Producer Reacts to N.Flying "The Real"

  • Published on Aug 2, 2017
  • In this episode the Producer checks out the long awaited comeback of rock band N.Flying with their wacky music video "THE REAL"!
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Comments • 240

  • Noraihan Qusyairi
    Noraihan Qusyairi 4 days ago

    hands down your channel is the best reaction channel i have watched

  • Tiffani Arjoon
    Tiffani Arjoon 6 days ago


  • 밍유
    밍유 Month ago

    한국어 발음 왤케 좋으시지 진짜가 나타났다? 할때 순간적으로 한국인이신줄ㅋㅋ

  • D D
    D D 2 months ago

    He's fallen in love with Seunghyub lmao

  • Flordeliz-Joy Pansag
    Flordeliz-Joy Pansag 2 months ago

    I've definitely heard Wow too. Melody and fetus N.Fia here!

  • BurningLover
    BurningLover 3 months ago

    You may wanna react to "God" by AOA Jimin & Jdon

  • adekgobiet
    adekgobiet 4 months ago +2

    I freaking lOOOVVEEEEE N.FLYING! It's because of THIS SONG that got me deep into them. Like, at first, I came just to support those fellow PD101 boys, bUT PHEW, WAS I SNATCHED?! And now, I am 6 feet deep invested into them and is now a proud N.Fia! They never EVER made bad songs. They probably doesn't know what that means since it doesn't even eXIST in their freaking dictionary AND I'M SO PROUD OF THEM! Although this is kind of an old video, but I'm still gonna ask you to check their latest song 'Rooftop'. It. IS. SUCH. *A. BOP!* like, UGH! They start 2019 with a banger and is now topping the charts after 4 years since their debut. Definitely worth a listen! Believe me, N.Flying never fails to IMPRESS! They need all the loves and support they can get because, wOW, they are such talented and lovable dorks, people nEED to wake UP and SEE THEM!

    thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Brooke Cisecki
    Brooke Cisecki 4 months ago +1

    Yes, so good!

  • Nadin Uso
    Nadin Uso 5 months ago

    Moonbok =))))

  • woodz
    woodz 5 months ago +1

    He mentioned my ult DAY6 and BTOB

  • _eRire0ni
    _eRire0ni 6 months ago

    Loool I thought I'm the only one that got reminded of BTOB's "WOW" hahaha

  • Claire Song
    Claire Song 8 months ago

    This is actually the second N.Flying song I heard. The first one was hot potato and I loved it, it was weird but it a good way and it was insanly catchy. I like their newer songs more than like "Amazing" or other songs but I will look into it and see if I like them btw thx for the great video!

  • Red Cake
    Red Cake 9 months ago

    The eldest member, Kwangjin was in CNBLUE~

  • Letícia Melo
    Letícia Melo 10 months ago +1

    Nflying is amazing!

  • Louianne
    Louianne 10 months ago

    Ohhh i seee your the guy with jae at america

  • Ayyah
    Ayyah 10 months ago


  • bread jinnie
    bread jinnie Year ago +1

    best mv I have ever seen trust me .
    it's so darn funny which makes it more unique 😘😍

  • n.flyology major
    n.flyology major Year ago +2

    stan talent stan n.flying!!

  • Seunghyub Anti
    Seunghyub Anti Year ago +1

    I’m in a drunken phase right now but oh BOY DO I FUCKING LOVE N FLYING. I fucking LOVE when people hype them up and discover them bro I JUST LOVE IT. God is finally shedding light on N Flying bro I TELL YOU, everyone shall know N flying’s name MARK MY WORDS

  • 20296 jj
    20296 jj Year ago

    Omg it's jang moon bok😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I've never checked the actual mv or song and I regret it now

  • Dunno what groups will I stan again


  • Dunno what groups will I stan again


  • Fakhira Zulkipli
    Fakhira Zulkipli Year ago


  • Lauren F
    Lauren F Year ago

    I just found out about n flying and they are so good and i love the fun tongue in cheek style to this and hoy potato so much.

  • Iona Oyunsetsen
    Iona Oyunsetsen Year ago

    Their energy and vibe and talent needs more opportunity to show

  • nguiklian
    nguiklian Year ago

    I also got btob vibes from their vocals! Theyre really a new fave of mine

  • Denise 30 xx
    Denise 30 xx Year ago

    Personally this song reminds me of Mona Lisa by Panic at the disco

  • Rai M. Yamashita
    Rai M. Yamashita Year ago

    I love them.. they are my kids 🔥🥔

  • Sumire
    Sumire Year ago

    this song is so cool

  • Chwe BongBong
    Chwe BongBong Year ago

    he wasn't going on a mission underwater, he was bait 🤣

  • Remochii 116
    Remochii 116 Year ago +1

    A new group I have discovered through your videos and instantly fell in love with. Again.

  • Diana Estupiñán
    Diana Estupiñán Year ago +2

    So I'm waiting your reaction to their comeback with Hot Potato. I'm totally in love with these guys

  • ey oh
    ey oh Year ago

    I forgot swagger was a word

  • j阿凝啊啊啊
    j阿凝啊啊啊 Year ago

    They have a new song now, plz react to it😆

  • Perla Guzman
    Perla Guzman Year ago

    I remember when they released Awesome but like a lot of other people, I forgot about them because of their lack of comebacks. This and and their most recent mv are sooo good though! I hope you react to their new song/mv "Hot Potato"

  • cansın bükey
    cansın bükey Year ago

    You reed my brain ı was Thinking the song its similar an another song but which song ı couldnt remember and you said btob wow thank you

  • Dessrina Ismi
    Dessrina Ismi Year ago +1

    Yeah of course I do love them:) have checked their new song, hot potato?? That's really cool too :)

  • R.
    R. Year ago +2

    Hey! They just got a comeback with Hot potato! You should check it out!

  • LALA. 123
    LALA. 123 Year ago

    Pls react to their new comeback !🙏🏻

  • Qian Ying Tan
    Qian Ying Tan Year ago +1

    Hi, NFLYING had a comeback their new song is hot potato! Pls do a react!!

  • Rafaella
    Rafaella Year ago +1

    WOWOWO they just made an comeback called "Hot Potato", it is as good as thisss

  • Xena Dallo
    Xena Dallo Year ago


  • essennagerry
    essennagerry Year ago

    YOU FEEL THIS WAY ABOUT HEIZE WHAT I.... ok I'm going to say it now - PD-nim, I love you. And I'm sorry for only watching your reactions of stuff I know. I will now watch/listen to the stuff you react to when I see the title and come right back to see your reaction as well. Cause each time I get into something these past few months I then discover you also like it or have made a reaction to it and I'm just like... I don't wanna miss out anymore.

  • Lasiran Endang
    Lasiran Endang Year ago

    reaction in SF9 please

  • ana is away
    ana is away Year ago

    You should watch to heize's star and zico's shes a baby, body by mino too

  • onibugii
    onibugii Year ago

    i also thought some parts of the songs sounds like btob wow lmao

  • Hanan A
    Hanan A Year ago

    I love it so much i'm so proud of them !! and in fact nflying is in fnc! same company with ftisland cnblue aoa and sf9

  • xiaojunbao ᴖᴥᴖ

    Omg same!! It kinda reminded me of Wow too, i thought i was the only one.

  • Maze
    Maze Year ago

    Same lmao the first few seconds and I’m already sold to this song/mv 💖 Totally love it!!!

  • Yoori Kim
    Yoori Kim Year ago

    LMAO "uh...that's not a girl"

  • 徐明浩shar
    徐明浩shar Year ago


  • Yong Yong
    Yong Yong Year ago

    nflying has the same company with cnblue, ft island, aoa, sf9, and honeyst... and i think they're so multitalented... but i'm little sad cause they're not really popular in korea.. (sf9. nflying and honeyst) till now i'm still wonder why??

  • Yong Yong
    Yong Yong Year ago

    nflying has the same company with cnblue, ft island, aoa, sf9, and honeyst... and i think they're so multitalented... but i'm little sad cause they're not really popular in korea.. (sf9. nflying and honeyst) till now i'm still wonder why??

  • nflial_ysa
    nflial_ysa Year ago +1

    I really like this song since the first time i heard it and it's been an earworm song to me. And by watching the MV, wow it was mind blowing i'm cackling at the ending of it 😂😂😂I believe N.Flying got big talents, it's just they haven't been able to show all them up. N.Flying have chance to be one of the biggest K-rock band in the future, i trust that 😊Anyway thank you for checking on them and positive review 💖

  • Chimchimchimichangas

    You have to got to react to Awesome! N FLYING is so good

  • A. Sz.
    A. Sz. Year ago

    If you liked it, you should react to J.Don & Jimin - God. [J.Don is from N.Flying and Jimin is from AOA]

  • BTS Shipment Management

    Check out Lonely and Awesome!

  • Geee
    Geee Year ago

    I love this song too

  • DanDan
    DanDan Year ago

    It's great because I use your reactions to find new songs to listen to and I probably wouldn't have ever listened to this song if it wasn't for watching this video. The song is so catchy an amazing. And yeah it kinda reminds me of WOW by btob as well

  • sinyii nf
    sinyii nf Year ago +1

    Hello PD-nim! thank you so much for this amazing reaction to N.Flying's The Real!! Would you mind reacting to another song of N.Flying? It is recorded in the same album as The Real, it is a ballad but as awesome!! The title is I'm Okay, here is a studio live version. Thank you in advance! :D

  • Bruna Nina
    Bruna Nina Year ago +3

    when he said his voice is good for rapping i was like "jndjd wait for it"

  • kim yeol
    kim yeol Year ago +1

    n.flying is as good as f.t island one of the member take 10 years to debut you can try to react to awesome they debut song or lonly no all they are song realy good i don't know why people can't see they music it totaly great i like band
    first f.t island
    seconds n.flying
    third c.n blue
    (fnc) they are great realy great more than other kpop group this is true music.

  • Lieke Tolenaars
    Lieke Tolenaars Year ago +38

    Song is great
    Members are great
    Video is great
    Moonbok is great

  • Kyungsooism
    Kyungsooism Year ago

    Idk why but I died at your reaction because I watched the mv today and I literally said the same things 😂😂 I really love the song actually and was definitely not expecting the ending LOL but it was great, from the vibes to the way it was shot I loved it all. I stan too many groups rn ahhh what to do

  • Taebun
    Taebun Year ago

    your opinions make me so happy
    it's like watching mv's with a friend

  • eiram _06
    eiram _06 Year ago

    the new member / vocalist of nflying is from prod101 too.. hehehe.. 😄

  • Bella H.
    Bella H. Year ago

    No matter how many times i watched this mv, im laughing bcs the mv is so funny (the cinematography is very nice, im hooked) but the song is so good!!!! Nice reaction video hahahaha
    btw cn blue and ft island are their labelmate senior 😄

  • Just For HONEYST
    Just For HONEYST Year ago

    I enjoyed your reaction a lot. but I highly enjoyed knowing that you like CNBLUE too. Bless you and ur ears..

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Year ago

    I didn't watch the MV/ listen to the song yet but after watching your reaction, I'm hookeddd (no pun intended but that was pretty good LMAO).

    • Tiffany
      Tiffany Year ago

      I'll def check it out!! I'll take your word for it LMAO

    • Form of Therapy
      Form of Therapy  Year ago

      +Tiffany you should check out the album. SAY GOODBYE is FUCKING ADDICTING.

  • Nisso Sarieva
    Nisso Sarieva Year ago

    FTISLAND- Take me now