Woodturning - The Blue Planet - Log to Globe

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • I've been planning on trying this since I made the Blue Planet Sphere a while back ..I used a Birch log and epoxy resin to make a 7" Globe I didn't go super detailed and apologise If I missed your country off I just wanted it to resemble the earth .. I definitely wouldn't use it to sail around the world but it looks pretty cool ..
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  • Sherry Pippen
    Sherry Pippen 3 hours ago

    Would you sell one?

  • MrBowser2012
    MrBowser2012 4 hours ago

    I want one soo bad! that is beautiful.

  • Orange Storage
    Orange Storage 8 hours ago

    I'm feeling really sick today and those videos make me forget about it

  • Herkert
    Herkert 9 hours ago

    Just forget Denmark

  • Ajong Lomou
    Ajong Lomou 9 hours ago

    Our earth will be look like this without water (when he didn't put that blue liquid thing)

  • SeBasTien DeFRA
    SeBasTien DeFRA 10 hours ago

    what could i say ???? superbe !!

  • علي السيد
    علي السيد 11 hours ago +1

    العربي لايك

  • Eliza Putri
    Eliza Putri 15 hours ago

    Can someone tell me what is that and what it does to the globe?

  • 4vsbs2
    4vsbs2 16 hours ago +1

    What isn't shown is the care that has to be taken with the vacuum pot. Any air can cause voids in the casting.

  • fake eee
    fake eee 17 hours ago

    Que merda heim

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor 19 hours ago

    wierd to see once country get vaporized by a drill..... denmark is no longer on the globe lol

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  19 hours ago

      Sorry .. I'm afraid I vaporised lots of countries while attempting to make this ..lol

  • Dorian Fernando Guerrero Ramírez

    Mi respeto para esta gran artesano, sabe muy bien lo que hace. Saludos desde San Luis Potosí México 🇲🇽

  • David _
    David _ 21 hour ago +6

    nothin like watching a video full of power tools and heavy machinery to put u to sleep at 3 in the morning

  • ⟪ tHeSrPan ⟫
    ⟪ tHeSrPan ⟫ 22 hours ago

    5:20 al horno para un poco de calentamiento gloval, un par de retoques y ya tenemos nuestra tierra totalmente destruible y comestible

  • ishwar sahu
    ishwar sahu 23 hours ago


  • John Foley
    John Foley 23 hours ago

    where's New Zealand!?

  • Cole Wale
    Cole Wale 23 hours ago

    Makes earth out of wood...

  • GossamerCross20 ENT
    GossamerCross20 ENT 23 hours ago

    Ladies and gentleman thisbis how God made the planets and also my home looking nice and earthy and peaceful

  • Madison Causby
    Madison Causby Day ago

    HUNTER X HUNTER anyone?

  • Yojel Yt
    Yojel Yt Day ago

    Insólito video de dios creando nuestro planeta

  • Diego Marquesfarias


  • Michael Mara
    Michael Mara Day ago +1

    Me: he isn’t going to carve out every cm of space in between.
    Him:*carves out every cm of space*
    Me: 😧

  • Guilherme Miguel

    Nossa muito top

  • e c
    e c Day ago

    And on the 7th day, Andy rested.

  • Warrior Soul
    Warrior Soul Day ago

    Speechless. That's talent.

  • sobreaver
    sobreaver Day ago

    This is AWESOME magic sir :)

    SNOXX Day ago

    Build a full sunsystem

    DIEN JOWO Day ago


  • Geronimo Who
    Geronimo Who Day ago

    Schrecklich, wieviel Plastikmüll dabei produziert wird. Und das bei der Herstellung eines Globus. Irgendwie pervers.

  • Risa Risa
    Risa Risa Day ago


  • welii
    welii Day ago

    that looks amazing

  • n2cable
    n2cable Day ago

    How did you get the borders darkened? Stained or that black deep stain stuff or did you burn it?

  • Kari Kristjansson

    He forgot Iceland 🇮🇸

    My country

  •  Day ago


  • Пиночет 09


  • Tobias Schäfer
    Tobias Schäfer Day ago +1

    Wow, just amazing

  • Eetu Haataja
    Eetu Haataja Day ago

    Wow i like that


    when ur elders say : stay hydrated.
    and u took it way to serious

  • Leigh Remedios
    Leigh Remedios Day ago

    Do you have any vids of these projects going wrong? Not being a hater; I think your work is incredible but it would be interesting to see some of the losses and sacrifices that go with this.

    • Leigh Remedios
      Leigh Remedios Day ago

      @Andy Phillip cheers, I'll check them out :)

    • Andy Phillip
      Andy Phillip  Day ago +1

      Yes there is a couple on my channel .. exothermic spiral vase is one and a goblet with a twist is another

  • Ayush Prasad
    Ayush Prasad Day ago

    Let's bake a planet today 😁

  • Jeffery Chow
    Jeffery Chow Day ago

    Sign me up for two please!

  • Алексей Гаркуша

    Глобус классный

  • Алексей Гаркуша

    Инженерный склад ума)

  • Алексей Гаркуша

    Люди кто ставки ставит?) Золотые руки что ж ещё скажешь)

  • laserbeam 002
    laserbeam 002 Day ago

    fantastic. I imagine the hardest part was routing in the detail. Great technique. Thank you for posting.

  • pilotjeffedwards

    that's a cool looking bowling ball

  • julia minegirl fc
    julia minegirl fc Day ago +3

    Sou brasileira e cinceramente, acho muito desnecessário, acabar com troncos de madeira por diversão, nn tinha nessecidade alguma de um globo terrestre de madeira , ja temos um de plastico q tbm é errado, isso faz mt mal para o meio ambiente, e acho q nn pensa nisso quando corta árvores e o seu ar ao meio

  • vinod Kumar
    vinod Kumar Day ago

    Its Awsome

    TÆXOR 'IBR Day ago


  • Terry Dobol
    Terry Dobol Day ago

    What a beautiful talent. Would love to own a piece

  • Thiago Turibio
    Thiago Turibio 2 days ago

    I want that !!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • ahmed bourja
    ahmed bourja 2 days ago


  • bmwjoe4152
    bmwjoe4152 2 days ago +1

    This guy needs, his own TV show, I could watch this for hours.

  • ricardo lemos
    ricardo lemos 2 days ago

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  • ricardo lemos
    ricardo lemos 2 days ago

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  • Cesar •
    Cesar • 2 days ago +1

    are we just not gonna talk about how he has a mini oven?

  • Lindao_ 05415G
    Lindao_ 05415G 2 days ago

    Nice nice

  • Сергей Кириленко

    Да это просто шедеврально....

  • Antonio Mosqueteiro
    Antonio Mosqueteiro 2 days ago


  • Tee Carr
    Tee Carr 2 days ago


  • broberts42115
    broberts42115 2 days ago

    What does the baking do to the wood?

  • Bram Snelten
    Bram Snelten 2 days ago

    Global Elite

    KHALED -H-F-D 2 days ago

    I want that ball 🤩

  • Natanael Aguilar
    Natanael Aguilar 2 days ago


  • mass emmor
    mass emmor 2 days ago

    where is Koba you missed that!

  • Im Floki
    Im Floki 2 days ago

    Esse video é um absurdo, todo mundo sabe q a terra é plana kkjkkkk

  • Marlon Beraldo
    Marlon Beraldo 2 days ago

    The earth is flath kkkkk

  • Gloria Victis
    Gloria Victis 2 days ago

    Excellent job! 🙂