• Published on May 27, 2018
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    Ethan James
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    DO COLLEGE KIDS KNOW 70s MUSIC? #4 (REACT: Do They Know It?)
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    REACT  Year ago +44

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    • Black Gaara
      Black Gaara Year ago

      REACT college kids react to total drama revenge of the island disgusting moments

    • Daisy Romero
      Daisy Romero Year ago

      REACT please do one on The king of pop and the queen of pop Madonna please!! I’ve been begging for a Madonna one forever please do one I’m tired of begging!!

    • Kendall Nolan
      Kendall Nolan Year ago

      REACT Plz REACT to Miranda Sings newest song

    • Mayra Chagas
      Mayra Chagas Year ago

      This Rod Stewaart song is a plagiarism of a famous Brazilian song.

  • Alam Paro
    Alam Paro Year ago +5

    Led zeppelin !!!

  • Warachod Vipaveerad

    Sheila she's so cute

  • Rockguitarhero462
    Rockguitarhero462 Year ago +4

    Punk and post-punk and AC/DC were the best music of the 70s.

  • Neko Levi
    Neko Levi Year ago +7


  • TheJayWashExperience

    You need to feature Labelle “Lady Marmalade”, Chaka Khan “I’m Every Woman”, Commodores “Brickhouse”, any Marvin Gaye from the 1970s

  • 15ironreaver
    15ironreaver Year ago +3

    Led Zeppelin!!!!!!

  • Hermann Schaefer
    Hermann Schaefer Year ago +5

    Hey Nineteen, that's Aretha Franklin, she don't remember the queen of Soul. It's hard times befallen the Soul Survivors; she thinks I'm crazy but I'm just growing old..

    • Jason Ulloa
      Jason Ulloa Year ago

      No, we can't dance together. No, we can't talk at all.

  • Logan Bass
    Logan Bass Year ago +114

    Piano Man is my favorite Beatles song.

  • Lara Kuhn
    Lara Kuhn Year ago +3

    College Kids react to billy joel and ABBA and Toto

  • Hannah Hojraj
    Hannah Hojraj Year ago +121

    “I’ve been listening to 70s music”
    Uh huh

  • Andrew Peach
    Andrew Peach Year ago +21

    The piano man one made me hurt on the inside

    • Douglas Thompson
      Douglas Thompson Year ago +1

      Haha yeah and that kid only knew "Uptown Girl". That's a decade past all his classics.

  • Clifford Lee Burton
    Clifford Lee Burton Year ago +5

    80s rock and metal

  • MaximumCream
    MaximumCream Year ago +8

    Immigrant Song Ledd Zeppelin. Love it. Love rock music. Rocky Mountain Way and Rebel Yell are probably in my top 5 tho

  • madtypr
    madtypr Year ago +9

    These kids make me feel ancient.

  • Dovahkiisses
    Dovahkiisses Year ago +7

    70s rock pleeasee

  • Sailor Dave
    Sailor Dave Year ago

    Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music

  • Sailor Dave
    Sailor Dave Year ago +3

    Spinners Rubberband Man

  • Sailor Dave
    Sailor Dave Year ago +1

    Play some Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show

  • grawlixedbrowngirl
    grawlixedbrowngirl Year ago +1

    morgan's shirt slayyys

  • master8491
    master8491 Year ago +16

    I just love the misconception of “Blondie” being the name of the singer. “Blondie” is the name of the band. The singer is Debbie Harry.

  • MeganxMayhem1
    MeganxMayhem1 Year ago +2

    Belt it out Eric it

  • Justin
    Justin Year ago +7

    have people react to Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks

  • The Flying Dutchman
    The Flying Dutchman Year ago +11

    Have the college kids react to Greta Van Fleet now.

  • Preston Moore
    Preston Moore Year ago

    do you think I'm disco by Steve Dahl

  • Mark Lott
    Mark Lott Year ago +6

    You need to do another one of these with only 70s rock

    • Solo
      Solo Year ago

      Mark Lott I think there is at least one Pink Floyd song throughout the other videos and some other rock songs. Watch all the reacts of 70's music.

    • Mark Lott
      Mark Lott Year ago

      Solo I agree but I would love to see if these kids know zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.

    • Solo
      Solo Year ago

      Mark Lott All 70's music rocks

  • Anthony Roberto
    Anthony Roberto Year ago +3

    Eric you're my favorite person ever ok

  • ever glade
    ever glade Year ago

    more of these please!!!

  • clarys123
    clarys123 Year ago +7

    -please have Fleetwood Mac

  • groundhog graphixpi
    groundhog graphixpi Year ago +6

    have them react to frank zappa

  • phennec
    phennec Year ago +176

    How in the world do you confuse Led Zeppelin with Black Sabbath? Ok I grew up in the 70s so I will excuse these guys for not knowing.

    • Marvin42
      Marvin42 Year ago +26

      You all are missing the fact that there was confusion between Billy Joel and The Beatles.
      The Beatles.
      In a video about 70s music.

    • Isabella Giachini
      Isabella Giachini Year ago +8

      I'm 24 and i can't confuse both bands... but i grow up listening to them, my parents used to listen, people are raised differently.

    • Joe Alexander
      Joe Alexander Year ago +31

      Forget confusing Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. How do you POSSIBLY confuse Robert Plant with Ozzy Osbourne?

    • King Derp
      King Derp Year ago +11

      Still not an excuse. They have vastly different styles.

    • Hayford Tientcheu
      Hayford Tientcheu Year ago +3

      Dude that was what I was thinking.Amatuers🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • ArmoredOne75
    ArmoredOne75 Year ago

    College kids react to GWAR, followed with the current lead singer's TEDx speech...

  • Protonexus
    Protonexus Year ago +7

    React to Foo Fighters

    • mangymango
      mangymango Year ago

      Protonexus And Dave Grohl breaking his leg!

    • eno c aquaowo
      eno c aquaowo Year ago

      Or Foo Fighter music videos.

  • Dalia Contreras
    Dalia Contreras Year ago +12

    react to 60´s music pleaseee

  • Valerie Perin
    Valerie Perin Year ago +1


  • Shaun Whelan
    Shaun Whelan Year ago +2

    Include songs like "Call me Al" in 70s songs, and maybe drive me crazy by fine young cannibals for the 80s!
    Thank you!

  • Terrence Harris-Hughes


  • Aussie Pumpkin Fish
    Aussie Pumpkin Fish Year ago +2

    Im 16 and i know everyone of these😑

    • Aussie Pumpkin Fish
      Aussie Pumpkin Fish Year ago

      George Yorgos nah my dad likes this stuff so I grew up with it

    • George Yorgos
      George Yorgos Year ago

      hard to belive. but with internet this days its a maybe for sure.

    • Kevin Serpas
      Kevin Serpas Year ago +1

      Aussie Pumpkin Fish good for you

  • Abigail Bee
    Abigail Bee Year ago +6

    “Paris Hilton recorded a cover of this in 2006”
    Alix “That’s gross”
    OMG ILY Alix!! 🤟

  • brodemonz
    brodemonz Year ago +16

    The last one is inexcusable.

  • Libelldrian
    Libelldrian Year ago +28

    Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath? Like completely different music. xd

    • King Derp
      King Derp Year ago +2

      brodemonz Then you haven't listened to them apparently.

    • brodemonz
      brodemonz Year ago

      No theyre not

    • King Derp
      King Derp Year ago +2

      They are very different

    • nimiane01
      nimiane01 Year ago +7

      One is Iron Man, the other one is Thor

    • brodemonz
      brodemonz Year ago +1

      Libelldrian uhhh,it's not all that different.

  • Libelldrian
    Libelldrian Year ago

    So much make-up in the puss...

  • Rama Casella
    Rama Casella Year ago +5

    0% music culture

    • Antelle
      Antelle Year ago

      Yeah and it's kinda sad.

  • penny lane
    penny lane Year ago +2

    got all them right ayeee

  • AbbaFan
    AbbaFan Year ago +109

    70s music without ABBA? Shame

  • Cristian Guerra
    Cristian Guerra Year ago +1

    If you like 70s music......listen to tennis

  • Clare Sykes
    Clare Sykes Year ago +518

    **sees robert plant** **rapidly clicks screen** ZEPPELIN😩😩😍😍😍
    Edit: im upset that they DID NOT know zeppelin

  • Jerkimer James
    Jerkimer James Year ago

    Pat Benatar, Yes, Bengals, Chicago, Stixx (Mr Roboto), Eye of the Tiger, Africa, Ozzy, 😂

  • chris pecot
    chris pecot Year ago +8

    For 70's put Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Diana Ross, The Spinners, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, and Barry White.

  • Ricardo Ruvalcaba
    Ricardo Ruvalcaba Year ago +4

    Make them react to the doors

  • Alejandra M
    Alejandra M Year ago +2

    React to guardians of the galaxy soundtrack!

  • Safiye Kaya
    Safiye Kaya Year ago

    React to danish rap (Gilli, Sleiman, Mellemfingermuzik, Node, Sivas, Benny Jamz)👌

  • Mad Hatman
    Mad Hatman Year ago +3

    Please have them react to Stevie Ray Vaughan Voodoo child.

  • Breanna Nouveaux
    Breanna Nouveaux Year ago +379

    Did. ....Did she say, the Beatles?

    • CodPatrol Les Grossman
      CodPatrol Les Grossman Year ago +5

      Sean Trusty Well tbf it does but still should know it anyway

    • Sean Trusty
      Sean Trusty Year ago +54

      "It sounds like the Beatles"...No, it doesn't

  • Jakob Larsson
    Jakob Larsson Year ago +2

    Alix 😍

  • Jakob Larsson
    Jakob Larsson Year ago +2

    Sheila 😍

  • Jakob Larsson
    Jakob Larsson Year ago +2

    Brittany 😍

  • bryan laos
    bryan laos Year ago

    College kids react to video game dunkey yes please

  • Yahaira Lopez
    Yahaira Lopez Year ago +1

    College kids react to VideoGameDunkey please!!!

  • TheBlarggle
    TheBlarggle Year ago +13

    You should all be embarrassed. Except that curly haired chick in the flower top. She gets a pass, she knew enough.

  • Fade Out Productions
    Fade Out Productions Year ago +73


  • Kim Steinman
    Kim Steinman Year ago +12

    omg how many people failed freaking billy joel

  • MrBalrog64
    MrBalrog64 Year ago +3

    Brittany is so gorgeous. Smart too.

  • cactus grandma
    cactus grandma Year ago +4

    Ive always wished I could be on these lol these are my favorite songssss ahhhhhh I need to be on react 😩

  • Noah Manning
    Noah Manning Year ago +3

    How have some of them never of heard of carly Simon or blondie as well as the others.

  • WhereAreMyShrimps
    WhereAreMyShrimps Year ago +4

    Put in The Cranberries please!!!

  • Rock of Ages
    Rock of Ages Year ago +9

    Some Led Zeppelin baby

  • Nicolas Charly
    Nicolas Charly Year ago +1

    You want to make your way back to 70's music?
    Daft Punk's R.A.M is an great album about 70's music!

  • ronald Binaoro
    ronald Binaoro Year ago +4


  • ronald Binaoro
    ronald Binaoro Year ago +2


  • Blake Blum
    Blake Blum Year ago +11

    wow okay Brittany is stunning and such a ray of sunshine. I'm taken aback by how beautiful she is.

  • Juliann Allann
    Juliann Allann Year ago +3

    No Queen?

  • RagingHeartOn
    RagingHeartOn Year ago +4

    They should react to music with karaoke and see who has the highest score

  • Katness_ Fire
    Katness_ Fire Year ago +1

    I am 14 and i LOVE the Piano Man by Billy Joel

  • CavemanJesus4Life
    CavemanJesus4Life Year ago +2

    Everytime they think its Sabbath, say Zepplin.
    Everytime you think its Elton John, say Billy Joel.

    THE TIFFANY Year ago +1


  • Julia Rose
    Julia Rose Year ago +8

    “Piano man by Elton john” I was like wtf that’s by Billie Joel and if it’s not everything I believe is wrong

  • scninja07
    scninja07 Year ago +2

    The Police "Roxanne" :D

  • Violet
    Violet Year ago

    Do "Kids React to Kpop" !!!

  • MsRainbowglitter
    MsRainbowglitter Year ago +2

    Do Teens/College Kids Know 70’s music: THE BRADY BUNCH SONGS like Sunshine Days. Or John Denver, man the feels those songs give me!

  • rJlanD7
    rJlanD7 Year ago +6

    it's alarming how so many of them hadn't even hearrrrd the bunch of the songs before???? lol

  • Mia Sheets
    Mia Sheets Year ago +2

    Do kids react to 70s music

  • Catherine Kutson
    Catherine Kutson Year ago +52

    the fact that only 1/8 people knew piano man was billy joel makes me sad

  • Feliks Nodelman
    Feliks Nodelman Year ago +3

    I actually knew all of them woah I wasn’t expecting that

  • Hännah Ford
    Hännah Ford Year ago +1

    I got all of these correct... Whoops.

  • disco super fly
    disco super fly Year ago +4

    I got 2/7
    "You're So Vain"
    "Immigrant Song"

  • Mr Harris1993
    Mr Harris1993 Year ago +2

    You gotta put some of rick James in these but not his most common songs like give it me baby, super freak or Mary Jane use different ones he has a lot

  • LittleDrummerBoy
    LittleDrummerBoy Year ago +6

    Can you just do kids react to rush already?

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl Year ago +5

    I recognized the lyric rhythm in Rod Stewart's song from the one vine: "Iiiif your name is Junior/Aaaand you're really handsome/Cooome on raise your ha-and"

  • Hee Yoo
    Hee Yoo Year ago +3

    The Carpenters!!! please! T.T

  • athana kop
    athana kop Year ago +7

    Blondie not her Blondie is a band

    • David Smith
      David Smith Year ago

      The lead singer was a playboy bunny also.

  • nkmcfrln
    nkmcfrln Year ago +3


  • LonewolfeE5
    LonewolfeE5 Year ago +2


  • Lau
    Lau Year ago +13

    One would say they'd know Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin at least from Thor Ragnarok but okkkkk

  • Brian Ruelke
    Brian Ruelke Year ago +1

    My Votes are always for Brittany and Eric to nail the game without them even knowing it!!!!!!

  • Brian Ruelke
    Brian Ruelke Year ago +1

    "Raise Boys And Girls The Same" as your upper-figure eludes!!! gorgeous!!!

  • Keoki Holguin
    Keoki Holguin Year ago +10

    Man these songs were all my jams. I'm really surprised nobody said "Hey that's Thor's song". when it came to Led Zeppelin

  • hearmymotoredheart
    hearmymotoredheart Year ago +2

    Carly Simon revealed a couple of years ago that verse 2 of 'You're So Vain' is about Warren Beatty...but she's not saying who the others are.

  • Marc Gulaya
    Marc Gulaya Year ago +39

    No one knew Led Zeppelin, excuse me a minute *gets up and goes to bar to drown out sorrow*

  • Chris Sparrow
    Chris Sparrow Year ago +2

    Last song is totally Black Sabbath....... 😔😔😔. The girl said it best " we need to get back to 70's music". Gretta Van Fleet is the only close to it these days