Lucky Fishermen Who Caught Never-Before-Seen Creatures

  • Published on Aug 26, 2018
  • Fishing's a popular sport. Here are some of the most unique creatures that have ever been reeled in by lucky fishermen from the sea.
    What if MEGALODON Sharks Were Still Alive?
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  • Puffo Playz
    Puffo Playz Day ago

    I caught a golden trout

  • Fintaly Yolontan
    Fintaly Yolontan 3 days ago

    Okay I am a extreme fisherman and I fish all the time and as I mentioned in a different comment, I have an albino lobster as a freaking pet. I actually own an aquarium not open to the public of all the weirdest catches I have ever gotten. I have actually found many new species and bred them too. I actually have 3 “sharks” in the aquarium and I do actually have many many many of the weirdest marine life.
    But I have to admit the weirdest catch I have in there is a 25ft long creature that I actually caught when it was a baby (it was 4 ft long as a baby). It’s my favourite thought because it is neon blue and normal blue, it looks like a dolphin cross whale cross I have no f*cking idea what. His name is Magic and he is sooo kind and friendly with me and others who visit. By caught I actually mean I found stuck in my net.
    Then the second weirdest has to be 100 completely white creatures that have no eyes and grow up to 2 ft long. I actually found their eggs and the eggs looked like parrot fish eggs so i looked after them like parrot fish eggs.
    Now by how I mean my aquarium is not open to the public I actually do have about 100 visitors a day who have paid the $1000 entrance fee. And I’m these visitors usually include of extremely famous people and obviously rich people who have come from all around the world. And although I basically gain $100000 each day I spend it all on my marine life.

  • Fintaly Yolontan
    Fintaly Yolontan 3 days ago

    OMG I CAUGHT AN ALBINO LOBSTER THE OTHER DAY AND I THOUGHT IT WAS NORMAL SINCE I ONLY STARTED TAHT DAY!!! I AM SOOO HAPPY THAT I KEPT IT ALIVE!!! It is now called... Bobby. I originally kept it alive because it looked cool so it’s now living in my house and I went to all the troubles to keep it as a pet... I love my bobby
    Edit: the 2 toned lobster is actually what my dad caught when he was 15 years old and was famous for it... SUCKED IN FATHER BECAUSE I CAUGHT A RARER ONE

  • Nicholas Park
    Nicholas Park 6 days ago +1

    7:07 Winter Soldier is that you with a Magikarp????

  • Jek l3löödmöön
    Jek l3löödmöön 9 days ago

    so to resume all youre shit is one time in a million

  • Jave Jadraque
    Jave Jadraque 10 days ago +1

    That was not a colossal squid it’s a giant squid, colossal squid is bigger than that.

  • DAMU!
    DAMU! 11 days ago

    Its like getting a AK-47 case hardend with full blue in csgo

  • Dominic Van der Merwe
    Dominic Van der Merwe 11 days ago

    South Africa not Indonesia
    The Coelacanth was first found off coast of South Africa not Indonesia
    "The coelacanth, which is related to lungfishes and tetrapods, was believed to have been extinct since the end of the Cretaceous period.[13] More closely related to tetrapods than to the ray-finned fish, coelacanths were considered transitional species between fish and tetrapods.[14] On 23 December 1938, the first Latimeria specimen was found off the east coast of South Africa, off the Chalumna River (now Tyolomnqa).[6][15] Museum curator Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer discovered the fish among the catch of a local angler, Captain Hendrick Goosen.[6][15] Latimer contacted a Rhodes University ichthyologist, J. L. B. Smith, sending him drawings of the fish, and he confirmed the fish's importance with a famous cable: "MOST IMPORTANT PRESERVE SKELETON AND GILLS = FISH DESCRIBED."[6][15]"

  • fac TV
    fac TV 13 days ago +4

    0:35 this fish looks how the magikarp from pokemon

  • Jason G
    Jason G 14 days ago

    I want a tank of white lobsters

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes 14 days ago

    Albino catfish are not rare

  • Fayanora Ahnabahn
    Fayanora Ahnabahn 14 days ago

    That first white lobster is preeettttyyyy...

  • Caleb Manges
    Caleb Manges 15 days ago

    that guy who caught the koi kinda looks like bucky frome the marvel movies

  • Jazukoplayzz Z
    Jazukoplayzz Z 16 days ago

    11:49 worlds longest dildo

  • Gracelyn Gooding
    Gracelyn Gooding 16 days ago


  • Dj Hatchet The Eckodile

    the first one looked like a magikarp ._.

  • JGillylikes Budsalot
    JGillylikes Budsalot 18 days ago

    "poking you're rod into the deepest darkest depths" that's what she said 😂😎

  • Sience or Something
    Sience or Something 20 days ago

    theres no such thing called a rainbow trout ! its not real only people call it like that . ^^

  • mikale harb
    mikale harb 20 days ago

    anyone else ever caught a albino blowfish??

  • The Worst Channel On YouTube

    I love how they said lol jk when the shark bit the foot

  • Tony Plays
    Tony Plays 22 days ago

    ( read in a alstralain acsent ) dam look at the teeth on that thing. I want to touch it

  • Shaplin
    Shaplin 22 days ago

    I live in Norway

  • Kidd Amazing
    Kidd Amazing 23 days ago +1

    No like magickarp

  • Kidd Amazing
    Kidd Amazing 23 days ago +1

    I am a fan of pocket monsters

  • Kidd Amazing
    Kidd Amazing 23 days ago +1

    Oh I love fish 😂.😎😣😑😐

  • Kidd Amazing
    Kidd Amazing 23 days ago +1

    So shut up fraud slut slut

  • Kidd Amazing
    Kidd Amazing 23 days ago +1

    Fuck you awhile I'm one 12 so f ur self :;)

  • Best of youtube
    Best of youtube 24 days ago

    Where live you can catch golden trout all day!!

  • Krystle Dominguez
    Krystle Dominguez 25 days ago

    Two asses on one fish

  • Matthew Harkins
    Matthew Harkins 26 days ago

    I saw an albino catfish when I was 8-9yr old in the Ohio river, it was a little one bout a pound or so

    SEAHAWKS! Fan 27 days ago

    2:36 then people have seen it
    2:57 again its been seen before

  • Green Penguin26205
    Green Penguin26205 27 days ago

    Twice I coughs fish that had only one eye and one of them were very skinny and green like a zombie fish!!!

  • Owen Sarvis
    Owen Sarvis Month ago


  • Good Day, Addie
    Good Day, Addie Month ago +1

    I like how everyone pronounces coelacanth wrong

  • Ahmed Asif
    Ahmed Asif Month ago


  • Ali D
    Ali D Month ago

    The very beginning of the video when they talk about the two species that supposedly died out millions of years ago are exactly why I don't believe in evolution.

  • KingOfSting AC
    KingOfSting AC Month ago

    I catch palaminos all the time

  • John Dagher
    John Dagher Month ago

    4:25 that’s the coolest thing I have ever seen

  • Mr_Mystic
    Mr_Mystic Month ago

    Look what jesus did! Look what jesus did! Look what jesus did! Look what jesus did! Look what jesus did! Bahahah

  • Alexneutron
    Alexneutron Month ago

    Did he say ni pissing

  • Taran Robinson
    Taran Robinson Month ago

    that's cool

  • joshua Lapuz
    joshua Lapuz Month ago

    Plot twist: fish caught rare human

  • Leo Lanfold Ryuzaki

    He megamouth shark reminds me of feeding frenzy 2 shipwreck

  • JoeDaRav3r
    JoeDaRav3r Month ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg priceless!!! Y'all are useless and don't look into what you make videos about, nor do you revise your scripts. The faceless fish. You said that some species in the depths and caves have no eyes and instead rely on bioluminescence to navigate. Bioluminescence is light. To navigate with it would definitely require the ability of sight. Not to mention that bioluminescence is there for none other than to stimulate what sense? Sight. Lmaoooooo

  • Scooby Snacks
    Scooby Snacks Month ago

    He sounds like the guy from the geico drill sergeants make bad therapist?

  • Tim Gertz
    Tim Gertz Month ago

    Brian Cantrell lives in Port Bolivar, TX. and has pictures of his piebald shark. Check him out on Facebook

  • Monique Marilyn
    Monique Marilyn Month ago +5

    I love how scientists didnt know a species was still living but then they find one and suddenly they know just how many their are in the ocean....makes sense! 😶

    • Alex Polyak
      Alex Polyak 21 day ago

      Monique Marilyn scientists already knew that there were more species left to discover

  • Volga Wolfhounds
    Volga Wolfhounds Month ago

    not a pickerel, a pike. Pal you need to NOT quit your day job. This was terrible. The humor was cringy as fuck and you just made a lot of shit up and are trying to pass it as fact.

  • BrickFire
    BrickFire Month ago

    Who else likes the intro?

  • Hi 9
    Hi 9 Month ago

    1:39 is that 69?

  • MBK -Ceno
    MBK -Ceno Month ago


  • IceGaming YT
    IceGaming YT Month ago


  • Weston Little
    Weston Little Month ago

    More ocean videos!!!

  • Luci Bear
    Luci Bear Month ago

    One of them is me

  • Fiercest Phantom
    Fiercest Phantom Month ago

    Those trainers are really lucky....
    I mean Fishermen

  • Rekt YT
    Rekt YT Month ago

    Anyone notice LIL YAGHTY

    MEMES 'O' RAMA Month ago +19

    No joke i have actually caught a Albino Catfish in my grandpas pond. And its not a April Fools Joke

  • Clay _player
    Clay _player Month ago


  • Daniel Gonzales
    Daniel Gonzales Month ago

    Dumbass jokes

  • Jocelyn Daoust
    Jocelyn Daoust Month ago

    Fishing a sport lolll

  • lange darm
    lange darm Month ago

    If you thought that it's mouth was weird, wait till you had a look at it's toothbrush?
    is that supposed to be funny?

  • lange darm
    lange darm Month ago

    dude, i know you're really kind of nerdy and that's okay when you're really into extraordinary things like this but why the **** would you reference to pokemon? That just spoils things for me.

  • LunEkoYT
    LunEkoYT Month ago


  • Freta Freeman
    Freta Freeman 2 months ago

    Never before seen yeah ok they saw it soo it has been seen dumbass

    Jk but I’m right

  • Kody Haak
    Kody Haak 2 months ago +1

    I guess everything happens 1/100000000 chance out here now.. Seriously annoying stop saying it like its a fact bro

  • babe brown
    babe brown 2 months ago

    I hope they release these
    I doubt it though

  • Anders vidios
    Anders vidios 2 months ago +1

    Like vis du er fra Norge

  • Alex9k000 Gaming
    Alex9k000 Gaming 2 months ago

    I’ve caught 4 golden trout in a private stream that nobody can fish anymore

  • Aunt Cynthia
    Aunt Cynthia 2 months ago

    Cool fish

  • unspeakblegame 0
    unspeakblegame 0 2 months ago

    this guy is a skrull

  • DJ Gene
    DJ Gene 2 months ago +1

    Wth. How would your rely on bioluminescence for navigation if you don't have eyes?!

  • Pubg lover
    Pubg lover 2 months ago +1

    As if oarfish weren't rare enough themselves

  • Masked Pride
    Masked Pride 2 months ago +1

    Video:*mentions Indonesia*
    Me,an Indonesian: **hype af**

  • SilverGalaxy728
    SilverGalaxy728 2 months ago

    If the white lobsters are rare do they breed them?

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina 2 months ago

    I caught a fish once. Literally in my whole life I've only caught the one. Unfortunately the only company I had was my sister's shih tzu. I showed it to him but he wasn't interested.

    METHOD ONE 2 months ago

    4:16 The rare 'Penis Fish'.

  • charmes jane Melmida
    charmes jane Melmida 2 months ago


  • Angelique Arboleda
    Angelique Arboleda 3 months ago

    Pokemon,filipino i'm proud to be filipino yee

  • Karen Berry
    Karen Berry 3 months ago

    Seriously there should be laws to not be able to keep these rare catches for sport

  • MOHAMMED Yusouf
    MOHAMMED Yusouf 3 months ago

    God is great

  • Badger Queen
    Badger Queen 3 months ago

    An orange koi... Wait its a Magikarp!

  • yoopsfishworld Wagon
    yoopsfishworld Wagon 3 months ago

    That 2 color lobster is half cooked they turn red when cooked

    LIME STREAMZ 4 months ago

    4:30 man that rhymes

  • good corn seeds
    good corn seeds 4 months ago

    Psome rpeople ble pthink bhat bwe pode dfoshes de be is stuiped in the brain eciils

  • BloodCat Studios
    BloodCat Studios 4 months ago

    If I ever caught a rare fish like that I’d try to keep it alive or something

  • Vikings jeff 1
    Vikings jeff 1 4 months ago +1


  • Galactic Gamer
    Galactic Gamer 4 months ago

    4:35 My Conner Im The Android Sent By Cyberlife *Eats Fish and Jelly*

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 4 months ago

    0:28 is magicarp

  • The Purple Electabuzz
    The Purple Electabuzz 4 months ago

    That looks like a magikarp

  • Lola Pulkin
    Lola Pulkin 4 months ago

    “White lobsters like this are the rarest of the rare” *shows picture of a crayfish*

  • Wayne Davis II
    Wayne Davis II 4 months ago

    So you find a rare endangered fish and kill it. Why? 🙄

  • glitzy beanieboo beanieboo

    Just kidding bill said it was real I was amazed

  • Dragon Gamer
    Dragon Gamer 4 months ago +1

    I am from Norway someone else like if you are 👍

  • FurryFace
    FurryFace 4 months ago

    why the heck would people jump overboard after catching a Frilled Shark , i mean that's where it came from duh !

  • Hayden GNeff
    Hayden GNeff 4 months ago

    Lesson on mahi mahi, they can change colors many times in a few mins. They can be blue, green, yellow, silver, and even brown. Blue means they are mad/content. And I think green and yellow mean they are distressed. But different color magi mahi isnt uncommon

  • Sam Wallstrom
    Sam Wallstrom 4 months ago

    How come it sounded like you got spooky with the mic at one point in the vidio.

  • glitzy beanieboo beanieboo

    5:39 the cyclob shark is fake because ive seen it in bills channel real or fake

  • XVY
    XVY 4 months ago

    Shine pokemon?

  • Skylar Ware
    Skylar Ware 4 months ago

    I caught a blue picarole

  • Ohshii
    Ohshii 4 months ago +1

    Ayy 7:47 shoutout to Dirt Nasty for being in a fishing video hahaha