The Horrible Things FEMALE North Korean Soldiers Have To Go Through

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • From malnutrition to bad treatment, these are the terrible conditions North Korean female soldiers have to go through.
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    North Korea is famous for being a hermit kingdom. Under the strict control of the Communist Party and dictator Kim Jong-un, the military shows unwavering dedication to the government. However, many soldiers try to defect across the Demilitarized Zone or the country’s northern border with China. The successful defectors often share horrific tales of life in North Korea. Military service is mandatory, even for women. And in this country, women’s rights are virtually non-existent. They have to deal with that grim reality on top of the malnutrition and poor sanitation that they face. Many South Koreans were enamored by the North’s Army of Beauties, who acted as cheerleaders during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. In this video, you'll hear about the strange practices of North Korea’s military. You'll also uncover The Horrible Things North Korean FEMALE Soldiers Have To Endure. Despite Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in’s historic peace talks, women in North Korea still endure terrible conditions.
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  • 김 공원제니
    김 공원제니 Year ago +471

    They suffer :/ and I say my life is bad..

    • Yuno Gasai
      Yuno Gasai Month ago

      Yeah, it proves how lucky we all are.

    • jogga singh teidy
      jogga singh teidy 4 months ago

      we r suffering due to poicies of our governments, all government need to impriove it's peoples lives. out wet soldiers have died lack of food and r homeless.

    • Aaron Brown
      Aaron Brown 5 months ago

      AdmiralSalty bu

    • T Lima
      T Lima 5 months ago

      Sure, how about the good things in the military????

  • Oru lalettan fan

    Fuck 😏asshole country of mother fucker leader

  • Frank Dofelmier
    Frank Dofelmier 3 days ago

    I am sure it is a workers paradise there, I heard AOC say so.

  • FinalBoss2K
    FinalBoss2K 3 days ago +1

    Sucky sucky long time

  • Lizzie's World
    Lizzie's World 4 days ago +1

    Do you wanna know where is the hell in earth?
    *north korea*
    Do you wanna know where is the heaven on earth?
    *you're country*

  • Shane Kennedy
    Shane Kennedy 6 days ago

    North Korea is communist in name only. It is a dictatorship.

  • jadoo dookun
    jadoo dookun 6 days ago

    this is propaganda too!

  • Richard Rauch
    Richard Rauch 8 days ago

    ......and don't forget - humpty trumpty gives this society his stamp of approval.

  • six bullet is bad at destiny

    Very fuckable

  • ᔕᑌᑎᖴᒪOᗯᗴᖇ ᗩᗴᔕTᕼᗴTIᑕᔕ

    Meanwhile American women are crying about the car their boyfriend got them

  • misbah noor2003
    misbah noor2003 11 days ago +1

    does anyone else also feel that the channel is going way too hard on North Korea

  • miliyo
    miliyo 11 days ago +5

    Love how people are using this video as some sort of justification for American women to be treated less than American men

  • Countryballs Random Publishes

    Kim Jong Un is satanist he torture his people to satisfy Satan. Do not believe him he is using Trump meeting to stabilize external looks on him. He is evil and deceitful man.

  • Robert Waterman
    Robert Waterman 12 days ago

    I hate to tell you that all women in any military that go to war zones suffer horribly, they end up victim's of rape, torture and murder at the hands of both enemies and allies. That's why women should not serve in the military.

  • swarna mohanty
    swarna mohanty 12 days ago +1

    Best country

  • Bashir Muhammad
    Bashir Muhammad 13 days ago

    Gruesome. I hope that one fine day,freedom will come to these unfortunate peoples.

  • Gerald Roy Panter
    Gerald Roy Panter 14 days ago +1

    all what these people do is just repeat repeat

  • 웃음이 멈추질 않아icantsmilebecause

    these beautiful women are suffering so much omg🤧💪💟🧡💗💜💙🖤💙

    JACK CASSELL 14 days ago


  • Jerry
    Jerry 14 days ago

    I still hate North Koreans

  • joe smith
    joe smith 15 days ago

    The mail soldiers are treated equally as bad just like every other military branch in any country

  • Prabin chacko
    Prabin chacko 15 days ago


  • Humanity First
    Humanity First 18 days ago

    Why International media doesn't show barbaric acts of korean govt... Only media is busying in showing stuffs of saudi arabia... So sad..

  • Renato Pasamonte
    Renato Pasamonte 21 day ago

    Kim’ favorite hobbies, firing missiles & begging food aid

  • J Pall
    J Pall 21 day ago


  • Shobhit Mishra
    Shobhit Mishra 24 days ago +2

    This is nothing but straight out horrendous..How can you treat women in that way.
    No nation should promote that kind of system for a male or female
    A Nation's citizen make a country and if they are not given their rights then it is a shame for the leaders who are in charge of it.This nation treats people as prisioners and has been brainwashing them constantly..
    These men,women and children are not even aware of what is out there in the real world😔😔

  • ᔕᑌᑎᖴᒪOᗯᗴᖇ ᗩᗴᔕTᕼᗴTIᑕᔕ

    Omg....... I never knew the truth about this........ I feel so bad for them...... :(

  • Danny Wickens
    Danny Wickens 27 days ago

    Ron pickering would sort it

  • Harry Hogfart
    Harry Hogfart 28 days ago

    Sexual abuse and rape are defined by the United Nations counsel on human suffering as ANY sexual contact between a male known to have Tiny asian penis Syndrome (TapS) and a female whether he claims it was “consensual” or not.

  • Holly Owens
    Holly Owens 29 days ago

    War crimes👌

  • Rough Magic
    Rough Magic 29 days ago

    I see many videos about how bad they have it there . I wonder why no countries go in and save these people from this man from hell

  • Samarjeet Singh
    Samarjeet Singh 29 days ago

    Very good

  • Leah M
    Leah M Month ago +1


  • Leah M
    Leah M Month ago +1

    North Korean women are the only women who have an excuse for not reporting any type of sexual abuse.

  • Bubbles DeVille
    Bubbles DeVille Month ago

    And today’s pathetic feminists cry and whinge at the slightest thing. Shameful.

  • •《 Eunåe Edits 》•

    I was born in Seoul. Kind of close to North Korean (Seoul South Korea) I feel,so bad for them. I’m lucky I wasn’t born in north korea

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe Month ago

    What the FUCK is horrible here?

  • Be good Or be good AT it

    🇦🇺❤️ fortunate.

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy Month ago

    Power Corrupts Absolute Power Deprives,,,,,

  • GoddessLinda1
    GoddessLinda1 Month ago

    Dear QUAN Yin, please invade North Korea, with humor, and better food, and whatever else will dissolve Kim Jong Un’s icky rule. Thanx!

  • GreenSheepNomad
    GreenSheepNomad Month ago +1

    This is the story of Bernie's Beauties. Free food, free health care, free school. Sounds like a good place to live. Everyone gets to live off the fat of the land. Enjoy all that privilege. Live the good life in the land of get everything for free.

  • paul leepoy
    paul leepoy Month ago

    do they have palm trees in north korea?

  • Stephen Ruff
    Stephen Ruff Month ago +1

    These people are suffering because all of the valuable resources are being spent weapons and the dictator is living in luxury.

    • GreenSheepNomad
      GreenSheepNomad Month ago +1

      100% of the time this is how Socialism ends up.

  • Dr Soul
    Dr Soul Month ago

    Fuck them

  • Husnain Naeem
    Husnain Naeem Month ago

    I hate north Korea

    SURESH ANAND Month ago

    Simple USA cornering North Korea like Afghanistan and Iraq. But this North Korea having nuke. I request ,don't do such videos. It my trigger enemiety. North Korea is simple country. Where military in country have own rules.

  • meatKog
    meatKog Month ago

    North Korea is one of the many hells here on Earth.

  • Vector Kriss
    Vector Kriss Month ago

    Look at guy in 3:46

  • علي السرحان

    كل عام وانتم بخيرن)

  • Mitchell Clifton
    Mitchell Clifton Month ago

    These women r beautiful

  • Peter Wong
    Peter Wong Month ago +2

    So if war did breakout, then North Korean soldiers wouldn't last long in the battlefield.

    • Tjoy910
      Tjoy910 Month ago +1

      Pretty much. Huge army full of weak, abused, malnourished soldiers.

  • Fernando Trujillo
    Fernando Trujillo Month ago +1


  • winglessang31
    winglessang31 Month ago

    I hate this country but damn those female soldiers are hot.

  • Wanda Ashley
    Wanda Ashley Month ago +3


    • Keith Hinchcliffe
      Keith Hinchcliffe Month ago

      very shortsighted of you. Such an act would have definitely started wwIII with Russia.
      and stop yelling.

  • Abril Martinez
    Abril Martinez Month ago

    ... did you say female *rubs eyes* im prethy sure thats not a good idea because then whos gonna take care of the kid when the mothers is in war you need someone to take care of the kid(s)

  • Wai Yeng Looi
    Wai Yeng Looi Month ago

    Male not enough

  • sonali desai
    sonali desai Month ago

    I pity those men who uses women's body when they themselves are born frm a women's body I pity those men who cannot even do household basic chores tht they r exempted frm doing them. I pity those men who do not close their eyes if women r in the washroom fr nature's call and wen dey r forced to stand in front of dem. I pity those men who have got a brain to rape women and what not. God saved me by giving me birth as. A woman no t man am lucky i worry abt these men a lot coz karma returns!!!!! No matter how muh powerful one is

  • MonkeyBricks34
    MonkeyBricks34 Month ago

    I really love American propaganda, they always like to hide other info that makes it not as bad. And if that is not the case it means the US spies on others since there are no footage of these things, just fillers. (This doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen, but it always seems to not be completely true)

  • malcolmclark2001
    malcolmclark2001 Month ago

    Clowns In America

  • helen m
    helen m Month ago

    this is fukin disgusting come get me!

  • memelord
    memelord Month ago

    lmao trash

  • I am the King of the Poo People

    Every North Korean female Soldier must first Rub warm Oil all over Kim Jong Uns Big Belly, THEN feed him Cheetos and Peanut butter Cups. Then they are forced to Orally please and then Swallow the Great Leaders Load.

  • Andrew Repolusk
    Andrew Repolusk Month ago

    Kim we got bigger brains not dick.

  • Andrew Repolusk
    Andrew Repolusk Month ago

    We need rice to grow in our cities
    And I reckon we can win soon so we all see it for see real.

  • Andrew Repolusk
    Andrew Repolusk Month ago

    I've got until 22 May 2019 for the court case they tried to make over me and you.

  • Carris Higgins
    Carris Higgins Month ago

    And Anti Americans talk shit about there own country smh

  • Yasel Marigold5807
    Yasel Marigold5807 Month ago +2

    Damn these innocent women in painful hell!!😢💔

  • Drew Yetti
    Drew Yetti Month ago

    Its terrible, but what about the male soilders?

  • Řøşę黄雅智
    Řøşę黄雅智 Month ago

    Who saw the footage when they told us to subscribe they watched a music vid of a singer it honk it was Harry styles lol

  • con amido
    con amido Month ago

    At this rate kim won't be able to take down america at all most probably their own people and the soldiers and anyone who wants to change the rules will destroy the from the inside so best course of action to stop this is to wait or throw down a money bomb and have so much money thrown down to the point that won will be useless forcing the "great leader " to ask help from neighboring countries.

  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 2 months ago +36

    My heart goes out for these people.
    I could have been born in that awful place

  • Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane
    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane 2 months ago +1

    "They also have to endure the same horrific conditions of their male counterparts" So? I thought we are equal now? BIGOTS!

  • Madjackblack
    Madjackblack 2 months ago

    Why the footage from Chinese war films like Assembly?

  • just me
    just me 2 months ago

    I hear 'reports', 'some say' 'many females say'. not one piece of information given is backed by any data or truth. sounds more like 5:41 of nothing more than bullshit propaganda to again, belittle the North Koreans.

  • SamTheGamer 135
    SamTheGamer 135 2 months ago

    They got rape that the saddiest thing ever I wanna bring all innocent people from North Korea and nuke it I will start with the president place

  • J. M.
    J. M. 2 months ago

    well Donald Trump made it possible that North Korea is that piece we haven't heard about any nuclear missiles going off for the last 18 months so why don't you talk about that unless your organization is a liberal pink hat, bitch

  • KT2
    KT2 2 months ago

    Not less then hell

  • Lefty Hara
    Lefty Hara 2 months ago

    typical lameness of N Korea.

  • Hotolu Yepthomi
    Hotolu Yepthomi 2 months ago +1

    Turning life into human robotic.

  • peter Kalehuawehe
    peter Kalehuawehe 2 months ago

    Where do you get these facts from?

  • Barbara Wasilak
    Barbara Wasilak 2 months ago

    So WHAT is the PURPOSE of this regime to still exist in XXI century?... Serious question

  • Fatal Ritte
    Fatal Ritte 2 months ago

    What the hell are the nuclear weapons for when your healthcare system is a joke and your troops are aren’t healthy. Talk about ass backwards...

  • Robert H
    Robert H 2 months ago

    nuke them

  • PjdTheSpeedster
    PjdTheSpeedster 2 months ago

    Many rapist go unpunished because victims are afraid to report their attackers.

    thats all the victim's fault. such bullshit i will never understand.

  • Fred. The. Master. Pro Suhren

    North Korea $U€KS

    • Id Id
      Id Id 2 months ago

      This whole world sucks.
      Every fukking square foot.
      And its run by slimy,stinking communist sikkos.

  • Stillo Chillino...
    Stillo Chillino... 2 months ago

    The place is one big nut house

  • m schiffel
    m schiffel 2 months ago

    North Koreans treat their women worse than muslims do.

  • Rajkumar Wadeyar
    Rajkumar Wadeyar 2 months ago

    I wish they get their freedom soon

  • nicole picknell
    nicole picknell 2 months ago

    They just want armies and power there to greedy

  • The Madman
    The Madman 2 months ago

    Selling their bodies? I think that's the last thing you should think of them doing.

  • 3rdworldtraveler
    3rdworldtraveler 2 months ago

    Its a shithole but now that Un's bestus buddy is Trump things will chang

  • A Dizzle
    A Dizzle 2 months ago

    Short answer: no/ long answer: mmmmm no

  • Don't Bet on It
    Don't Bet on It 2 months ago

    They all look happier than Melania Trump.

  • Atomic B5172
    Atomic B5172 2 months ago

    It is hilarious how women constantly rationalize their weaknesses as being cast upon them by men. Science has proven time and again of males intellectual and physical superiority while social scientist do everything they can to make it look like it is something else such as unfairness. If women were equal to men, they would never have been where they are in the first place ... which is second place.

  • carforumwanker
    carforumwanker 2 months ago

    some sexy pussy there !

  • BigXChungus 0
    BigXChungus 0 2 months ago +1

    It is just as bad for men too. And why should the female soldiers have a better life then the men. I say keep it good for everyone

  • Captain7484
    Captain7484 2 months ago

    Proof that our women and men need only be greatful for the freedoms we currently hold. The complaining and entitlement needs to stop. We must learn to be content in our roles and work together to make this better for everyone!

  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green 2 months ago

    I volunteer I will go to North Korea and I will work very closely with all of these young girls I will dig in and get to meet them all and get to know them all intimately to make sure that I understand in America understands them I will give them all individual attention day and night I will endeavor to discover their secrets and how they can be soldiers and feminine I will do this for my country My Sacrifice is strong

  • Lordoftheflyfilms
    Lordoftheflyfilms 2 months ago

    This feels like it was scripted by a govt propaganda outlet like prageru.

  • Comic_Drips
    Comic_Drips 2 months ago +122

    Meanwhile American women are complaining about their Starbucks order.

    • Between You and me
      Between You and me 2 days ago

      @Ameek Gurung I'm 13 half American and half another culture those that make me half a slut and bitch didn't know.

    • miliyo
      miliyo 11 days ago +1

      Ameek Gurung lmao look at all this ignorance

    • Tele Pups
      Tele Pups 14 days ago

      @21 phandoms! At the disco you as well, I wish you the best :)