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    EDITZ BY ASH.14 4 months ago +72

    Hahahah you guys never fail to bring a smile to my face🥺❤️ may god shower u and ur family with blessings😂❤️

  • ~Queen Kawaii~
    ~Queen Kawaii~ 4 months ago +1752

    Awhh.. I can't help but cry at the sight of the other daughters face when she's pushed aside like nothing important 💔 (edit: TYSM FOR 1K likes!! ❤)

  • Rebecca Lucas
    Rebecca Lucas 4 months ago +867

    Fifi is around almost as much as Linda. You're loved Linda, never forget that!

    • Jennifer Bell
      Jennifer Bell 3 months ago +1

      @createrbattler I watch all their videos and have learned all about them from following them. They also have a short video to introduce all the family members.

    • Jacintha Tjon
      Jacintha Tjon 4 months ago

      @Daniel Animalla 8

    • Jacintha Tjon
      Jacintha Tjon 4 months ago

      Umm that hannah not fifi

    • Beatrice Tackie
      Beatrice Tackie 4 months ago +3

      @createrbattler we watched their Q&A video where they explained everything

  • • Jade •
    • Jade • 4 months ago +210

    Aww, Linda you're still the rest of the familys favorite! and your my favorite. even though they are both treated equally it still hurts. :(
    edit: tysm for the likes

  • ☕ìtz_çø_ffé☕
    ☕ìtz_çø_ffé☕ 2 months ago

    It's ok Linda, no need to be sad :( you will always be loved ♥︎ no matter what your family still love you :)

  • kaitlyn lopez
    kaitlyn lopez 4 months ago +353

    Finally I’m early poor Linda she’ll always be my favorite 🤩 no matter what the cost is Linda is a wonderful lady and and always will be.
    (Edit: I know this isn’t how they actually treat them but I know for a fact they are a wonderful family. ❤️)

  • Saydu
    Saydu 4 months ago +9

    Y'all never fail making me laugh

  • Nia💋
    Nia💋 4 months ago +2

    ❤Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la loveme.Uno/cinderella
    Megan: "Hotter"
    Hopi: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

  • ToxleyMoxley
    ToxleyMoxley 2 months ago

    I feel your pain, Linda lol

  • ℍ𝕩𝕟𝕒𝕜ø
    ℍ𝕩𝕟𝕒𝕜ø 2 months ago

    No matter what, Linda will still have that special bond with pops. ❤️😭

  • Heart Fallen
    Heart Fallen 4 months ago +86

    🤣 I'm the "daughter from out of town", I wasn't even the favourite one, but when I'm back, my mom bought things for me, made things for me, and told me things she didn't like about my siblings. 🤣

    • Heart Fallen
      Heart Fallen 2 months ago

      @Martynas Mikalauskas hmm, what did ann gates say? Her comment didn't show up.

    • Martynas Mikalauskas
      Martynas Mikalauskas 4 months ago

      @Ann Gates what the fu*ck

  • Ham fam shorts
    Ham fam shorts 4 months ago +4

    I’m so sorry Linda I know what it feels like my dad has a favorite daughter too

  • Norah Elaine
    Norah Elaine 4 months ago +6

    Lol the teddy bear. Awww too cute. Such a sweet family. Linda babe, you’re a doll. 😘💃🏾

  • ADDsquirrel!!
    ADDsquirrel!! 4 months ago +42

    😆😆😆I’m in stitches here 🤣🤣🤣 Something about how Dad says “Love ya girl!” 😆💀

  • Miamiapizzaria
    Miamiapizzaria 4 months ago +106

    I feel bad for Linda even though pops treats both of them equal 🥲🥲🥺

  • S. M.
    S. M. 3 months ago +1

    How can Linda be ignored! She's so adorable

    • LeeSA Groot
      LeeSA Groot 3 months ago

      I love Linda ,she is almost in every videos with her family anyway she is beautiful 🤩, I didn't even know that the other one exists 😔

  • Sandy Karsten
    Sandy Karsten 4 months ago +2

    I just love this family!!

  • Imran Adi Ali
    Imran Adi Ali 4 months ago +60

    You should feel sad for the brothers that is how they are always treated 😂

  • Dawson and Daddy
    Dawson and Daddy 4 months ago +3

    You always make me smile.....thank you

  • Dinesh Vijay
    Dinesh Vijay 4 months ago +79

    I can feel the pain of her 🥺

    • Heidie Williams
      Heidie Williams 2 months ago

      @RU-clip sucks Its a video dude calm down. My god watch there other videos see how they treat the boys. There all treated equally. Its just for videos.

    • Caraj
      Caraj 4 months ago +2

      @Fetuccini Pasta bruh they just wanna be in one of there videos there's nothing cringe about that lol

    • Caraj
      Caraj 4 months ago +2

      @Fetuccini Pasta nothing cringe here

    • Dinesh Vijay
      Dinesh Vijay 4 months ago +9

      @The Furrha Family thanks for the reply guys. You made my day ❤ It would have been nice, if I'm one of your family member. Keep it up guys 🤍 love from India

  • I am a pig,wink wink 😉🤭

    I am just watching this repeatedly...
    How much loved the sister got from his brothers Masha Allah..
    Thats really very lovely..

  • Eliya♡
    Eliya♡ Month ago

    I feel the pain for Linda🤧🥺

  • Olivia DeLaTorre
    Olivia DeLaTorre 4 months ago +2

    Poor Linda! She is my favorite fan sweet lady and I can hug her feel better. Hug to you Linda 🤗

  • Nia💋
    Nia💋 4 months ago +2

    ❤Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la loveme.Uno/cinderella
    Megan: "Hotter"
    Hopi: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente

  • Sarah Su
    Sarah Su 4 months ago +1

    love this family.

  • LALLA Villamil
    LALLA Villamil 4 months ago +22

    I feel you Linda you used to have all the hugs and attention of Pops 😟
    After all it's just only a short visit

  • Rohan Khan
    Rohan Khan Month ago

    The way dad pushed Linda 😂💀

  • Mazvita Everjoy
    Mazvita Everjoy 4 months ago +1

    Love this family❤❤❤❤❤❤💟💘

  • chappy tupuola
    chappy tupuola 4 months ago

    Awww Linda we all love you don’t worry❤️💙

  • princess rhailai castillo

    Never change someone you love

  • tan jun wei
    tan jun wei Month ago +1

    I'm here for u , Linda. don't cry

  • Naga Lakshmi
    Naga Lakshmi 4 months ago

    Lots of love from India.....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • gina girl
    gina girl 4 months ago +2

    It's not a mistake✨ it's a masterpiece✨

  • Allie Frederick
    Allie Frederick Month ago

    i can feel linda's pain

  • Mez 0001
    Mez 0001 4 months ago

    Shorts be on fire...🔥🔥🔥

  • xDANi_SWiRLSx
    xDANi_SWiRLSx 4 months ago +4

    He handed her a stuffed bunny 😂😂 cute haha

  • 𝗺𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗶 𝘅


  • Bagus Pribadi
    Bagus Pribadi 4 months ago

    This is soooo funnyyy!! 😂😂😂

  • MinniePlays-RobloxClips

    I feel sad for Linda 🥺😂

  • RAKYA s
    RAKYA s 3 months ago

    Linda is always special for pops💗😘

  • Hauloto Sekeni
    Hauloto Sekeni 4 months ago +1

    Ik this is a joke but the way I took this alil to personally 😭😂💀

  • anne estacio
    anne estacio 4 months ago

    I can fill the pain cause it's always happened to me but I'm use to it 🥺👍🏻

  • Suzy
    Suzy 4 months ago +2

    I feel that 😭

  • Alejandra Diaz
    Alejandra Diaz 3 months ago

    I got hearbroken when Linda just got pushed aside❤️💔💔

    BEANS Month ago

    Poor Linda it's OK they still love you though and your my favorite also.

  • iwata
    iwata 4 months ago

    💙Asi con toy y sus malas no se la *loveme.Uno/nikita*
    Megan: "Hotter"
    Hopi: "Sweeter"
    Joonie: "Cooler"
    Yoongi: "Butter"
    Son unos de los mejores conciertos
    , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. ❤️

  • Anissa Johnson
    Anissa Johnson 4 months ago +2

    I wish I had family like this .

  • Emily Strickler
    Emily Strickler 4 months ago +1

    Linda deserves a hug she’s my favorite Queen

  • L Esiroyo
    L Esiroyo 28 days ago

    This family seems like a happy big family

  • Steeve
    Steeve 4 months ago +730

    I feel sad for the other sister. ;/

  • Darius Jamar
    Darius Jamar 4 months ago

    The hat throw at the end 🤣🤣🤣

  • Masud Farah
    Masud Farah 4 months ago

    Linda looks like her dad sooo much❤😁😁

    JELLYAJ_JustAJ 4 months ago

    i feel bad for linda, linda will always be my fav

  • Leya Sanchez
    Leya Sanchez 2 months ago

    poor linda .... but when she goes home, linda will be the fav again ❤️

  • Elli black Elli
    Elli black Elli 2 months ago

    aww i feel bad for the other sister shes still my fav from ya'll fam

  • Ayesha Kate Maraño
    Ayesha Kate Maraño 2 months ago

    I feel sad for Linda 😭

    DA ANGEL'S WORLD 6 hours ago

    The way he literally pushed her other daughter 😅😂

  • Emina Hasani
    Emina Hasani 4 months ago +5

    Mr Furrha loves his children especially Linda may Allah bless your family 🥰

    • starsxleaves
      starsxleaves 4 months ago +1

      @Emina Hasani no problem

    • Emina Hasani
      Emina Hasani 4 months ago

      @starsxleaves oh thank you

    • starsxleaves
      starsxleaves 4 months ago +1

      @Emina Hasani you have a nice day too! And I just realised you’re a Muslim, thats why you’re so kind

    • Emina Hasani
      Emina Hasani 4 months ago

      @starsxleaves thank you I love spreading kindness that's what we should do have a nice day

    • starsxleaves
      starsxleaves 4 months ago +1

      Hi! You’re really kind! :))

  • Marlene Rodriguez
    Marlene Rodriguez 4 months ago +8

    Poor Linda, good thing Fifi wasn't there... ❤🖤

  • 🌸Abby🌸
    🌸Abby🌸 Day ago

    The fact that pops just pushed Linda!!poor Linda...also her face when her pops pushed her!!

  • We are all Unique
    We are all Unique 4 months ago +2

    I love the white shirt guy the way he just sets her hair is so lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emily Strickler
    Emily Strickler 4 months ago +1

    Poor Linda I feel her

  • Seorang Dara
    Seorang Dara 4 months ago +1

    The way he pushed her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hen Tie
    Hen Tie 4 months ago +1

    The way he pushed Linda 🤣

  • Just Win
    Just Win 4 months ago

    hat in face was classic!!! 😆

  • Amisha Para
    Amisha Para 3 months ago

    I know how it feels 😢

  • sushil jaiswal
    sushil jaiswal 4 months ago

    I was sad but at the end when they threw the hat on her face I got so emotional pops never forgot before her you loved Linda:(

  • Cherry Does Stuff
    Cherry Does Stuff 4 months ago +1

    It’s not a mistake ✨ITS A MASTERPICE✨

  • Hermosa Reina
    Hermosa Reina 4 months ago

    Aww Linda. I get treated the same.

  • Genn Habana
    Genn Habana 3 months ago

    Bro that’s always me when ever my sister comes over she gets all the attention😢😔🥺

  • Flavia Carvalho
    Flavia Carvalho 2 months ago

    Moment of silence Linda’s the only one that cares about you

  • Ivy Velez
    Ivy Velez 4 months ago +1

    I related so much....I only realized I kept watching it because I started eating uncontrollably

    ITSSSJOSLYNN 4 months ago

    I feel bad for Linda she will always be my favorite

  • Tayba Limon
    Tayba Limon Month ago

    Mashallah i love ur family ❤️

  • Kensey Campbell
    Kensey Campbell 2 months ago

    Your beautiful and dont worry about the haters linda you will always be my favorite in that family

  • Jemila Gulston
    Jemila Gulston 4 months ago

    Poor Linda just run him when he needs you now lol 😆 😂 🤣

  • the world is cruel
    the world is cruel 4 months ago

    dont worry linda you will be always my favorite

  • jackson games
    jackson games 4 months ago

    i feel like that sometimes

    JANELLE M 4 months ago +1

    Awww 🥰 this is so me! I’m the only one that lives out of town from my siblings

  • •Aria•
    •Aria• 2 months ago +1

    This is why I call not loved dont worry Linda we love you so much

  • Lakeal Williams
    Lakeal Williams 4 months ago

    Throwing the hat at the end 🤣🤣

  • N M
    N M 4 months ago +1

    ohh man i saw her first time in any video.. nice to see another family member..

  • •EliCloud•
    •EliCloud• 4 months ago +1

    Aw! Come here Linda! I’ll give you a hug! 🤗

  • Oumal Ahmed
    Oumal Ahmed 4 months ago

    🤣🤣🤣the way he pushed leila 🤣

  • Lisa
    Lisa 4 months ago

    The cap at the end 😆

  • Club 57 brasil
    Club 57 brasil 4 months ago

    I feel so bad for her 😥

  • ziya
    ziya 4 months ago +1

    linda has to teach them a lesson

  • zberry582
    zberry582 Month ago

    The way he pushed her 😂

  • Stacy Newton
    Stacy Newton 2 months ago

    Never do that to Linda again I almost cried

  • Jaynalithan Peter
    Jaynalithan Peter 4 months ago

    Awwww I feel bad for Linda 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jay Sky
    Jay Sky 4 months ago +111

    Awww Linda 🥺😭

    • Ali Ibro
      Ali Ibro Month ago +1

      Poor Linda say hi for her to me and plzz reply

    • Jaden Adams
      Jaden Adams 2 months ago


  • Z C
    Z C 4 months ago +1

    Oh no, Linda 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • yogeshvaran varan
    yogeshvaran varan 21 day ago

    This is like my Heart dropped for Linda. Don't vary linda i LOVE you so much from bottom of my Heart FOREVER and EVER Baby👰🏻🌯🤝🏻🌮🤵🏻

  • Babylon a duppy
    Babylon a duppy 4 months ago

    😆 🤣 they're silly

  • Fadhel Family
    Fadhel Family Month ago

    Awww poor Linda my heart is broken 💔💔🥺🥺

  • Sadi Haddad
    Sadi Haddad 4 months ago +1


  • Emily Spindler
    Emily Spindler 4 months ago

    Fifi may be your dads favourite daughter, but your my favourite daughter, even if I dont know u❤❤

  • The aftons
    The aftons 3 months ago

    Poor Linda she's my fav from the family😥

  • Malavika m
    Malavika m 2 months ago

    Loved the way, how one of the brother fixed her hair

  • Манзура Гиёсова

    Awww, how her brother made her hairs after taking her cap off💕🤩😇