UFC 246: Conor McGregor Octagon Interview

  • Published on Jan 19, 2020
  • Hear Conor McGregor's post-fight comments immediately after his knockout victory over Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone at UFC 246 in the first round.
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Comments • 17 623

  • Tito Ramirez
    Tito Ramirez 7 hours ago

    This fight was so fix, commentators work so hard to trying to make it look real, even cowboy grandma jumped in the ring to congratulate him, please,

  • 1k subscribers With no video

    I will never understand sports

  • Simplelife
    Simplelife 7 hours ago

    Joe “the squirrels took my eggs” rogan

  • volkrays99
    volkrays99 7 hours ago

    Did McTapper just TKO Jon Jones in 40secs? Because that’s what his nuthuggers are acting like lol! Cerone at this point always losses badly and this is literally a meaningless win.

  • Yousef
    Yousef 7 hours ago

    Khabib: send me location.

  • kingquestOZ
    kingquestOZ 7 hours ago

    9 million views this guy is a super star

  • toughluck8012
    toughluck8012 7 hours ago

    I thought that looked like joe Rogan

  • Jory Schultz
    Jory Schultz 7 hours ago

    Rematch rematch

  • A Jay
    A Jay 7 hours ago

    Much respect to Cowboy .. 💯

  • itsme Thansil
    itsme Thansil 7 hours ago

    Fight is 40 sec...
    Interview 4 min...
    King is back

  • Shibui Shibui
    Shibui Shibui 7 hours ago

    Cowboy is a warrior

  • FlameBR34TH
    FlameBR34TH 7 hours ago

    3:50 Joe had to remind Donald who he is after that beating

  • alanjrkaminski
    alanjrkaminski 7 hours ago

    Oh once again it's okay for Rogan to be on Connor's nuts

  • SushiGoHard -
    SushiGoHard - 7 hours ago

    We all know MasVidal was wetting his pants after calling out Conner and watching him T.K.O Cowboy

  • Old MajinKing Vegeta
    Old MajinKing Vegeta 7 hours ago

    He won because of PROPER TWELVE

  • BillionDreamsTV
    BillionDreamsTV 7 hours ago

    Real Fans of Conor: click on name and subscribe for videos

    THREETEN MIKE 7 hours ago +1

    Well dan bilzerian lost alot of money in a couple of seconds 🥴🤣

  • Seas
    Seas 7 hours ago

    *after khabib conor learned what "respect" means.*

  • Fredy Mendez
    Fredy Mendez 7 hours ago

    I will never understand why people love this sport ! But if this shit happened in boxing smh are these fighters even elite ? Imagine training for months and this happens? At least the very elite boxers don’t fucking go down that easy and Conor is apparently the face of the sport and has lost more than three times I just don’t get the why ppl watch this sport also most of the time they are on the floor dry humping each other

    RIOMACK11 7 hours ago

    Masvidal still gonna spank that ass Connor.

  • Braden Keating
    Braden Keating 7 hours ago

    cowboys post fight was amazing man. wanna see more of that

  • bobnardo26
    bobnardo26 7 hours ago

    This sucks. The fight was over b4 i got my wings!

  • Manuel P.
    Manuel P. 7 hours ago

    What did he say in the last sentence after "im back im ready"? i couldnt understand it

  • Atlantic Eye
    Atlantic Eye 7 hours ago

    No entiendo ni vergas

  • collette o'connor
    collette o'connor 7 hours ago

    Makes a change from hitting old men conor.

  • Frox Dz
    Frox Dz 7 hours ago

    Always remember habib

  • Private Pug 1997
    Private Pug 1997 7 hours ago

    Lol TKO Win by Connor gimme your belt McGregor lol

  • bkstacker 247
    bkstacker 247 7 hours ago

    I love masvidal but stop with the belt cowboy tour the man

  • C W
    C W 7 hours ago

    Forget Khabib vs Conor rematch.. Im looking forward to Conor Jr vs Danger

  • John Carr
    John Carr 8 hours ago

    "And anyone of these MOUTHY FOOLS CAN GET IT"!! "The King"

  • Goofy Horse Gaming
    Goofy Horse Gaming 8 hours ago +2

    thank u cerrone for bringing mcgregor back into the fight

  • Sean Kissane
    Sean Kissane 8 hours ago

    Well done Connor HON THE IRISH

  • AnAtoly FurmAn
    AnAtoly FurmAn 8 hours ago

    Конор кебаба накормит в стойке

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega 8 hours ago

    I would love to see Connor fight Gorge Masdival. I truly believe that Connor would TKO Masdival in 3rd round!!!

  • Stephen Moore
    Stephen Moore 8 hours ago +1

    3:19 Connor remembers to get back into character and sell tickets for his next fight.

  • Morgai Fly
    Morgai Fly 8 hours ago

    Conor beats a journeyman with an unexpected move and the world goes nuts. Literally 10 videos on trending in the UK. Khabib mauls and dominates this McTapper and hardly any hype.

  • Mitch Stevens
    Mitch Stevens 8 hours ago


  • James Lee
    James Lee 8 hours ago


  • 슈퍼슈파
    슈퍼슈파 8 hours ago

    한국사람 찾습니다

  • Blakk Mask
    Blakk Mask 8 hours ago


  • Mehmet zengin
    Mehmet zengin 8 hours ago

    That's shambles biggest mach fixed😡😡😡

  • Drew Owings
    Drew Owings 8 hours ago

    Donald thought Conor’s shoulder strikes were elbows

  • Info Maroc
    Info Maroc 8 hours ago

    Khabib normacmidov

  • Mister Bolticus
    Mister Bolticus 8 hours ago

    Connor has all my respect the way he treated Cowboy once the TKO was called

    ANDY JONES 8 hours ago


  • mikser banan
    mikser banan 8 hours ago

    Ktos PL?

  • Thomas Bozly
    Thomas Bozly 8 hours ago

    Congratulation McGregor

  • Ahmad Nazir
    Ahmad Nazir 8 hours ago

    This is number 1 bullshit

  • wa l
    wa l 8 hours ago

    khabib will show you what's a knock out

  • Thomas Bozly
    Thomas Bozly 8 hours ago


  • gato fantastico
    gato fantastico 8 hours ago

    WTF gano like

  • Finn 8
    Finn 8 8 hours ago

    Mir lieber als Loredana auf der 1

  • george caiden
    george caiden 8 hours ago

    This is why Conor McGregor is the BEST MMA fighter in the wrld 40 seconds

  • Mitch Stevens
    Mitch Stevens 8 hours ago

    Still kicking tail?

  • GDK Lifestyle
    GDK Lifestyle 8 hours ago

    This made me respect cowboy even more

  • highview seeker
    highview seeker 8 hours ago

    Man just 40 seconds and cowboys face is all fucked up

  • Brian Cheng
    Brian Cheng 8 hours ago +1

    Just realized that tall dude in the back that Conor casually hugged is Tony fucking Robbins.

  • Andrew Law
    Andrew Law 8 hours ago +1

    Nate Diaz? Who???

  • Kane Clarke
    Kane Clarke 8 hours ago

    Fair play to security lad with cowboys nan. Top man

  • Gilgamesh Modinkin
    Gilgamesh Modinkin 8 hours ago

    This fight game getting weird