The Sims 4: StrangerVille Official Reveal Trailer

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Start your investigation and solve the mystery of a desert town that holds a deep, dark secret in The Sims™ 4 StrangerVille.*
    Available February 26, 2019 for PC and Mac.
    Learn more about this Game Pack:
    **The video is not fully reflective of gameplay experience.
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  • Erica Poitras
    Erica Poitras Day ago

    I loved this expansion pack.

  • msp star
    msp star Day ago

    im confused

  • Hey wie geht's?
    Hey wie geht's? Day ago +1

    Wieso sind hier so viele Englische Kommentare wenn oben steht "offizieller Ankündigungstrailer " {das ist doch Deutsch oder? Hahaha}

  • Random Dogface
    Random Dogface Day ago +1

    Is this a Stranger Things reference?

  • Chrisu 1
    Chrisu 1 2 days ago +1

    Maatila lisäri ois huippu

  • UniButt
    UniButt 4 days ago

    The best thing is, it came out right before my birthday!

  • Frank Ezell
    Frank Ezell 4 days ago


  • Loui Mark
    Loui Mark 6 days ago

    What did I just watch?

  • Chelsea Zavala
    Chelsea Zavala 7 days ago


  • Mixst
    Mixst 8 days ago

    I still come back to this from time to time I thought this was pretty cool seeing the sims sort of like a thriller tv series. I'd totally watch it if it were

  • Jiggly JuJu
    Jiggly JuJu 10 days ago +2

    Still the best Gameplaypack. It gives me so much Sims 2 vibes and the missions to discover the secrets of Strangerville is amazing!

  • SpellboundWolf
    SpellboundWolf 11 days ago

    Whoa! I love it!

  • SearchGoogle
    SearchGoogle 12 days ago

    This actually scares me lmao

  • Millex 1234
    Millex 1234 12 days ago

    This just gave me a heart attack!

  • Marcus Games
    Marcus Games 14 days ago

    Ok that’s the weirdest sims 4 dlc so far

  • mary elsenrath
    mary elsenrath 14 days ago +1

    Wut bout zombies

  • Stan Twice
    Stan Twice 15 days ago

    This is HELLA inspired by stranger things even the name lmao

  • Firewoof
    Firewoof 15 days ago +1

    -Stranger- -things- StrangelVille

    KTX XTK 16 days ago

    Qui a regardé la saison 3 de Stranger Things et trouve que cet opus là est très très similaire?
    En tout cas l’armée, la base secrete , les possessions....
    Like si t’es d’accord 🔥

  • Arinda A Raras
    Arinda A Raras 18 days ago

    Sorry but seriously it is the first pack that I really dont want to play. Never ever in my life. It looks creepy

  • Ka'Mya Chapman
    Ka'Mya Chapman 18 days ago

    This looks like a Billie Eilish music video

  • Haley Donovan
    Haley Donovan 20 days ago

    Billie Eilish whomst

  • тебе легко
    тебе легко 20 days ago

    i love this pack so much. it’s scary and frightening. wonderful!!

  • Valentin Pasquier
    Valentin Pasquier 20 days ago

    Stranger Thing

  • Kaemon Delport
    Kaemon Delport 21 day ago

    i feel like this entire expansion pack idea was formed off from a glitch

  • Simsiora_ Pl
    Simsiora_ Pl 23 days ago

    Genialne !

  • Dani G.
    Dani G. 23 days ago

    Please made witch gameplay!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Alexastopp
    Alexastopp 25 days ago

    The new music video for bury a friend looks nice

  • Kk Girl
    Kk Girl 26 days ago

    Can y’all make a sims 4 college life please

  • Peppa
    Peppa 26 days ago

    so creepy

  • Emma Martinez
    Emma Martinez 27 days ago

    How the hECK do the sims have everything perfect like my sim will be uncomfortable every minute or so

  • Imaginary Fame
    Imaginary Fame 28 days ago

    Yeeeees! This is so cool, I’m so eager to play this pack!

  • pollymelconçolaçao 1999familia

    I love you the sims gameplays shows💖💖💖💛💛💛💙💙💙💚💚💚💜💜💜❤❤❤

  • Milky tea gacha
    Milky tea gacha 28 days ago

    Is that brown haired pigtail wearing bitch try a steal my favourite sims HUSBAND ERWIN PRIES?

  • boertje
    boertje 29 days ago +1

    Guys, realize that this is a super cool nostalgia throwback to strangetown from the sims 2 gba/ds.
    Both really unique and cool sims games, i for one am super excited!

    • boertje
      boertje 22 days ago

      @Some idiot having now played it im actually inclined to agree

    • Some idiot
      Some idiot 22 days ago

      Strangerville is a massive insult to Strangetown.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 29 days ago

    when will we get open world sims just like gta V kind ? so we can do what we want not just click for everything.

  • Ken Renzo
    Ken Renzo 29 days ago

    this new billie eilish music video looks great

    SAPTADIPA GHOSH 29 days ago

    Let's hope University pack comes out in 2020........

  • Funny Fajitas
    Funny Fajitas Month ago

    this gives me stranger things vibes but also x files vibes

  • StrawberryMunchy
    StrawberryMunchy Month ago +2

    Why would people want school when you can have this?!

  • NovaIZSmol
    NovaIZSmol Month ago

    You guys LEGIT pumped this out because of stranger thinsg 3 hype didn't you? :3 I won't play S4 but gotta say I appreciate this pack more than I should.. Now... MAKE STRANGE TOWN WITH STORY ABOUT BELLA!!! please

  • Aideen
    Aideen Month ago

    So much rudeness. Gross.

  • Xxbella PlayzxX
    Xxbella PlayzxX Month ago

    My name is Bella and in a good h to lieing

  • Maddie
    Maddie Month ago

    train to busan?

  • Gracie Terrell
    Gracie Terrell Month ago

    We want university and that’s the mother flipping universi TEA

  • Prïñçëßß Mørtøñ

    I wish I had The Sims 4 but I don't have any money

  • ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique

    can y'all stop bicthing about University omg stfu

  • Spicy Negra
    Spicy Negra Month ago

    lol wtf

  • Lizagna Person
    Lizagna Person Month ago

    No fckin way

  • Naomi Joustra
    Naomi Joustra Month ago

    Does this cost money?

  • Bendy
    Bendy Month ago


    daman another acount hacked (i am another bendy its a betrayer

  • 크란 카트Kმrსმ

    It's more than a lil pack. It's an fucking movie where we can play.

    I want that gad--

  • Piankowa 123
    Piankowa 123 Month ago

    Czemu to jest kanał „Sims Polska” a tu komentują po angielsku ??😂😂😂

  • Juli Belen
    Juli Belen Month ago

    Stranger things

  • akseli huttu
    akseli huttu Month ago

    Who you gonna call doctor Who

  • akseli huttu
    akseli huttu Month ago

    Who you gonna call (no one you just leave fast as you can)

  • akseli huttu
    akseli huttu Month ago

    Ooh creepy

  • Asmr Twins
    Asmr Twins Month ago

    Where is Eleven

  • Jenna Not Marbles
    Jenna Not Marbles Month ago

    An actual horror movie

  • Lucydraws stuff
    Lucydraws stuff Month ago

    You know.. nobody is forcing you to buy this....

  • life
    life Month ago +3

    Just bought this. Waiting for it to download. Super excited. Thanks for the sale ea 👍

  • ForeverDreamWithinADream

    It's the pack I didn't know I needed but having fun with it. Way more fun than sims just studying and doing homework.

  • adrienette shipper
    adrienette shipper Month ago +11

    News: *about this Momo*
    Sims: *I have an idea*

  • Niyabella
    Niyabella Month ago

    Still kinda upset we can't take group selfies of more than 2 sims :(

  • Lauren Victoria
    Lauren Victoria Month ago +1

    damn, the new season of Stranger Sims looking good

  • Lauren Victoria
    Lauren Victoria Month ago +1

    don't do drugs sims

  • Ginge Mardo
    Ginge Mardo Month ago

    they are seriously doing this.... but no freaking university!!!!!!!!!

  • soft milk
    soft milk Month ago

    university. n o w

  • Daddy stars stealer

    0:51 Oh gosh it makes me think about Strangers Things😧

  • noel noelinski
    noel noelinski Month ago +26

    Community: can we have Unive-
    (Entire comment section in a Nutshell)

  • G Studios
    G Studios Month ago

    This was a fun trip.

  • Golden Kitty
    Golden Kitty Month ago

    Strangerville more like hawkins to me

  • Lord Funk Jr
    Lord Funk Jr Month ago

    In this trailer all the soldiers have camo on their clothes but in my they only have plain green

  • Bredhead Urine
    Bredhead Urine Month ago

    *Dislikes are from the simmers who wanted university life*

  • SerieN Freak
    SerieN Freak Month ago


  • Nikki Eastwood
    Nikki Eastwood Month ago

    more like Welcome to Night Vale Sims style. Anyone else a fan?

  • Ayana Colton
    Ayana Colton Month ago

    Can we just get university and supernatural pack plz

  • Dana Hates you
    Dana Hates you Month ago

    Okay but where is my option to create a fairy sim or like to go to college 🤔

  • Ghostie Pye
    Ghostie Pye Month ago

    I really enjoyed this pack, it was a fresh idea

  • Jennifer Clayton
    Jennifer Clayton Month ago +1

    Sims "so what do we want the next pack to be?"
    Us "University!!!"
    Sims "strangerville it is!!!!"

  • MonMon. exe Draws
    MonMon. exe Draws Month ago

    When she was becoming crazy that just looked painful. The noises she made, makes it look like her bones were breaking one by one

  • Hannah Tarlington
    Hannah Tarlington Month ago

    this is sick but.. university :(

  • Shaelyn Hamilton
    Shaelyn Hamilton Month ago

    I just found out about this and I'm re downloading my Sims 4 immediately

  • fluminesesoc
    fluminesesoc Month ago

    Ummm...ok ...this has to be one of the most silent trailers for Sims4....and doesn’t tell me anything ....

  • letylek
    letylek Month ago

    the only way i'll start playing sims again is if we get a university pack that was as good, or better than sims 3

  • Matthew Puckett
    Matthew Puckett Month ago

    Erwin was a good part of the stranger ville.

  • 1988ladylove
    1988ladylove Month ago


  • Mysterious icewolf
    Mysterious icewolf Month ago

    The beginning tho

  • geeg Iks
    geeg Iks Month ago

    It does look different and cool. I like that EA can come up with interesting ideas yet I’m not sure if I would buy it or not lol

  • Johann Bonow Neves
    Johann Bonow Neves Month ago

    Ooooh this game pack is COOL! I love it! Thanks, EA!

  • _anney_and_vilma _
    _anney_and_vilma _ Month ago

    please do the sims 4 horse

  • Elizabeth Caza-Krump

    Wait a second... I am so confused by this... Is the monster at the end of that trailer the famous classic COW PLANT? If it is, this might be interesting...

    But whatever they come up with I still prefer Sims 3 over Sims 4 in the gameplay style and the number of choices we had to customise EVERYTHING... Sorry not sorry I said this.

  • w h a t a l o a d o f b a l o n e y

    Like I’m going to buy another expansion pack after paying £50 for the pets expansion pack and ea demanding I pay for the pets expansion pack expansion pack for the whole expansion🙄

  • ImJustA Human
    ImJustA Human Month ago +1

    do we need to create another sims to do the adventure?.

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp Month ago

      nope. Its a new region anybody can go to at any time.

  • Raina Vlogs
    Raina Vlogs Month ago +2


  • AviatorJacob
    AviatorJacob Month ago

    I've always wanted to live in a town full of metheads!

  • hoseok
    hoseok Month ago

    bruh i wish i lived as a sim, at least they have some fun things going on in their lives

  • stal
    stal Month ago

    me not download this 0_0

  • Clevia
    Clevia Month ago

    Where is island paradise and UnIvErSiTy?!

  • kamile Simenaite
    kamile Simenaite Month ago

    Can u make teenagers look more like teenagers, like maybe shorter and still more baby faced