OnePlus 6T versus Honor View 20: camera comparison

  • Published on Jan 26, 2019
  • THe Honor View20 and the OnePlus 6T are incredible flagship-tier smartphones that sell for 300-400 less thna their competition. While they both have a lot to offer in the specs department, camera performance its typically the main thing that suffers on cheaper devices. In this OnePlus 6T versus Honor View 20 camera comparison, you'll be able to see which device captures better pictures and videos
    Pixel 3 versus Honor View 20 camera comparison
    Pixel 3 versus OnePlus 6T camera comparison
    Pixel 3 versus Pixel 2 camera comparison
    Pixel 3 versis Pocophone F1
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Comments • 155

  • jimmiegie gie
    jimmiegie gie 16 days ago

    From these samples the view 20 seems to over expose and fails to retain the details when hit with light. And it's audio is just horrible. But for some close up shots it does seem way better then the op.

    DEATH- PLAYZ Month ago

    Honor v20👍.One plus 6t👎

  • Army Man
    Army Man Month ago +1

    Clear winner honorv20

  • Novosadska Plaza Strand

    video of view20 is crap! especially at night

  • vn chandan suprathik
    vn chandan suprathik 2 months ago


  • ziel otto
    ziel otto 2 months ago

    Which one is real color?

    TECH WORLD 2 months ago

    That's Honor V 20

  • Adrian Raneses
    Adrian Raneses 3 months ago

    I think the review for the video is fake oneplus has OIS but on the video its so shaky 🤔

  • Lefteris Betsis
    Lefteris Betsis 3 months ago +1

    We have one common. Two lovable daughters with one beautiful wife. By the way really nice review, thank you for this.😊

  • sunil siddiraj
    sunil siddiraj 3 months ago

    Honestly one plus 6t wins ... though I am iphone fan .... details clearly seen in 6t than view 20

  • Shreekant Malsekar
    Shreekant Malsekar 3 months ago

    That was a great video by the way
    Thankyou 😄

  • Shreekant Malsekar
    Shreekant Malsekar 3 months ago

    I wish there was an OLED screen on view 20 just to save battery, it would have been the most perfect device.

  • MsLittleChristine
    MsLittleChristine 3 months ago

    OP6T is clearly the winner for most pics, except night shots. Video and audio with the HV20 is useless!!

  • spontan chanel
    spontan chanel 3 months ago

    Honor v20 win,details good

  • Mar Lilia
    Mar Lilia 3 months ago

    You're blind and Bias if you will say Honor V20 is the winne gosh....view 20 little bit washout and very tiny sound quality. while ONe Plus 6t better in rare and front camera...great audio quality.

  • Houtarou Oreki
    Houtarou Oreki 3 months ago

    Next vivo v15 pro vs honor view20 pleas i'll Subscribe to wait the video

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  3 months ago +1

      Send us the phone and we'll make the video 😁

  • Mihajlo S.
    Mihajlo S. 3 months ago

    Pictures most of the time Honor - Video most of the time OnePlus 6T

  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu 3 months ago

    I like V20 in any ways.

  • Tech freak Anubhav soni
    Tech freak Anubhav soni 3 months ago +1

    Honor is best

  • ashouhdy
    ashouhdy 3 months ago

    3:10 what a huge difference ! the honor video sucks!

  • Arceus Eevee The Shiba Inu

    Oneplus 6T all the way... Better night shots and punchy colors...

  • sweet tooth
    sweet tooth 3 months ago +1

    Really enjoyed the video, I liked how you brought us along a day out with your family, I thought it was pretty cute.
    As a current P20 pro owner and previous P10 owner, I got to say, I am consistently impressed with the picture and video quality on the OnePlus.
    I'd say in general the OnePlus was more consistent. It had more balanced pictures in terms of exposure but slightly more saturated and warmer in tone than the View20. It also clearly has much better sound quality.
    But at the same time I like the more subdued colors of the V20 and found it had slightly better dynamic range.
    One area where the V20 definitely takes the lead is in low light environments.
    It's a shame you didn't take any shots in its night mode on this comparison, at least it didn't seem like you did.
    My opinion is that the OnePlus is better at handling situations that aren't in low light where as the View20 performs better in this area as well as having more detailed shots because of its large 48 mp sensor.

  • Jenner Stephan
    Jenner Stephan 3 months ago

    Honor view 20 produce natural effect

  • Sayeed Nazar
    Sayeed Nazar 3 months ago

    Which should I buy? 6T or View 20?....

  • Indigné pour 2
    Indigné pour 2 3 months ago +7

    Indoor -> 6T
    Outdoor -> V20
    Overall -> V20

  • Ze Chouli
    Ze Chouli 3 months ago

    OP 6T is better

  • Abhilasha Rai
    Abhilasha Rai 3 months ago

    Photo at 2:13 is not properly taken by the cameraman for honor v 20.

  • soroosh samadi
    soroosh samadi 3 months ago

    No OIS in honor 20 view, according to gsmarema

  • Yacine CHETOUANI
    Yacine CHETOUANI 3 months ago

    Sometimes View 20 better and sometimes 6T better
    I will give the win to the View 20 because of its' better lowlight performance.

  • For1000
    For1000 3 months ago

    It seems to me that Honor mic while recording videos is not good at all. While one plus gives out clear and good quality sound.

  • Pratyush Sharma
    Pratyush Sharma 3 months ago

    New Sony sensor in view 20 is good. If 6t had it I think it might win outright. Honor could have won easily if processing was a little better. Hardware is better on it.

  • Neil Robinson
    Neil Robinson 3 months ago +6

    Your family is cute man. God bless your family. ❤️

  • Prabhakar Shankhadhar
    Prabhakar Shankhadhar 3 months ago

    Video recording is better in one plus 6t because it has ois and photos are looking good in view 20

  • Secret Name
    Secret Name 3 months ago

    6t Gcam

  • Palajs Falzon
    Palajs Falzon 3 months ago

    I'm using an old smartphone and need an upgrade now... Which phone would you recommend for me especially for the camera please?

    LUCAS BREA 3 months ago

    Excellent review as always, I like more the v20 colors low light pictures and video. But they are both very good

  • wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay 3 months ago

    Both phones did almost equal except for the audio that oneplus is better. The photos both cameras do better in one place and then bad in the other place

  • PM7Gaming
    PM7Gaming 3 months ago

    Comparing 16 mp vs 48 Mp in a video with no zoom in is can only see the colour difference but not the actual image quality...zooming in to atleast 50-60% shows the real difference in image quality

  • Ali Kh
    Ali Kh 3 months ago

    The toughest one .. picking one of them over the other 🙅.. I'm confusion

  • Prakhar Gupta
    Prakhar Gupta 3 months ago

    Pictures on both the phones seem comparable except in the night mode where V20 takes big leap. Audio recording difference is huge between the two and v20 does so much better with clarity and noise cancellation! The difference in dark is huge at around 4.30 mark where you don't realize that there are people dancing in front of the stage until you see the v20 footage.
    Good comparison.

  • giedmich
    giedmich 3 months ago

    I understand that these are phone cameras, but still those sun lens flares and light bleeding annoys me a lot

  • Koushik Sarker
    Koushik Sarker 3 months ago

    Honor View 20 is definitely better. The dynamic range of OP6 is very bad. Low light photos aren't as good as v20. But the v20's video recording at night is not too good.
    but Microphone- Op6 has better quality with noise & V20 less good

  • Balachanthiran .k
    Balachanthiran .k 3 months ago

    View 20 tends to pick the original color of the environment.....while op 6t tends to pop up the existing color as more to give saturated look......tough decision though.....great comparison pro!!!! Keep it up!!!!! 👌👌✌️🙌

  • Amran Ibrahim Rashidi
    Amran Ibrahim Rashidi 3 months ago

    Amazing Huawei View 20...

  • Arya Purusha
    Arya Purusha 3 months ago

    👍 frm INDIA☺☺☺

  • Solanki Piyush
    Solanki Piyush 3 months ago +2

    Honor view 10 is also best camera phone📸📸

    JISHNU IJ 3 months ago

    I think v20 produce more softer image and in most of the pics 6t was more vibrand and better.

  • Poujik Golmei
    Poujik Golmei 3 months ago

    What is happening with the mic on v20

  • Nikhil Yadav
    Nikhil Yadav 3 months ago

    Nice comparison👍

    DAVID TJAHJADI 3 months ago

    Only low lights video oneplus 6T has an edge over honor view 20....

  • Zac Arshad
    Zac Arshad 3 months ago

    Where did you took all the shot? the place looks amazing.

  • Zac Arshad
    Zac Arshad 3 months ago

    I dont think, but i know it honor v20 is better.

  • IsshinTiger
    IsshinTiger 3 months ago

    OnePlus 6t is better overall although the v20 had some good shots, but i liked the results most of the time on the OP6T and some of the time on the v20

  • dillip kumar
    dillip kumar 3 months ago +3

    In my opinion 6t pics are vibrant and more pleasing to eyes.. #6t recording is far better than view 20..

  • Nik Arfan
    Nik Arfan 3 months ago

    Very very very good video showing comparison...thumbs up 👍

  • Maxime Laffitte
    Maxime Laffitte 3 months ago +1

    v20 much better, but dynamic range lacks quite a bit

  • Amrut Kerkar
    Amrut Kerkar 3 months ago

    View 20 loose battery drain test against one plus 6t

  • A Dalmia
    A Dalmia 3 months ago +21

    I just can't pick one. While in some shots. I really like the colors from the OP6T, I like the details in some of the other V20 pics. The dynamic range seems better in V20 in most shots, and so do the low light videos as they are simply much brighter. But some night time pics are overexposed in the V20. The audio from the 6T is far better.
    All in all, they both look really good indeed. I'm personally waiting for the OP7, that would be a much more interesting comparison. The 6T camera setup is practically a year old at the moment. Great comparison!

  • sarim khan
    sarim khan 3 months ago +1

    One plus 6T have better Result of camera

  • Gaming CC
    Gaming CC 3 months ago

    so par so soo long a crazy lover of oneplus phones and amoled display too.

  • Shashi Ranjan
    Shashi Ranjan 3 months ago


  • RifiFeooo
    RifiFeooo 3 months ago

    the honor has better rear camera but worst video and front camera

  • hypnozzz
    hypnozzz 3 months ago

    Great comparison! View 20 looks quite smushy on video, poor image stabilization with some artefacts. 6T has over sharpened video but handles white balance better on most scenarios. View 20 definetly has better DOF and detail on close ups and performs nicely on low light despite high mpixels. I'd choose 6T for videos but View 20 for photos :)

  • Vinay M
    Vinay M 3 months ago

    What's city is that ?

  • suresh vpack
    suresh vpack 3 months ago +1

    well done good job....V20 is winner..Specially audio i feel digital quality in V20 ...OP6T very low bit rate audio not digital .....v20 camera and audio excellent camera very brighter very good...thanks for your very good full doubts clear.....thanks thanks....V20 is winner

  • Ryan Badilla
    Ryan Badilla 3 months ago

    good job bro... 👍👌😎 nice side by side comparison... just subscribed to your channel...

  • Outarel
    Outarel 3 months ago

    Photo quality looks the same, but the honor has more megapixels
    Recorded audio quality is much better on the honor

  • Ankit Patra
    Ankit Patra 3 months ago

    Hi, am planning to go for a new phone, but am confused between Oneplus 6T and Honor v20. Please suggest me which one to go for. Am primarily concerned about photography.

    • demoneyeslaharl
      demoneyeslaharl 3 months ago

      +akash bajpai I'm using a lent mate 9 as a replacement, and I only have two things to say.
      1) LCD screen doesn't bother me too much.
      2) EMUI is not Oxygen.
      Number two will probably be your most important hurdle. While I can still use my phone as usual, the snappiness and speed is really not there. I also noted some slowdowns on games and some apps, and the charging speed is really not comparable.
      Camera is good, though. Better than the stock oxygen. But because of the chip, you can't use gcam mod. Take that as you will, and good luck with the phone buying dude. 👍

    • akash bajpai
      akash bajpai 3 months ago +1

      +demoneyeslaharl that is freaky!!i was about to buy v20 but lcd panel and magic ui is restricting me..whats ur view ?

    • demoneyeslaharl
      demoneyeslaharl 3 months ago +1

      +akash bajpai Okay, that is freaky. My OP3T screen was also shattered by a bad fall. The screen now almost completely black and I'm trying to find someone here to get it replaced.

    • akash bajpai
      akash bajpai 3 months ago +1

      Stuck on same question since my op3t got shattered 😞

    • demoneyeslaharl
      demoneyeslaharl 3 months ago +1

      +Ankit Patra Eh, we'll see. Rumors come and go.
      If it's true, gonna be a bit disappointed. I'm also a little iffy on the slider mechanism, but we do have to remember that the T variant comes out soon afterwards as well that will most likely be a redesign.
      I'm leaning on Honor v20 right now because it still has a headphone jack, but nothing beats oxygen os for me. Picking phones on a limited budget... It's hard, man.

  • Ibrahim Camara
    Ibrahim Camara 3 months ago

    Which phone should I buy op6t or view 20 or Google pixel 2 xl? And I wanna have a phone with a great camera great battery life and good performance (no lagging)

  • Ajith Memana
    Ajith Memana 3 months ago

    Definitely video quality is better on OP6T. No comments on photo quality. I was too much focused on video quality. Haha

  • Daan Made in Holland
    Daan Made in Holland 3 months ago

    Oneplus 6t is a shitty phone, camera sucks, screen sucks, costumer service sucks, price sucks, its a overrated piece of crap

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra 3 months ago

    Awesome man

  • amant ishan
    amant ishan 3 months ago

    What about old channel?

  • Emmanu Shaju
    Emmanu Shaju 3 months ago

    Awesome comparison. please do slow motion also..

  • Hamza Majouz
    Hamza Majouz 3 months ago +17

    I think op 6t is too much better in video recording also in day light photos.. But for night photography with the night mode the view 20 is definitely the winner is the best even in the night video recording ..I GUESS the v20 is the winner
    Thank you too much for the comparison test 😚

      PUBG GAMER 15 days ago

      Dont think so in video recording v20 has much more stability

  • Hamza Majouz
    Hamza Majouz 3 months ago +1

    Which one do you think has the best cameras : huawei p20 or pixel 3 or view 20 or op 6t... 😉

    • Hamza Majouz
      Hamza Majouz 3 months ago

      +Phandroid thanks 🙏🏼

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  3 months ago +1

      With those devices I think the Pixel 3 is the clear winner. Only down side it bad audio recording which has gotten better with last update.

  • John P
    John P 3 months ago

    It's so back and forth in each pic

  • TJun Gan
    TJun Gan 3 months ago

    6T battery drain issue solved?

  • AndroidHDgaminG
    AndroidHDgaminG 3 months ago

    Nice view20 will arrive next week had to choose between op6t though...considering both phones are great in there own aspect but i went to view20 as it has more features to consider like water cooling bigger battery no notch with headphone jack and a lot more...but still both phones are great no issues.

    IMMAD KHAN 3 months ago

    man i love ur reviews, so realistic and natural, keep up the good work 👍👌

  • TonoDoank Ajha
    TonoDoank Ajha 3 months ago

    Good job boss, keep it up.!

  • BuddhasVlogs Sp
    BuddhasVlogs Sp 3 months ago +11

    honor v20 its Winner👍️👌

  • Mohsen Mohammadi
    Mohsen Mohammadi 3 months ago

    Well i think both of them did great job. They were really equal, but i prefer to buy honor v20 because it's cheaper😊😊😊

  • Đuro Drljača
    Đuro Drljača 3 months ago

    6t for day, V20 for night

  • LG G2
    LG G2 3 months ago +5

    6T is one step ahead over V20!

  • Mansoor Z Firoz
    Mansoor Z Firoz 3 months ago

    good work bro

  • santosh reddy
    santosh reddy 3 months ago

    What's the megapixel of tof3D in v20 plz can any one tell me

  • Mr. NoBuddie
    Mr. NoBuddie 3 months ago +2

    Wow view20 video nailed during night

  • Glass Man
    Glass Man 3 months ago

    Love the pics on the v20 but op6t on the vid, and the night shots are also better on the v20, v20 mics aren't very good, just wish the v20 had a oled, not that I'd buy a Huawei phone with all there suspicions

    • Glass Man
      Glass Man 3 months ago

      By the way nice vid man

  • ERROR._. 404
    ERROR._. 404 3 months ago

    But I like the video recording of 6t better in low lights details are perfect than v20. V20 is overexposed

  • ERROR._. 404
    ERROR._. 404 3 months ago +1

    V20 beast

  • lukemothug
    lukemothug 3 months ago +3

    View 20 did slightly better some pictures were better on the one plus 6T

  • Nam Ngyen
    Nam Ngyen 3 months ago

    I think honor is better

  • Tushar Sharma
    Tushar Sharma 3 months ago

    I would prefer the honor view 20 bcoz it performed very well in night photos and videos as well

  • Антон Березин

    Oneplus 6T still

  • Raghu Ram Ram
    Raghu Ram Ram 3 months ago +2


  • Cobus Potgieter
    Cobus Potgieter 3 months ago

    Neither of them really impress me. The microphone on the Honor isn't good so that for me makes the one plus 6 t better. Both phone didn't impress me in low light conditions. The phones doesn't seem to deliver consistent results in some of the photos.

  • abhinav pandey
    abhinav pandey 3 months ago +3

    Loved ur video ,keep up the good work

  • yankee0949
    yankee0949 3 months ago

    6T better. There are no good cameras at this price range from my point of view. Pixel 3 and XS are the best.

  • Lucky Peter
    Lucky Peter 3 months ago +9

    Honor view 20 for the photos