Huawei Mate 10 Pro Unboxing and Impressions

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
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Comments • 10

  • Tarek El-Torky
    Tarek El-Torky Year ago

    how did u get the stock (pixel) look

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark Year ago +1

    once Project Treble pops up I AM GETTING ON OF THESE!

  • farood5
    farood5 Year ago

    Keen to know the answer to the pixel skin etc too ?

  • Yoan Dominguez
    Yoan Dominguez Year ago

    How did you get the pixel look with the apps ?

  • IamHKer
    IamHKer Year ago

    Say no to ChiNa PR hacker phone

  • Swapnil Mohanty
    Swapnil Mohanty Year ago


  • Qban Celli
    Qban Celli Year ago

    Say No to 1080p screens on flagship phones:

    • timg2727
      timg2727 Year ago

      andyH_England I have no problem with 1080p displays, but I can absolutely notice the difference between 1080p and 1440p, especially on a 6" display with a pentile subpixel arrangement. Even on the 5" Pixel the difference is immediately apparent to me.

    • andyH_England
      andyH_England Year ago

      Qban Celli glad there are OEMs that understated tech and don’t follow the marketing nonsense of QHD. It is a fact that during normal use a person with 20:20 vision will not notice the difference on a 6 inch screen. Of course the benefits are better battery life, better frame rates and faster performance, less stress on components, etc. If you want silly resolutions there are many options for the teen market. For business users like me 1080p is the optimum and glad that Sony, Apple, et al still give us that choice.

  • Guy Davis
    Guy Davis Year ago +1

    Others have said the phone is coming tin gray, midnight blue and mocha brown. Good looking phone with great specs.