Late Show First Drafts: Father's Day

  • Опубликовано: 17 июн 2017
  • Stephen pulls a fellow dad from the audience to examine faulty first attempts on Father's Day cards.
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Комментарии • 266

  • Francis Mausley
    Francis Mausley Год назад

    December 5 - Father's Day in many countries..... Happy Father's day....."Say, O My people! Show honour to your parents and pay homage to them. This will cause blessings to descend upon you from the clouds of the bounty of your Lord, the Exalted, the Great." - Baha’u’llah, Lights of Guidance

  • LaChe'
    LaChe' Год назад

    Theres such a fuss before he starts reading the cards that when he begins reading they are a bit of a let down

  • E Nur
    E Nur Год назад

    Colbert should adopt me😂😂😂

  • Sha Zank
    Sha Zank Год назад

    Crack a cold one with colbert!

  • alexis edwards
    alexis edwards Год назад

    react Does anyone hear better than this variant# ...

  • MrFantocan
    MrFantocan Год назад

    Stephen was not nice this time, kind of rude to the father, and also to all fathers, why fathers day is less important?
    No having a baby does not make you more important, unless the father was not there.

  • Dr.Mouni Reddy
    Dr.Mouni Reddy Год назад

    Anyone notice that Stephen isn't actually seeing the cards while reading them ??

  • deets987
    deets987 Год назад

    did that dude get a boondock saints tattoo put on upside down?

  • xailé
    xailé Год назад

    too bad, I've got five first names XD

  • Elizabeth Encalada
    Elizabeth Encalada Год назад

    Why was Stephen alone for Father's day? :(

  • Hope for Christ
    Hope for Christ Год назад

    I love your guest. everything about him screams military personality, his facial expressions at the cards are great.

  • Root Directory
    Root Directory Год назад

    Stephen Cold Beer

  • Smashing Pots
    Smashing Pots Год назад

    I half expected a Ruth Bader Ginsburg joke there

  • code99k
    code99k Год назад

    Nothing is as good as the Monologues!

  • wankstankonia
    wankstankonia Год назад

    This segment sucks. It seems like a time filler. Woulda been better just extending the monologue.

  • American Pi
    American Pi Год назад

    host of the show, guest.
    wow. dick move.

  • BCundergroundHIPHOP
    BCundergroundHIPHOP Год назад

    I'll drink a cold beer from Steven Colbert. Barrrrrsss

  • blackfear jays
    blackfear jays Год назад


  • Fifthelement203
    Fifthelement203 Год назад +1

    Ruth is hot as hell!

  • krish tharu
    krish tharu Год назад

    They look like young parents. So sweet ❤️

  • Lavender Ocean
    Lavender Ocean Год назад

    Ben's a good sport.

  • Lord Slayer
    Lord Slayer Год назад

    What is Brady bunch?

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Год назад +1

    "Cracking open a cold one with Colbert"🍻

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Год назад

    "Thank you for putting on pants"👍😂

  • Kary Francisco
    Kary Francisco Год назад

    "We Brady Bunched it"
    That's an awesome phrase to use for those situations!

  • siqi yang
    siqi yang Год назад

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  • Beesh Alzayed
    Beesh Alzayed Год назад

    Who here hates their father ? 🤚🏻

  • Jonathan Amir
    Jonathan Amir Год назад

    Damn, Ben is charming af.

  • AKorigami
    AKorigami Год назад


  • joebstarsurfer
    joebstarsurfer Год назад

    A real dad awkward in front of the camera.Rubbish cards.

  • randell wadley
    randell wadley Год назад +1

    hope you burn in bottem layer of hell satan little boy

  • EM Davila
    EM Davila Год назад

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  • 1KRAZM F
    1KRAZM F Год назад

    Chug that beer and stop with the pussy swigs

  • proud democrat
    proud democrat Год назад

    weaponized immigration is the only way we can defeat the republican party for good fuck white people

  • M Ogren
    M Ogren Год назад

    buying and selling children Steven.

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 Год назад

    too true

  • M Ogren
    M Ogren Год назад

    what about the fathers that have had there children taken because the did not have a shit ton of money in court to fight the system that screws poor men on a daily basis can hear about that Steven.

  • Martin Kruták
    Martin Kruták Год назад

    That steel habit at the end when Stephen always says the name od the guest and what hes promoting :D He realized in the middle

  • The Driver
    The Driver Год назад

    Watching Stephen interact with regular people is way more entertaining than with celebrities (unless it's James Franco).

  • High Heel Knight
    High Heel Knight Год назад

    We Brady Bunched It = LOL

  • Adolfo Hoyos
    Adolfo Hoyos Год назад

    Lamest lame lame is lame

  • ErykaSoleil
    ErykaSoleil Год назад

    Not a fan of these segments, but I liked this guest (too bad him and Colbert seemed a little uncomfortable with each other).

  • Jake Marsing
    Jake Marsing Год назад

    I want them to get Jon more involved in the comedy pieces. He's got a lot to offer. Send him out on the street, send him to weird music festivals.

  • Jake Marsing
    Jake Marsing Год назад

    I want them to get Jon more involved in the comedy pieces. He's got a lot to offer. Send him out on the street, send him to weird music festivals.

  • richard phillips
    richard phillips Год назад

    The USA has done more to destroy Fatherhood and Masculinity then any other country in the World! Yet it celebrates Father's day? The USA perpetuates more lies & deception then any country in the world! FEMINISM HAS KILLED THE FAMILY & FATHERHOOD!!! THE USA HAS DESTROYED A MAN'S ABILITY TO BE A FATHER! IN THE NAME OF WOMEN & AND THEIR EVIL FEMINIST IDEOLOGY!

  • Saibal Ghosh
    Saibal Ghosh Год назад

    libtards are so fucked up .whats wrong with father day u lunatic ?

  • meyoua
    meyoua Год назад

    Stephen should have the participant read the "final draft" card so they're actually participating, not just handing him cards.

  • Fernando Ullate
    Fernando Ullate Год назад

    I feel your pain Stephen. I'll be alone as well.

  • Laurie Jean
    Laurie Jean Год назад +1

    I just wanna wrap John Batiste up and put him in my pocket... maybe with a little pocket accordion

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve Год назад

    My Republican father can't stop telling me he thinks all Muslims are either terrorists or supporting terrorism and that he'd like to give both sides in the Middle East nukes to let "them" turn themselves to glass (obviously including millions of women, children, etc. and he says that to me even knowing I have friends and people I consider as brothers in the region. A few years ago he said it again and I finally told him to fuck off (1st time ever). His reaction was to get in my face and threaten me physically. lol #HappyFathersDay #WeAreTerrorists #FuckRepublicanIgnorance

    • DK Abdullah
      DK Abdullah Год назад +1

      sanjuansteve thank you

  • Billy Cohan
    Billy Cohan Год назад

    Stephen Coldbeert.

  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet Год назад

    That guest needs to learn how to laugh more often. Way too serious for being on a comedy program. I know he was in the military and that probably scarred him for life, but you're free now, buddy. It's okay to smile. Yes, I'd be nervous if I was on stage with Stephen, but I'd probably be laughing and having a good time. :) I mean, come on! How often can someone say they got to be on stage with Colbert? MILK THAT EXPERIENCE FOR ALL ITS WORTH!!! :D

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele Год назад

    Ruth is so pretty aw!

  • Ronny Shama
    Ronny Shama Год назад

    Stephen cold-beer should be your nickname

  • Markamanic
    Markamanic Год назад

    Did Stephen just miss Ben saying they live in Charleston?

  • Noirlathotep
    Noirlathotep Год назад


  • tootz1950
    tootz1950 Год назад +2

    How can such talented writers write so many unfunny lines? Hey, at least I called them talented. And writers.

  • ScarletSusan
    ScarletSusan Год назад

    The importance of lawn care and pushing down emotions? Holy shit, Stephen knows my father?!?!

  • Ilyes David
    Ilyes David Год назад

    omfg italian really prefer this result dehuly" freshman ..

    BRUTE FARCE Год назад

    I wish Colbert would Repeal and Replace his cackling, jabbering "bandleader." SO intrusive and NOT humorous. And again, it sounds like he's playing piano with his elbows.

  • Andrew Mythheart
    Andrew Mythheart Год назад

    should've gotten the guy who said "i'll come"

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor Год назад

    This trucker said he was superman, i feel sorry for superman, hes gonna come back as abitch sucking off 14 dudes. I didnt need thatt, Im a dude named superman. I aint hurt no man in 35 years, im a saint, my own sister gave me the grave.

  • Richard Silver
    Richard Silver Год назад +2

    Ah yes, the old "Mothers are better because they carried a baby to term". I know so many "mothers" that use their babies as weapons, or just ignore them. Being a parent, being there, is the hard part. I've had kidney stones. I know the level of pain in childbirth, and I respect that. Too many check out after that and expect that they get a lifetime of respect. Being a parent doesn't end when you finish pushing.
    Really tired of society shitting on fathers, and men in general, 364 days a year.

  • intoxicary
    intoxicary Год назад

    Funniest moment was right at the end when Colbert points to the guest and says "Ben..... Keith."
    That moment of terror when he's cycling through all the dudes names trying to remember which one was last. Haha.

  • Melra
    Melra Год назад

    I don't know if it was a joke that father's day isn't as important as mother's day or not. I hope so.

  • JJ Wubs music
    JJ Wubs music Год назад

    I keep hearing "But the first giraffe said..." :) (and now you cannot unhear it)

  • Daisyslayer Films
    Daisyslayer Films Год назад +5

    I bet Ben is great at parties.

  • beatz04
    beatz04 Год назад

    First card a bit racist, no ?

  • FrancineHighC
    FrancineHighC Год назад

    I actually have gotten high with my dad... lol

  • Sidrah Zaheer
    Sidrah Zaheer Год назад +5

    Stephen was very awkward with the guy, almost as if he hated him.

  • Michael Haneline
    Michael Haneline Год назад

    My dad died earlier this year. :(

  • Junior 2013
    Junior 2013 Год назад

    I never thought dad's should be celebrated for being a dads , having kids is a good enough gift

  • Shannon Jacobs
    Shannon Jacobs Год назад +2

    Maybe it works better in the context of the full show, but as an extract here on RU-clip, it just doesn't feel very funny to me. Or maybe it's just dying in the shade cast by email spam from Hallmark?
    Getting off topic, but it makes me realize that the idea of cards may be dead in itself. Obviously Hallmark is sending the spam in desperation. Since the spam began I have resolved to tell anyone who sent me such a card not to do it again--but all my "greetings" and "thanks" arrive by other channels (except for a few New Years cards, and I've never received one that was printed by Hallmark).

  • Judi O'Regan
    Judi O'Regan Год назад

    Ben's missus is one lucky lady. He's smart, brave and ... yuh ... gotta say it ... kinda cute!! Sempa Fie!!

  • Sandra Aviles
    Sandra Aviles Год назад


    BURCHDOG Год назад

    Nothing compare to when Dave talks with the audience. This is just stilted and awkward

  • kjs1968
    kjs1968 Год назад

    damn he is cute!

  • Viscera Trocar
    Viscera Trocar Год назад +1

    That jarhead is way out of his element.

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen Год назад

    0:50 Stephen channels Freddy Krueger

  • S. M.
    S. M. Год назад

    Enjoy Father's Day. Spend the day tweeting!

  • Ron Tropics
    Ron Tropics Год назад +2

    I was in the army so I can't be a friend to my child?

  • James Lo
    James Lo Год назад +2

    Stephen Cold-beer Colbert

  • Total Control 871
    Total Control 871 Год назад +1

    Ben didn't you know Stephen can't go 5 mins without talking about dick?

  • Impervious
    Impervious Год назад +8

    The premise of the segment seems so strange. He just talks to a random audience member, and then has them hand him premade cards? Why not change the segment so it's something interactive where the guest can guess something or come up with a line, and Stephen can play off of it in some way, more like an improv segment.
    Doing nothing but making small side comments and reading off the premade cards is boring.

  • pakjin007
    pakjin007 Год назад +1

    What does "briddy brunch" mean?

    • pakjin007
      pakjin007 Год назад

      popuri oh Ok, thanks

    • dandelion
      dandelion Год назад +3

      it's "the brady bunch", which was a tv show about 2 families combining when the father of one group of kids and the mom of another group of kids got married

  • Julian Ramirez
    Julian Ramirez Год назад

    step garlic shower case until gather machine airline.

  • SuperBellyflop
    SuperBellyflop Год назад +5

    this was 10 kinds of unconfortable

  • Ashcool
    Ashcool Год назад +2

    Ruth is pretty... John Benjamin Roy Keith is a lucky guy!

  • quantumperception
    quantumperception Год назад +5

    Ben played a great stiff straight-man.

  • MythicTyrant
    MythicTyrant Год назад +2

    Ben did NOT look happy XD

  • thenormalstate
    thenormalstate Год назад +8

    This is so awkward I can't 😂

  • Kristen Febey
    Kristen Febey Год назад +5

    .... "I'll come"....

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Год назад

    a Southern Mom for Mother's Day First Giraffes...and now a Southern Dad, 4 first names, for Father's Day First Drafts.....trying to show that there ARE humorous intelligent Southerners...rare as they are.....probably saw the 2 of the 7 out there....

  • Lennon Zheng
    Lennon Zheng Год назад +2

    Ben is so hot.

  • Jamie Roby
    Jamie Roby Год назад

    I prefer Father's Day over Mother's Day. (My moms and evil bitch)

  • Mark Summers
    Mark Summers Год назад +12

    what kind of sick fuck let's their kid join the American army?

  • Terncote
    Terncote Год назад +4

    Boxer shorts? Only if we are expecting company.

  • Gary Whitelock
    Gary Whitelock Год назад +1

    This segment would have worked better if he got more of a Hank Hill type of dad

  • Tommy Davidson
    Tommy Davidson Год назад

    no one cares about your anti tobacco ad

  • Bonzulac
    Bonzulac Год назад

    4:06 --How long until the first puchline. Totally not worth it.