How Hong Kong Changed Countries

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
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Comments • 7 031

  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  6 months ago +2021

    Hey all, in case you don't know already, the numbers in the bottom, left corner of the video correspond to the sources of information at the bottom of the description. Many of those are good further reading on the topic.
    Also, I just want to acknowledge one small narration slip-up. At 7:14 I say, "What was known was that the event would be centered around midnight on the night of July 30th, 1997." That should be *June* 30th, 1997.

    • Chris Peter
      Chris Peter 8 days ago
      Come discord and we can have a chat about all stuff u like. Like hong kong, china, what we think about the world in general.

    • Dinar AndFriends
      Dinar AndFriends Month ago

      Please get the countries right next time: "Great Britain" is not a country, it's part of the United Kingdom.

    • Amidat
      Amidat 5 months ago

      @UFCMania155 Yes - but my point was they didn't even put up much of a fight to defend them because they didn't really care that much.

    • Chillypuwn
      Chillypuwn 5 months ago

      This video just earned you my follow ;)

  • hudas_b_a_ultra
    hudas_b_a_ultra 7 hours ago

    At 7:17 he says July 30th. It's supposed to be June 30th.

  • Jeffery Wang
    Jeffery Wang 17 hours ago

    LOL talked about "last sunset of British Hong Kong" and never mentions first sunrise of Chinese Hong Kong in 99 years, good job.
    How about making a video about how "sadly" India became independent? Or Malaysia?
    Colonial mindset at its best.

  • systemBuilder
    systemBuilder 22 hours ago

    It is said that a Chinese billionaire flew to Vancouver and bought. 67 house for a few hundred thousand dollars each, in 1987, took photos, then flew back to Hong Kong and flipped all 67 in 2 weeks for a ~$30m profit, sold, sight unseen. It was at this point Vancouver real estate began to have insane overpricing, spawning the book, "generation X", by Douglas coupland, and that is the origin of the phrase ... The 1997 handover ...

  • Javier Guevara
    Javier Guevara Day ago

    I would never want to be part of China. Mainly because I would need vpn for everything and FUCK communism.

  • Stinky Sundae
    Stinky Sundae Day ago

    I'd support Hong Kong but they are too rude as fuck. Fuck Hong Kong

  • Colin Johnston
    Colin Johnston Day ago +1

    Now look at Hong Kong. Chinese should never been allowed back in the city. Rip Hong Kong

    • ZuboyTV
      ZuboyTV 11 hours ago

      Chinese should never been allowed back in their own land ? Wow ,

  • Fasil kk
    Fasil kk Day ago

    Im from India, i feel sad. Strange. :(

  • sil 777
    sil 777 2 days ago

    commie = cancer

  • Alex Chung
    Alex Chung 2 days ago +19

    Disgusted how people here are joking about Hong Kong losing it’s freedom whilst Hong Kong citizens are fighting each and every day to keep them...

    • ZuboyTV
      ZuboyTV 11 hours ago

      That's what JOKES Are you dumbcunt

    • Mr. Bones
      Mr. Bones 22 hours ago +1

      Do you know what jokes are about?

  • Yi Zhang
    Yi Zhang 2 days ago +1

    How about a video about the way that the Britains robbed hong kong from Chine after the opium war?

  • M F
    M F 2 days ago +5

    does HK people vote under British rule ?

    • Adrian L
      Adrian L Day ago +2

      Nope. Until 1991, the Hong Kong Governor appointed all of the legislature and the courts. Hong Kong was way more democratic under Chinese rule now than British rule back then.

  • Erlinda Chan
    Erlinda Chan 2 days ago +5

    " The Pearl of the Orient " falls in the Devil's hands!

  • Kiwi Osu!
    Kiwi Osu! 2 days ago

    and now hk is a fucking disaster lmao

  • Wang Sen
    Wang Sen 2 days ago

    Here's the story. A robber take a child away from a poor and weak family. After 99 years when this family become strong, and the robber has to give the child back. Then you feel sad, not because the child was taken away by a war, just because the robber give the child back. Look at you, how hypocritical...

  • 张之
    张之 2 days ago


  • Britannia
    Britannia 3 days ago +2

    It's sad that, Hong Kong left the British!! Hopefully they'll join the British again before the next deadline where there two systems policy ends!!

    • 朱晓桐
      朱晓桐 2 days ago

      HK don't LEFT or JOIN. HK is a land leased to UK for 99 years and returned in 1997. So HK does not have a choice to decide its own fate but only by China permanently and UK, the former ruler. To be frank, it is quite rude for you to comment on HK situation without any background check except the policy, which is also made by China.
      BTW, join British again? I wonder what is the benefit in it when UK did NOT give such rights to HK people in their time. Politics is not children tricks. Thanks.

  • Commander Jake
    Commander Jake 3 days ago +3

    I don’t want China to have my home country

    • 宋庆礼
      宋庆礼 2 days ago

      Lincoln.: Dream on boys dream on.

  • James Harper
    James Harper 3 days ago


  • Skr K
    Skr K 3 days ago +1

    香港现在属于中国,即使再怎么被西方操纵,它也属于中国。不需要你们这些道貌岸然的伪君子在这里BB! (对不起,我不屑于用英语表达)

  • Riccardo Primavesi
    Riccardo Primavesi 3 days ago +1

    Hong Kong was *not* democratic under British colonial rule.

    NAME NAME NAME 4 days ago +5

    This video is really important now with the Hong Kong protests at the moment

  • luke borst
    luke borst 4 days ago

    The end of he greatest empire ever

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 days ago

    Serbia is waiting for the same thing the British to Exit Kosovo They too were Not invited in Kosovo.

  • Artem Gagushin
    Artem Gagushin 5 days ago

    Whenever I think about this handover, I always feel bad for Britain. Nobody knew those 99 years ago that the British would turn it into a superpower. I understand that it is the deal, but I just can't help but think what will happen to Hong Kong in 2047 when the Chinese take control. Who knows what will happen? I basically think of this whole situation like this: China gives Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years to make it a prosperous city and get it back. All, keep In mind, as a gift!

    • 宋庆礼
      宋庆礼 2 days ago

      Nonsense they forced it on China and get exactly what they derserve.

  • Sepheryn
    Sepheryn 5 days ago +1

    Hong Kong should have been allowed to decide its own future by voting. China has violated the terms of the Sino-British handover agreement which says that "The current social and economic systems in Hong Kong will remain unchanged, and so will the life-style" [including rights and freedoms] for 50 years. It doesn't say that China can gradually integrate Hong Kong by attempting to change their laws, it says it should remain unchanged until 2047. It also says that the government of Hong Kong is responsible for maintaining public order, and that Chinese military is not allowed to interfere in Hong Kong internal affairs. If China sends military to Hong Kong that will be a further violation of the agreement. Of course, the UK has become so weak that we won't be doing anything about it and China doesn't care if it violates the agreement.

  • eq sun
    eq sun 5 days ago +2


  • Alex Savastru
    Alex Savastru 5 days ago +3

    A ceremony in which the people of a free, democratic, capitalist nation hand over the keys to an unstable, communist power can never be anything but sad. Power to the people of Hong Kong and Macau and may their freedom never be extinguished.

  • James Harper
    James Harper 5 days ago


  • Jason Ash
    Jason Ash 5 days ago +1

    It's such a shame about Britain handing over Hong Kong to China. Hopefully, the protesters keep it up, they have to for their freedom.

    • zhaoyu zhou
      zhaoyu zhou 4 days ago +1

      I don't know what nationality you are,but i want to you know that whatever happened in HK ,HK always is a part of China

  • Johnson Yuen
    Johnson Yuen 5 days ago

    anything anyone tyrannical is totally completely absolutely definitely certainly surely wholly unacceptable!

  • FocusPics
    FocusPics 5 days ago +6

    If Hong Kong falls Taiwan is next.

    • ZuboyTV
      ZuboyTV 11 hours ago

      Falls ? Its already fell when Shenzehn a mega rich city of technology took over whole HK's GDP in just 30 years

    • Dio Brando
      Dio Brando 3 days ago +1

      Hong Kong fell on itself stop rioting and maintain what you have continue rioting and give them a great reason to march the army in and full consume you idiots

    • Sergio Lin
      Sergio Lin 3 days ago

      Well, let me tell you a joke. From the 1950s to the end of the 20th century, Taiwan has been promoting itself as "Republic Of China." Until now, Taiwanese passports have read "This is the passport of the Republic of China, not the passport of Taiwan." Taiwan will fail. In the near future and this is no doubt

    • Sergio Lin
      Sergio Lin 3 days ago +1

      Hong Kong has failed

  • Saturn V
    Saturn V 6 days ago +2

    In short, they left a problem that they could not solve to their descendent, and hope they could somehow solve it...........

  • Yuri Ai
    Yuri Ai 7 days ago +2

    Hongkong is part of China. One culture. Same blood. We need united together and fuck of the US and U.K. .

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen 7 days ago +1

    Funniest story is happening :
    The son is telling Dad, you not my dad, but Mr U & B are my real Sugar Daddy. But the son is staying in side Dad's house

  • Riskie iOS
    Riskie iOS 7 days ago

    I moved to uk from HongKong few years ago, and I am not going back

    • Riskie iOS
      Riskie iOS 3 days ago

      @Garmen Lin stop chatting shit fam

    • Riskie iOS
      Riskie iOS 3 days ago

      @Garmen Lin saids the one who started to eat dogs

    • Garmen Lin
      Garmen Lin 3 days ago

      Good. We don't need Hong Kong dogs like you here.

    • Riskie iOS
      Riskie iOS 7 days ago

      @polifatts its total mayhem

    • polifatts
      polifatts 7 days ago

      Especially now, Hong Kong is in chaos.

  • You Know Who
    You Know Who 8 days ago +2

    Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times

  • W Lin
    W Lin 9 days ago +1

    In the 19 century, the British bullied China to buy its opium and China refused. Then the British started the Opium war and forced China at gun point to agree the takeover of Hong Kong by the British and the unfair treaty to allow the British to sell opium in China. The UK never gave a single day of democracy to the Hong Kong people during the entire UK colonization. Hong Kong is now governed and running strictly based on the Basic Law of Hong Kong which was set out and agreed by all related parties in 1997. The Basic Law clearly states that the British has no administration or sovereignty right over Hong Kong after 1997. It is also stated in the Basic Law that China has the full right to take over Hong Kong's administration right before the end of the promised 50-year autonomy if there is any uncontrolled event like a riot that threatens the life of the Hong Kong peoples and/or the smooth running of the Hong Kong government.

    • W Lin
      W Lin 5 days ago +1

      @Steven m - Can you tell me one single Governor of Hong Kong who is not a native British appointed directly by the UK during the entire British colonial rule of Hong Kong? On the other hand, all Chief Executives of Hong Kong after 1997 are Hong Kong natives who are elected strictly according to the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

    • Steven m
      Steven m 5 days ago

      'The UK never gave a single day of democracy to the Hong Kong people during the entire UK colonization.' Not quite sure what you mean by this. The UK implanted democracy there.

  • prankzter starr
    prankzter starr 9 days ago +2

    it feels sad to see how hong kong people are holding on to their british passport for dear life even today and continue to renew it despite knowing that it's redundant and useless. i feel for these hong kong people and moan with the hong kong people for losing their sense of home. who would have thought 99 years is not forever and it's the number that has changed and shaped the fate of hong kong.

  • ed huff
    ed huff 9 days ago +3

    England should take Hong Kong back.

    • yizhi Zhang
      yizhi Zhang 3 days ago

      you can tell the prime minister , have a try

    • You Know Who
      You Know Who 7 days ago +3

      @Yatsen Sun we'll leave that to the US, I think

    • Yatsen Sun
      Yatsen Sun 7 days ago

      And colonize the rest of the world

    • You Know Who
      You Know Who 8 days ago +2


  • Chris Peter
    Chris Peter 9 days ago +2


    • Chris Peter
      Chris Peter 5 days ago

      @eq sun ik denk niet dat ik die taal begrijp. Kunt u mischien in toekomst een andere taal praten dank u want u kunt niet verwachten dat iederen shingshangshong praat. Dus kap ermee en word globaal. Of u bent mij aan het trollen en een grapke aan het uithalen. Now you think what I think when I get confrontet with a language U DO NOT SPEAK.

    • eq sun
      eq sun 5 days ago


    • Chris Peter
      Chris Peter 8 days ago

      @You Know Who i just send u the link
      Its a voice chat platform for gamers and discussions.

    • Chris Peter
      Chris Peter 8 days ago +1

      @You Know Who would you also like to have dutch rule or french rule? Is british rule the only one you want? Or does it matter? I mean, that britain is a very libtardic country and in the netherlands we see a democraric party Forum for democracy uprising. Can I invite you to my discord channel? We can have a good voice chat about chinese politics etc.

    • You Know Who
      You Know Who 8 days ago +2

      That's what we want

  • hao zhou
    hao zhou 9 days ago

    Hong Kong is like a lovely child, even if it is good, it is a child belonging to someone else's family.

    • Peter Geschel
      Peter Geschel 6 days ago

      Sometimes kidnapped children stab their kidnappers in the throat when they sleep.

  • hao zhou
    hao zhou 9 days ago +1

    No sovereign country will agree to split its land, because this is everyone's love for the country. Love Hong Kong

  • Harrisley Burigsay
    Harrisley Burigsay 10 days ago +1

    So sad..!

    • eq sun
      eq sun 5 days ago

      so sad???? British War of Aggression against China, Opium War! Who sympathized with the Chinese people? Occupy Hong Kong, treat the Chinese as slaves, hold oneself high。you idiot learn history !!!

    • Hill
      Hill 9 days ago +1

      Sad? Not to mention the British took China's land. What about 22790 Chinese died in the Opium War? The British are evil, hypocrite.

  • Diego Kiwi
    Diego Kiwi 10 days ago

    Wow now there are protests

  • Matt Forsythe
    Matt Forsythe 10 days ago

    Anybody try using the promo code for dashlane? I tried it and it doesn't seem to work... :(

  • Erik 567
    Erik 567 10 days ago +2

    Protest as of now are big. A lot of people do not want to be ruled by the Chinese. China is not waiting for 2047. Bad players those CCP dictators.

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf 10 days ago

    Time Mark: 10:00
    Lest we forget... - Eugene Kwok

  • Brad Wolf
    Brad Wolf 10 days ago

    Time Mark: 6:03
    The first flag I like.

  • t c
    t c 10 days ago

    3:03 cries in Baltic and Moldovan

  • Patrick Fuchs
    Patrick Fuchs 11 days ago +2

    Hong Kong is not China

    • Yuri Ai
      Yuri Ai 7 days ago

      Patrick Fuchs Hong Kong is part of China.

  • Patrick Fuchs
    Patrick Fuchs 11 days ago +2

    Free hong kong

  • Fam CH
    Fam CH 11 days ago

    Thanks for mentioning the passport. Nearly 2 million Hongkongers have a British Passport (BNO) but this passport does not allow the holder to live in the UK indefinitely. BUT, all ethnically non - Chinese residents of Hong Kong were given British citizenship. And now EU passport holders can live in the UK, including Macauese, a former Portuguese colony.

  • Tom Allia
    Tom Allia 12 days ago

    If only the UK would hand over a certain other island this peacefully... 🇮🇪

    • Steven m
      Steven m 5 days ago +1

      The Falklands? The islanders are British soooo.... kind of a different circumstance. BTW, do you know that Argentina was about to invade Chile if they were successful at taking the Falklands? Would have resulted in thousands dead. Argentina claims all of southern Chile as well.

  • Monica Chow
    Monica Chow 12 days ago +2

    This is a really a sad story of Hong Kong.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 12 days ago +1

    Only 18 more years of being able to access RU-clip my Hong Kong brothers.

    • Cheung Quoc Vinh
      Cheung Quoc Vinh 5 days ago

      @Steven m Thanks, am asian btw lol

    • Steven m
      Steven m 5 days ago

      @Cheung Quoc Vinh 1 2 3 quick maffs!

    • Cheung Quoc Vinh
      Cheung Quoc Vinh 9 days ago +1

      A bit longer than that, it supposed to be 28 more years.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 12 days ago +2

    The great people of Hong Kong should have become an independent country. Fuck the Chinese government. From Australia.

    • Steven m
      Steven m 5 days ago

      Australia, you will eventually be the next colony to be under chinese rule, a bit out in the sticks round the other side of the world there.

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 12 days ago

    Dashlane is free?

    Meh, I use KeePass, its free too^^

  • lonelyPorterCH
    lonelyPorterCH 13 days ago

    They'd better just keept it, would ave been much easier^^

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name 13 days ago +6

    maybe these young HK "protesters" don't know or remember, that when their city has been British colony they couldn't even vote for their government, it has been appointed by the British monarch, so they want to be occupied again?

  • arcangelkrlos
    arcangelkrlos 13 days ago

    The CCP is just another of China's dinasties and as all previous dinasties, they come and go.
    However, to be fair, the question here is about sovereignty, no matter who is ruling. The New Territories are part of mainland and that is a fact. Are you willing to give it back in exchange of independence? I mean, even UK understood this core issue and that is why it was handed over. Actual HK can't survive without those territories or good luck trying to squeeze millions of people there.
    So, as I see it, either you leave and work your *ss off as many chinese immigrants around the world or you try to negotiate with the current ruling party. Nobody said it is easy, but if you think the governing party will give away the New Territories just as simple as that, you are being naive.

  • as fm
    as fm 13 days ago +22

    My parents immigrated to the US from Hong Kong in 2001 a couple of years after the handover. They always talk about that day that Britain left and how it was one of the saddest moments of their life. After that they did everything possible to leave the country and moved to San Diego, and a couple of years later I was born here :)

    • Don James
      Don James 23 hours ago +1

      America still represents freedom to people like your family and yourself even though so many people here complain about it unfortunately, but yet again that's their freedom to do so.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 13 days ago

    I thought I was listening to half as interesting damn they sound exactly the same

  • Joe 90 Roll2003
    Joe 90 Roll2003 13 days ago +1

    I remember watching the handover in 1997!! It was so sad to watch Hong Kong leave the Uk. But hey things change.

  • EvilHomerSimpson
    EvilHomerSimpson 14 days ago

    china "i'm not your bitch anymore uk,
    now you are my bitch"

  • Caesar Vespasian
    Caesar Vespasian 14 days ago +1

    Long live Hong Kong!

  • Zhichao Yang
    Zhichao Yang 15 days ago

    It’s 2019 now but there are still losers like you talking s..t. Shame of you.

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra 15 days ago

    Back then, the marcing of British flag bearer troops were okay. Hk flag bearer sux. Chinense flag bearer were superb.

  • Mu Minzhi
    Mu Minzhi 15 days ago

    This is a fair documentary narrative for Hong Hong. However, some comments down below just spoiled and contradicted what the documentary trying to present. When people gotten something by force not by any form of trade, that is called robbery. In any sense, there’s no reason to claim the robber as the rightful owner. Some people simple don’t like China simply because China is a communist country. But that cannot justify why Hong Kong cannot return to China. Like it or not, Hong Kong has to return and it is already a pert of China.

  • 陳大文
    陳大文 15 days ago

    And after the brits left, Hong Kong started to be haunted by the ghost of the British-colonialisation-enthusiasm.

  • ZxUniverse
    ZxUniverse 16 days ago +1

    Not anymore Hong Kong, not anymore, Singapore is better

  • michael douglas
    michael douglas 16 days ago +2


    • Lutao Zhang
      Lutao Zhang 4 days ago

      Free California, Texas, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ukraine!

  • 仁風間
    仁風間 16 days ago +2

    Hong Kong Is Fucked Up, Because Of China

  • 15Patriot
    15Patriot 17 days ago +1

    SAD, what has happened to Hong Kong, fallen into the hand of CCP, how could Kong Kong People ever believed in one country two rules, no matter what, CCPs words are never to be trusted.
    Thank God, many departed for other countries before the takeover by the communist hooligans.
    HK's fate is in the hands of Hong Kong people now, is up to you to save yourselves, do not let the bastard win.

  • Tdufivho Hfjgvihoho
    Tdufivho Hfjgvihoho 17 days ago +17

    If the Brit had granted full citizenship to the residents of Hongkong at that time, the outcome would have been very very different. Hongkong residents were just 2nd-3rd class citizens of the British empire.

    • ZuboyTV
      ZuboyTV 11 hours ago

      @Noah_Gaming_YT yeah , they should do that , if not THEN STFU ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOM ! you people cry about rights and freedom of same beings whom ur ancestors considered inferior

    • K Bill
      K Bill 6 days ago

      Brit should do that, and also give them big house, free car and free food in Britain. So that it will prove Britain really cares about HK people instead of losing colony.

    • Noah_Gaming_YT
      Noah_Gaming_YT 12 days ago

      @Singularity Approved You mean America, France, Spain and the Netherlands all having to fight the British to defeat them. Oh and by the way we got it back on your white house made of semen in 1812.

    • Noah_Gaming_YT
      Noah_Gaming_YT 12 days ago

      Yeah, like the British are going to simultaneously make the population of China's territory suddenly non-Chinese and let them all flood Britain while also ignoring how the already trigger happy Chinese would react.

    • Singularity Approved
      Singularity Approved 12 days ago +2

      Yeah the British do that. That's why America fought and beat the fuckers.