Courtroom - SNL


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  • Jonathan Jacob
    Jonathan Jacob 2 часа назад

    the bloody bag starts dripping at 1:20 LOL

    BEN GHANA 21 час назад

    A glimpse of what SNL used to be, funny!

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson День назад

    He was doing the voice of the principle he used in jerry when he pooped his pants.

  • Peter T
    Peter T День назад

    Ha! So very funny. Well done!

  • Jut N
    Jut N 2 дня назад

    Derrick comedy

  • David R.
    David R. 2 дня назад

    That lady in purple is SO HOT! I claim her

  • Justin Cogar
    Justin Cogar 2 дня назад

    These top comments are so cliché

  • Mitch Neilson
    Mitch Neilson 2 дня назад

    Is Donald Glover playing Johnny Cochran?

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 2 дня назад

    2:33 -- I'm kinda glad those wiggas got eaten.

  • pellui millen
    pellui millen 2 дня назад

    t-rex is vegan btw

  • PharaohLoso215
    PharaohLoso215 2 дня назад

    This is a classic sketch now. Ever time I watch it I crack tf lol

  • isra Nothing
    isra Nothing 3 дня назад

    Donalds talent is endless

  • Cableguy818
    Cableguy818 4 дня назад

    Let the record show that the law does not!!

  • Teufel Äus
    Teufel Äus 4 дня назад

    llmaoo its johnny cochrin

  • lovethenightair
    lovethenightair 4 дня назад

    I want Donald Glover to host again! He is by far one of the best SNL hosts ever!

  • Alexfly3000
    Alexfly3000 6 дней назад

    I almost never seen Keenan break imagine if Donald was a cast member

  • Fatema Chaklasi
    Fatema Chaklasi 7 дней назад

    Cecily reminded me of that lawyer from My Cousin Vinny and did anyone catch the Friends reference? Rachel and dinosaurs?

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 8 дней назад

    Everything But Donald Glover wasn't funny.

  • David Andrews
    David Andrews 9 дней назад

    I know I'm going to get killed for this - but what is Donald Glover doing in this sketch, if not blackface?

  • Cleto La
    Cleto La 9 дней назад

    He did look cheerful on instergram..😁

  • Randi Behrends
    Randi Behrends 9 дней назад

    Beautiful job. 👌

  • BrooksieBoy1708
    BrooksieBoy1708 10 дней назад

    Childish gambino?

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson 11 дней назад

    They should have given Jeff Goldblum a cameo.

  • Greg Swehla
    Greg Swehla 12 дней назад

    How can they all keep a serious face during this haha 😂😂😂

  • Cathair 929
    Cathair 929 13 дней назад

    Is this America?

  • Cory Ball
    Cory Ball 15 дней назад

    God, this is a trip. I remember watching him on RU-clip in 2010 on the mystery van and now I’m watching him on RU-clip on snl. Insane.

  • Jenny lee
    Jenny lee 15 дней назад

    The lawyer lady is hot

  • michał johny
    michał johny 16 дней назад

    This faty Black guy mess up all snl comedy scetches couse he louth he cant play😞

  • Lisa B in Hawaii
    Lisa B in Hawaii 16 дней назад

    "Move your friend's blood around"... omg I'm dead

  • All Mouth
    All Mouth 18 дней назад

    So are you saying this is the only guy suing jurassic world?

  • Karyn Headen
    Karyn Headen 18 дней назад

    If you notice in the beginning his client was right beside him and when he ended his “defense” @4:23 his client is no where in sight lmao 😂

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias 19 дней назад

    " I dont considere my friends and family items."
    "But the law does..."

  • Whats Updog
    Whats Updog 20 дней назад

    Sounds kinda like Cris Rock

  • M L
    M L 20 дней назад

    Donald Glover is my babys daddy in my mind....

  • Out of many One
    Out of many One 20 дней назад

    SNL = Annoying comedy !!!

  • R Strid
    R Strid 21 день назад

    How does Kenan Thompson have a career?!

  • Sakalaka Matahata
    Sakalaka Matahata 21 день назад

    Is it just me or Donald Grover look like Childish Gambino

  • Victoria
    Victoria 21 день назад +3

    I've watched this sooo many times....i die Donald Glover lol

  • Krishawn Brown
    Krishawn Brown 21 день назад

    “Get out my face” 😂😂😂

  • Atronx 7
    Atronx 7 21 день назад +1

    Did nobody notice he called ut jurrassic park, and then jurrassic world.

  • OneYulaw
    OneYulaw 21 день назад

    And to think Donald Glover's audition was rejected by SNL to play Barrack Obama back in 2007/2008.

  • Sofa King Original
    Sofa King Original 22 дня назад

    Hey, is that Infantile Pecorino?

  • Trucking Lane's
    Trucking Lane's 22 дня назад

    2019 anyone?

  • Blingchachink
    Blingchachink 22 дня назад


  • atilla hanson
    atilla hanson 22 дня назад


  • Matthew Scott
    Matthew Scott 22 дня назад

    Donald Glover went all out on this one.

  • Shane Baron
    Shane Baron 23 дня назад

    lazy writing

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas 23 дня назад

    Still better than Johnnie Cochran.

  • Wilberfours Pressto
    Wilberfours Pressto 23 дня назад

    Best SNL skit I've seen in at least a year! Love to have been there as they wrote the lines.

  • Vinnie Moreno
    Vinnie Moreno 23 дня назад

    That was freaking hilarious.

  • Jamie Chernova
    Jamie Chernova 23 дня назад

    Missing something... don’t know what it is.... PETE DAVDISON

  • Bobbie Robinson
    Bobbie Robinson 23 дня назад

    This is President Trump and Mueller...
    Anything can be an order of perjury.
    I hope the Donald never said his toilet was solid gold (everybody knows you must mix gold with alloys to make it stay in shape)

  • Asma Sajid
    Asma Sajid 23 дня назад

    "All dinosaurs at Jurassic park are female "

  • Alan Alban
    Alan Alban 23 дня назад

    If My COusin Vinny was black

  • Tyler Barker
    Tyler Barker 23 дня назад

    Theres some thing about saturday night live, i just don't trust, i havnt done a anlysis on it,, but it like instains in the past. TGB the way i mean it.
    My friends are way more funnier, they say fucked up shit too, we influence it that way
    you know like we say jokes in a way to tell people or influence things to be done or happen, "like lets fill up the secret service inbox, voicemail, straadedgies and other stuff, but do through characters we create, to fight and slide by into "Trumps" importance type stuff in the past TGB the way i mean it.

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 23 дня назад

    to be fair, you can understand that holding dinosaurs and training them is a difficult feat on its own. and do that for at least 10 years. *10 YEARS*. that's like if disney opened a park where you can meet the literal demons from hell and kept it open and safe for 10 years. you got to give them credit on that

  • Carter Ozburn
    Carter Ozburn 23 дня назад

    Phycosaurus LOL

  • Lily Karasch
    Lily Karasch 23 дня назад

    I always wondered what happend after the movies...

  • Freedom's Life
    Freedom's Life 23 дня назад +1

    That Dino egg is probably dank

  • muzikman183
    muzikman183 23 дня назад

    never gets old

  • MatiZ815
    MatiZ815 23 дня назад

    Wait... If t-rex swallowed Rachel whole... where did the blood come from? I smell bullshit, the recording was staged.

    JM RONIN 23 дня назад +1

    Guys only a tad more convincing a lawyer than Rudy Giuliani!

  • Valerie Rose
    Valerie Rose 24 дня назад

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

  • king dude
    king dude 24 дня назад

    "Move your friend Scott's blood and read the paper!!!"

  • mary ghjkl
    mary ghjkl 24 дня назад


  • m718o
    m718o 25 дней назад

    Kenan can do anything

  • Badlaama Urukehu
    Badlaama Urukehu 25 дней назад

    Sad negrotivity... do read back beyond this sad park please...

  • Goodbye USA
    Goodbye USA 26 дней назад +1

    He's like a black Rudi Giuliani.

  • Joshua2Cool
    Joshua2Cool 26 дней назад


  • Benjamin Gibbs
    Benjamin Gibbs 26 дней назад

    Gambino killed it... ‼️👍🏾

  • CallMeKp YourLeader
    CallMeKp YourLeader 27 дней назад

    I felt like it would have been funnier with them on glovers side

  • Aaron
    Aaron 28 дней назад

    At least this lawyer say something to defend his client. I paid my lawyer $5000 and I was the one talking the whole time . that useless cunt .

  • Tekkerz Mark
    Tekkerz Mark 28 дней назад

    Never laughed so hard at someone pouring water 😂

  • Lizzy Liz
    Lizzy Liz 28 дней назад

    Move your friends blood with your fingers😂

  • ida yg
    ida yg 29 дней назад +1

    4:25 kenan so cute 😊 holding the laughter.

  • Nicholas Gillogly
    Nicholas Gillogly 29 дней назад

    Still a better lawyer than Giuliani

  • Øbey_ Z
    Øbey_ Z 29 дней назад +1

    " *No man* " 😂🤣

  • mangosandroses
    mangosandroses 29 дней назад

    This court is adjourned!

  • gfh420
    gfh420 Месяц назад +1

    I cannot stop laughing at this skit!!!! Donald Glover had me rolling!!! SNL needs to bring him back for another court case!!! LMFAO!!

  • Erin Hight
    Erin Hight Месяц назад


  • Tiniest Violin
    Tiniest Violin Месяц назад

    Hilarious 😂🤣😂

  • supermilkguy
    supermilkguy Месяц назад

    I don’t find Donald Glover funny, a good actor or attractive

  • Reyna
    Reyna Месяц назад +1

    Does anyone know what Donald said while he was pouring that glass of water?? 😂😂😂😂

  • Murcia Bitches
    Murcia Bitches Месяц назад

    Is it just me or does that lawyer look like Donald Glover?

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth Месяц назад


  • Daniel Koo
    Daniel Koo Месяц назад

    Looks like zion.t in the jury

  • Winter
    Winter Месяц назад +2

    I don’t know why but, I think Donald pouring the water into that glass was the funniest bit

  • Denise Garcia
    Denise Garcia Месяц назад

    Donald Glover 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • bubu joo Estes
    bubu joo Estes Месяц назад

    Why did they give Leslie that ugly ass wig.Boy she looks like an ape.
    She is my favourite comedian on SNL.

  • Axel Holy
    Axel Holy Месяц назад

    let the record show that the law does not

  • Jemba
    Jemba Месяц назад

    hilarious, funniest thing ive watched on snl

  • clevelandcbi
    clevelandcbi Месяц назад +2

    The T-Rex DID save the day in Jurassic Park and World. I like him.

  • clevelandcbi
    clevelandcbi Месяц назад +2

    2:46 Probably gonna get some mean replies, but was anyone else hoping Cecily would take off her jacket? So darn sexy. 😍

  • MarkifiedAlive 1997
    MarkifiedAlive 1997 Месяц назад

    Lawyer: *casual lean* your honor, permission to treat the witness as hostile?
    Judge: no, man, definitely not.
    I'm 100% done xDD

  • Alan Blud
    Alan Blud Месяц назад

    He sounds like Chris rock

  • SMP2390
    SMP2390 Месяц назад

    One of the juries are cracking up in the back lol.

  • mark perez
    mark perez Месяц назад

    He's still a better lawyer then rudy giuliani

  • edwin contreras
    edwin contreras Месяц назад

    Guy in the back 2:56

  • Pittsburgh Holla
    Pittsburgh Holla Месяц назад

    Keenan is