Jennifer Lopez on Her Most Extravagant Fashion Moment | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez talk with Liza Koshy about what they expect from tonight's Met Gala, and what JLo's most extravagant look of all time is.
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    Jennifer Lopez on Her Most Extravagant Fashion Moment | Met Gala 2019 With Liza Koshy | Vogue
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  • Internet InfoMedia
    Internet InfoMedia 2 days ago

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    Internet InfoMedia 2 days ago

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    Rolf J. 2 days ago

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    Rolf J. 2 days ago

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  • Nicole Perrelli
    Nicole Perrelli 13 days ago

    Taylor definitely look beautiful but I wasn’t crazy about the hairpiece just don’t like the way it was styled I like the way Kim Kardashian’s here piece was, it was more framed around her face I think she should’ve did it a lot more like that but JLostill look gorgeous as always

  • Juanito I. M.
    Juanito I. M. 15 days ago

    Cher plagiarism dress

  • NaTeesha85
    NaTeesha85 17 days ago


  • Marjo Deep
    Marjo Deep 19 days ago


    WETDREAM 24 days ago

    She's one of my first childhood girl crushes. Lol though she's too fashion to understand camp imo.

  • Alanna Legend
    Alanna Legend 28 days ago

    JLO is my ma tbh 😍😭

  • Ayushi Rawat
    Ayushi Rawat 28 days ago

    Lady never going to be old! Just becoming beautiful in every passing year

  • ci rob
    ci rob 29 days ago

    I don't believe in kissing celebrities asses treating them like gods , they are human and no better than anyone else

  • Delfine Jalik Mendes

    Jenni is a Beautiful oh m'y god

    JOCELYN RIVERA Month ago +1

    If my boyfriend doesn't look at me like Aaron looks at Jlo
    I dont want it🤷🏻‍♀️

  • марфа ивановна


  • Ela Salvo
    Ela Salvo Month ago


  • Аня Китаева

    Best Jennifer Lopez

  • Pron55 200
    Pron55 200 Month ago

    She's ugly and has a masculine face, I definitely do not know what people see her.

  • Toneka Halo Bovell
    Toneka Halo Bovell Month ago

    She never look old. What is the secret?

  • sasha vidal
    sasha vidal Month ago

    Love her look

  • Sukina Mayunga
    Sukina Mayunga Month ago +1

    Son nouveau gars la met vraiment en valeur, il s' éclipse pour la laisser briller mais ça se sent qu' il a du caractère, J' espère pour elle que c' est le bon

  • Nicolle Johnson
    Nicolle Johnson Month ago +1

    The diva 👸🏼

  • kristabelification
    kristabelification Month ago

    She doesn't look amazing. She looks foolish.

  • Уокер Пэд
    Уокер Пэд Month ago

    Foarte bine veri wal

  • Minerva Becerra
    Minerva Becerra Month ago

    I can seriously say that jlo finally has looked extremely super happy they both together make an amazing couple and I love how they are with each other i can tell by the sparkles in their eyes , I would really love to see a wedding soon LOVE You Guys 💙 GoD Bless You and your beautiful family 💙

  • Vivian Green
    Vivian Green Month ago

    That head piece be looking like one of rylands outfits he wore in his video of wearing Jeffrey starts clothes for a week

    ŽIBA RUMŠAITĖ Month ago


  • Cely Feliz3.0 HD lux

    Hermosa JLO👑👑❤❤

  • Henrik Slaug
    Henrik Slaug Month ago

    The REAL question is will Jlo ever look old!?

  • Ben Cart Wright
    Ben Cart Wright Month ago

    Jlo is so gorgeous husband should be proud

  • Claudia Fernandez
    Claudia Fernandez Month ago

    Ufff the hairstail looks like the kim’s one

  • Jazzy Boo666
    Jazzy Boo666 Month ago

    YES OH MY GOD 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Internet InfoMedia
    Internet InfoMedia Month ago

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  • Internet InfoMedia
    Internet InfoMedia Month ago

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  • Rolf J.
    Rolf J. Month ago

    Awesome video! It assisted me a lot!

    Majestic Video!I really love it! It assisted me a lot!

  • D M
    D M Month ago

    Inspiration was Rihanna. Her outfit wasn’t camp!

  • Anjail Bakeer
    Anjail Bakeer Month ago

    I nvr heard A Rod's voice. I'm thoroughly surprised.

  • Jackie Mittleman
    Jackie Mittleman Month ago

    Amazing necklace, I wonder who made it?

  • Rebekah Nieves
    Rebekah Nieves Month ago +2

    When you got a body like that you gotta flaunt it 24/7

  • Rebekah Nieves
    Rebekah Nieves Month ago +1


  • Tea Baggins
    Tea Baggins Month ago +1

    Where can I find me a humble, loving and caring guy like that?

  • myrah !
    myrah ! Month ago

    she looked AMAZING

  • Lu pacheco
    Lu pacheco Month ago

    ♥️ Queen ♥️

  • Franziska Steinke
    Franziska Steinke Month ago +1

    Preciosa Reina 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Sheep Sheep
    Sheep Sheep Month ago

    Her looks are alike Whitney's. Except that Whitney CAN really sing 😂

  • kristin
    kristin Month ago +1

    I love Jlo and she is beautiful but lately she’s starting to look like a drag queen impersonation of herself.

  • Alena w
    Alena w Month ago

    Arod is so cute he is soooo into Liza’s questions just look at his face

  • sjw s
    sjw s Month ago


  • tas w
    tas w Month ago

    Living for these interviews

  • nivlcuhcggd gc
    nivlcuhcggd gc Month ago

    Beautiful and natural woman

  • Tiffany Makkanal
    Tiffany Makkanal Month ago

    *LIZA, TURN AROUND!!!!!!*

  • qwertyuiopz123
    qwertyuiopz123 Month ago

    Not camp

  • Hazel Eye
    Hazel Eye Month ago

    She looked lovely and they complement each other ❤️

  • Masoma Hussaini
    Masoma Hussaini Month ago

    Love yoooouuu Jennifer 💗💗💗

  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua Month ago

    I think the celebs thought camp is old Hollywood glam

  • Hayley Jane
    Hayley Jane Month ago

    0:30 deep breath in and exhale. J Lo keeping them nerves in check!

  • joshua19942
    joshua19942 Month ago

    She looks really over the top as usual not that she doesn’t look good but she always has that same cut dress 😴

  • Sandeep Virk
    Sandeep Virk Month ago +1

    Ramen noodles has entered the chat😂

  • Savannah Pascal
    Savannah Pascal Month ago

    Liza must have a eensy weensy tiny poonsy.

  • Ismary Castillo
    Ismary Castillo Month ago

    Omg he’s so in love with her , just the way he looks at her it’s amazing 😉

  • Baldeesh Chaggar
    Baldeesh Chaggar Month ago

    Just love jalo x lost for words

  • Rhian DT
    Rhian DT Month ago +2

    Hasn’t Rihanna wore this already?.....same goes for Cardi B’s Omlete

  • TetsuKurono
    TetsuKurono Month ago

    She is too perfect for him.

  • Dee Alia
    Dee Alia Month ago

    First Motown now this... J Lo is a culture vulture. That head piece is a black woman thing. I wish we’d stop enabling this untalented “all lives matter” woman,

    • just me
      just me Month ago

      Get over it you sound ignorant

  • Abdullah Khan
    Abdullah Khan Month ago

    Looking ugly

  • Anusha Pote
    Anusha Pote Month ago

    I'm just watching these because of lizaaa...!!!!🤓

  • maddie 74
    maddie 74 Month ago

    Looks like she's had a boob job.Makes a Change seeing her without skinned animals on her back.

  • clare78
    clare78 Month ago

    I can’t ever understand what they are saytbj g the theme is / CAMP? CANT??? CANES?? Someone help me. I need my ears checked I guess.

  • abby weaver
    abby weaver Month ago +2

    The way Alex looks at Jlo😭😍😍😍 but omg she is so beautiful 🙌🏼

  • Michelle Hines
    Michelle Hines Month ago

    Jennifer looks beautiful

  • Moja Glas
    Moja Glas Month ago

    Ko ga bača u nesvest na JLo 😁?

    TRUE KING SPIRIT Month ago

    J Lo is still smoking hot

  • dragonfly6908
    dragonfly6908 Month ago

    All those months designing and making this dress and that dreadful headpiece and hours and hours having her make-up done and this is the end result?. Jennifer looks ridiculous. However, i must say that the necklace is beautiful and a stunning piece of jewelry and i believe it is a 65 carat purple sapphire and i would love to own it.

  • R.A Khan
    R.A Khan Month ago

    Did you see Billy Porter?
    J.Lo: No . where is he ?

  • rotting banana
    rotting banana Month ago

    Rihanna did it first 😏

  • Elbert Gone
    Elbert Gone Month ago


  • Othello Casugod
    Othello Casugod Month ago

    I saw that head piece of Secret Life of Jeffree Star

  • Eddie knotts
    Eddie knotts Month ago +10


  • Love LIFE
    Love LIFE Month ago

    Oh my God i love her♥️ What would you do if nobody is looking👑

  • Veni Vidi Amavi
    Veni Vidi Amavi Month ago

    *Jlo looking so classy, and keeping it humble* :)

  • Madona Tadros
    Madona Tadros Month ago

    JLO has some goooooood genes.

  • DaLane J
    DaLane J Month ago

    That’s the roaring 20’s look.

  • Makayla Dream
    Makayla Dream Month ago

    🌸❤️💯❗️WATCH MY RU-clip CHANNEL PLEASE❗️💯❤️🌸🐐

  • Neisha M
    Neisha M Month ago

    jen you are so cute. dump the big dope please.

  • Bunnyhoney
    Bunnyhoney Month ago +2

    Have to say, dress was super underwhelming.

  • Jamie Pearson
    Jamie Pearson Month ago

    She looks great for her age

  • Paradise Fairy
    Paradise Fairy Month ago

    JLo never age! A real goddess!

  • Kittah's
    Kittah's Month ago

    They all look like freaks!

    • Troye GrassiHoying
      Troye GrassiHoying Month ago

      Kittah's . just like they were going for :)

    • Kittah's
      Kittah's Month ago

      Troye GrassiHoying Well they most certainly are weird 😂

    • Troye GrassiHoying
      Troye GrassiHoying Month ago

      Kittah's That means they stayed true to the theme. They’re supposed to look weird and over the top :)

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez Month ago

    Jlo the Queen ❤❤

  • Jake Park
    Jake Park Month ago +1

    DRIPPED in diamonds

    (My friend and I made a video reviewing MetGala looks and we would really appreciate it if anyone checked it out on my channel!!:))) )

  • LanceLyde
    LanceLyde Month ago

    Jeffree Star wants his hat back

  • lucasluciani
    lucasluciani Month ago

    this woman is so godamn stunning

  • gadson100
    gadson100 Month ago

    my favorite person of all time. always down to earth, always real! love her xoxo

  • Linda Mouton
    Linda Mouton Month ago

    This would have went better with her long slick ponytail.

  • vanessa v
    vanessa v Month ago

    She looks amazing but I feel like she wears the same type of dress and has worn this before

    JOKERSLADY713 Month ago +1

    J LO looks AMAZING... I love her BEAUTIFUL head piece it's so GATSBY style.

  • Miriam Garcia
    Miriam Garcia Month ago

    Jennifer siempre usa el mismo estilo de vestidos!

  • MakeupByDhi
    MakeupByDhi Month ago

    Ohhh goshhhh ARod ids always starstruck by her.. I love how his love is so obvious.

    ASHA & HALIMO Month ago


  • Ceren Bekci
    Ceren Bekci Month ago

    i didint like her look for the first time !