Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
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  • Real Engineering
    Real Engineering  4 months ago +332

    The daily problems on Brilliant are actually fantastic. Great way to challenge your brain each day. Thanks again to Brilliant for making these videos possible: brilliant.org/realengineering/

    • Armando Sanchez
      Armando Sanchez 16 days ago

      Real Engineering because its taxpayers money and they need to use that exasperation money, and to build a stainless steel , so people to look at makes sense,

    • Loki Vato
      Loki Vato 2 months ago

      Dude, your videos are so incredibly well-crafted and executed. Thank you.

    • trez christy
      trez christy 2 months ago

      STARLITE will really solve 99% of the heat problem

    • trez christy
      trez christy 2 months ago

      Can u please contact elon musk & inform him about the "STARLITE" ....revive that technology, he really REALLY needs it!!! Pretty please....

    • Al Kindi Abu Yosef
      Al Kindi Abu Yosef 2 months ago

      Don Vittorio DiMaggio Your thé crap 💩

  • Quincey Linner
    Quincey Linner Day ago

    Has anyone else bought those reusable stainless steel straws from sunnystraw.com ??? They’re so nice, they come in pairs with a cleaner for each and a little pouch to keep them in

  • Michaels
    Michaels Day ago

    COYBIG :) Cool channel and very informative videos. Thanks.

  • *
    * Day ago

    WAIT! All this talk about humans going to and living on Mars ... guess what ? You people spent so much time on how to get there, and not what IS THERE. PERCHLORATE ! Look it up ! The high levels of perchlorate found on Mars would be toxic to humans, even if it’s on your suite...

  • jeremiah1st
    jeremiah1st Day ago

    Steel expands and shrinks but you never mentioned it. Considering that alone you understand that a rocket or spaceship will NEVER leave earth atmosphere or fly to what you call space. And why stainless? Besides that stainless steel is weaker than ordinary steel. So how do they cope with deformation and partial heating of the structure? To me this is no science but comedy.

  • Tartaruz Ourea
    Tartaruz Ourea 2 days ago

    flawless transition to ad

  • sean mullin
    sean mullin 2 days ago


  • Ⓙⓐⓢⓞⓝ Ⓜⓐⓣⓗⓤⓡⓐ

    So it doesn’t get stains??

  • The Mower Co.
    The Mower Co. 2 days ago

    2:13 Ceramics the best bet if you can do it right.

  • Headburger Lax
    Headburger Lax 3 days ago

    I'll bet anything this project of his is gonna fail, along with most of the other ovehyped dreams he has sold to naive investors.

  • Sebastian Oliver Peronard


  • Yuvraj Adhikari
    Yuvraj Adhikari 3 days ago


  • Hexteria
    Hexteria 3 days ago

    Say Muhrs again I dare you

  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet 3 days ago +2

    *smacks stainless steel pan*
    This baby uses state-of-the-art starship metal alloy!

  • Louis bcp
    Louis bcp 3 days ago

    I really apreciate your work, as it provides interesting videos while teaching me english. The references are a great idea !! Keep doing this please !
    Greets from France

  • Kelly CC
    Kelly CC 3 days ago

    Maers? 🥴

  • richard none
    richard none 4 days ago +1

    that is the same rocket Flash Gordon used to get to ming ha ha ha

  • George George
    George George 4 days ago +3

    Excellent! Or should I rather say Brilliant?!

  • Burtan Tae
    Burtan Tae 4 days ago

    Aluminum....It's not Aluminium.

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 4 days ago +1

    "But sometimes you just need to make mistakes to learn, which is why you should sign up to Brilliant." might not be the best way to say this

    • John Helix
      John Helix 4 days ago +1

      Yeah, I know what I'll never be clicking. What cancer.

  • Csongor
    Csongor 4 days ago +2

    Shitshow?? You dont know Musk at all. xD

  • George Andrews
    George Andrews 5 days ago +6

    Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship..... Because some one had already done a DeLorean :o)

  • Nether Craft
    Nether Craft 5 days ago

    rip starship hopper

  • Average User
    Average User 5 days ago


    Oh sorry wrong channel

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 5 days ago +6

    My dad worked in the aerospace industry he told me the engineers were having problems with weight and a janitor said use perforations like toilet tissue, he said it tends to tear other places than perforations.

  • Demonic Sweaters
    Demonic Sweaters 5 days ago

    That's why Doc Brown used a Delorian

  • Sexywrm
    Sexywrm 6 days ago

    WD-40 is the stuff to unloose screws and bolts.

  • Andalucia Musical Instruments

    It’s a space ship or a prop?

  • Kevin Obrien
    Kevin Obrien 7 days ago

    Nikolai Tesla shows us that gravity is electricity and not a magical Force. With this in mind it seems to me that NASA and anyone interested in space exploration or even just putting stuff in orbit should look at Tesla's findings. SpaceX and NASA should be looking at a elevator of sorts using not Rockets but electricity to achieve orbit and space exploration.

    • Kersey Kerman
      Kersey Kerman 6 days ago

      How did he show us that "gravity is electricity"?

    • O H
      O H 6 days ago

      There is a very high likelihood that Teslas tech is being used. Keep in mind, he patented a ufo design. Highly likely many UFO's are us. However, UFO's have been documented in every era of human history, so we can't dismiss them altogether as terrestrial.

  • Jim Henry
    Jim Henry 7 days ago

    It just makes sense to look at truth and reality...
    Aluminum melts at approx. 1221f/660c.
    Stainless Steel [grade 410] melts at 2786f/1530c.
    Reentry temperatures for space vehicles reach 3000f/1649c.
    Aluminum space vehicles have to be protected from melting during reentry via foamed ceramics that add considerable weight,installation man hours, and cost.
    I work in chemistry and material science developing industrial coatings that can resist up to 5500 f.

  • My Opinion Doesn't Matter

    They didn't built it.

  • Haikiri Nanbo
    Haikiri Nanbo 7 days ago

    Real Engineering 10:36 Sometimes you just need to make mistakes to learn, which is why you should sign up to Brilliant...

  • akamouse100
    akamouse100 8 days ago

    All i see is a lot of people will die trying to get to MARS and for what ? To see dirt, idiots !!! 🤣

  • Scott Spradlin
    Scott Spradlin 8 days ago +2

    Ever try electromagnetic drives .....g force becomes the issue

  • Dominic Hutchison
    Dominic Hutchison 8 days ago

    Unless were grabbing whole ass icebergs is mars really the most optimistic option?

  • Patrick F.
    Patrick F. 8 days ago

    This is almost the same video as this one: m.ru-clip.com/video/LogE40_wR9k/video.html

  • Asgar Azwad
    Asgar Azwad 9 days ago


  • axe2grind911a
    axe2grind911a 9 days ago

    Um, there's only 1 "I" in aluminum. Why do Brits add an unnecessary syllable?

  • a b
    a b 9 days ago

    So it doesnt get stained👍

  • Energy In Motion
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  • TheSkittleFur
    TheSkittleFur 9 days ago +1

    I seen elon musk's recent project on 2b on making a robot maid lol

  • Lulu Maha
    Lulu Maha 9 days ago

    Visit Maris? What the hell is Maris?

  • DMT Truth
    DMT Truth 9 days ago

    SpaceX is a money laundering operation

  • Ricky Bosephus
    Ricky Bosephus 10 days ago

    Cool! but we're already on Mars.

  • Jeff in Canada
    Jeff in Canada 10 days ago

    In the face of Centrifugal Propellers, rockets are a waste of time and money.

  • Internet Quality Police
    Internet Quality Police 10 days ago +3

    Elon Musk is a KNOB HEAD.

  • David Sau
    David Sau 11 days ago

    Looks like Flash Gordon's rocket 😁

  • colo capacco
    colo capacco 12 days ago

    so much memes on musks tw lollll

  • mixmaster547
    mixmaster547 13 days ago +3

    "Here is where stainless steel really starts to shine." Pun intended?

  • Fayze Mourie
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  • My Channel
    My Channel 13 days ago

    Sign up for brilliant is mistake

  • Night Reader
    Night Reader 14 days ago

    Hahaha better use Aluminum hahaha

    • Night Reader
      Night Reader 14 days ago

      If there's a GI channel how about gypsum board? 🤣😆😂

    • Night Reader
      Night Reader 14 days ago

      Use also GI channel for partition 🤣😆😂

  • Night Reader
    Night Reader 14 days ago +1

    Stainless came from asteroid materials and it's very strong materials to use in Space.

    • Night Reader
      Night Reader 14 days ago +1

      What do mean by rich? A rich of credit card or Rich of loan. 🤣😂😁

    • Night Reader
      Night Reader 14 days ago +1

      Actually spaceships inside or beyond they are using black gold materials and platenium materials. Why we use a stainless materials for space. Must be black gold materials because the world is Rich.

  • Mark Caseon
    Mark Caseon 15 days ago

    Elon should make ship from carbon nanotubes.

  • geoff toner
    geoff toner 16 days ago

    Good stuff son, well done plus sub:)

  • Craig Rix
    Craig Rix 17 days ago

    Sorry I can't listen to this guys irish accent for 12 minutes


    Talks too much.
    Just show how it works im the first minute so i can move on.

  • userwl2850
    userwl2850 18 days ago

    WD40 interesting.

  • Al Awayan
    Al Awayan 18 days ago

    but it is not heat resistant.

  • Corrine Tsang
    Corrine Tsang 18 days ago

    Space X can not build a graphene-aluminum rocket that weights less.So,they tried to used a stainless steel rocket.

  • Aspirative Music Production

    New movie coming "Trash can in space "

  • E-Nonymouse
    E-Nonymouse 19 days ago

    Aerogel could be used as a heat deflecting surface right?

  • US Air Force Nerd
    US Air Force Nerd 20 days ago

    Starship not Starhopper

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 21 day ago

    I concur.

  • Shahid Shaikh
    Shahid Shaikh 22 days ago

    I didn't understand what you are explaining

  • Zyipitoe
    Zyipitoe 22 days ago

    thx 4 metric

  • recovery starzz MCMULLEN

    I'm sorry but ur voice sounds dang familiar. From a Netflix show

  • giopde1ste
    giopde1ste 22 days ago

    I mean, any spaceship without its fuel or hounding tower will fall over with enough wind, not that surprising tbh

  • Floundericious WA
    Floundericious WA 22 days ago

    I love the rocket scientist scope of thought at 10:00
    They just need to mine water and extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then do some fancy chemistry to produce methane and oxygen.

    Oh...is that ALL? :)

  • Titties Bigglesby
    Titties Bigglesby 23 days ago +6

    For future reference: "Sometimes you just need to do things to learn from your mistakes"
    Is not a good segway into plugging your sponsors.. ...

  • juniorimac
    juniorimac 25 days ago +1

    I worked at this location. It’s just a testing facility.

  • DinoNugget
    DinoNugget 26 days ago

    So it doesn't get space stains?

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 26 days ago

    Fake x is NASA

  • Flatten
    Flatten 26 days ago

    Brilliant engineering had us driving cars on the moon 50 years later you cant even get out of lower earth orbit...now that the moon is in our atmosphere you cant even go their ....There is no starship...!!!

  • one take
    one take 27 days ago

    V2 Design

  • Rax Savvage
    Rax Savvage 27 days ago

    take a shot everytime he says annie
    i'm 3 videos in and utterly smashed

  • Nahuel Costa
    Nahuel Costa 27 days ago

    Interesante, si algo aprendi de KSP es que la forma mas eficiente de cumplir misiones es minimizar el peso de cada operacion con sistemas modulares, los sistemas modulares previenen que los motores tengan que mover carga no util a un destino X.
    la forma mas eficiente para aterrizar en marte con pasajeros y luego despegar para volver a la tierra es el siguiente,
    La nave debe dividirse en 3 partes Capsula de pasajeros/Sistema propulsivo de aterrizaje y despegue/ tanque de combustible orbital
    1 capsula de pasajeros con ablator, paracaidas y/o frenos de aire y motores pequeños de aterrizaje para eliminar la velocidad vertical y horizontal
    1sistema propulsivo con suficiente combustible para aterrizar, despegar y orbitar, sin paracaidas, con geometria aerodinamica y frenos de aire, aterrizara invidualmente de forma automatica.
    para el despegue las partes se deben ensamblar nuevamente, los motores de aterrrizaje de la capsula, el ablator y los paracaidas se pueden retirar para salvar peso, excepto que quieran ser usados nuevamente en la tierra(esto depende de la existencia de estaciones espaciales de space x en la tierra y en marte para traslados de pasajeros de una nave a otra)
    Por ultimo la nave debe recargar combustible del tanque orbital para volver a la tierra.
    -al tener la cabina de pasajeros a la altura del suelo puede usarse como modulo habitable temporal
    -una nave muy alta es mas propensa a volcarse por los vientos de marte, 2 naves pequeñas siempre seran mas estables que la suma de sus alturas
    -al dividir la nave en 2 partes aumenta la superficie total de aerofrenado a marte (el mismo peso total el doble de superficie en contacto con atmosfera)
    - la parte propulsiva tendra que utilizar menor combustible en el aterrizaje porque su relacion peso potencia se vera altamente incrementada por la inmensa reduccion de peso, ademas la relacion peso/resistencia aerodinamica se vera disminuida a nuestro favor
    -complejidad y probabilidad de error.
    -Costos ( esto es ambiguo, disminuye algunos costes pero incrementa otros, el principal incremento es el costo operativo de reensamblar las partes en tierra marciana).
    -probable nesesidad de una grua para ensamblar nuevamente ambas partes de la nave, pero con la gravedad reducida de marte podria ser menos complejo de que a simple vista parece

  • Guy Poirier
    Guy Poirier 29 days ago

    Why they have never took a video of the earth from space? Because we cannot go into space.Do your own research ....

  • Guy Poirier
    Guy Poirier 29 days ago

    More bullshit we cannot go to Mars or any other planets just plain bullshit

  • Ronan Barthon
    Ronan Barthon Month ago

    Looks like something Bugs bunny would ride in......

  • Admiral Nimitz
    Admiral Nimitz Month ago

    I know we have some odd pronounciations...
    It's spelled:

    • TheOrganicartist
      TheOrganicartist 29 days ago

      pssst... you should google ... the usa isn't the only place that exists...
      who am i kidding you're not going to do that so i'll do it for you

  • myownname myownlastname

    The beggining of the video is a very long introduction to rockets. The actual answer is at 7:00.


    Why SpaceX Built A Stainless Steel Starship==because they cannot built any starship that's why the built something else than a starship! und so they built one stainless steel starship with veranda und pool!

  • pikamochzo TV
    pikamochzo TV Month ago

    Just make a styrofoam from steel and it is going to be ok

  • dj traBBiz Ramage
    dj traBBiz Ramage Month ago

    haha lol,, no one has ever been to the moon ,and mars is not a possible destination either.

  • PaxDisturbia
    PaxDisturbia Month ago

    I'm hung up on the extra syllable in aluminum.

  • TheExplorer
    TheExplorer Month ago

    What kind of planet is mers, I've never heard of it?

  • bindu francis
    bindu francis Month ago

    cause its shiny

  • minicoopertn
    minicoopertn Month ago

    Is there a reason why they do not use titanium apart from cost.

  • Harley Borgais
    Harley Borgais Month ago

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    So I wonder now, who will help me?
    I also have a LOT of other inventions, like machines which produce anything we wish from waste materials and raw Earth, by combining our current 3D printers and CNCs and Laser Cutters and Assembly Arms, etc... Which will Scale itself down into a Living Liquid Metal which could even inhabit my/our body, and maintain perfect health, repair damage faster then cells can, and eventually even record my entire mind, and become able to extend my life indefinitely, and maybe even replace my brain and memories if I was shot in the Head, or my Head cut off even!
    And I have thought up a LOT more, and will share all of it, as I go along!
    Thanks for the info Real Engineering!

  • Sandy
    Sandy Month ago +1

    Musk is perfect for the morons who worship utter incompetence. He draws a picture, thus it has been done. Musk promised a Mars colony by 2018. His militant religious cult 100% believes with all their heart Musk is on Mars today.

  • Peter Egbujie
    Peter Egbujie Month ago

    i am not an engineer but you make engineering enjoyable

  • NovaComputing
    NovaComputing Month ago +1

    Love the new logos, but the same problem may happen again I'm afraid

  • anthony mackey
    anthony mackey Month ago

    yeah! sign up for indoctrination right now!!!

  • Janie Miller
    Janie Miller Month ago

    Elon Musk 👏 bravo 👏 🚀

  • Janie Miller
    Janie Miller Month ago

    That rocket 🚀 is beautiful 👩‍🎨

  • Zack Asmus
    Zack Asmus Month ago

    But....steel is heavier than feathers!

  • Hemayet Hasan
    Hemayet Hasan Month ago

    star hopper l/d ratio too high