Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat - Full Game Highlights | October 18, 2019 NBA Preseason

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Houston Rockets vs Miami Heat - Full Game Highlights | October 18, 2019 NBA Preseason
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Comments • 669

  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights  25 days ago +45

    Reuploaded because of 4qtr missing -GD

  • Reginald Thomas
    Reginald Thomas 19 days ago

    Kendrick Nunn?? I apologize but this my first time hearing from him definitely gonna keep my eye on dude he's nice as hell

  • Whooville Money Gang
    Whooville Money Gang 19 days ago

    NBA Street Gamebreaker that R1+L1+Square at the end but Kyrie last night just didnt have enough turbo Kyrie is the best ball handler in NBA history im sooooo happy to be apart of this generation of the NBA ballers CURRY best shooter EVER, IRVING best ball handler EVER, KD & HARDEN best scorers EVER and LEBRON JAMES omg GOAT (opinion)
    anyone disagree your high af on ass @STGw

  • Louie Sutton
    Louie Sutton 19 days ago

    Whose pg, Harden or Westbrook tho?

  • Davell Carty
    Davell Carty 19 days ago

    4:13 clearly a travel. I don't understand how it's not a call anymore

  • nykai _
    nykai _ 20 days ago

    Rockets need to get their defense right

  • nykai _
    nykai _ 20 days ago

    Yo James Harden is Dirty with his threes this game

  • Christopher allen
    Christopher allen 20 days ago

    a team i can finally whole-heartedly hate, do they still have chris paul? those stat-padding foul sucking overpaid underplaying sorry excuses for human beings...if they only had lay-bum ....those gutter sluts would have made the all-time lowest form of life that has ever existed......remember it ain't just getting it it's how you get it...

  • jalen summers
    jalen summers 20 days ago

    Nunn and #14 got potential

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris 20 days ago

    Nunn playing with the aggressiveness but calmness of Wade. Cant wait to see my Heat work this year man 😈😈😈 HEAT NATION

  • Daniel Lugo Jr
    Daniel Lugo Jr 20 days ago

    It's all good.... Let's Go HEAT🔥
    The HEAT will be fine !!!

  • Cameron Berry
    Cameron Berry 20 days ago

    I love how james harden has been able to use the same dribble setup then step back for almost 6 years straight and can't nobody guard him NBA IS A JOKE SHOUT OUT TO JIMMY BUCKETS FOR DEFENDING THAT WEAK SHI

  • Senior Samosa
    Senior Samosa 20 days ago

    Empty ass seats

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 20 days ago

    I feel like Westbrook and Harden need to find out a better system

  • Ningen Supreme
    Ningen Supreme 21 day ago

    Watching our Heat this year is gonna be great. Can't wait to see more from Herro & Nunn. #letsgoheat

  • Abhi Pokhrel
    Abhi Pokhrel 21 day ago

    harden is a walking 40

  • Seba 6
    Seba 6 21 day ago

    Ahhh. Feels good to see Harden will keep the Rockets from winning it all.

  • john tran
    john tran 21 day ago

    Miami just keeps attacking lol

  • galactic SZN
    galactic SZN 21 day ago

    Harden just let it fly

  • RED
    RED 21 day ago +1

    Good game! Fun to watch

  • NardyNumbaNine
    NardyNumbaNine 21 day ago +1

    I don’t like Westbrook playing with them

    CO0OK ANNNG 21 day ago

    Miss ariza sometimesb

  • Jermaine Blalock
    Jermaine Blalock 21 day ago

    Miami is the strongest team in the east. You heard it hear first

  • Sha Rha
    Sha Rha 21 day ago

    Harden and Russ play well off each other . They both can play PG/SG as to Paul is a classic PG. If They could have gotten a big like AD in LA , They would be my favorite to win it all. I think as long as AD is fine and healthy by the All-Star break, The Lakers should take it this year . The Bucks gonna make there first Finals in a while . The warriors semi-dynasty is over .

  • C Ed
    C Ed 22 days ago

    It’s not the fans clapping.... its hardens cheeks clapping each step .

  • Let There Be Truth
    Let There Be Truth 22 days ago

    @4:14 wtf is that

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 22 days ago

    Hey...if the refs call harden for traveling... we win the game. That's never gunna happen but hey...does silver not realize what a mochery hardens officiating is? Does he really want the NBA to go the s
    ame way as the wcw? Open your eyes silver, God gave u those ears for a reason, get ur head out ur ass, plz

  • Bin Huang
    Bin Huang 22 days ago


  • Gussy Moto
    Gussy Moto 22 days ago

    Westbrook new form gonna have him making 3s like nun

  • Fish cado
    Fish cado 22 days ago

    Let’s go Rockets!

  • Ethn NZX
    Ethn NZX 22 days ago

    why they face guarding my boy tyler herro soooo much?

  • Prentiss Brown
    Prentiss Brown 22 days ago +2

    I wouldnt want to play with James Harden. He's a dam ball hog when its alot of good players on the team

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 22 days ago

    I know it's preseason but would you say this is good offense or bad defense

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le 22 days ago

    Harden needs to CHILLL it’s only preseason bruhhh

  • just my views on life JMVOL

    4:21 Harden clearly runs into Bam but gets the terrible foul call

  • DRC
    DRC 23 days ago

    Why Harden shooting 26 attempts for in a pre season game? Calm down man. #NotAFan #JustSaying

  • tony h
    tony h 23 days ago

    42 ft for rockets and 18 for heat LOL

  • itzlegion123
    itzlegion123 23 days ago

    I hope spo give herro n nunn alot of minutes

  • Connor Kelly
    Connor Kelly 23 days ago

    Herro can't guard anybody

  • Seven Mill
    Seven Mill 23 days ago

    Wow! The game has evolved...

  • Raul24 K
    Raul24 K 23 days ago

    Astros going to win the ws and rockets still ain’t going to do shit

  • Nicholas Grey
    Nicholas Grey 23 days ago

    Hate to break it to u houston fans but uhhhh let's b honest yall ain't getting to the finals this year.

  • Fred B
    Fred B 23 days ago +1

    James harden acts like Westbrook isn't there...

    • john tran
      john tran 21 day ago

      Fred B hahah after this year westbrooke probably wouldnt want to play with him anymore. I know i wouldnt if i was him.

  • ForThePlayerz.On3
    ForThePlayerz.On3 23 days ago +2

    The Rockets just ain’t utilizing Russell Westbrook at all, 😴😴 Harden, u can’t win alone man

  • Original One
    Original One 23 days ago

    Tyler Herron can Shoot but No Defense at All

  • Osezua Olear
    Osezua Olear 23 days ago +1

    Westbrook *looking the slowest and least explosive he's ever been*
    Announcers: "Westbrook, such a blurr" "look at Westbrook..so explosive to the rim"
    Me: dafuq?

  • Tim Mccain
    Tim Mccain 23 days ago +1

    Who else is tired of rockets and this isolation shit year after year??

  • Quintis Collins
    Quintis Collins 23 days ago

    Harden be traveling his ass off wit that step back shot

  • Frank Silva
    Frank Silva 23 days ago

    I don’t know man. I’m getting really bored with so many three point shots. Either move the line back a foot or get rid of it altogether.

  • Dey Dekio
    Dey Dekio 23 days ago

    Spo wanted to see Nunn how he fares with superstars like Harden and Westbrook, and he did pretty good out there, as for Tyler, damn starstruck to those two all stars, Herro is a rookie after all 😁😁 well, lesson learned ....😁😁✌️

  • Romulus
    Romulus 23 days ago +1

    the HEAT and the ROCKETS are the most exitsing team to watch

  • Workout Tony
    Workout Tony 23 days ago

    Look at the score starting at 9:25. They took 2 points away from the rockets. Never seen that before.

  • Jef Varnadore
    Jef Varnadore 23 days ago

    Did he say “right to grandmas house” lol or am I hearing it wrong

    TAY AND FRIENDS 23 days ago

    the rockets or pockets are small

    ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ 23 days ago +3

    This go be my team this year HOW TF you go stop a harden iso and how tf you go stop A RUSSEL iso IMPOSSIBLE can’t wait to see the rockets see the lakers in playoffs gonna be interesting 😈😈😈

    • Let There Be Truth
      Let There Be Truth 22 days ago

      Second round exit

    • ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ
      ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ 23 days ago

      HeatMix u not finna act like harden don’t average 30 a game on regular season you talking like he a pee wee or something harden and Russell are dominant players

    • HeatMix
      HeatMix 23 days ago

      ‘BASHHBARII 益’ヅ Um buddy they played harden vs g league players

  • jimmy porta
    jimmy porta 23 days ago

    Freaking James Harden like we get it you're great but really 50 points in a pre-season thing let the other guys play Let the younger guys play let him get acquainted to the system it on I mean let Russell Westbrook have some love

  • Phant4sm
    Phant4sm 23 days ago


  • RuSomeKindaIdiot
    RuSomeKindaIdiot 23 days ago

    NBA Commie Lovers & Sponsors Banned on My Devices! Imagine, these blacks supporting slavery if they can make a buck by ignoring it!

  • Hans Gruber
    Hans Gruber 23 days ago

    I wonder if the people in the concentration camps in China get to watch these games..?

  • Saken Leon
    Saken Leon 23 days ago +1

    Freedom for Hong Kong 🇭🇰