Why Is This Woman Carrying So Many Bags of Cheetos?

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • You’ve never seen contraband like this! This woman carried 20 bags of Cheetos with her in her airplane carry-on bag. TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport wanted to know what that was all about as her bag was searched. Turns out, the traveler, Emily Mei, was bringing the snacks to friends in South Korea. Mei said she is not paid to endorse Cheetos.

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  • Muhammad Arsalan Bela
    Muhammad Arsalan Bela 2 hours ago

    So much for civil liberties abd presumption of innocence untill proven guilty goodbye freedom

  • Vivek Rawat
    Vivek Rawat 8 hours ago

    Flaming hot Cheetos chick

    ROBERT GEORGE III 17 hours ago


    Middle Schoolers:

  • Samantha Hernandez

    Guys she has her own RU-clip channel haha no lie

  • 色块热土Sekret

    No one:
    The girl in the math problems:

  • clive chan
    clive chan Day ago

    Little did they know that the Cheetos inside the bag were made out of coke.

  • idk what to name this channel

    Now I want hot cheetos

  • Matt's mtb trails
    Matt's mtb trails 2 days ago +1


  • Simon Li
    Simon Li 2 days ago

    Oh My GOD, who cares, Inside Edition????

  • Gamer Gabe
    Gamer Gabe 2 days ago

    Ive seen worse

  • TheChemist 130
    TheChemist 130 3 days ago

    Accent: mastered

  • average Canadian
    average Canadian 3 days ago


  • Celso deJesus II
    Celso deJesus II 3 days ago

    I thought they were gonna be full of drugs.

  • carlos zavala
    carlos zavala 5 days ago +1

    Bro thats it can eat all that in like 10 years

  • SwZyyyFromGuam
    SwZyyyFromGuam 5 days ago

    I wonder how much pain she has to go through in the toilet

  • The real Asain
    The real Asain 5 days ago +1

    Oliver tree found his soulmate lmaoo

  • Gentle Stick Man
    Gentle Stick Man 6 days ago +1

    I can relate to her. My aunt lives in USA and when she visits, she brings a bunch of snacks we wouldn't normally get here.

  • MoooTheCow
    MoooTheCow 6 days ago

    Brooo that's the Cheetos mascot..

  • FantasticV7
    FantasticV7 7 days ago

    I ate 7 bags of hot Cheetos

    I know yall don't care

  • MoRpH
    MoRpH 9 days ago

    somehow this girl got no pimples from eating cheetos...

  • wastedPotential
    wastedPotential 9 days ago

    Because she’s going to make asmr hot cheeto chicken

  • Savannah Sims
    Savannah Sims 10 days ago

    The ghetto girl in school:

  • Mílå
    Mílå 11 days ago


  • LadyIrene123 Bey
    LadyIrene123 Bey 13 days ago

    *When you wished you had friends like that*

  • I am Groot
    I am Groot 13 days ago

    TSA......so what

  • ᗩᑎGEᒪIᑕ ᗩᑎGEᒪ

    Ratchet girl who?

  • Cʜᴜʏシ
    Cʜᴜʏシ 15 days ago +1

    Takis or Hot Cheetos??
    I like takis better!! UwU

  • Kakashirook
    Kakashirook 15 days ago

    She just really likes Cheetos

  • Gianni
    Gianni 15 days ago

    I mean I'd do the same with lucky charms if I went to America we don't have them here in the Netherlands 🍀

  • Javier Balcarcel
    Javier Balcarcel 15 days ago +3

    “You have never seen contraband like this.”

  • MaxPlayzYT
    MaxPlayzYT 19 days ago +1


  • Ken
    Ken 20 days ago

    Dude she just loves spicy chips

  • Keshav Tak
    Keshav Tak 23 days ago

    I totally get this. Everytime I used to visit my cousins in Thailand they’d get mad that I didn’t bring them any Cheetos or Doritos.

  • Øisin
    Øisin 23 days ago

    I'd do that

  • Ask MiName
    Ask MiName 23 days ago

    This is brain numbing excrement....this is slowly killing brain cells....

  • Habib
    Habib 24 days ago

    She is a reseller

  • Aliah BEN-RAHOU
    Aliah BEN-RAHOU 24 days ago +1


  • Valeria Maldonado
    Valeria Maldonado 24 days ago

    Omg she is so pretty

  • Nariketsu
    Nariketsu 26 days ago +2

    I’m actually on a Inside Edition binge and I can’t stop.

  • Get Die or be Die
    Get Die or be Die 26 days ago

    Plot twist: the have w e e d

    ITZ ALMOT 27 days ago


  • halo halo
    halo halo 29 days ago

    Dont all families do this? 😂😭

  • kennaramie15
    kennaramie15 Month ago

    lmfao literally me. cuz i’m addicted to them brother

  • Julia Larios
    Julia Larios Month ago +1

    lol *cheeto goddes*

  • DahyunTWICEloverKawaii Hello

    To be honest I would do the same!!

  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar Month ago +1

    So this girl likes hot Cheetos

  • Natalie Insixiengmay

    Haha 😂 I knew it was Emily

  • yoshis.left.nipple
    yoshis.left.nipple Month ago +1

    This lady : **gets a news report for bringing a lot of Cheetos on a bag**
    Oliver Tree: am I a joke to you?

  • Lankybox 2.0
    Lankybox 2.0 Month ago

    If i was her mom and if I found out about what she did.........I would be proud

  • KaitoGaming
    KaitoGaming Month ago

    Cheetos with lemon is lit

  • This is Philippines

    So that’s the purpose of that expensive LV.
    LV for LOOT VAG! 😂😂😂✌🏻 very PUNny, 😂 yea im corny

  • Chantelle Waite
    Chantelle Waite Month ago

    I surprised a TSA Agent coming back from Japan when he opened my carry-on and candy overflowed onto the counter. He looked at it and then me and back, then asked if it was all for me. Nope, sharing with family. Also, keep in mind to not have bath bombs in your carry-on or TSA will think it is a different type of bomb.

  • Dinar Puspasari
    Dinar Puspasari Month ago

    Jalapeno flavor is much better

  • Breeze
    Breeze Month ago +2

    she looks like a female version of jimin in bts

  • only1 ale
    only1 ale Month ago +2

    I would arrest her to they aren't with lime

  • Eh
    Eh Month ago

    Me: *yum*

  • froobalation
    froobalation Month ago

    I did same thing for us to UK

  • I was born In area 51


  • Marianna _ evil_nice

    Me when i want food

  • Jon Quist
    Jon Quist Month ago

    Meanwhile terrorist boards plane