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  • Published on Jul 15, 2018
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    RM from Birmingham gives us his Road Rage !
    Prod. By DopeChef

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  • JDZmedia
    JDZmedia  9 months ago +8

    Studio version out now on all Digital Platforms - jdzmedia.lnk.to/8OqKU

  • Abdul Razaq
    Abdul Razaq 25 days ago

    rm remtrex kb asad brums top 4 wot bout jaykae ysmokes etc ye top 10 bt kb rm trex asad top 4 fo real

  • 0oxweedmanxo0
    0oxweedmanxo0 29 days ago

    real g shit love it

  • 0oxweedmanxo0
    0oxweedmanxo0 29 days ago

    any1 any place any time bang hide the shot

  • L z
    L z Month ago

    Free Remtrex

  • Adam Meah
    Adam Meah 2 months ago


  • S1_mosthated
    S1_mosthated 2 months ago +1

    Rm i dont beg no one
    Walk through blood in the field, now i got red soles on
    Dark or light with the food man i can get hold of
    Dont try tell me bout bars, i can let 10 flows off
    Shots gonna fly back quick, if you try bang on us
    Come through with a big jacket on me like mans not hot
    Dot dot all in my leg, so i can bang on da opps
    Jerk and twisting my food, coz thats a bang on shot
    I just wanna make my doe, i dont wanna slide on man
    Man talk nuff about shooting but they just ride on gyal
    Back my talk in da field, mana just hide nd chat
    Treat my opps like luniz ima put 5 on man
    Im on a mad man ting
    I was on da road when giggs made look what the cat dragged in, rah rah everyone saying say narda yeh theyre tryna cat mans ting
    I just say bro u can borrow that but u cant have that king
    Its not the size of the dog in the fight its the size of the fight in the dark
    Me nd remtrex on da wing, rush on man got time in da block
    Nd i heard pricks wanna cheff me so im on... knife in my sock
    I dont want outside charges but i will if man are sizing me up
    My opposite had my blower and the fed spun himself
    Put man back on his head if he try running his mouth
    My neighbour aint got burn so he just cuts himself
    Den he heard his girl cheated so he just hung himself..... now hes dead
    Sub zero
    Man went court in a tuxedo
    Judge shields didnt wanna buss me doe
    Tek mans food coz i love free dough
    Get stabbed for a half as a burn on da wing, man got wrapped up when i werent at da gym
    Got backed up on a serve equipped roll round wiv a shank wiv a curve nd a tip
    When my nan died i was inside hell
    I just punched dat wall dat was in my cell
    I didnt tell no one they didnt even ring my bell
    And if it werent for my mum, id probably wig myself
    Dats word to my nigga trex
    U aint lived if ur born nd then u died in da ends
    I told da yutes get money its not about riding again
    But if man violate, den start sliding again
    Stab man up or grip da mash
    A-M 2 fire arms in da car, nah u aint ever been to dat
    Window down nd im in da back
    Long range shots nd da clips r mad
    Tryna get bread like a gingerman
    Rm.... im a big guy so its fucked if i grips a man
    Tryna leave holes in a man like a donut
    Round ere man can get burnt like a roll up
    Put 2 arms in da air like i hold up
    Door door small but we lit down a grown up
    Lit man down nd da mash gets sold up
    And i go gym everyday tryna bulk up
    Nuff 20 plates on a bar get thrown up
    Money, u can get robbed for it
    Talkin bad in da hood on a next mans name, u can get shot for it
    Dont involve me on a move if it aint got atleast 10 boxes in
    Nd da strap dat i hold, recoil is like a donkey kick... i said its coming like a donkey kick
    Big ting dat im holding on
    Sad for man dat im rolling on
    My nigga put 2 A-Ms on a stick nd he still hasnt sold it on
    Dumb pricks wanna start the fun, my niggas dem r ending it
    Dont try approach mans car coz truss me we got skengs in it
    Front runners
    Nuff man talk hard but they aint ever done nuttin
    Ma Bruddas dem dont cut shapes but truss me they will cut suttin
    Anyone try violate, me or remtrex will hold da shell
    Told promoters fuck ur promo, coz RM i promote myself
    Free my niggas on da wing
    Nd da feds want man in da bin
    While dem man was buying up red bottoms, my jeans purchased dem stickz
    Nd im still on da road for da grip
    Man are mappers banned from da bits
    Still got a big ting on ma hip
    Nd ill light up anyones strip(madness,madness,madness,madness)
    Anytime, anywhere

  • Simon O'Keefe
    Simon O'Keefe 3 months ago

    all I wanna here is rem trex trex!

  • BEn Oval
    BEn Oval 3 months ago

    It not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog jheeeeeezeeee

  • brenden limburn
    brenden limburn 4 months ago

    2:38 goes offffff🔥💥🔥💥

  • Finlay merrifield
    Finlay merrifield 4 months ago

    Rate dis kid💯🔥

  • damian gbinigie
    damian gbinigie 5 months ago

    Every time danMan

  • Tsya Mendes
    Tsya Mendes 5 months ago

    Love seeing my big cousin (remtrex) and uncle (RM) doing dere ting ✊🏾👍🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️

    BIG KOLE 5 months ago


  • Pepe Prop
    Pepe Prop 6 months ago +2

    Sub zero man went court in a tuxedo, judge shields didnt wanna bust me doe take mans food cos i love free dough 🔥

  • Katie Pocock
    Katie Pocock 7 months ago


  • danny92 ross
    danny92 ross 7 months ago

    Whats the scar from near his eye

  • Timbo Q
    Timbo Q 8 months ago

    RMs Too hard

  • Drew_Marchant
    Drew_Marchant 8 months ago

    Is it me or is there an echo in the car?

  • Sadeem Ali
    Sadeem Ali 8 months ago +2

    Take man dough bc i love free dough an if it wont for my mum I probably wig my self big thing am rolling on while you where buying red bottoms man was buying them sticks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😊🔥😊💓💓💓🔥🔥🔥

  • Freddie Robdull
    Freddie Robdull 8 months ago

    i rahhh rate rm yano. never heard of him till few month ago. these men are actually on ish though thats whats mad.

  • Acheng Oletkett
    Acheng Oletkett 8 months ago

    Fuckin hard as fuck. You can see the blatant grease in rm eyes and the hunger for money!!!!!

  • ItsyaBoii Alaahhh
    ItsyaBoii Alaahhh 9 months ago +1

    Any body else sat here jamming some fornite with a nice hazey with this banger onn🤣🔥🔥🔥

  • Sunny Loi
    Sunny Loi 9 months ago +1

    This guy will never be ad sick as remtrex

  • thefuckinwayshegoes
    thefuckinwayshegoes 9 months ago

    This sucks

  • WormsWorld
    WormsWorld 9 months ago +1

    !!!Imagine a RM & Remtrex B2B!!!

  • Jake S92
    Jake S92 9 months ago +1

    Remtrex made this that much harder

  • Dope Chef
    Dope Chef 10 months ago

    Instrumental link >> ru-clip.com/video/awmbCLh7_l0/video.html

  • HMP Peterborough
    HMP Peterborough 10 months ago +1

    Man a mappaz so I'm banned from the bits....🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Eloquent Paradox
    Eloquent Paradox 10 months ago


    BBK JORDZ 10 months ago


  • Tyler_ Moreland0
    Tyler_ Moreland0 10 months ago

    To hard 🔥🔥🔥

  • seekNdestroy
    seekNdestroy 10 months ago +2

    These man are the type to do a drive by shooting after the tune

  • OfficialK1
    OfficialK1 11 months ago

    What’s the instrumental 🌚

    • Dope Chef
      Dope Chef 9 months ago


  • vanesa balogova
    vanesa balogova 11 months ago +6

    Brum got more talents then London

  • Liam lp
    Liam lp 11 months ago

    How’s this not at a Millie yet?

  • Abi Jake
    Abi Jake 11 months ago

    Yo check out DON Chico on p110 x shottas crooks

  • Paul Elliott
    Paul Elliott 11 months ago

    First few bars and the drop alone gets me gassed !!

  • Ali Js
    Ali Js Year ago


  • The Car Guy Channel

    Serious ting

  • JJ Gamer
    JJ Gamer Year ago

    Not for me!!!!

  • chris martin
    chris martin Year ago +1

    im on A MADMAN TING i was on the roads when giggs made look what the cat draggeed in

  • Emmanuel Nyeko
    Emmanuel Nyeko Year ago

    Straight!!! RM and REMTREX LEGENDS!!!!!!!

  • Scott Laidlaw
    Scott Laidlaw Year ago

    This is the hardest track ever

  • Khem Hue
    Khem Hue Year ago +3

    the way how how he says 'now hes dead' busses me everytime 😂😂💀💀 RM to di worl!!!

  • Matthew Ross
    Matthew Ross Year ago +3

    Man went court in a tuxedo
    Judge sure didn't want to boss me doe
    Take mans food cause I love free dough

  • beckyxxhall
    beckyxxhall Year ago

    Went in

  • Glenville Bushell

    Rm an rem them man hard mad ting

  • Khem Hue
    Khem Hue Year ago

    nah nah nah im lacking how i miss this 1??!!!!! RM IS FUCKIN HARD YO...sooon fly clear bruda

  • GrimeGenie
    GrimeGenie Year ago +1

    Prison or a grave yard. That's the only two things these two have to look forward to. Stop idolising.

    TheUNKNOWN Year ago


    • Dope Chef
      Dope Chef 9 months ago


  • El Chapo
    El Chapo Year ago

    What’s with all this violence talk? Shooting? Stabbing? Selling drugs? Can we please stop and take stock on our actions please and why does he have a man repeating every sentence? This is shoddy it makes my ears ache and jaw throb

  • Omi Pietro
    Omi Pietro Year ago


  • vanesa balogova
    vanesa balogova Year ago

    Real hitters

  • KIeran Parker
    KIeran Parker Year ago

    This a over mill ting jhezze

  • MSL
    MSL Year ago

    RM kills this jeeeeez remtrex compliments this nicely with the adlibs!!

  • RoyJ Music
    RoyJ Music Year ago +1

    they are going to fish

  • Assem Blist
    Assem Blist Year ago +1

    SUB ZERO....man went court in a TUXEDO jheeeeeez

  • Tarun Chahal
    Tarun Chahal Year ago

    Deserves more views ngl

  • Kallum McTigue
    Kallum McTigue Year ago

    Who ever unlikes this is deaf💯💯🔥🔥👊🏼