5 Creepiest Videos Taken inside Abandoned Locations...

  • Published on Dec 5, 2018
  • From a Headless Shadow filmed in an abandoned school,
    believed to be in Kuwait, to Ministry Of Defence building littered with dead birds...
    Here are five pieces of creepy footage inadvertently captured while exploring abandoned places...
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  • Sebastian Acosta
    Sebastian Acosta 3 days ago

    On the not creepy side:

    I once saw a video of a guy entering a duct in some sort of industrial location, in a building that was in use, the tunnel was just sealed off at some point.
    So inside, he finds a series of empty rooms. A panic room? Abandoned apartment? There wasn't any paranormal stuff, but just think what you could do with that. A bunch of hidden rooms inside a building.

  • Brock Hemphill
    Brock Hemphill 3 days ago

    That first video is wack, how does the dude recording not see that

  • Haley Forsberg
    Haley Forsberg 4 days ago +1

    His voice is the best ❤

  • Kv Chikka
    Kv Chikka 4 days ago

    Cats like to behead birds sometimes

  • 21willyx21
    21willyx21 4 days ago

    These were some of the stupidest fakes I have ever seen. Garbage.

  • Skye Strawbridge
    Skye Strawbridge 4 days ago

    What are my thoughts? My thoughts are that my feet were out of my blankets and now I need to burrito myself in five more

    ACE SAMM 4 days ago

    The reason why there is words on walls is some gost are trying to help like stop you from dieing cuz they don’t want the same thing to happen to you like deaf they use to be human

  • Preston Smith
    Preston Smith 4 days ago +1

    I got cold chills when you said "penetrates your body". I might be into you.

  • Paul Farrelly
    Paul Farrelly 5 days ago


  • La Bella
    La Bella 6 days ago

    The one with the birds... Those are not pigeons, they are white doves. Similar, related species, but very different and easy to tell apart from each other by people familiar with them.

  • Austin J
    Austin J 7 days ago

    The narrators voice is making me homicidal

  • Sketchy Magpie
    Sketchy Magpie 8 days ago

    Clicked out of this video as soon as I saw the fake-ass first clip.

  • Supreme_Court
    Supreme_Court 8 days ago

    Have you seen this? The interesting part starts at 12 min. This guy's whole channel is about exploring mines, and he's pretty legit. He's only got a couple of videos touting paranormal encounters.

  • Sumit Vijaykumar
    Sumit Vijaykumar 8 days ago

    i cant believe you dint added urban exploration urban ghost channel videos.

  • Supreme_Court
    Supreme_Court 8 days ago +1

    The first one is so obviously fake. "THE FAM", all the horrible clickbait videos, and the very poor voice performance make it hard to miss

  • goosey mcgooseface
    goosey mcgooseface 9 days ago

    Whoever killed those poor birds are the real horrors and monsters. I hope they die a painful death. As for the #1 video......a headless ghost in that country! That doesn’t surprise me.

  • Bee eb
    Bee eb 9 days ago

    I wouldn’t be able to handle being so much as near that hospital lmao 😂 kudos to him

  • Angel Eyez
    Angel Eyez 11 days ago

    Someone let me know when you find a video that is actually scary and factual. I've only seen a handful that are actually legit.

  • ATF Role playing
    ATF Role playing 12 days ago

    Now if you know best
    If you hear something creeper DON’T TALK LOUDLY

  • Franco Yauri
    Franco Yauri 12 days ago


  • lasthope703
    lasthope703 14 days ago

    2 last clips gave me some chillsss

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie 15 days ago +1

    Those mancunts killed those poor birds...like they took the idea from hereditary😒

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie 15 days ago

    Why do they always explore at night?😒

  • Ethan Berman
    Ethan Berman 15 days ago +2

    Lmfao I love how it says "rekt m8" at 6:00

  • Shawn Powell
    Shawn Powell 16 days ago

    Very creepy stuff. I've lost my desire to to exploring for a while.

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 17 days ago +4

    first one is 100 percent just his mate, purely because he stopped and looked at him, kinda proving that he staged it. things don't naturally behave like that lmao. Apart form that it was another great video from you so, you earned my like :)

  • ARandomShark 2
    ARandomShark 2 18 days ago

    Stop asking for my thoughts because the answer will always be:
    "Hell to the naw brother"

  • ARandomShark 2
    ARandomShark 2 18 days ago

    You asked me for my thoughts here they are:
    "I don't give a damn if there is a face all I care is AW HELL NAW!"

  • spideracambarock
    spideracambarock 19 days ago

    wtf this is one of the worst videos u have made this all stupid BS

  • Jack Raiden
    Jack Raiden 19 days ago +1

    4:44 scared the shit out of me the most.

  • Big Daddy Vladdy
    Big Daddy Vladdy 20 days ago

    *cluck cluck cluck*
    Do you know da way

  • money muncher
    money muncher 22 days ago

    who else is watching Scary videos 2 o'clock in the morning

  • Frani Lan
    Frani Lan 22 days ago

    Your videos are always great but man I always struggle to hear you speak. Please get closer to the mic 😂🙏🏽

  • shattered79
    shattered79 22 days ago

    8:48 must have been someone their family had decapitated at on point

  • Terri Meakin-rosario
    Terri Meakin-rosario 22 days ago

    how do you know if a silent fire alarm has been triggered if you aren't in the building? its silent, after all....

  • Adventures of Dave
    Adventures of Dave 22 days ago

    I’m an urban explorer and I have spent countless hours in abandoned buildings such as churches, hospitals, and asylums. I have never once encountered anything remotely paranormal. Follow me on Instagram if you’d like to see some of my photos from these places though. Ig @ dnf.n

  • zozo
    zozo 23 days ago

    5 is fake as fuck 4 sucked thats not a face 3 was okay I guess 2 was meh could have been a bum w/e or a friend but 1 9:05 that thing literally appears out of no where in a brightly lit room never seen something like that.

    F1LIXY GAMING 23 days ago +1

    First vid was faked

  • Solaire
    Solaire 23 days ago

    Just shit. Ghost don't exist.

  • русская_жопа

    I guess the guy in last clip was beheaded , and thats why hes headless. Its a muslim country at the end of the day

  • Ben Carroll
    Ben Carroll 23 days ago

    Creepy but a great list

  • Star struck Animation
    Star struck Animation 23 days ago +3

    Also whats god number cuz we need some god up in dis😸

  • Star struck Animation
    Star struck Animation 23 days ago +1

    Where the ' in TOP5s !?!?!?!?!?!

  • M F
    M F 24 days ago

    #2: Mr. X was gonna give it to him

    RCTID 24 days ago

    Lamest one you’ve done

  • Sheena Matthews
    Sheena Matthews 25 days ago

    Haha, these are all faked pretty much. I am not a skeptic but I know when its faked, come on....fresh spray paint, person dressed in black.....not to mention it seems there reactions are not real to me. I would have screamed, swore, peed my pants and ran down the hall, out the door, gone.

  • martin7230
    martin7230 25 days ago +2

    Always salt your water before putting pasta in it

    • Soopy Gril
      Soopy Gril 22 days ago

      EXACTLY! I know someone who doesn't do that and its like do you want your noodles to be stuck to each other?

  • Stephen Reid
    Stephen Reid 25 days ago

    I miss doing stuff like this we used to have a old mental institution nearby where I used to live and we used to break in when we were kids saw a lot of weird rooms nothing ever like Paranormal wish we saw something but Notting ever happen and I would have to say we broken in at least a dozen times and spent a good couple hours in each time which is kind of weird because there's a lot of history in that mental institution I don't know maybe paranormal stuff just doesn't happen around me

  • jake mgharkings
    jake mgharkings 26 days ago


  • HypeRplaya
    HypeRplaya 27 days ago

    The 2nd video is already said to be fake and is just a fire alarms that’s broken going off

  • Ahmed Mahde
    Ahmed Mahde 27 days ago

    That's a 1 sub and 1 like and 1 comment for you ( :

  • Denise Johnson
    Denise Johnson 27 days ago

    NUmber one looks like it couldve been a homeless person or some random guy who was startled

  • Chaminade Mendelssohn
    Chaminade Mendelssohn 29 days ago

    Can you also do top 5 creepy and scary poltergeist activities on UGUE ([Joe and Rob] Urban Ghosts urban exploration) with the Holywalkers(Tod)

  • Mark Diplock
    Mark Diplock 29 days ago

    Number one was pretty freaky but with special effects and a sound room anything can be made these days. I do believe that ghosts exist and some videos may be genuine but unless you were there, it's not easy to show off as credible evidence.

  • Staying Clean and Outta Trouble

    Pretty silly BUT #2 worth a watch

  • Charlie D
    Charlie D Month ago

    1st one wak fake

  • Dnekar
    Dnekar Month ago +1

    Great narration. Just the right volume.

  • Austrasmr ASMR
    Austrasmr ASMR Month ago

    first one is just shadow of hanging debris. If the light moves to the left (as the guy filming it does) then of course the shadow is going to dance to the right.

  • Andrew Steinhoff
    Andrew Steinhoff Month ago

    4:18 forgot the name of the movie but there was a scene where you could see gunshots going off in the windows of houses where the Germans were killing the hidden Jews

  • like liker
    like liker Month ago +68

    Haunted building : dont go upstairs
    White people : quickly goes upstairs as fast as possible

    • out of style
      out of style 4 days ago +1

      black people: go upstairs and attempt to rob a ghost at gunpoint

    • Mr. Santhropy
      Mr. Santhropy 6 days ago

      +Un-broken and victorious lmao

    • Un-broken and victorious
      Un-broken and victorious 6 days ago +3

      +Mr. Santhropy Demonically possessed Cave system? Colonize that shit!
      Evil, dilapidated, Temple of unknown origins? Colonize that shit!
      Iffy girl who may or may not have crabs? Colonize that shit!

    • Mr. Santhropy
      Mr. Santhropy 7 days ago +6

      Probably why white people explored, conquered and dominated the entire globe. Because we dare to go where others don't.
      Haunted mine? Time to colonize that shit.

  • Thebigpinetree
    Thebigpinetree Month ago

    2 was filmed on a potato

  • Natalie Bedford
    Natalie Bedford Month ago

    Gotta love The Fam, Omar, and the girls. So entertaining!

  • Mad9977 Productions

    1. video: that was just a person walking slowly, probably staged by the RU-clipr

  • John John
    John John Month ago

    How the fuck can they fit their balls in their pants. That shit scary

  • Aiman Iqbal
    Aiman Iqbal Month ago

    the first one can be both fake r real. n yea it seems like they're near a mosque since there's azaan (muslims holy prayer call) going on in the background.

  • Addison Lindsey
    Addison Lindsey Month ago

    @ 7:24 I hate the way he just calmly walks out, my ass would’ve been running for the damn exit

  • Mitchell Pierce
    Mitchell Pierce Month ago

    5:00 the birds are doves

  • ashleigh
    ashleigh Month ago

    no dan bell?

  • yous a stupid hoe
    yous a stupid hoe Month ago

    why do i do this to myself?

  • Boi
    Boi Month ago +3

    PLOT TWIST: *They found a bloody tampon in the building...*

  • Tamed Potato
    Tamed Potato Month ago

    0:48 I guess every time he goes to an abandoned places there is something paranormal. Looks fakey to me just look at those thumbnails gawd

  • Léo Ottesen
    Léo Ottesen Month ago

    #3 fresh paint, no conclusion, obviously faked. Stop wasting our time, Top 5s.
    Nuke Norway is way better than you'll ever be

  • Léo Ottesen
    Léo Ottesen Month ago

    Stupid people being stupid: today's episode: CALL THE F*** POLICE!
    An abandoned place, lots of lights on and off, just stop recording and CALL. THE. POLICE.

  • A weird Life Pretty crazy huh?

    You got mail ?

  • Mr. CHI-TOWN 60609
    Mr. CHI-TOWN 60609 Month ago +1

    Lame. All of those videos are fake. 😑

  • phantom
    phantom Month ago +1

    I want to go to the deep web I love the Scarry rush I need more I love it

  • Chase Darnley
    Chase Darnley Month ago

    in the fist one when he was walking you seen a dark figure staring at you then walks away

  • Deepak Shrivas
    Deepak Shrivas Month ago

    This is very very very scarryyyy!!!!!! 😵😱

  • Handhole
    Handhole Month ago

    2:11 looks like he's limping

  • Yushiro Shihoin
    Yushiro Shihoin Month ago

    OK people need to learn to carry a lamp

    MAKRYL Month ago +1

    "Hit those lights" 'OFF' ('ON')

  • mitch boykush
    mitch boykush Month ago

    It has a head !!!!

  • Justin Rudge
    Justin Rudge Month ago

    that first one is so bad i was laughing . So fake !

  • buffalo1700
    buffalo1700 Month ago

    Your voice has gotten way better

  • RedLine
    RedLine Month ago

    First video is obviously fake, but the rest seem pretty plausible.

  • 0 SelfRespect
    0 SelfRespect Month ago

    Deb Ree?

  • Menharola Chibata
    Menharola Chibata Month ago +6

    9:09 it is funny how the shitiest cameras always get "better" footage lol! ghosts don't like hd cameras lol!

    • ShadyDog1
      ShadyDog1 Month ago

      If it was hd no one would believe it

  • morrron5
    morrron5 Month ago

    like every ''ghost'' videos, it's film like shet and staged as hell

  • MilanAndBoh
    MilanAndBoh Month ago

    Ghost party man, i wonder what they drinking there

  • Dylan Chugs
    Dylan Chugs Month ago

    Boys I’m going full screen wish me luck

  • koolkol009
    koolkol009 Month ago

    I have seen that original arabic video and the djin . In the authentic video, the djin is hunched back and can be seen clearly with his hands behind the back( not headless as the commentator claimed). Definitely when it was downloaded by other people, it was edited.Note that in general, demons run away when the call to prayer is given, but this djin seem okay as it is a good djin, otherwise would flee upon hearing the call to prayer.

    • koolkol009
      koolkol009 Month ago

      +luster 87 I am not the holder of the original but this video has been edited exactly where the camera was in focus on the djin and I think it was a deliberate sabotage in order the public does not know about existence of djin. But you can see the distinct slight concave shape of his head and in the actual video the djin was looking out of the window at first. Also, I understand arabic and these muslim dudes are familiar with djins, hence they did not freak out. The guy said wallahi( by god) and pointed at the djin to his friend who holds the camera and then the camera dude said allamdoulilah( thank you allah).The reporter of top5s is saying they did not notice it until they go home which is completely untrue as the dude saw him first and pointed with his left hand to his friend to look there.You can see that clearly when going through through the video slowly.The reporter also said that it is headless, which is not because he has a head and is a hunched back djin which is often the case djin species.The djin also had his hands behind his body. The reporter said they did not know that he was walking towards them, which is untrue, because the first dude who him told his friend to film it on camera.Muslims can coexist with djins and there are good djins and bad djins like good and bad humans , hence which explain why they never freak out. I saw it and it was a very ugly djin. In islam, demons and bad djins ran away upon hearing the call to prayer...

    • luster 87
      luster 87 Month ago

      So where do i find the original video?

  • Ashlyn Fenner
    Ashlyn Fenner Month ago +2

    I came looking for Sam and Colby.

    PITTY THE FOOL Month ago

    WTF is the big deal??? These people are being spooked by homeless people and squatters!!!! The people with these websites have nothing better to do and need to get a frickin life man!!!!!!

  • EmoTrash DeadInside

    I subbed soon as I noticed his accent 😂

  • MartyCon
    MartyCon Month ago

    I'm not really a believer but I have had some strange things happen to me in my life that I couldn't explain. Seeing things, noises that shouldn't have happened when I'm alone, that sort of thing. But I don't expect for a second that if I was to explore abandoned buildings that I'd run into anything other than homeless people and unstable concrete.

  • David Fatman
    David Fatman Month ago

    It looked like that building did have a fire

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago +1


  • MindTroll The Great
    MindTroll The Great Month ago +1

    The first one is fake
    and the last one i see it numerous time .

  • Yanlem K
    Yanlem K Month ago

    The 1st video is fake, 100% fake....the rest must be true but the 1st one is fake.