Roads - LiQWYD [Vlog No Copyright Music]

  • Published on Dec 23, 2018
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Comments • 154

  • Booch Nunya
    Booch Nunya 3 days ago

    Actively lazy anyone?

  • Booch Nunya
    Booch Nunya 26 days ago

    Activity lazy anyone?

  • Taimur Ali
    Taimur Ali Month ago +3

    Wacky jacky have some good taste in music

  • LeSnipd DropSqd
    LeSnipd DropSqd Month ago

    I wish I could get the saxophone notes can anyone find me a link to it please

  • Riven Of a Thousand Voices

    Wackyjacky101 squad!

  • LeSnipd DropSqd
    LeSnipd DropSqd Month ago

    Does this mean wacky Jacky is in team liquid

  • Gl0w
    Gl0w 2 months ago

    anybody else here from WackyJacky101?

  • Juan Ondiviela
    Juan Ondiviela 2 months ago +1

    Una palabra: Juancin

  • Rahat Ahmed
    Rahat Ahmed 3 months ago +27

    Who came here from Wacky Jacky...? PUBG new update...

    • Ankit Dubey
      Ankit Dubey 2 days ago

      Lakey inspired-days like these
      This one must be in ur top 10 tbh

    • Yujiro.
      Yujiro. Month ago

      @WackyJacky101 lol boiiiiii

    • Manh Cuong
      Manh Cuong Month ago

      @WackyJacky101 holy shit the professor was here

    • LeSnipd DropSqd
      LeSnipd DropSqd Month ago

      @WackyJacky101 lol to the lol lol lol

    • WackyJacky101
      WackyJacky101 Month ago +8

      I did

  • Goksu Turan
    Goksu Turan 5 months ago +1

    Those from JHZER's channel, give this a like :)

  • Juan Camilo Heredia
    Juan Camilo Heredia 5 months ago

    This is absolutely amazing! I love this song in many ways. Thanks for sharing

  • Langit Bumi
    Langit Bumi 5 months ago

    Its free.. Until you set it paid. 😁

    • Audio Library — Music for content creators
      Audio Library — Music for content creators  5 months ago

      Audio Library is a Website dedicated to search, catalog, sort and publish royalty free music for content creators. Please make contact with the artist of the song you're interested in, to either play your song on different platforms or modify it.

  • xImDanGeR
    xImDanGeR 6 months ago

    Like el k viene del juancin :v

  • Abbey Karma
    Abbey Karma 7 months ago


  • Shahad Akeel
    Shahad Akeel 7 months ago

    please help me I don’t know what I should copy ?

  • Jibon barmon
    Jibon barmon 7 months ago


  • Gus Hernandez
    Gus Hernandez 7 months ago

    beautiful song to enjoy. Reminds me so much of Petit Biscuit and I love it.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 7 months ago


  • Kimmieous
    Kimmieous 8 months ago

    this is so amazing! love it

  • Ryan Pacioli
    Ryan Pacioli 8 months ago


  • CrazyRussianDong CrazyRussianDong

    Why was liquid channel terminated?

  • Omar Aly
    Omar Aly 8 months ago

    Who came here from Leffens first tournament video?

  • Nazia Tv
    Nazia Tv 8 months ago

    It's nice.............

  • HMorrisGaming
    HMorrisGaming 8 months ago

    I used this song for one of my cinematics called Snowfall, I loved the song.

  • 浮雲
    浮雲 8 months ago +2


  • Dave Paul Angay
    Dave Paul Angay 8 months ago


  • اليوم اظراف
    اليوم اظراف 8 months ago


  • Queen Mini
    Queen Mini 8 months ago +2

    thank you for this! I came from "no clickbait highlights", a fortnite vid! he used this in the bachground of the video, and I'M IN LOVEEEE, thank you so much!!!

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  • roise gameplay
    roise gameplay 8 months ago

    Soo cool

  • Sri Srini Vlogs
    Sri Srini Vlogs 8 months ago

    Thanku Superbbbbb osswaam fro Vlogg

  • Hogue Signature
    Hogue Signature 8 months ago +1

    WOW WOW WOW .......thanks

  • Anna Olk
    Anna Olk 9 months ago

    Omg, what an amazing soundtrack! Listening itself inspires to make some video actually ;-)

  • Harrison Broadbent
    Harrison Broadbent 9 months ago +1

    thumbs up if you think this song is dOPE AF!!

  • Akhyar Fadly Lubis
    Akhyar Fadly Lubis 9 months ago

    Am using your music from your web. thanks for this site, its so helpfull for editing video. stay make a cool web music

  • Priba05
    Priba05 9 months ago +1

    omg! thanks dude :)
    This is amazing

  • Excited Electron
    Excited Electron 9 months ago

    Love ur music! I use it for all of my vids! 👍🏼

  • Canal ClickGamer
    Canal ClickGamer 9 months ago +1


  • Teodora's travelblog
    Teodora's travelblog 9 months ago

    Can I use this song for my Instagram videos?

  • Prince Sigudu
    Prince Sigudu 9 months ago

    Beautiful music🔥🔥

  • Kiichi Sato
    Kiichi Sato 9 months ago


  • mr. innocent
    mr. innocent 9 months ago

    Elow san po ung I copy paste ko dyan para sa description?

  • zulfe motivation
    zulfe motivation 9 months ago +2

    Sir credit you and your artist ..And i can us instrument.
    .Love you library

  • GamerPizza
    GamerPizza 9 months ago

    If You're using the Music on Another Social media website (ex: I Edited a Christmas Minecraft Montage (I used the music in the montage) But I Upload it on another Social media, would I still have to Contact the Artist?) I Gave Credit to the music and Everything in the video description

  • first copy
    first copy 9 months ago

    जबरदस्त ।।

  • Revolutionary Teachers
    Revolutionary Teachers 9 months ago

    Great music

  • R Tricks
    R Tricks 9 months ago +3

    Sir can i use this music in my video it copyright music..??

  • Beer khan production
    Beer khan production 9 months ago +5

    Nice.... I can use this music my video

  • CANAL Filha E Mãe .
    CANAL Filha E Mãe . 9 months ago

    Gostei da música 😘😘👍👍

    EPIKOBXFILMS CHRIS 9 months ago


  • Balletje
    Balletje 9 months ago

    Awesome bro! looking forward to using this in montages!

  • Milind Avirash
    Milind Avirash 9 months ago

    Hey hi there you can say m someone who's always mesmerized with music and is always wishing for creating a new track but is clueless how! Would you give me any hint regarding this!
    Thanking you in advance!

  • محترف الطيور Mohtarif toyour

    Thank you brother, I love your music and always publish it in my channel Great Song one of the best

    SMALL CLICK 9 months ago

    Sir. can i use this music for Facebook creator?

  • Anandapur Tv
    Anandapur Tv 9 months ago

    Very nice

  • JayJen
    JayJen 9 months ago +9

    Very good production , everything is on point!

  • Shaahidh Sheik
    Shaahidh Sheik 9 months ago

    I'll use the music in my album....?

  • ahnaf burhan
    ahnaf burhan 9 months ago


  • Tk. Entertainment.
    Tk. Entertainment. 9 months ago


  • Eddy Gunawan
    Eddy Gunawan 9 months ago

    nice music for exploring view with drone