Making Our Favorite Soup

  • Published on Feb 8, 2018
  • Here is the link to the recipe that we like to use (it's also on Pinterest) and it's A+ for when you're sick or feel like your otter is slowly getting you sicker and sicker because he doesn't know how to not cough directly into the fucking air 24/7
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  • RainOtter
    RainOtter 19 hours ago +1

    Who else has made this for a sick or cold winter day? My husband and I aren't vegan or Julie diseased and we love it!

  • mysticwonder12892
    mysticwonder12892 20 hours ago

    I'm sick and this soup saved my life. Thank you Jenna!

  • LoveLikeANerd
    LoveLikeANerd 22 hours ago

    I don't know why I enjoy watching these videos. I'm allergic at least one thing in each of your cooking videos. Today it was Tofu.

    MARJAN 3 days ago +2

    I’m down for a rectangular shape🤣

  • lily is leaving
    lily is leaving 5 days ago +1

    i was soooo bored so i searched how to make soup (sick at home 😢) n found this again n honestly im so happy :) shes so sweet n pure n funny n she always manages to make me feel better no matter what ❤️

  • okeydokeyemily
    okeydokeyemily 5 days ago


  • Joy Roseamond
    Joy Roseamond 5 days ago +1

    finally made this because my mom is sick and we both love it. 10/10 will make and slurp at ridiculous levels again.

  • Miss Healing
    Miss Healing 6 days ago +2

    I think Jenna’s hair here is my favourite way she’s had it

  • Lauren Leach
    Lauren Leach 6 days ago

    Jenna we love you so don’t feel awkward and Julian you too we love you

  • Tiffany Yu
    Tiffany Yu 9 days ago

    omg she watches junskitchen > <

  • Andrew Calum
    Andrew Calum 9 days ago

    Is it just me or is one of the cutest things a couple can do together is cooking? That and grocery shopping. It's just so domestic

  • BeautifulSadSpac3
    BeautifulSadSpac3 14 days ago

    I don't have a Julien to do this on my really bad days.. so I lay in bed watch this and cry cus no one in my life actually gives a genuine shit about me.

  • L Lemon
    L Lemon 14 days ago

    Don’t ever apologize for being sick!! And look at you STILL giving us content. Girl, you’re something special. ❤️

  • Unboiled Egg
    Unboiled Egg 15 days ago

    i made this soup for my family and double the recipe and it was gone the same day, i hardly even got any

  • speed draws
    speed draws 15 days ago

    I’m way more interested in who does the dishes and when? What is the norm for other people’s dish situations?

  • Renee K
    Renee K 17 days ago

    Soup is totally my favorite food. Me and my daughter are vegetarian so we get you. I also have silicates!!

  • Mari Kartopeli
    Mari Kartopeli 19 days ago

    Обожаю вегетарианский борщ и вегетарианский гороховый суп

  • StephanieOliver
    StephanieOliver 19 days ago

    Jun’s Kitchen + J&J’s Kitchen = Epic Cooking Video

  • Harry The Ripper
    Harry The Ripper 21 day ago

    *quietly eats veggie soup*

  • ellie scoot
    ellie scoot 21 day ago

    4:47 I felt power when that happened

  • potato person
    potato person 22 days ago

    Julian after jenna said he was sick: I'm sick

  • Hannah Gs
    Hannah Gs 23 days ago

    Knowing Jenna is also a Jun’s kitchen fan makes me very happy

  • Rachel
    Rachel 24 days ago

    Chef edition: Jenna and Julienne
    Pro tip, you can peel ginger with a spoon.... no disrespect to your gorgeous knife

  • Annie Schwartzberg
    Annie Schwartzberg 26 days ago

    This video is on my Comfort Vids playlist for when i have a bad day. Thank you for being there, even if it is just a year old video. Whenever i watch this it feels like coming home after a long day 💙

  • Ryan
    Ryan 27 days ago

    i get yelled at for cooking on high heat too:(

  • PhantomAmber
    PhantomAmber 29 days ago

    Everytime I watch this video I want to cook it so much, I love soup and so does my boyfriend. I started thinking about how close we are to finally moving in together after 8 years of being long distance and thinking about cooking this soup for him and started crying
    That's why I love Jenna, relatable and wholesome

  • Rayne T
    Rayne T 29 days ago

    I've watched this video so many times it's not even funny, it's just so calming for me.

  • Emmy Boggie
    Emmy Boggie 29 days ago


  • Makenzie Turner
    Makenzie Turner Month ago

    Let julien eat all the soup he wants, he's a growing boy and needs his nutrients

  • Isabel Cutting
    Isabel Cutting Month ago

    I have the cilantro soap gene and I think my brother does too, but he loves cilantro and says it just tastes like really good soap

  • Sarah Locklear
    Sarah Locklear Month ago

    beech hell yea not for u

  • Kendra Kennedy377
    Kendra Kennedy377 Month ago

    Actually I bribed my mom to make potato soup because of this video.

  • Savannah Reid
    Savannah Reid Month ago

    So about cilantro. There's actually a gene that determines if you can taste cilantro or if it will taste "soapy" to you. I got an in depth gene panel done on 23andMe and it actually shows that I have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. So that's kinda cool. Biologyyyyy

  • Thetruth99
    Thetruth99 Month ago

    Try the extra soft tofu from your local asian market, it's so much better than firm tofu!

  • leberetframboise
    leberetframboise Month ago

    the camera's deep dive into the soup pot as it's stirred reminds me of the "this is what good pussy sounds like" vine

  • Luna
    Luna Month ago

    I'm dying to eat some stew now. I mean 'soup'. I am salivating profuselyyy. Wholesome af vid x

  • CarolineTheCoolestVlogs

    Every chihuahua I have known in my life has always preferred to eat off the floor....

  • Ellie Unorski
    Ellie Unorski Month ago


  • AudOldEnds
    AudOldEnds Month ago

    I, too, eat like a Julien. Taurus/Aries food energy is eating *everything*

  • Alison Kennedy
    Alison Kennedy Month ago

    I decided to make this. And on my way home from the store I was in a car wreck. But the soup was great.

  • Ruby Duck
    Ruby Duck Month ago +2

    Jenna in every video: this isn’t what we usually do a lot of you guys might not like this

    Every video: trending

  • Kelsey Sradeja
    Kelsey Sradeja Month ago


  • May Rose
    May Rose Month ago

    You guys are too cute. Your love warms my heart

  • Kayla Rheault
    Kayla Rheault Month ago

    I wish I liked vegetables 🙄😂

  • KirstenGlae Parker
    KirstenGlae Parker Month ago

    Omg, soup is the most comforting and delicious food in the world!!! I love hot and sour soup at PF Chang’s, definitely will be making this.

  • Sariah-Lamore Wilson

    Yessss Jenna we stan wholesome content

  • Arianna •Smith
    Arianna •Smith Month ago

    jenna: “at tsa with your laptop eating soup”
    julien: “watching hardcore porn..”

  • Cookies186
    Cookies186 Month ago

    Many I love these cooking videos

  • Nature Lover
    Nature Lover Month ago

    I would pay you if you let me make you my chicken and dumplings. I use frozen egg noodles instead of regular noodles and it's the kind of comfort you guys deserve in your life.

  • Allouise B
    Allouise B Month ago

    If jenna keeps saying she doesn't want to go to the ER today when will julien get to go? 😂

  • ling ling 753
    ling ling 753 Month ago

    Why cuz it's long and dangly😏

    Dipita CHAKRABORTY Month ago

    i thought the title said soap instead of soup

  • Sara Kramps
    Sara Kramps Month ago

    every single time i see this video in suggestions, i think it says soap, and i'm caving to watch the SOUP video, but oh my god I really want you guys to try to make some amazing smelling soaps from scratch! I think it would be so cool

  • Heidi R
    Heidi R Month ago

    I swear to god I've seen this video AT LEAST 167 times and this one time I'm drunk and thought it said "making our favourite soap" and I was like WOW HOW DO MAKE IRISH SPRING

  • Vici DK
    Vici DK Month ago

    ... soop

  • siehtauswie Hase
    siehtauswie Hase Month ago

    she said she watches JUN KITCHEN !! omg :D so nice to know that my fav youtubers watch each other

  • Ari R.
    Ari R. Month ago

    i feel like Jenna and Juliens videos are amazing to watch but I feel they would be better to watch during the winter on Christmas break wrapped up in a blanket whilst drinking hot cocoa or eating soup.

  • James Shannon
    James Shannon Month ago

    I was hoping you could show us how to make your Dad's bean soup, please

  • 貴重なボイ precious boi genao

    This can also be called wholesome couple time with jnj

  • ThePoppets
    ThePoppets Month ago

    Ive been watching this video for 7 minutes and then I thought "These are some weird ingredients for soap" And then I re-read the title and realized that they were making soup. I feel so stupid right now