguin 20 hours ago +1

    And he's going to be an uncley

  • Tic Tack
    Tic Tack 2 days ago +1

    I love how they talk about miscarriage like it's no big deal!! He says the chance of miscarriage at 40 is double but not birth defects! Like....awe shucks! I big deal we'll try again! Miscarriage is physically and mentally very traumatic! And shouldn't be taken so lightly. My great grandmother is 86 and miscarried at 30 and still hurts from it!

  • Im Nitrousxp
    Im Nitrousxp 4 days ago

    Still you better get going if you want grandkids

  • Girl Oscar-Wilde
    Girl Oscar-Wilde 5 days ago +1

    I wish Adam would swoop in with dismissals of all these anecdotal comments.

  • Bruce Röttgers
    Bruce Röttgers 5 days ago

    So this is episode 34

  • Ginger Wolf
    Ginger Wolf 6 days ago

    My mum had me at 36! Ha!

  • Ares Zeuszoon
    Ares Zeuszoon 6 days ago +2

    Wait what?! I thought kindergarteners knew menopause doesn’t start till your 50?!

  • exotic gaming
    exotic gaming 6 days ago +1

    Adam ruins sex! Please

  • exotic gaming
    exotic gaming 6 days ago +1

    Adam ruins sex! Please

  • ottis spunkmire
    ottis spunkmire 7 days ago

    Women hit the wall at 35 though men don't want women that old

  • Theodoros PETRIDIS
    Theodoros PETRIDIS 7 days ago +1

    0:56 minecraft zombie noise

  • That One Gay Otaku Girl

    I already knew mom gave birth to my younger half-sister at 37 lol

  • I couldn’t think of an original name.

    Lol my parents had me when they were 50... hold on what mom? Oh... I’m adopted.

  • stunning_gamer_Logan
    stunning_gamer_Logan 10 days ago +1

    My mom had me at 38 so I already know that it's possible to have a baby after 35

  • Emma H. Dommere
    Emma H. Dommere 10 days ago

    My mother was 36 when I was born...and 38 when my brother was born.

  • Lil Bay
    Lil Bay 13 days ago

    My mom had me when she was 41 and had my mom gave birth to my 2nd older brother when she was 36

  • Bruhbo Baggins
    Bruhbo Baggins 14 days ago

    People actually believe this?

  • Alexander Mulholland
    Alexander Mulholland 14 days ago

    It seems like the Irish Catholic women in my family about 100 years ago had kids until they couldn't anymore - which means from about 18 to mid-late 40s. I remember one of my great grandmothers had 8 kids before she was 38, but 6 survived

  • Laurel Desilets
    Laurel Desilets 15 days ago

    Wow, I didn't know Elsa had interested herself in the matter.

  • Josh Alarcon
    Josh Alarcon 16 days ago +1

    Hey m8s m i deaf? Or did i hear adam at the end say *we're* gonna be parents

  • DucQy
    DucQy 16 days ago

    My mum had me at 36.

    It's treason,then...

  • Vini Alwida
    Vini Alwida 16 days ago

    Merci very much for the info

  • Raymuno Starr
    Raymuno Starr 17 days ago

    This did not seem like a comprehensive study on the subject.

  • Y-U-video
    Y-U-video 17 days ago

    The Amy Abdu Section could lead to a real point beyond sarcastic and distasteful jokes. The cultural gap between a child and very old parents will grow ever larger and thus may result in a bigger problem of one generation understanding the other.

  • Lyzard's Parlor
    Lyzard's Parlor 17 days ago

    My ex's mum was over forty when she had him......

  • Swapnil Shinde
    Swapnil Shinde 17 days ago +1

    The husband guy was just there to fill up space. He just said "That was awesome" once in the whole video. XD

  • Captain Castro
    Captain Castro 18 days ago

    Babies are illegals

  • Muamer Blazevic
    Muamer Blazevic 18 days ago

    Well it's better if she finds someone with a stable job who makes a good living asap. She then has more time to raise her child and yeah she won't be able to go party as much as she would like but if your child ends up not loving you, you lose either way.

  • Adam Sankari
    Adam Sankari 19 days ago

    My mum had my brother when she was 192 years old

  • Yaosile
    Yaosile 20 days ago

    Just casually drops miscarriages goes higher into the stats.

  • DragonSlayer03
    DragonSlayer03 20 days ago +2

    My mom had my brother in January. She was 38.

  • The-panter 123
    The-panter 123 20 days ago

    Im 14 and my mom is 35 and my dad is 36

  • Ryan
    Ryan 21 day ago

    Lame puns, but i still learned a lot.

  • Acendentwrarh999 9
    Acendentwrarh999 9 21 day ago

    My mom had me at 17.... wait

  • typical pan
    typical pan 21 day ago

    Adam this time you didnt ruin anything

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 21 day ago

    When I'm 18, my mom and dad will be in their 60s

  • m1dge
    m1dge 22 days ago

    35 is just a better age to give birth so you can play with your child without being old

  • RiaS30
    RiaS30 22 days ago

    My mum had twins at 38

  • ShabbaRanks MF
    ShabbaRanks MF 23 days ago

    Women can have babies at many ages. However, the problem with this video is it trivialises the real difficulties of getting pregnant that can happen as you do get older. Oh and there's nothing like anecdotal evidence from a single, lucky, unkempt researcher. Also, "that's like nothing" when discussing percentage chance differences is all very well until you find you're unlucky enough to be one of those percentage points "that's like nothing."
    Yes, you can get pregnant later than you think and if you're healthy you'll probably have no real problems. I've highlighted the weasel words in bold so they're easier to spot.
    No one's saying you should rush to have children out of fertility fear and everyone is saying you should have children when you feel you're ready but don't make the error of thinking it's something you can easily do at any age to practically the same degree. Just ask those unlucky enough to find conception isn't as easy as smart mouth Adam and his research team says it is. Realising you should have paid more attention to the warnings and that that time has gone is heartbreaking.

  • Michael Cai
    Michael Cai 23 days ago +1

    My dad’s parents were super old when they had him. His oldest sister is 19 years older than him lol.

  • Patton 2401
    Patton 2401 23 days ago

    My mom has my little sister at 40

  • tae.gguk
    tae.gguk 23 days ago

    the reason i want to have children at my 20s is so i can live long to see them grow

  • Niglet Gang
    Niglet Gang 23 days ago

    Only if this was episode 35...

  • I am the Senate
    I am the Senate 24 days ago

    My mom was 35 when I was born that borderline year

  • Beetledoom
    Beetledoom 24 days ago

    My mom was 39 when I was born, but she has always been a healthy woman who exercise regularly and eats well since her teenage years, so I guess that helped her a lot.

  • Sarrah Wilson
    Sarrah Wilson 24 days ago

    We are thinking of having kids next year at 32. No way do I want to have them later. I thought 32 was old. I got to bond with my great great grandma and my great grandma is still alive.

  • Jessica Drennan
    Jessica Drennan 24 days ago +1

    While age does make a difference, it’s not as big a deal as it’s made out to be. I know someone who just had a baby and she’s 40!

  • Pheonix
    Pheonix 25 days ago +1

    But it's better to have before 35 so that your around longer and have more energy for good parenting

  • Carissa Guidry
    Carissa Guidry 25 days ago

    Exactly! It’s nothing wrong with waiting to have kids! I’ll be 30 years old this year and I’m in no rush right now, although people always make me feel bad because I don’t have kids but I’m always like screw youuuu!! I don’t wanna be a baby momma! I wanna be a wife then a mom! In that order! 🙌🏾

  • David Maksin
    David Maksin 26 days ago

    My brother was born when she was 42 so......

  • David Gregg
    David Gregg 26 days ago

    Fertility might not be a problem- but what about the impact and issues related to birth control? I know far too many people whose first kid had issues completely unrelated to fertility.

  • Kiera Todd
    Kiera Todd 28 days ago

    Why am I watching this one? I don't want to have kids.

  • Jaime Vidrio
    Jaime Vidrio 28 days ago +1

    More like Adam demystify pregnancy misconceptions

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 28 days ago +1

    I've stuck to 30-35 in my head because I know I want more about 2 or 3, but don't wanna be taking care of my last 10 year old at 60. But, that's just me

  • WolfOfJustice
    WolfOfJustice 29 days ago

    This video is deceptively biased.

  • Tiffy Tiffany
    Tiffy Tiffany 29 days ago

    My mom got pregnant at 36 year old

  • NeCreo_ 8
    NeCreo_ 8 29 days ago

    My mom is pregnant with me she 40

  • The diamond kerorians
    The diamond kerorians 29 days ago

    Also you can just adopt

  • Ares
    Ares Month ago

    This is a good ruin I guess

  • ThePastryNinja
    ThePastryNinja Month ago

    What is true is that if you want to have more than one child, waiting until after 35 is a bad idea. The other issue with waiting til 35 or so to try is that you might not notice problems with your fertility, which is a problem a number of women I know have run into. The later a problem is recognized, the harder it might be to correct it in a timely way.

  • shai sims
    shai sims Month ago +3

    My mom had me at 36...

    She such a rebel

  • Mizustune _5643
    Mizustune _5643 Month ago

    oh snow

  • Nicc Thicc
    Nicc Thicc Month ago +1

    Yea, my mom had my baby bro at 40 he's fine he's just loud xD

  • abrr2000
    abrr2000 Month ago +1

    unfortunately, the menopause is a thing. So there actually is a ticking clock, and you don't know when it's going to go bang. But on the bright side, until it does, you should be fine to have kids.

    • Kent, knight of Caelin
      Kent, knight of Caelin 28 days ago

      Women don't get their menopause at 35. I have never heard of that happening

  • Aimee Corkhill
    Aimee Corkhill Month ago

    My mom was 38 and my dad was 42 when I was born

  • Just Enjoy World Entertainment Lent to you

    My mom had me when she was 39. I'm the sixth and youngest hehe

  • logan sanders
    logan sanders Month ago

    My mum had my sister when she was 36

  • Taubah Ibnessah
    Taubah Ibnessah Month ago +10

    Honestly what I saw the name of this video, I was like. Adam can't ruin pregnancy 🤨 pregnancy ruins itself 😅

  • Sebastian Schelmety

    Next episode:abortion is fine