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The language challenge! (Arabic)

  • Published on Mar 24, 2017
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  • Hala Korin
    Hala Korin 5 years ago +1227

    HOLY CRAP! He's actually nailed the pronunciation


      yes nouman bhai

    • Hala Korin
      Hala Korin 5 years ago

      Nouman SAGHIR hehhehehheeeee

    • Hala Korin
      Hala Korin 5 years ago +6

      Nouman SAGHIR "He is non-Arab, so he did know Arabic." Can someone please tell me where in that is the logic -- or does someone need an English lesson?

    • Saliha S
      Saliha S 5 years ago +3

      Ikr he was very good

    • Serine .M
      Serine .M 5 years ago +10

      hala korin I know right on point

  • HA
    HA 5 years ago +332

    "why are you teaching me chat up lines, i've got a wife you know" how loyal is Sid (:

  • s s
    s s 5 years ago +268

    The way they speak arabic to each other makes me wanna learn arabic 😂😂

    • Janna Eid
      Janna Eid 3 years ago +1

      s s I'm Egyptian انا مصريه

    • Mhic Diaries
      Mhic Diaries 4 years ago

      Me tooo 😍

    • J A
      J A 4 years ago +4

      Yes because Dina speaks in the Egyptian dialect which is very melodic and easy on the ears. Most other Arabic dialects don’t sound so beautiful (eg Iraqi dialect which I speak)

    • rehanda elshaer
      rehanda elshaer 4 years ago

      You gotta learn Arabic haha really

  • Gene Mechanic
    Gene Mechanic 5 years ago +41

    Being Sudanese and having grown up in Jeddah, I think your arabic is hilarious. Absolutely loved how you both pronounced things 😂

    • kammy A
      kammy A 4 years ago +1

      Mona Mohamed Im sudanese and lived all my life in Qatar and Dinas arabic is hilarious.😂😂😂

  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali 5 years ago +74

    I was DYING , Sid was better in Arabia Egyptian than Dina 😂💜

  • Kaniz Miah
    Kaniz Miah 5 years ago +263

    Sid's really good at prounouncing words in arabic!

  • Amar Kassim
    Amar Kassim 5 years ago +40

    so impressed by his ability to pronounce Arabic words properly

  • A A
    A A 5 years ago +13

    Beautiful couple, Mashallah,,, reminds me of my husband and I when I try to teach him Spanish and he Arabic 😂😂😂 good times

  • ِArwa
    ِArwa 5 years ago +39

    As an Egyptian you guys sound so damn cute😂

  • shaden al
    shaden al 5 years ago +146

    He actually did amazing job he sounds like an Egyptian man 👏👏

  • Semsema Tresor
    Semsema Tresor 5 years ago +2

    i laughed soooo hard .. this was hilarious ...all the love for you guys

  • ilhuicatl
    ilhuicatl 5 years ago +4

    So much love and joy! the both of you are glowing!this made my day. Thanks Dina, thanks Sid!

  • Sara Lima
    Sara Lima 5 years ago +26

    The arabic language is the most beautiful,but it's so hard to learn:'(

  • Dogcatmom
    Dogcatmom 3 years ago +1

    I don’t know how I came across your channel, but I’m SO delighted that I did 💞 I watched your birth story first, congratulations on your baby boy 💞 Y’all are adorable!!! Subscribed🤗

    ZAHRAA CR7Xx 5 years ago +81

    when ur Arab yourself, but sid has better pronunciation then you😍😭🙌👌

  • Anna Wilczyńska
    Anna Wilczyńska 4 years ago

    I loved it! I couldn't stop laughing! You guys are perfect together :D

  • Akila Kb
    Akila Kb 5 years ago +1

    LOOOOOL! This was way too good 😂😍😍 I love how Dina is going all the way with it and sid is just laughing his ass off 😭 you guys are so cute mashallah

  • M Ajamy
    M Ajamy 5 years ago

    We want more of this! :D Sid's pronunciation is on point 👌

  • Maryam Felfel
    Maryam Felfel 5 years ago +71

    As an Canadian-Egyptian I absolutely loved this Dina 🙈😂😂

    • Qwerty
      Qwerty 2 years ago

      So much eygtions

    • Wafa 14567
      Wafa 14567 4 years ago

      Maryam Felfel I am Egyptian/American

  • Amena Z
    Amena Z 5 years ago +1

    You guys made laugh a lot, fun video!
    Sid's Arabic is really good for someone who doesn't even speak it on a daily basis. Dina killed me when she told him to say "The Hijab you're wearing is Haram" and when he said it and spit on it 😂😂😂

  • سلمى وعمرو
    سلمى وعمرو 5 years ago

    This is practically the most hilarious videos ever seen on your channel by far :D, one side note: The word bas بَسْ for "stop" is not strictly Egyptian dialect and it comes from Swahili actually. your and sid actually speak languages that have the same roots.

  • Reeminiscence
    Reeminiscence 5 years ago +8

    I'm Egyptian and I can tell you, he did great! 😅

  • nsreen muhammad
    nsreen muhammad 5 years ago

    This is Epic! I Can't stop laughing 😂 you two are just so cute 😃

  • N.A
    N.A 5 years ago +240

    sid secretly speaks arabic you're fooling no one guys, pronunciation pretty impressive man well done
    p.s: he actually pronounced some of them better than dina, right?

    • Maham Fatima
      Maham Fatima 4 years ago +1

      N.A I think 4rm our childhood we start learning Arabic pronounciation bcoz we have to read Quran that's why he is good in pronounciation...

    • C
      C 4 years ago +1

      N.A Pashto is not Afghan, its originally from Iran.

    • Vegan Atheist
      Vegan Atheist 5 years ago

      Toor Khan yes, that's why pashtuns don't have the same english accent as indians and pakistanis (first generation pashtuns).

    • Muhammad Ilyas
      Muhammad Ilyas 5 years ago +7

      the big advantage for Muslims to pick the makharij of arabic words is tajweed Ul Quran ...We learn Quranic Arabic in our Childhood So yeah that why He pronounced well

    • Toor Khan
      Toor Khan 5 years ago +4

      His language is Pashtu, which is Afghan language, not Indian.

  • Zeina Mohalal
    Zeina Mohalal 4 years ago +1

    I am egyptian and this is hilarious!! Love you guys!!😍😍💖😂😂

  • samhar ahmed
    samhar ahmed 3 years ago +2

    That Egyptian accent killing me 😅 I love 💕

  • Meshael A.B
    Meshael A.B 5 years ago +1

    Omg his pronunciation is really amazing, I'm Saudi and do speak Egyptian slang👌🏻❤

  • O Some
    O Some 3 years ago +1

    Wow the husband speak arabic with no accent... Love this Vlog ❤ sooo cute!

  • TheVault 29
    TheVault 29 5 years ago +133

    Do you think she is going to teach her daughter Arabic? I hope so, I used to be able to speak Gaelic, but I can't anymore. I wish my parents would have taught me more.

    • Wednesday McCarthy
      Wednesday McCarthy 3 years ago

      Me too but my Irish is so bad now I only realised how bad it's gone since I sent my daughter to an Irish speaking school and I struggle to help her with her homework at times and she's 6 lol lol

    • TheVault 29
      TheVault 29 3 years ago

      Bhí mé ag labhairt Gaeilge. I used to speak Irish.

    • Ailín Ó S
      Ailín Ó S 3 years ago

      TheVault 29 Gaeilge or Gàidhlig?

    • x29742x
      x29742x 5 years ago +1

      TheVault 29 #ScotlandFaaam 😜

  • Sunaina Abdul Sattar
    Sunaina Abdul Sattar 4 years ago +16

    The reason for what his pronunciation is good because as they said he is from Pakistan, so being a Muslim, we at least study how to read it and pronounce it and in writing, it's more like Arabic. And Pushto is also similar.

  • Ismail Shah
    Ismail Shah 3 years ago +1

    They speak every leanguage beautifully...
    Love both.

  • Fatima Alsafwani
    Fatima Alsafwani 4 years ago

    Part two please :) , you are an amazing couple , Sid is really doing great learning Arabic. Inti jameela awi lol

  • Viktorija K
    Viktorija K 5 years ago

    That was so funny!!! Sid is so jokes 😹😹😹 I would love to learn Arabic!

  • All Things Anisa
    All Things Anisa 5 years ago +513

    Sid picked up everything so well!

    • Mohammed
      Mohammed 4 years ago

      All Things Anisa.

    • Naziya Khan
      Naziya Khan 5 years ago

      waw so cute im so like

    • Leila
      Leila 5 years ago

      All Things Anisa 😂😂❤️samee

    • All Things Anisa
      All Things Anisa 5 years ago +3

      I watch wayyy too much RU-clip! Hahaha xx

    • Leila
      Leila 5 years ago +2

      All Things Anisa I see u in the comments sooo much😂😂😂

  • Sarah Alkahery
    Sarah Alkahery 5 years ago

    I am Egyptian and this is hilarious 😂 😂 😂. Both of your accents are hilarious 😂

  • Yara Hassan
    Yara Hassan 4 years ago

    As an Egyptian, I think you both did great. I’m soo happy that you love my country and want to learn Arabic language. If you need anything to know about Egypt or arabic, I’ll be here to help you -Yara from Egypt.

  • サミーラ
    サミーラ 5 years ago

    May you two always be happy together. God bless!

  • Nariman El Rawashdy
    Nariman El Rawashdy 5 years ago

    OMG!! This is hilarious !!! please film part 2 !! Sid aced the egyptian accent for real 😂😂

  • S MM
    S MM 5 years ago +196

    fun fact : "kursi" means chair in Somali too, and "Bas" means stop in Somali too lol

    • xyman
      xyman 4 years ago

      Somalia belongs to the Arab League.

    • Zyra
      Zyra 4 years ago

      And in urdu too

    • Fatima Mohammad Abu Rashed
      Fatima Mohammad Abu Rashed 4 years ago +2

      strange i thought Somalia is arab country....here we talk about Somali pp as our arab and muslim brothers

    • Eman Khaldi
      Eman Khaldi 4 years ago

      Salma Uthmaan uu

    • min exol
      min exol 4 years ago

      and in palestine too

  • Kels D
    Kels D 5 years ago

    Y'all have fun together, so inspiring 👏😃

  • Yasmin Butun
    Yasmin Butun 5 years ago

    This is hilarious and sweet as well. What a lovely couple. 👑 👸

  • HudaDesu
    HudaDesu 5 years ago

    Was laughing the whole time, but the "Toz" at then end had me in stitches!😂😂😂 Please make another video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dina's Arabic sounds so theatric hahahhaha even her eyebrows spoke Arabic in the video.

  • adam rumman
    adam rumman 5 years ago +6

    Mashallah! May Allah keep you guys Happy! Great match

  • Mariam D
    Mariam D 5 years ago +52

    I haven't laughed so much in my entire life!! I believe that Sid could actually pass as an Egyptian, I love you guys!! ❤️❤️

    • Khan Pak
      Khan Pak 2 years ago

      What do you mean Arabic also their are so many arab country with diffrent colour look at Yemeni they are dark also Sudanese Saudi also are very dark but they are not same they have diffrent culture same to Egypt and Lebanon diffrent but same language so which arab you are talking

    • صدیقی قریشی
      صدیقی قریشی 4 years ago +1

      He's looks alike arabic man

    • LDTiT
      LDTiT 5 years ago +2

      Many pakistanis can. But most egyptians have half black and white mix features as opposed to Pakistanis who have caucasian features.

  • Hey malek
    Hey malek 5 years ago

    You are so cuuute guys😍 This video was hilarious😂😂 Sid had actually a better accent than Dina😂, no joking but he really nailed it👌🏼He really sounds like an Egyptian
    Please do more videos like this, This one was short😌

  • Ayeshatjie Abrahams
    Ayeshatjie Abrahams 5 years ago

    Dina & Sid are so funny. "Can i get the digits😂😭" This is hilarious I'm dead😂 Much love for y'all. #goals lol xo

  • Maï Hagag
    Maï Hagag 4 years ago

    It's so cute!! I was born in France and my parents are Egyptians so I know Egypt through my parents. When I speak Egyptian with my family in Cairo some of them mock my parisian accent so I've clearly stopped talking to them and just do "head shakes" to answer their questions. So it's really cool to see both of you not being shy talking the egyptian dialect 😊. And your husband is doing pretty good repeating the words!

  • Qadria J. Wade
    Qadria J. Wade 5 years ago +6

    Y'all r freaking hilarious 😂 I was rolling! Plz do more vids like this😌

  • Roaa Awadalla
    Roaa Awadalla 5 years ago +59

    This is actually my favourite video by them so far! As I'm in a similar situation, I have lived in the UK my entire life but come from an Arabic background ❤ I am in stitches from laughing so much, but at the same time I am proud of Sid, he is so much better than I expected.

    • Winter Night
      Winter Night 5 years ago +1

      Roaa Awadalla I understand it.. my husband is moroccan and our daughter was born here in Italy where we met. So I speak italian, my daughter is beginning now, but we both have to learn arabic too, and it is pretty hard.

  • May Bekhit
    May Bekhit 5 years ago

    This is hilarious 😍 love from Egypt dina 😘

  • Saliha S
    Saliha S 5 years ago +10

    This is so much funnier when you can understand what they are saying (the Arabic)

  • jlyxx
    jlyxx 5 years ago

    yall are so cute lmaoo i cant 😂 and i wanna learn arabic so badly! such a beautiful language

  • sue xoxox
    sue xoxox 4 years ago

    I'm binge watching all your videos from past 6 hours now and I even took my iPad when I went to use the loo😂😂 Masha Allah I'm addicted to u both

  • Farzana Hossain
    Farzana Hossain 5 years ago

    Masha'Allah this video was so funny and cute😂❤

  • aaiza siddiqui
    aaiza siddiqui 5 years ago +41

    When he speaks Arabic his eyes go bigger 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Pallavi Bajpai
      Pallavi Bajpai 3 years ago

      aaiza siddiqui 😂😂

    • mera ahmed
      mera ahmed 3 years ago

      aaiza siddiqui hhhhhhhhhh

    • R
      R 3 years ago

      aaiza siddiqui 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • zeina abdelazeem
    zeina abdelazeem 4 years ago

    I literally understood every single word of Arabic😂❤️

  • zara sarmast
    zara sarmast 4 years ago

    You two make a really cute couple... Mashallah!
    I've been watching your all videos lately..and I love your videos.
    May ALLAH bless you with all the happiness in this world and hereafter and fulfill all your wishes and Duas!
    Thank you for all the lovely videos.

  • Alice in Arabland
    Alice in Arabland 5 years ago +708

    yo sid has a better arabic accent than dina 😂 cute

    • A A A
      A A A 2 years ago

      Pashto and Arabic accent is same actually

    • Farah Shahin
      Farah Shahin 5 years ago

      Serena Alyan eygpt

    • idil ugas
      idil ugas 5 years ago +1

      Lina L I speak Arabic and of course she's better them him😂😂

    • Serena Al
      Serena Al 5 years ago +2

      where is she from? 😂

    • RETRO
      RETRO 5 years ago +38

      Nah she clearly has a better accent, but Sid REALLY sounds Egyptian when he repeats after her like dayum he's good.

  • Halima Tazim
    Halima Tazim 5 years ago

    Love to learn Arabic one day it's not a hard language after all it's actually similar as Dina had mentioned in the video

  • Nermine SD
    Nermine SD 5 years ago +31

    may god protect u both , beautifull couple machalah

  • Alia A
    Alia A 5 years ago

    I haven't enjoyed a video on RU-clip this much in a looooooong time!!!! Love you two

  • Alia A
    Alia A 5 years ago

    I love listening to Dina speak Arabic. The way she says شمعدان is sooooo cute 😂

  • stephanie evans
    stephanie evans 5 years ago

    Lol the ending made me laugh, you tell em girl 🇪🇬💙

  • lillaspastia
    lillaspastia 5 years ago

    Egyptian actually speak with their hands and she does it perfectly! Love it !

  • loula loula
    loula loula 5 years ago

    actually he nailed it very well 😉
    and arabic ( not egyptian ) is very similar to Urdu

  • rebecka
    rebecka 3 years ago

    the ending made me cry with laughter hahahaha love your relationship

  • S. A
    S. A 5 years ago +107

    this is a hilarious video!! Sid pronounced everything perfectly!!

  • Soumia El Mestari
    Soumia El Mestari 5 years ago

    this video is cuuuute ! you're doing pretty well with Arabic^^

  • Latifa Aya
    Latifa Aya 5 years ago

    I love you guys. and Sid did well at pronounciation👍

  • Lady Ray
    Lady Ray 5 years ago +1

    we want part 2 of teaching Arabic , you two are so adorable Mashaallah 😊😊

  • Lina Al J
    Lina Al J 4 years ago

    hahahah, the fact that its egyptian is even better! so funny :D

  • WhatsTen PlusTen
    WhatsTen PlusTen 5 years ago

    You both sounded like an old disney movie dubbed in Egyptian Arabic dialects ❤❤❤😍

  • Enas Al Mahmood
    Enas Al Mahmood 4 years ago

    Omg his pronoucation is really good u can't tell he is not Arabic...lovely couple ..love from bahrain

  • Aya Zakal
    Aya Zakal 4 years ago


  • Sarah Ashr
    Sarah Ashr 4 years ago

    Toz 😂😂
    Hahahaha one of the funniest videos you've ever made
    Would love to see part 2 . 3 . 4 and as many parts as you can possibly do.
    Love you ❤

  • Zahra Tahir
    Zahra Tahir 5 years ago

    I loved this video:).
    This is our life story as well 😂

  • SteveFuncke Family
    SteveFuncke Family 4 years ago

    You are my top favorite Muslim couple, me and my husband (mualaf) watch you guys every night while dinner (lol). Btw, just want to tell you that we are Indonesian also call Kursi for chair... what a coincidence 🤣

  • Haneen
    Haneen 5 years ago +3

    omg I love your Egyptian accent enty gamila awy haty nemretek Btw I'm Egyptian too💙

  • MercyY 450
    MercyY 450 5 years ago

    Omg these two are the best language challengers lol.
    The way they speak the language ahahah

  • Shahd El geddawy
    Shahd El geddawy 4 years ago

    Both of you are so sweet and funny 😄 i am Egyptian.. and your language is not bad at all dina ❤️ انتي جميلة اوي

  • Yassin MAHMOUD
    Yassin MAHMOUD 3 years ago

    I’m Egyptian 😂🥰 but guys the way that you’re talking with is making me laugh a lot 😂😂😂😂

  • Haifa H
    Haifa H 4 years ago

    OMG you're so cute. Also I like your Egyptian accent, I felt like I was watching an Egyptian movie. 💜💜💜

  • Princess Me
    Princess Me 4 years ago

    This video was soooo cute! Love you guys❤️

  • sara najaa
    sara najaa 5 years ago +22

    The best part is when he went like "hmaar" and then he said I know Arabic that is soo funny Lmao

  • O Some
    O Some 3 years ago

    Omg they are so cute! The Husband speak arabic with no accent. 💚

  • S. B.
    S. B. 5 years ago

    This is so nice ma sha allah :) and omg Dina her accent is soooo English :p Sid is doing very good. 7assen jiden!

  • Habiba Tamer
    Habiba Tamer 5 years ago

    i love this i love it sooo much your accent in Arabic is so sweet , more please 😘
    yo sis مصرية sending you lots of kisses from Germany

  • camelia salmi
    camelia salmi 5 years ago +5

    That was funny !!.Sid pronunciation is great and the situation with the guy selling the candle is so accurate lol

  • Amina Khan
    Amina Khan 5 years ago

    You guys are so cute together just made for each other ....part two plzzz💋💋💋

  • Ms. Techni
    Ms. Techni 4 years ago

    Sid's accent is soooo cute and actually really good!!

  • Hafiz ahsan iqbal
    Hafiz ahsan iqbal 5 years ago +1

    you both are soo sweet may ALLAH give u happiness all-time

  • Makeupmentality
    Makeupmentality 5 years ago

    Please understand I have NO words for how much you both make me laugh. You guys are absolutely hysterical and lovely, and fucking awesome. Yes all of the above in any order you wish. Much love XOXO-Nadia

  • Farha Watley
    Farha Watley 5 years ago

    OMG you guys should try Swahili it's really cool!

  • Thraiye Seif
    Thraiye Seif 5 years ago

    Oh my Gosh!..... ☺ You should make another video where Sid teaches Dina Swahili 😍

  • Vanessa B
    Vanessa B 5 years ago

    Wow love the arabic language 😍 wished I was able to speak it😃☺️😘

  • Amels Phone
    Amels Phone 3 years ago

    I really enjoyed watching this. I also LoL a few times. Great couple. Stay in love.

  • Yasmine Salam
    Yasmine Salam 4 years ago +1

    I’m egyptian and this’s so accurate 😂👌👌

  • RAWAN Mohamed
    RAWAN Mohamed 3 years ago +9

    أنا مصريه و أحببت ذلك حقا 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Prim Givens
    Prim Givens 5 years ago

    this was so cute!! I learned something, thanks!

  • Omama Hamed
    Omama Hamed 4 years ago

    Sooo funny 😂😂😂 you’r accent is very good, Ididn’t expect that😍👌🏻