Crazy Animal Encounters That Led To Amazing Rescues | The Dodo

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • These people all had the craziest animal encounters - and they all ended in incredible rescues! The group working together to save the giant manta ray is amazing 👏
    Footage provided by ViralHog: (
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Comments • 2 359

  • K. Szaroldinho
    K. Szaroldinho Day ago

    5:00 alcohol in the background*
    -we're alright 😀

  • estranhismo n
    estranhismo n Day ago

    ray its in brazil

  • Swaggi Boyz
    Swaggi Boyz Day ago

    Man that snake is long as heck

  • Valeria Saenz
    Valeria Saenz 2 days ago

    They are savers for animals

  • Ghshr Ksidhc
    Ghshr Ksidhc 2 days ago +1

    Harvey could've been a part of your family, I'm sure he wouldn't just fly away like that. Some animals don't forget so easily what was done for them.

  • Steven Hawk
    Steven Hawk 2 days ago

    My last name is hawk, I approve of this video.

  • Steve Chandler
    Steve Chandler 2 days ago

    The snake...fu*k that.

  • Charlie Foxtrot
    Charlie Foxtrot 2 days ago

    I think trapping should be illegal!! It's barbaric and primitive. You don't know who or what animal will get caught in that trap and it's literally torture. Don't get me wrong I'm not the type of person that thinks hunting is bad, unless it's for sport because killing things just for the sake of killing is wrong, but trapping is inhumane and evil.

  • Bmonster
    Bmonster 2 days ago

    0:12 You in the Morning, having a great time and suddenly you feel something tickling your butt...

  • Angel Brian Heaven
    Angel Brian Heaven 3 days ago +1

    This si scary and stuff but it’s nice and kind to save the world trapped animals that are getting extinct and and also from human kind if it’s a meat eater still save it’s life you might have to chance as having it as a pet it will notice you for saving them so look out for something go extinct or that’s injured or sick or anything save its life!

  • Liam Moore
    Liam Moore 3 days ago


  • thicclettuce 15
    thicclettuce 15 3 days ago

    Jesus f*ck that guy that just filmed instead of helping the manta ray

  • Depressed existence
    Depressed existence 3 days ago

    Thicc majestic sea flap flap

  • Miguel Ernesto Marquez
    Miguel Ernesto Marquez 3 days ago +1

    Hay gente que se preocupa por lo animales pero otra que no les inportan les da igual la naturalesa asi deberia ase la gente como ellas y ellos 😏

  • Isora ST9
    Isora ST9 4 days ago

    Ewwwwww a snake in the toilet😨🙈💩 0:06

  • PlayingWithFilipinoPlaysRBLX

    Woah they said S**t

  • Star_Struck
    Star_Struck 4 days ago

    ɑաաաաաաաա հօա ϲմեҽ!

  • Star_Struck
    Star_Struck 4 days ago

    ɑաաա հօա ϲմեҽ íտ եհɑե??

  • Vattenballong
    Vattenballong 4 days ago +1

    Imagine snail in toilet

  • Byte Foundry
    Byte Foundry 4 days ago

    I bet that stingray was harpooned less than 5 mins later

  • Corruption
    Corruption 5 days ago

    0:57 pretty sure thier plan is to suffocate it 😂

  • Draken Knight
    Draken Knight 5 days ago

    I like how they named the Hawk Harvey

  • Liz Blalock
    Liz Blalock 5 days ago

    wow is this real this is amazing

  • glormp glormp
    glormp glormp 5 days ago

    I think remember that hawk being on the news or something here after Harvey

  • Vivek Jusrut
    Vivek Jusrut 5 days ago

    The dodo is my county

  • Nop da Call
    Nop da Call 5 days ago

    never poop over international waters

  • Neutron X
    Neutron X 5 days ago

    Animals: *Gets rescued by people*
    PETA: *ThAt'S AnImAl AbUsE*

  • shogrran
    shogrran 5 days ago

    at least wash the damn snake...

  • rainyish
    rainyish 5 days ago

    faith in humanity restored :)
    tbh if you were in my country the people would have
    1. killed the snake
    2. just stand and take videos of the manta ray

  • Niamh Henwood
    Niamh Henwood 5 days ago

    My cat has a attitude like that cougar when she is hungry

  • Hunter Lamparter
    Hunter Lamparter 5 days ago

    That hawk just wanted to party bra!! He knew you had all that whiskey. Can’t blame him. I like to party!!!

  • c&s j
    c&s j 5 days ago


  • monica warren
    monica warren 5 days ago

    I love a happy ending❤

  • Sarah Barber
    Sarah Barber 5 days ago

    The tiger was im hurrting and scary then when they got that thing he was thank you

  • Sarah Barber
    Sarah Barber 5 days ago

    Ill be screami running far away

  • XxPeacxyXx Roblox-Gacha and more

    4:12 the close up of the hawk

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 6 days ago

    The hawks look just take what you want man 🤣

  • Mia Bakker
    Mia Bakker 6 days ago +1

    I like the se because the y suave animals

  • Chris Shellenberger
    Chris Shellenberger 6 days ago

    Dude look at the motherfucking claws on that hawk. You do NOT want those things near your face.

  • Polina.S
    Polina.S 6 days ago

    Так приятно смотреть, как спасают животных 😄

  • clay forester
    clay forester 6 days ago

    That snake was adorable

  • Francis Anthony
    Francis Anthony 6 days ago

    The Dodo, without getting preachy or making others feel defensive, I just want to say something that is a possibility in any rational mind. These videos reflect a truth. That we can be a higher form of ourselves, a purer image, maybe even the image of God. Just a reflection on my part.

  • HairyCunt6969
    HairyCunt6969 6 days ago

    I'd keep the hawk

  • bean the alien XxX
    bean the alien XxX 6 days ago


  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 6 days ago

    Why does he hawk look so traumatised 😂

  • sir drew
    sir drew 6 days ago +2

    No Steve Irwin square up jokes for the big ray

  • Jojo gaming 264
    Jojo gaming 264 6 days ago

    Oh wow it is soook amazing im sooooo jelly

  • Clark16001 strike
    Clark16001 strike 6 days ago

    0:10 WTF

  • MicrowavedHAmser 82
    MicrowavedHAmser 82 6 days ago +1


  • Aldiggy2000
    Aldiggy2000 6 days ago +7

    5:05 almost seemed like part of the family until you called social services lol. Hawk would have been your friend for life

    • Kimberly M
      Kimberly M Day ago

      You need specialized equipment to care for a hawk properly.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 6 days ago +1


  • Zoey K
    Zoey K 6 days ago +15

    I had no idea manta-rays could be that big!

  • Your Fish, Pisces
    Your Fish, Pisces 6 days ago

    Imagine getting your butt bitten by the snake while you're pooping.

  • alexibear25
    alexibear25 6 days ago

    is there a follow up on the hawk?

  • Polar The Ice/ SeaWing

    The hawk be like:’Dude,let’s get outta here’

  • Nitro MC
    Nitro MC 7 days ago

    O offence I like how these guys helped these animals instead of abusing them

  • Uptightking45
    Uptightking45 7 days ago

    The hawk was just there like, “si”

  • StarFruit69
    StarFruit69 7 days ago +7

    1:56 trapping animals like that should be illegal!

    And I'm talking about the foot trap

    • Generalhockeysnipes
      Generalhockeysnipes 6 days ago

      StarFruit69 they don’t actually hurt the animals they are made with jaws to hold so that you can either dispatch he target animal or release an animal if it isn’t your target species. Know your facts before you disrespect someone else’s passion!

  • V3ry H1gh
    V3ry H1gh 7 days ago

    Imagine if Ash just gave Pikachu away. Breaks my heart

  • Sofia Morcillo laverde
    Sofia Morcillo laverde 7 days ago +1


  • rob dog
    rob dog 7 days ago

    I think that Hawk was used to people ..... like he had been 'tamed' ....

  • paradroidx
    paradroidx 7 days ago

    And that's why we are here

  • Pieonix Gaming
    Pieonix Gaming 7 days ago

    One day one of thoes dudes who saved the manta will be drowning and it will appear out of nowhere and take him to the sure

  • * Muzify *
    * Muzify * 7 days ago +4

    the guy who let the hawk stay was a underrated hero

  • bolanle ajatta
    bolanle ajatta 7 days ago

    Good the hawk met him yo

  • Az The gamer
    Az The gamer 8 days ago

    After the snake thing i don’t think I can use toilets

  • TheRitesh
    TheRitesh 8 days ago

    This is america

  • Gracelyn G
    Gracelyn G 8 days ago

    Who else is now scared to sit on a toilet 🚽!!

  • Helena He
    Helena He 8 days ago

    Hawk : *Afk for a while*
    Driver : He seems to be scared, he don't know what's going on....

  • Ktech Agar
    Ktech Agar 8 days ago +8

    Wow those people who help the lion are amazing for putting their life on the line.

  • Karen Younger
    Karen Younger 8 days ago

    God is not just in a church house

  • James 201
    James 201 8 days ago

    I think the hawk just seen something he dosent want to see

  • Eesaa Channer
    Eesaa Channer 9 days ago

    The poooooô☠️☠️👾

    STEPHANIE MOORE 9 days ago

    The snake in the toilet would make me want to "camp poop!"

  • Suemaiya H8sPapaya
    Suemaiya H8sPapaya 9 days ago +1

    Damn Harvey is a frightening but beautiful bird ❤️

  • GREAT jaggi
    GREAT jaggi 9 days ago

    Who dislikes this ?

  • The K Sisters
    The K Sisters 10 days ago

    When I seen the ray I thought it was the fish trap lol 😂

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen 10 days ago

    That hawk can see into the future. He saw the beginning of ww3

  • Demetria Dark
    Demetria Dark 10 days ago

    0:28 Is that a poop? A rat? No its a bloody snake 😱

  • Kurt'O
    Kurt'O 10 days ago

    Snake in the toilet is the stuff of nightmares!

  • Ana Aguilar
    Ana Aguilar 11 days ago

    They suck they could eat a big corn

  • Ana Aguilar
    Ana Aguilar 11 days ago

    All of the other people that were Getting the lion and the big thing that was in the water

  • Judson and Samson
    Judson and Samson 11 days ago +3

    What if your taking a dump and the snake bites your butt.

    Well $***

  • J D
    J D 11 days ago

    Imagine waking up and damn Hawk is just staring at you ...doing nothing

  • Cypher Supreme
    Cypher Supreme 11 days ago

    Imagine swimming in the sand but Manta jumps you and says

  • Gold
    Gold 11 days ago

    0:19 "What's up dude"

  • I Dunoh
    I Dunoh 11 days ago

    I know I might be the only one that thinks this, but dang that rat snake is beautiful!

  • GoldenEGG 10
    GoldenEGG 10 11 days ago

    You should of made him a lil home in your garden and felt honoured to of been chosen,
    instead of following your orders...
    stuffing him in a bin and being a good lil worker bee/citizen... :(

  • shanti kurz
    shanti kurz 11 days ago

    Hawk took his first hit on some Mary Jane and is like duuuuuude

  • Yeet
    Yeet 11 days ago

    Yeah I'm gonna look for snakes everytime I wipe myself now

  • Enzo Montojo
    Enzo Montojo 12 days ago +1

    The hawk be like: dO yOu HaVe SoMe BeEr?

  • Erin Piazza
    Erin Piazza 12 days ago

    I hope the cougar was okay and his paw didn’t get infected

  • 💢Zalzion⛼
    💢Zalzion⛼ 12 days ago

    With the hawk yall dont realize that is a horrible sign when a typical animal is stuck with a human. Its sign of end times.

  • Moonlight_ Gacha
    Moonlight_ Gacha 12 days ago +1

    At 3:00 is the manta ray , as you can see , I have something to say , the boat in the background at 3:27 {some footage of the boat} I think that they might have been the ones that caught it , anyone agree? 🤔

  • Magician 190
    Magician 190 12 days ago

    1:17 snake: ey, what's this? Great, another sewer entrance!

  • FireFoxGamer 123
    FireFoxGamer 123 12 days ago


    Sub to pewdiepie or your 2019 will be runied

  • martushk Plays
    martushk Plays 12 days ago

    I am in the toilet while I was watching this I looked to see if there was a Snake but thanklly not😂😄😅😯

  • Till W
    Till W 12 days ago

    That's the only reason we are on earth... to take care not to destroy.

  • Miraculous Seagull
    Miraculous Seagull 12 days ago

    No it’s a sneck.

  • XxMaster Gamer Xxx
    XxMaster Gamer Xxx 12 days ago