My Childhood Obsession with Animals

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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  • Andrew Yerian
    Andrew Yerian 10 hours ago

    As an animal lover myself, I can totally understand your passion for animals. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated by them. Yes, many of them are dangerous, but I don't see any reason to hate them. The hate given towards animals is very unnecessary. I want to do everything possible to keep them from extinction. No greedy poacher is winning this. That goes for all of you people out there that don't care. They're staying alive, and there is nothing anybody can say or do to change that. Nothing can convince me an animal isn't worth caring about. One thing lots of people don't realize is that animals have plenty of meaning. They help the environment. Having an animal around makes people happy. Surprisingly, people can live better lives because of being around one. So many wonderful things about them that we can easily relate to and learn from. Animals can teach us more about ourselves than any teacher.

  • Gracie Justus
    Gracie Justus 10 hours ago

    I have 10 cats

  • Nizoons, Chen
    Nizoons, Chen 10 hours ago +1

    I’m like you but with cats ;-; (warrior cats)

  • NiMyia and Keesha Toys and Slime test

    I guess you were 20 and I was right

  • D. Phelps
    D. Phelps 11 hours ago

    If jaiden got all the animals she would be like
    A good thing
    Not hoomanz
    I like them
    Match making XD
    S SIT-

  • Gracie Justus
    Gracie Justus 11 hours ago

    Can I send fan art to u from instagram

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 11 hours ago

    Jaiden: can I have a dog? No actually mouse. No actually bird. No actually raccoon.
    Jaidens parents: *throws Jaiden in zoo* this is your home now.

  • Trendyfox00 ART
    Trendyfox00 ART 11 hours ago

    *cough, cough* what about Tito the raccoon?

  • brodykag 101
    brodykag 101 11 hours ago

    Post more

  • Althea Smith
    Althea Smith 11 hours ago

    6:01 why did you turnd the hedgehog into sonic?

  • Makoimonno
    Makoimonno 11 hours ago

    Rats and dogs are definitely my favs :D

  • Seizon Gurung
    Seizon Gurung 11 hours ago


  • minecraft4662 Kulak
    minecraft4662 Kulak 11 hours ago

    I remember that was scruffy

  • Pig_girl_27
    Pig_girl_27 12 hours ago

    Can you make a video about me.Captain Jack sparrow‘s Ex wife and the gym teacher ?

  • Brian Donovan
    Brian Donovan 12 hours ago

    We used to have a super glider!!

  • Trinity Turner
    Trinity Turner 12 hours ago

    More Air!!!!!!!

  • Ember Gyre
    Ember Gyre 12 hours ago

    omg jaiden you love reptiles me tooo

  • Greninja Gamer447
    Greninja Gamer447 12 hours ago

    It may seem late and random, but you're one of my MOST favorite animators and the other one being James.

  • Jester Puppet
    Jester Puppet 12 hours ago

    Hey my classmate is called patyon

  • Neon Gamer
    Neon Gamer 12 hours ago

    4 weeks 6.5m views

  • Lmao I Have Anxiety
    Lmao I Have Anxiety 13 hours ago

    the earliest pet i remember wanting was a bird, i really really wanted a bird, then after a year or two of wanting a bird, i started obsessing over cats. i thought i was a cat for 2 years of my life, then i wanted a sugar glider, because my brother’s friend had 2, and now i just want every single animal i can have as my own pet literally ever

  • Alison Brown
    Alison Brown 13 hours ago

    I read the 4th maximum ride graphic novel because that's all they had in my school library.

  • PrinceP Playa
    PrinceP Playa 13 hours ago

    good video

  • Sparkz
    Sparkz 14 hours ago

    I’m actually reading Maximum Ride right now

  • Clarity DeerWolf
    Clarity DeerWolf 14 hours ago

    Omg I LOVE maximum ride!! I have the manga version (weeb child over here and yes there’s manga version)

  • Dead Meme
    Dead Meme 14 hours ago

    I have a ferret

  • Cute Puppy
    Cute Puppy 14 hours ago

    Maximum ride is gσdlч

  • Julia Waltzer
    Julia Waltzer 14 hours ago

    i used to have a bird and she was adorable
    my cousin has a bird that looks just like ari
    i just wanted to tell you cuz ik u like birdies

    DAEL MORGAN 15 hours ago +1

    PLEASE, PLEASEEEEE react to NotSlickBoi's (or something like that) video about you! SHUT HIS MOUTH UP AND CUT ALL THAT HATE!!
    and dont believe anything he says cuz ur none of that!

  • Amanda Mcsweeney
    Amanda Mcsweeney 15 hours ago

    Okay challenge accepted Jaden I have to pet goats

  • Christie Christensen
    Christie Christensen 15 hours ago

    OMG I said say instead of saw XD I’m so dumb

  • Christie Christensen
    Christie Christensen 15 hours ago

    Science->I wants say a person at pets smart with a TAMED RACCOON in her hand so raccoons are pets ya know

  • Iron legend
    Iron legend 15 hours ago

    snakes you say well i have a pet snake and ifit's your frist time with a snake you should get a canon sand boa there really sweet and like to play and swim

  • David Bernhagen
    David Bernhagen 15 hours ago

    I'm on issue 5 or 6 of maximum ride

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris 16 hours ago +1

    Hey! I have a Cockatiel! Bet you would love to play with him. lol
    I also have 2 dogs named Pepper and Ginger. Ginger’s a Bagel Dog. Seriously, look it it up. Love your videos!! 🤣😆🤣

  • Anthony YT
    Anthony YT 16 hours ago

    Im 1 billion years old and love your vids

  • P̶S̶Y̶C̶H̶Ø A̶S̶H̶

    I got a baby Bearded dragon today! (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ Idk what to name him. But he looks about a year old and HE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING YOU'LL EVER SEE OR MEET I WANNA SHOW YOUUU :CCCC ⊙ل͜⊙

  • Zoe Zencka
    Zoe Zencka 16 hours ago


  • Stanced M3
    Stanced M3 16 hours ago +1

    make it say the f word

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller 16 hours ago

    I’m going to get a lizard 🦎

  • Xavier the black wolf
    Xavier the black wolf 16 hours ago

    Jaiden Animations i watched your video about you dogs when you said scruffy was in the zone when he ran I saw a police officer I really thought I was going crazy

  • Janessa Harris
    Janessa Harris 16 hours ago


  • Lola And her friends
    Lola And her friends 16 hours ago

    Omg my name is lola

  • Anna Laehn
    Anna Laehn 17 hours ago

    Who else laughed at the the hamster with a seed and had a flash sale sign above

    (Odd ones out had a hamster named pumpkin seed and that and was on sale

  • Sophia Donahue
    Sophia Donahue 17 hours ago

    My constant animal obsession is fish. I have about 30

    BPE MIDNIGHT 17 hours ago +1

    I’ve got a blue tongue skink they are so cool but very dear and hard to find

  • Mason houghton
    Mason houghton 17 hours ago

    fishy fashy foppy sapping OwO

  • Lord Ags
    Lord Ags 17 hours ago

    I created my account yesterday and let me just say

    No regrets

  • Tyler Grundy
    Tyler Grundy 18 hours ago

    I have a Guinea Pig BE JEALOUS

  • bendy productions
    bendy productions 18 hours ago +1

    How are your animations so FUNNY!!!

    teach me!

  • Andy Chen-Yu Low
    Andy Chen-Yu Low 18 hours ago

    You have raoole so don't complain.

  • freddysanchez262
    freddysanchez262 18 hours ago +1

    I love you, 😇

  • Daniel Ford
    Daniel Ford 18 hours ago

    My dog is lola

  • Pewdiepie Right hand man

    Happy birthday

  • Dhaval Bhawani
    Dhaval Bhawani 19 hours ago

    Jaiden never mentioned cats.....

  • Fairy14YT Plays
    Fairy14YT Plays 19 hours ago


  • Fairy14YT Plays
    Fairy14YT Plays 19 hours ago


  • Lubby Alexa
    Lubby Alexa 19 hours ago


  • T-Hive
    T-Hive 19 hours ago

    “Maybe if we shape this fish into a dog she won’t notice”
    Me: *thinks back to my childhood* I was probably stupid enough to believe that!

  • Nutellah
    Nutellah 19 hours ago

    I wish she could answer this one question, is she an alternative version of me, because every video so far I could send to someone just to tell about myself