What to Do After Hitting 60?! (Classic WoW)

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Wow. You finally did it! You reached level 60!... What now? Well, let's go over some tips on what you should do in your first steps in endgame!
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  • Platinum WoW
    Platinum WoW  Month ago +273

    Squeezed this video in before launch! Hope you guys enjoy :) F I V E D A Y S

    • Pål Harald Rindal
      Pål Harald Rindal 29 days ago

      Can we get a solo vid of the "Whats up are you seriously farming" thing?

    • patgrt83
      patgrt83 29 days ago

      As the literal god said, you should have more subs. Thanks for your content.

    • zelden666
      zelden666 Month ago

      You might want to add a note on the video correcting the mount info.
      In Classic the training is cheap and the mounts are expensive. Source - www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/43828-riding-skill-in-wow-classic/

      ANGEL MUSIC VIDEOS Month ago +1

      Make friends everyone we need to unite for anything to pop off and everything comes second XD

    • Mustard Gravy
      Mustard Gravy Month ago

      what server are you playing, you cheeseburger eating, walrus ass mafucka?

  • Matthew Christensen

    holy fucking hell. "... I know who you are, rude little bitch." I'm so glad I found this channel.

  • Ethan Ordorica
    Ethan Ordorica 2 days ago +1

    ayeeeeee I see the steroids hoodie

  • xXFeralArtsXx
    xXFeralArtsXx 3 days ago +1

    I wish they'd go one step further and add ARENA system in classic. :(

  • Half_Finis
    Half_Finis 3 days ago +1

    4:50 is just the best voice acting ever

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 3 days ago +2

    superb editing

  • S. T.
    S. T. 4 days ago +1

    “there is a lot to do endgame” not really

  • jonathan reyes
    jonathan reyes 6 days ago

    I’m such a casual only level 8

  • Matt Bezak
    Matt Bezak 6 days ago +3

    The porn ad got me dead! 😂😂 Liked and subed

  • Cernold
    Cernold 7 days ago

    Well you reach 60 you make new character as endgame is shit and classic is all about leveling

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 7 days ago

    Shit, 900 for the training and 100 for the mount? Just give me the mount, I’ll google how to ride it lol

  • Tuscani J
    Tuscani J 7 days ago +1

    Oh shit, thank you for bringing up keys, I almost forgot about doing a retail m+ this week lol

  • darklordneo
    darklordneo 8 days ago

    #EndGame ftw

  • Turtlemilk -
    Turtlemilk - 9 days ago +2

    Your edits are amazing

  • Jake P
    Jake P 9 days ago +2

    2:16 best joke in the video

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 10 days ago

    I don't know if I would enjoy Classic or BFA better. I quit playing years ago around mid WOTLK timeframe. Never hit end game. Any suggestions?

    • sycoraz
      sycoraz 8 days ago

      You might need to buy those new expacs otherwise, so it is cheaper for classic if u don’t have an up to date account

    • sycoraz
      sycoraz 8 days ago

      Rusty Shackleford well you pay one subscription for both at the same time , so either way try what you want lmao ?

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 8 days ago

      sycoraz Enticing answer!

    • sycoraz
      sycoraz 8 days ago

      Rusty Shackleford try the game ???

  • Nameless Vermillion
    Nameless Vermillion 13 days ago

    It’s gonna take months for twinking to comeback. Everyone is still in the starting zones.

  • dago
    dago 14 days ago

    These "comedic skits" are so fucking cringe.

  • Aran
    Aran 15 days ago +1

    I'm noticing you're inspired by several old school machinima creator.

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago

    you can go on a classic forum and whine about a Burning Crusade classic server?

  • Xavier B
    Xavier B 15 days ago +5

    that ninja edit! i cant stop watching these vids lmao

  • griffinj1204
    griffinj1204 15 days ago

    Great video!

  • Avenging Demon
    Avenging Demon 15 days ago

    World pvp!!!!

  • mischiefpwns
    mischiefpwns 16 days ago +2

    Lol damn I only hit lv 20 yesterday.

  • Danielle Josephine
    Danielle Josephine 16 days ago

    I have that same death grips sweat shirt

  • Mark K
    Mark K 16 days ago +3

    asmongold sent me :)

    • M U
      M U 14 days ago

      fck off asmoncuck

  • Vampretta Liam
    Vampretta Liam 16 days ago

    damn that guys cute in beginning *.*

  • mc bad robot voice
    mc bad robot voice 17 days ago

    Go outside

  • -Alucard-
    -Alucard- 17 days ago

    Man World PvP should be more rewarding.

  • ellescer
    ellescer 19 days ago

    You forgot; Get a girlfriend.

  • asrickman1
    asrickman1 19 days ago


  • ಠ_ಠ
    ಠ_ಠ 19 days ago +4

    I just realised, I'm not gonna be wasting my time on this game. Quitting now at level 28.

    • ಠ_ಠ
      ಠ_ಠ 14 days ago

      @Kaninstek Still having nostalgia from being 14 years old and experiencing it all the first time though, but life responsibilities calls.

    • Kaninstek
      Kaninstek 14 days ago

      ಠ_ಠ probably the right choice

  • SajserWoW
    SajserWoW 19 days ago +3

    You are a god. Love your videos and the editing is amazing!

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 19 days ago

    Video reminds me of zombieland because he sounds like Jesse Eisenberg and is a giant WoW nerd. Good job man great video.

  • joobin ebrahim
    joobin ebrahim 21 day ago +6

    60% of the game is running alive and another 40% is running dead .

  • Clandestine Comments
    Clandestine Comments 22 days ago +2

    And it isn't actually that good, boring. Slow and pointless

  • Funnerific01
    Funnerific01 22 days ago

    Hi Platinum WoW, I want to try classic for PvP but I'm worried about having to grind consumables in the endgame. How much do they matter in PvP and what class should I go to win battlegrounds against people who are fully kitted out?

  • Thomas Murray
    Thomas Murray 23 days ago

    Does your hoodie go YUH! Each time you level up?

  • sergio LandZ
    sergio LandZ 23 days ago

    are they going to re release the expansions too ?

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 24 days ago +1

    Hahaha the whats up bitch had me roling, we all seen her befor4 you know its true

  • FocusPics
    FocusPics 25 days ago

    Just buy gold on ebay

  • Darrell Darrell
    Darrell Darrell 25 days ago

    Sorry but when you've hit 60 you are really fat and you lost your job, wife/gf, house foreclosed on and car repossessed.

  • Ricardo8388
    Ricardo8388 25 days ago

    This video is gonna be usefull in 5 month.. for people with a real job

  • SuperKinahead
    SuperKinahead 25 days ago

    I mean, getting to 60 for the first time aint gonna take three days

  • david grinstein
    david grinstein 25 days ago +1

    warcraft 3 town/cities resources + WoW = end game

  • The Slow Noob
    The Slow Noob 26 days ago +2

    i know who you are .. you little bitch !
    I like her !

  • Mathieu Avisse
    Mathieu Avisse 26 days ago

    generally that's when i quit the game

  • Mad Cogwheel
    Mad Cogwheel 26 days ago

    Vanila doesnt have Goblins... Vanila sucks

  • Mighty One
    Mighty One 26 days ago +1

    love the vids. not much useful for me, but thanks.

  • Hugheszie
    Hugheszie 26 days ago

    Just spent 4 hours in classic. I'm level 7 now. Good times.

    • Saint Upid
      Saint Upid 26 days ago

      Boy you must be busy dying our wandering around. Haha well speed isnt important its about the fun

  • Calvinwitha K
    Calvinwitha K 27 days ago

    When I hit 60 in classic I'm gonna go kill arthas

  • Q T
    Q T 27 days ago

    This is totally world of roguecraft inspired

  • Sorgutentarer
    Sorgutentarer 27 days ago +1

    lol very good animations :)

  • Heinrich Bezuidenhout
    Heinrich Bezuidenhout 27 days ago +1

    Have a like just for that "I'm with my boys" edit.

  • enigma?
    enigma? 27 days ago

    alliance scum

  • Dalton Stewart
    Dalton Stewart 27 days ago

    What do you mean? Now we can finally play the game.

  • Jare The Bear
    Jare The Bear 27 days ago

    Cringe jokes aside good info

  • Pyro411
    Pyro411 27 days ago

    Wait... did I miss something? Did they adjust leveling or something? 5 days may have been possible in classic zones during modern times, but true classic/vanilla without any of the catch up mechanics was a true march into madness without having a big group of people dedicated solely to leveling you up.
    Fun memory that made me do a WAIT WTF is that? As an alliance toon "Might work as horde as well, not sure" make the trip once to BRD as a ghost and in the rock held up in place by chains you'll find a dead NPC with a quest for you.

  • kypřící prášek
    kypřící prášek 27 days ago

    s/o to you

  • Aaron Christoffersen
    Aaron Christoffersen 27 days ago

    Lololol hey this is pretty funny! Great job 😂