Top 10 Things Men in Black: International Did Right and Wrong

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • Rebooting this successful sci-fi franchise with the cast of Thor: Ragnarok was a bold move, but did it pay off? We're taking a look at the best and worst things about Men in Black: International! From the character of Pawny to some bad character development, and the chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, we're examining whether Men in Black 4 is worth your time and money. Which Men in Black movie is your favorite?
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Comments • 381

  • St3vEn BaDu
    St3vEn BaDu 5 days ago

    MEN IN BLACK UNIVERSAL still to come

  • stonerwolfy
    stonerwolfy 29 days ago

    Pawny made the movie. Love Pawny.

  • Renata Emilia
    Renata Emilia Month ago

    M try to be some James Bond like agent who was pushed to work with somebody else.

  • Mohawed
    Mohawed Month ago

    I just wanna thank my family for making me see this trash ass movie

  • luke thighrocker
    luke thighrocker Month ago

    Did you all expect citizen kane or something?? Its fucking men in black! None of them were epic! This was a pleasant fun movie experience. I grow to hate our society more every day. Im officially done with RU-clip movie "pundits". Im done with all pundits. Im just done in general.

  • PersonaX
    PersonaX Month ago +1

    Ugh. Are you kidding? Pawny was the *WORST* part of the movie. He was an insufferable and completely superfluous character.

  • MIBagentJ
    MIBagentJ Month ago

    I got a request for you guys. y'all should do 5 Rounds of "Men In Black Agents J & k vs. Agents H & M". And we'll see who wins.

  • J L
    J L Month ago

    Men. In. BLeHhhh.

  • Vincent Gonzalez
    Vincent Gonzalez Month ago

    "Men" or "man" is the base of the word "Wo *Man* "

  • g boxing
    g boxing Month ago +2

    They could have casted better for the female role.
    The movie had potential but she came off as annoying and call me insensitive but her face is definitely not made for the big screen.

  • Tim M
    Tim M Month ago

    Alien design as a best? Some of them were just dumb - like the one with 4 eyes and 6 ears - and it needs glasses. Why would an alien have so many eyes and can't see and instead of some type of corrective alien surgery it wears double stacked glasses? Why 6 ears? And then Riza, she has 3 arms so that makes her alien, but why the hair? Yeah I know, it's a silly movies but in the past movies the aliens were functional - in this movie it just seems lame.
    And finally, when M goes into the MIB alien subway, why is it disguised? Aliens are in it and are not camouflaged, and from what it appears in the movie they are moving between MIB locations, not civilian ones, so why the elaborate morphing from shitty new York train to sleek future MIB transport?

  • Kings Dominion
    Kings Dominion Month ago

    This movie was a huge disappointment

  • Al
    Al Month ago

    MIB International wasn't that bad, it wasn't great either, it was too underwhelming. That being said, the Diads (The Twins) alien form was sooooo mesmerizing/beautiful.

  • Jaro Joosten
    Jaro Joosten Month ago

    Where are agent J and agent K?

  • viplove sharma
    viplove sharma Month ago

    The movie was good.

  • King Kagiso
    King Kagiso 2 months ago +5

    M could’ve been given a solid back story and motivation to unravel the truth. Perhaps if one of her parents died and she was the only one that saw it. And the death being related to the main villain in some way.
    Then give us just one villain with a defined motivation where any fodder villains that they encounter would actually be working for the main antagonist. Perhaps have Reza as the main villain, just to ease us back into the franchise without forcing too much world build all at once.
    Save the double agent plot for a sequel, so that the character of H can be explored more and we can get more time to watch him be revered as a legend while being surprisingly incompetent.
    Then they can have M and maybe a few other rookies be the ones that notices that the MIB is compromised as she’s still a rookie. They figure out that the Hive has secretly invaded the MIB and planned to use it and its resources to enable their race to populate earth.
    Then the matter of H being neuralized can be revealed making H no longer act as brave and confident but end up redefining himself and having an epic clash in the third act between the real MIB rookies and vets vs the Hive faction.
    After which they can realize that the MIB needs to be built up again after they’ve suffered casualties. Then a third movie can be set up where the Earth is in danger because some alien force sees the MIB as weak now which would be a great plot for a final movie in the MIB international trilogy. As the characters will have to fight harder then ever and the character development stuff will be out of the way.
    I just figured that this would a cool way to set up a trilogy with good characters and fights where it feels like something is at stake and that the characters don’t just ass pull their way out of every situation

  • Dave Cerryman
    Dave Cerryman 2 months ago

    I like the villain

  • Shai Shai
    Shai Shai 2 months ago

    I thought the Twins were the best.🤷

    ANLEK 2 months ago +1

    The whole my queen felt like Uganda 🇺🇬 knuckles and the whole feminist bullshit again ugh

  • Trip4man
    Trip4man 2 months ago

    Except for some good parts here and there, the movie was awful! Chris Hems is totally unconvincing as a MIB agent and the woman barely reaches it (she actually did a better job than CH). The guy behaved like a man whore - unprofessional, relaxed/douchey, swearing, patch own childish mistakes, etc etc etc. Furthermore I'm sick and tired of the "1-2-3 problem solved" script. Do these people even get out of the couch to solve a planetary crisis???! Jesusss add some action, development, progression, movement... ANYTHING! A few punches and throws and it's done?!? The movie has that but it is so lame and troopy... It ain't going to be a movie if you press a button to solve everything. And what's up with the aliens??? Some were fine but... The 4 eyes alien?! Really? The rainbow dog?! Really? The 3 arms woman?! Really? Ughhh so unoriginal and too complex for it's own good. And the CGI just takes away the suspension of disbelieve... It had so much potential and the alien enemies were so good. Unfortunately it crashes like a meteor right in the bottom.

  • thechemiist
    thechemiist 2 months ago

    This movie sucks. And Kumail Nanjiani is a 1 trick pony. He pissed me off. His voice doesn't change, and he should be cancelled forever.

  • Samantha Fisher
    Samantha Fisher 2 months ago +3

    That painting is the ending of the first MIB. The fight with J and K against the cockroach.

  • Bigo Garland
    Bigo Garland 2 months ago

    There are way more than 26 agents in the organization. Need more code names.

  • Bigo Garland
    Bigo Garland 2 months ago

    Should have had M go to New York and meet Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in a cameo.

  • Khaliya
    Khaliya 2 months ago +4

    This movie had potential to be great. I hope they make a second one and fix all of the things that created the underwhelming aspect of this movie.

  • LGC_Crystal
    LGC_Crystal 2 months ago

    Will smith was beter

  • Woo young Kim
    Woo young Kim 3 months ago

    F*^#£% king chinese sh$& ruining MIB Whats next, after Transformer, MIB

  • Pokemon Junior
    Pokemon Junior 3 months ago

    Could anyone notice Jian Hao Tan there though or is it just me?

  • Midlife
    Midlife 3 months ago

    I suspect this film was secretly made by actual aliens.

  • Shadowstalker55
    Shadowstalker55 3 months ago

    It was okay, but it could’ve been much better. And I wish they just made Alpha from the MIB series the main villain in this movie instead of just using some tones of him for their version of the main villain.

  • Andrew March
    Andrew March 3 months ago +1

    OMG this looks awful. So here we go again, replace a good male character (J) with a female (M) but make her smarter, tougher, more resourceful and more competent. 2:47 if you need proof.

    I think I'll pass.

    Director: OK Tessa I want you to look smug in every scene like you did in Thor Ragnarok. Think you can do that?

    • Samuel Yu
      Samuel Yu 2 months ago

      It's disgusting, is it not?

  • NLrenzo
    NLrenzo 3 months ago

    I really wanted J to be in this but M and Thor made it a really cool movie

  • Jᴀsᴍɪɴ Aɴɢᴇʟᴠᴏɪᴄᴇs

    Okay but Molly in that suit looks fine af

  • Andrew Sibiya
    Andrew Sibiya 3 months ago

    BEST: She chose her first gun to Anderson Paak playing in the background.

  • Macgyver C
    Macgyver C 3 months ago

    the movie was so bla

  • Step deRdeR
    Step deRdeR 3 months ago

    I want to see it . But honestly it was more than a movie. For me personally I was expecting the continue of the story with the main character Will Smith, too drastic seeing Thor and valkaire girl .

  • Philip Nguyen
    Philip Nguyen 3 months ago +11

    BEST: Gratuitous shirtless scene of Chris Hemsworth.

  • SuperEman500
    SuperEman500 3 months ago +3

    H & M are the initials of the main characters? Damn you hipsters.

  • Scott Not
    Scott Not 3 months ago

    There has to be a mib game

  • ryan jones
    ryan jones 3 months ago

    Best: Frank the Pug Worst: not enough Frank the Pug

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody 3 months ago

    Does this channel always have this voice actor
    No it came with a black dude but he gets getting demonetized

  • Elio Abelle
    Elio Abelle 3 months ago +1

    I like this review...ita too honest. 👊

  • PiantaBroker
    PiantaBroker 3 months ago

    I never liked pawny, so annoying

  • Ninja_Jdog
    Ninja_Jdog 3 months ago

    The movie sucks so bad, i only laughed once and lost hope throughout the movie

  • Ray MacElroy
    Ray MacElroy 3 months ago

    Funny that you mentioned "Fast and Furious", since the director is the same behind "The Fate of the Furious"

  • Robert Boyd
    Robert Boyd 3 months ago +1

    This video is wrong. It went sjw. What they did to Chris Helmsworth

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 3 months ago

    Just got home from seeing it. Hopefully we get a sequel, but just different screenplay, or director, or both. The team of Hemsworth and Thompson is gold, but unfortunately wasted this time around.

  • Satyik Hazra
    Satyik Hazra 3 months ago

    Can anybody tell me that, which is the music title when he both are enter the bar.there are two music playing dj. Plz plz plz

  • Connor Edwards
    Connor Edwards 3 months ago +1

    Social justice warriors in black, that's why it sucked lol

  • Ebole Syumbu
    Ebole Syumbu 4 months ago +1

    Will Smith would solve all those problems

  • Bay Tate
    Bay Tate 4 months ago +5

    Nobody wanted to see Independence Day without Will Smith and the same goes for Men in Black...

  • Ryan Tibodeau
    Ryan Tibodeau 4 months ago +8

    You forgot the cameo of Alien pug Dog Frank when she walk to M.I.B. HQ.

  • Ryan Tibodeau
    Ryan Tibodeau 4 months ago +2

    Agent M use to be Michael Jackson

  • Spehmaster G.
    Spehmaster G. 4 months ago

    There is nothing good about it. What the f*ck was Thor thinking.

  • Joker pl
    Joker pl 4 months ago

    My favourite Men in Black is: Man-in Black 2

  • CuriosityRocks
    CuriosityRocks 4 months ago

    I thought it took itself way too seriously

  • Santiago Ortega
    Santiago Ortega 4 months ago

    Another movie that I'm not going to see only for free maybe but I not interested to see it

  • Khairul Ikhwan
    Khairul Ikhwan 4 months ago +4

    the reason i'm not really into this spin off is how most of the people getting hype seeing it because of "oh, look! it's the marvel avengers cast. it must be great!" and not because it's a MIB movie.

    bash me.

  • Hadley Epstein
    Hadley Epstein 4 months ago

    It could have been worse. Without those good parts in it, the movie would have been an all-out flop. And hey, if there is a chance for a sequel, then they will (hopefully) improve upon their previous mistakes.

  • Chrono mancer
    Chrono mancer 4 months ago

    A extremely valuable amnestic drug that came from a ancient giant eel vs one flashy boi