K-pop World Sensation Takes Fandom To The Next Level

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • The Rise Of K-Pop Culture And Why It's A Phenomenon Now.
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    What does it take to become a huge K-pop idol? It’s far different than you might think, and we’ll reveal some of the extensive training these idols are put through before their big debuts. We’ll also talk about the history of K-pop, and how it’s spread from Korea to the rest of the world. And of course, we’ll talk about some of your favorite groups, and discuss just what sets groups like BTS and BLACKPINK apart from the rest. While the life of a K-pop star may look glamorous on the outside, we’ll let you know what is really going on behind the scenes, from dealing with crazed fans, to having to bunk with your bandmates.
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  • Carolyn Delenn
    Carolyn Delenn 4 months ago +319

    What's your favorite K-pop band?

  • KOREAN Something
    KOREAN Something 17 days ago

    27:18 They are not KPOP Band, they are Japanese. omg. you guys can not tell KPOP bad and japanese.

  • nikki j
    nikki j Month ago

    Watching this video make me worried about the of bts member. I hope they are really happy like they are showing to us.

  • Leer Rongs
    Leer Rongs Month ago


  • Kimberley bts170
    Kimberley bts170 2 months ago

    *sees bts*
    welp time to watch this vid

  • Pickawin Gly
    Pickawin Gly 3 months ago

    BEWARE of TALKO channel. They are a known Kpop hating site, always putting out negative/misrepresentation videos trying desparately to discredit Kpop and Asian entertainment. Just look at how many "negative" videos this channel does on Kpop. As if American music industry isn't 100x more corrupt in every way. TALKO is subtly racist and trying desparately to discredit Kpop. Like I said, look at how many videos they have bashing Kpop. It's amazing.

  • Lia leimapokpam
    Lia leimapokpam 3 months ago +1

    I'm only here for BTS 💜👑💜

  • Natyra D
    Natyra D 3 months ago

    But if being a k-pop idol is that BAD why do people DO it ??

  • Flying Dumpling
    Flying Dumpling 3 months ago

    this is so crazy....like why do people call it "dating scandals"....where is the scandal? let them be happy o,o they are not objects someone can possess o: and in my opinion they would be even more successful if they would be treated like humans :/

  • Elvira Haydter
    Elvira Haydter 3 months ago

    The Government needs to intervene in order to protect these children.

    • fatimah anwaar
      fatimah anwaar 3 months ago

      what about ending sexism in K Pop and the discrimination against girl groups and female solo idols?

  • skskskksksks skskskksksks
    skskskksksks skskskksksks 3 months ago +1

    Can y’all stop comparing groups that aren’t even under the same company? And stop comparing western artists and kpop idols, they are both from different cultures with different standards. Also not everything in this video applies to all kpop groups/artists/companies. Stop acting like you know you everything just because you went on google and searched all this up. You don’t even know how the South Korean culture or K-pop industry works so you wouldn’t understand why companies treat their idols the way they do. And again STOP comparing artists form different genres. Each genre of music is different and has different standards and expectations.

    FOREVER A.R.M.Y 4 months ago


  • Sunset Rose
    Sunset Rose 4 months ago

    It's because there are so many KPop idol group and solo that must fight in KPop industry. That's KPop behind the scene, i don't know why people always talk about kpop idol life, but still i prefer choose KPop than another pop, because KPop quality is better than others

  • diala xoxo
    diala xoxo 4 months ago

    isn’t anybody gonna talk about the picture of jimin and rose?

    BTS & GOT7 TRASH 4 months ago +1


  • Goutham Reddy
    Goutham Reddy 4 months ago

    Westerns musicians make more with their shitty music proves that Americans are just Stupid nothing more nothing less

  • DustyMusty Crusty
    DustyMusty Crusty 4 months ago


  • Namjoons Thighs
    Namjoons Thighs 4 months ago

    We all know that these type of channels don’t what happens to K-POP groups they just need views🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Beatriz Dedase
    Beatriz Dedase 4 months ago

    Bts now can date anyone???!!! 😲😲😲😲😲

  • Karma Deki
    Karma Deki 4 months ago

    The thumbnail though...
    Our world wide handsome man... 💖💖💖💖jinn🇧🇹🇧🇹🇧🇹🇧🇹💖💖😍😍

  • idgaf
    idgaf 4 months ago

    •what pisses me off about this video is that you're focusing mainly onwhat the big 3 companies say.
    •You can't compare girl groups and boygroups with each other unless they're from the same company.
    Blackpink is not with bighit and bts isn't with yg.
    bighit is not part of the big 3.
    •and no, plastic surgery is not part of the contract.
    idols have the right to deny any surgery if they're not comfortable with it.

  • Abby Glass
    Abby Glass 4 months ago

    Great video! well researched and presented! thank you!

  • MPGisBTSArmyBae Fighting

    This video, thumbnail and claims are very misleading!😡

  • Victoria Naniwise
    Victoria Naniwise 4 months ago


  • shivani chhetry
    shivani chhetry 4 months ago

    ARMY here😎

  • I don't know Taeyong I only know Yongie

    13 years contracts don't exist anymore because now in SK it's illegal, now it changed to 7 years
    also Idols who are under 18 years old don't sign their own contracts, they need their parents to sign it for them. in big companies u don't sign the contract untill u debut

  • meehyang fragrance
    meehyang fragrance 4 months ago

    Sorry but you are talking about one Jpop idol's dating scandle... Japan is very strict about that...
    But that's not the case in South Korea...
    Although some Kpop companies don't allow their artists to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend...
    Koreans in public are not that strict about it...
    Please don't mix them up...

  • E Will
    E Will 4 months ago

    I found myself somewhat depressed after watching this.

  • insearch -purpose
    insearch -purpose 4 months ago

    Being a kpop idol seems scary to me 😱 bcz I can't handle so many restrictions in life in general.
    I couldn't be less worried about my looks.
    And don't even get me started on food, I am an Indian

  • Siska Tan
    Siska Tan 4 months ago

    Horrible managers ! Awful how they treat their stars ! 43000 a lot ?! Give me a break ! That’s stealing right out those stars with no shame !! Something needs to change !!! Slavery ☹️

  • Rosalyn Lu
    Rosalyn Lu 4 months ago +1

    A lot of this information is actually incorrect. Please research your topics well before posting them and spreading false rumors. The managers don't have control over the music that the idols make. In most cases, the producers make the songs and the idols just sing them. You're right about the lack of creative control, though.
    And dating rules aren't necessarily less strict on men. People under the same company, like BLACKPINK, the girl group, and IKON, the boy group, both under YG Entertainment, are both not allowed to date and have cellphones. One of the members of IKON has even admitted in an interview that they have are only allowed meet BLACKPINK in professional situations like music shows. BTS, on the other hand, signed under BigHit Entertainment, are allowed to date, but this is because of their independent company policies. They are in no way related to each other.
    You also talked about restrictive diets, specifically BTS's, but you failed to point out that Jimin and Jin's extreme dieting was their own choice, not their company's, although that might not be the case for other big entertainment businesses like SM, JYP, and YG.
    Finally, half of these facts don't apply to the photos you're showing with them, but people who don't know any better could think you're insinuating that they *do* apply.

  • Yoori De La China
    Yoori De La China 4 months ago +1

    Why Talko became obsessed with KPOP?

  • SunTree
    SunTree 4 months ago

    why didn't you enough talked about BTS their talent, hardwork, their hardships????
    few sentences about BTS , that is all? about Jin, Jimin diet , that all?
    BTS is more than kpop!!! Please don't mix them with other group, dance group, lip sync group
    Don't mix k-pop j-pop!!
    Don't use old pic Sistar,who disbanded under Future of K-pop subject!!

  • Natalie Saelee
    Natalie Saelee 4 months ago

    11:16 Didn’t Jimin’s diet consist of eating only one meal over ten days??

  • Lendl Alfred
    Lendl Alfred 4 months ago

    Some K pop groups consists of 7 or 9 members. Management needs to cover housing, marketing, training and productions, when all those expenses are covered, these groups have to share scrumbs.
    In my opinion, the extreme diets, the intense training and dating ban is not worth the money for
    these k pop stars. It's exploitation.

  • Kristen Jun
    Kristen Jun 4 months ago

    Why did they have to put kris at 0:18 seconds???? I low key want to cry.

  • Kiri Loves You !
    Kiri Loves You ! 4 months ago

    Those Seasengs however you spell it are on a completely different level than obsessed I cannot believe what I'm hearing and seeing.

  • TALAL Talal
    TALAL Talal 4 months ago +1

    Only love bts they our legands.....

  • Kylie Osborne
    Kylie Osborne 4 months ago

    You know you’ve made it when there’s a video that’s just half an hour of a news channel fangirling over your faves

  • Quetzalli M. Aguilar
    Quetzalli M. Aguilar 4 months ago +2

    They also have rock bands too. Like Day6, FTISLAND, CNBLUE,N.FLYING etc
    And Young K writes almosy every day6 song

  • KpxpVibes X
    KpxpVibes X 4 months ago


  • i am myself
    i am myself 4 months ago

    I Stan bts but please bts and blackpink are not the only kpop groups. Its annoying.

  • Nikki Lyn
    Nikki Lyn 4 months ago +3

    Outdated data....by like years 😬

  • Rico Mico
    Rico Mico 4 months ago +3

    Why bring up AKB48? That's Jpop, not Kpop. Jpop is from Japan. Kpop is from Korea.

  • Azyra Fhugo
    Azyra Fhugo 4 months ago +1

    Omg!!! Jimin and Rose are together💏❤💋

  • Laine
    Laine 4 months ago

    1. Jennie and kai are dating
    2. Go on spotify and see all the bts members playlists.
    3. Bts create their own music, lyrics.
    4. Diet jin: BULLSHIT!!!!
    5. Us being 1 out of 10 get plastic surgery: BULLLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Renny_106
    Renny_106 4 months ago

    I can just say that it's a terrible video. Most ( not everything) of these fact are true but the way they put them there is incredibly inaccurate. Just terrible.

  • Vincy Verma
    Vincy Verma 4 months ago

    My fav k-pop is obviously BTS!

  • Larsis
    Larsis 4 months ago

    When i see the video talking about "controlled music and personalities" and BTS show up, im just like "wrong image bruh" xD

  • Willy Pooh
    Willy Pooh 4 months ago +1


  • Justin Seagull
    Justin Seagull 4 months ago

    Can I just say how cute Tae looks with blue hair and eyes???

  • Lada Hlávková
    Lada Hlávková 4 months ago

    They don't know that they are people too and CAN DATE WHOEVER THEY WANT?!They frekin want to do machines of them?! WHAT THIS WORLD BUILD UP TO?! WE ARE NOT HUMAN ANYMORE WE ARE FRIKIN CAUSING PEOPLE TO LOOSE SO MUCH WEIGHT THAT THEY COLLAPSE AND CAN EVEN DIE?! WHAT IS WITH THIS WORLD?! I WANT THEM TO BE MORE FREE IN THEIR LIFE..I wanted to be a K-POP idol too.. but when I found out this was needed I wanted to be only a basic singer with more freedom.. They treat K-Pop Idols like dogs.. Poor dogs who cannot eat and cannot date anyone.. BTS can't even take a selfie with a fan.. not even a hug.. no it is impossible.. I want to free K-Pop Idols. And I will do my BEST to reach this goal.. I promise, Jimin, I will free K-Pop Idols from strict rules and Diets, I promise so that they can be human.. Not Robots or machines.. I PROMISE JIMIN Thank you for reading this until the end.. The more likes I get, the more HOPE I get to free K-Pop Idols.

  • smilylaugh
    smilylaugh 4 months ago

    4:16 about this part... they are not from the same company so i feel like the comparison is not valid, though i do agree there is deffinitly favoritism towards male idols when it comes to restrictions.

  • cornelia
    cornelia 4 months ago

    The thing is, BTS is allowed to date bc BigHit is such a good company and SMent, for example, isn't. But yes, some companies are idiots and sometimes even Bighit can be I guess. Sometimes the idols themselves go into dieting bc they aren't happy about themselves, Like Jimin and Jin from BTS. So don't blame the companies all the time (even tho some r really stupid that I want to kill them :))
    Now, don't come at me that I'm wrong about stuff, this is just how I see it. Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm right. Idk, but this is what I heard.

  • Shumaila Khan
    Shumaila Khan 4 months ago

    Am I the only one that can't stand shipping

  • chang bin
    chang bin 4 months ago

    Can y'all stop using bts for clout. Y'all literally have so many of these videos, all the same with bts as yalls thumbnail. They're getting old. Get some new ideas. Stop trying to get fuckin views.

  • dawn lolly
    dawn lolly 4 months ago

    Don't no Hu these fools are why are ye mad about dem der weirdos

  • Charlie Gray
    Charlie Gray 4 months ago

    Use BTS as the thumbnail but don't mention their achievements, just sprinkle 2 or 3 seconds at the very end to make sure their fans watch the entire video ...we just need ARMYS clicking on the video to gain views and make a profit.

  • H
    H 4 months ago

    I honestly hope that these groups who are at the top(BTS;EXO;BP;Twice;etc) have finally more freedom and control over their life because management companies can`t risk losing such "valuable assets".

  • Christian chimchim
    Christian chimchim 4 months ago

    I clicked cause I saw chimchim 💕

  • HM Plays
    HM Plays 4 months ago +2

    Jennie:bish hold my Champagne
    K Never Mind They Broke Up...

  • Noreen Jordan
    Noreen Jordan 4 months ago +1

    Yo talko! Stop keeping BTS as thumbnails in order to get more views !
    We all know u are obsessed with Kpop cus they r getting more popular! If u do that again, I will sue u
    Edit: And yeah, why the hell are u uploading so many Kpop videos ?!!

  • Rysa Suha
    Rysa Suha 4 months ago

    4:29 I'm pretty sure that's photoshopped...?

  • Rysa Suha
    Rysa Suha 4 months ago

    4:06 bruh is that jungkook?

  • dyrxí
    dyrxí 4 months ago

    I hear about these “slave contacts” from Shane, kind to thinking of this, they r like slaves

  • mokaboo
    mokaboo 4 months ago

    TheTalko playing dirty with their thumbnails

  • Bambino 。
    Bambino 。 4 months ago

    Me: *sees Taehyung*

  • Crystal yoyofamily
    Crystal yoyofamily 4 months ago

    That’s Actually A good Idea
    Paper cup

  • [kpop trash]
    [kpop trash] 4 months ago

    Akb48 is not kpop.... pretty sure it's jpop it's from Japan

  • Michaela James
    Michaela James 4 months ago

    I can’t believe I just sat here and watched a 31 minute video on things I already knew.

  • chicken little
    chicken little 4 months ago

    "idols are not allowed to date"
    *watch all kpop idol wedding.*
    oh my whats this lisa and kai?!
    what there's more e'dawn and hyuna

  • tae's wifeu ÙwÚ so is JK

    4:27 you guys are good at editing the photos buf they aren't true for a fact that jimin's hands aren't that large. How do ik? Well for instance we armys have been aware of jimin's small hands so like a 50% of this a fake but the other half isn't. What im saying is reasonable so if your gonna spread rumors or tell the truth you better do it with REAL and TRUE stuff. Your welcome

  • Sout Nak
    Sout Nak 4 months ago

    Kpop people look so pretty and cute and hot with colored hair🔥😀😘😁😝

  • Amani Ali
    Amani Ali 4 months ago

    Not a lot of this goes for BTS. Members like Suga suffer from anxiety and depression and the whole group isn't afraid to talk about mental illnesses and stupid societal expectations. They also get along well with staff members and most managers. The CEO, Bang PD also has a close relationship to the boys (calls them my 'sons' or 'boys' instead of objectifying them). It's sad how a lot of companies treat their artists badly, but from what we've seen, BTS doesn't experience AS MUCH. Why do you think Bighit is doing so well?

  • Marya Tahmi
    Marya Tahmi 4 months ago

    knows nothing about kpop HEY let's make a video about it !

  • A
    A 4 months ago

    27:24 this girl is Japanese it called J-pop not K-pop but still korean and Japanese fans mostly have the same mentality when it comes for their favorite artists dating

  • A
    A 4 months ago +2

    things in the video bts cant relate with and why they are bigger than kpop :
    1. their 1st contract was 7yrs
    2.theyre not forced to live together
    3.their company gives them 50%-70% profit
    4. they dont pay for their training+ the company pay for their university
    5.their mangers 100% DONT control their music and personal life
    6. they can date and have cellphone from day 1(they never dated publicly)
    7.BIGHIT care about bts health and the boys agree on their schedule
    8.bts express themselves, feelings and hardships from day1 A LOT in their music,speeches, livestream apps and hand writing letters on Social media
    9.all the members proved themselves individually in their music and personalities
    you can check their SOLO music
    10. you cant spell bts without creativity😎
    11. ''bts THE biggest boyband in the planet-history-world-kpop''- said by forbes,grammy,gma,agt,ellen,james.c,jimmy.k and fallon (no shade just facts) 🍵
    12. bts never thought of breaking to the u.s it came naturally they were shocked about it so is their ceo, fans,korea,kpop and the world🤯
    13.they broke taylor swift record later their record was broken by ariana grande thank u, next
    14. they have 10 No. 1s on billboard world digital song sale charts
    15. they never left the No.1spot on billboard social 50 charts for 110 week
    16. they top 3 albums on billboard world albums charts
    (the list wont end if i list all their BB achievements)
    17. their album TEAR is nominated for best recording package (it wont be noimnated if the music was trash)🤩
    18. 2nd U.S top artists by album sales in 2018 1st is eminem👏🏼
    19. their abum TEAR was ranked N.o 1 on pitchfork 2018 most underrated albums
    20. they ranked 6th for pitchfork best new artist
    21.they rancked 1st on pitchfork best live act (watch IDOL7 fake love on MMA 2018)
    22. TEAR ranked 11 on pitchfork top 50 album
    23. TIME magazine called them "THE NEXT GENERATION LEADERS"🤝
    last but not least stan the only korean group that their albums criticlly acclaimed not just by korean critics but also by pitchfork.🍵🍵🍵
    ARMY if i miss something important write it please and TheTalko stop using BTS as clickbaits for unnecessary shit. thank u

  • Freda Asante
    Freda Asante 4 months ago

    15:08 is that Yoonmin 😂 let’s goooooo

  • Megan Ann
    Megan Ann 4 months ago

    90% is ARMYS💀

  • aleida cruz
    aleida cruz 4 months ago

    I saw Pentagon yES

  • nuolebab95
    nuolebab95 4 months ago

    dont know but bts is rich

  • A wave Of fandoms
    A wave Of fandoms 4 months ago

    Okay I don't know if it's just me but, many other K-pop boy bands have made it big in the US such as: NCT 127 and EXO. Also I love BTS but really, they are very creative while they write songs like how they make sad songs sound bright (Daydream) and talk about sad issues like mental illnesses (I can't even list off how many songs).

  • Lolsally b
    Lolsally b 4 months ago +1

    Is BTS even allowed to date if they want to?

  • Just a girl Without a dream

    0:16 omg they really put Kris (guess u don’t really know much about kpop)

  • Army Borahae
    Army Borahae 4 months ago

    4:22 but Jennie is already dating Kai

  • sh!teu
    sh!teu 4 months ago

    Dear thetaco,
    The kpop industry is not sexist when it comes to dating and phones. Yg just happen to be stricter with Blackpink.

  • Shakira Lubin
    Shakira Lubin 4 months ago +2

    don't you know this photo was photoshopped 4:26

  • Kim Duong
    Kim Duong 4 months ago

    I clicked bc of V in blue hair looking so gorgeous...

  • b_t_s
    b_t_s 4 months ago

    I only came for the thumbnail honestly bts!

  • Chloe
    Chloe 4 months ago

    That girl who shaved her head was japanese... why the lies in this video seriously... if it was ok for male idols to date pentagon would still have 10 members and day6 would really have 6 members. Also seriously is it really that hard to check the pronunciation before making the video? Every video about kpop has ridiculous pronunciation and there are always tons of comments on it, why won’t you learn from it?

  • joonie noodle soup™
    joonie noodle soup™ 4 months ago

    *K-Pop fans, clicking this video, knowing full well it's probably gonna be full of bullshit and/or stuff we already know:* _:^)_

  • Chloe
    Chloe 4 months ago

    Who told you male idols have always been allowed to date and only girl idols can’t date? Because that is just not true

  • Alicia Luna-Camacho
    Alicia Luna-Camacho 4 months ago

    Okay then tell me how tf did Jin pay for the big luxury apartment for the members in CASH

  • Oh Sehund infires man
    Oh Sehund infires man 4 months ago +2

    Firstly u use our boys for views and secondly most of ur information is
    wrong and stereotyped

    -Jenkai 💞
    -Jin has his own show called "Eat Jin"

  • Oh Sehund infires man
    Oh Sehund infires man 4 months ago +1

    So like any other channels u also *use* BTS just for views.... you don't even bother to learn how to pronounce their names since all u need is *just views* right?? I'm kinda sick of this stupid trend just for views!

    MARAMARA 4 months ago

    Me listening to the list saying BTS can’t relate to almost everything on the list

  • Amama Riaz
    Amama Riaz 4 months ago +1

    Conclusion:-It's not easy to be a kpop idol,such a hard life😕

  • 1117 Girlnextdoor
    1117 Girlnextdoor 4 months ago

    Definitely my favorite is BTS!!!!💜

  • forever alone
    forever alone 4 months ago

    TheTalko is using k-pop and bts for clout lmao

  • Luka_Unknown
    Luka_Unknown 4 months ago

    Ok we get it *u use them for views* now f off