What Nobody Told You About Happiness. | Saisha Srivastava | TEDxJaiHindCollege

  • Опубликовано: 19 окт 2015
  • Saisha has danced since she was a little girl. In a breath of fresh air that is as inspiring as it is poetic, she talks about growing up and shares stories from teaching dance to blind and visually challenged students, and the startling secret she learnt about happiness along the way.
    Saisha Srivastava is a 20-year old student at Vassar College, New
    York. She was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She is a dancer,
    formally trained in jazz and ballet. She is also the founder of 20
    Days of Rain, a project aimed at spreading happiness through dance.
    Tying up with schools for blind and visually impaired students, she
    and her group of instructors hope to bring positivity into the lives
    of visually challenged youth, one dance workshop at a time.
    Pursuing her Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Chinese, Saisha has
    been a research associate with the Centre for Studies in International
    Relations and Development (CSIRD), India, and is currently interning
    with a financial consultancy firm in Shanghai, China.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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    This is my favorite TedTalk. Of all of them! I watch this at least once a year. You are inspiring and make the world a better place!

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    Wow! This is the first time I've dropped a comment ever.. I'm not even on social media.. but was somehow compelled to here.. inspiring truly! Some events in life just have a huge impression on us and I know I'm gonna carry this forever.. so wanted to say thanks.. there's nothing that's going to stop you from here.. God bless!

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    Very Very nice!

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    You are a really good human being.

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    When the ripples come back

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    Fantastic video with spreading joy to people! Smile to the world - and the world will smile to you. Quite simple. But you deliver the message so engaged and beautifully. Thumbs up for you. I come from a different culture - Denmark - but this is universal. Thank you!

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    I was looking for inspiration. Just found one. Thank you so much, girl.

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    Very inspiring!!!

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    Your video filled my heart with joy!

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    Best Ted X talk I ever heard. Amazing, inspiring n spreading positivity with love and creating happiness. Thx

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    Great job thx for being so positive.

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    Yeah she is over-pretty.

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    Hey saisa beautiful girl with beautiful messages really u r very beautiful

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    A question on these talks in general. How do these speakers give these talks. Do they cram and speak without any prompters? Or is there ways for the speakers to get information while they perform. Or are these pretaped and they mine through the talks?

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    Saisha God bless u sweetheart take care ......

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    Dude what a person you are..... God ....
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    Love you 😍

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    Beauty with brain...👊👌
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    beauty with brain...👌👊👊

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    Wow such an amazing individual! Thank you for sharing your happiness, Saisha Srivastava.

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    I have watched this video thrice but forget every time to like it. You have done great work and bringing this to share with us. Thank you

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    Plz someone tell me that I am dreaming ,,,you are an angel we have in this earth God bless angel

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    Her passion for dance and the thing that she does is really amazing. Good work 👌

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    What a unique beautiful girl! I didn't expect that when I got into the video. Loved it! 😊

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    Amazing talk! So gorgeous and beautiful inside and out!

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    Being your authentic truth of who you are and enjoy spreading the happiness you share with others. To me it tells me nothing that is related to happiness.

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    Very good. But, how can you make a living at it? You still need to keep your day-job.

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    Wow. We all create ripples. We all can make a difference. Saisha - keep up the good work and vibes.

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    She lost me when she venerated Carl Sagan

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    Saisha you are an amazing young lady,happiness has a ripple effect for sure,whenever I feel low I am going to watch this talk again and learn to contribute and help,to inspire me to share to be happy,this world needs more of your kind of motivators

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    Thank you girl for a wonderful presentation. Please can I know the name of the musical piece that was used to accompany the dance lessons. THE MUSIC IS JUST SUPERB. I AM FROM MALAYSIA. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM OF GOOD, LOVING AND THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE. THANK YOU. AND GOD BLESS YOU KIND FOLKS.

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    Thank you for reminding us about these two perceptions of life: you don't care, or you do care, nothing matters, or everything matter but either way, it's just up to you, like it is up to you to decide to be happy.

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    BEAUTIFUL but I suggest the teachers wear blindfolds at some point whilst teaching, so they can SEE their students.... more clearly

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    מרגש! בחורה צעירה מעוררת השראה. ברור שהפעולה שלה היא מתוך הלב וזה מה שמחבר אותנו לכך.

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    -Attention all dinosaurs in Power- (Try to convince a politician to be happy without controlling something and theyll say its their job. Try to convince religion to be happy without foisting their beliefs down someone elses throat and theyll say its something's Will. Neither faction will accept responsibility for their existence.)
    Without Faith, neither Religion nor Politics hold any significant influence over the individual. Try telling this to anyone with authoritative power and youll be arrested. Happiness < Fear to a tyrranical dinosaur. Listen to your elders, but Question their Authority. The old ways will not work in the present. Dont poison us with your history lessons. We'll only repeat your mistakes and it is NOT funny. We will seek the elders when we Need Advice. Dont tell us what we Cannot do. Don't call us, We'll call you.

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    It is sad, some how, that there are so few of you.
    What you talk about, what you exemplify , is what's true for us all but visible to so few.
    The way your testimony challenge my beliefs about success is frustratingly amazing
    and confusingly depressing at the same time. Is it successful to have something so
    inspiring to share? Or is it more important, and successful, to allow yourself to receive
    such inspiration and pass it on?
    I think the most important part I got out of your beautiful and inspiring
    presentation is this. (A little simplified)
    Before I saw your work with the visually impaired, how they went from fumbling around
    to confidently dancing in concert, the core insight I have made about myself and us all
    was really scary. But now, because of the way you presented this, I think it's OK.
    It's OK to accept that we all in many ways fumble in the dark. It does not have to be
    hopeless. It can be challenging and inspirational. It can be common to us all.
    Because we are all both normal/common and part of a minority, depending on
    what aspect we focus on.
    Thank you!

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