Hater Calls SHINee Taemin’s Face “Outdated”, Here’s How He Responded

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • Hater Calls SHINee Taemin’s Face “Outdated”, Here’s How He Responded
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Comments • 170

  • Love love
    Love love 15 days ago

    If Taemin's face is outdated then I don’t know what my face is. My face is maybe from million years past. Lol

  • Sumitra Gabur
    Sumitra Gabur 23 days ago

    who said that😤😤😤taemin oppa he is most handsome and cutest idol in kpop.he is natural and visual king saranghae oppa😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    AINI BINTI YUSOFF - 23 days ago

    Love you Taemin forever

  • Mownica Raj
    Mownica Raj 26 days ago

    How can a face become outdated.... Is it a product .no worry oppa Ur our favorite always💕💕💕💕

  • l beautifulminho l
    l beautifulminho l Month ago

    If you watch the episode he is just joking yall aksksksksskskks😂😂😂

  • irahayu_olv hkg
    irahayu_olv hkg Month ago

    Hater mah tugasnya nyela..
    Taemin so cute.. Beauty ...

  • i like watching quality videos

    Haters: *your face is freaking outdate-*
    Taemin: *_nobody cares about your dingly-darn opinion_*

  • Roxi Hashman
    Roxi Hashman 3 months ago

    He is beautiful just likt Jimin

  • Sam Lâm
    Sam Lâm 3 months ago +1

    His face is quite different now but I think it's because of getting fat not plastic surgeon.
    Anyway i prefer his old face with long hair, so attractive 😍

  • Bananana Star
    Bananana Star 3 months ago

    Haters be hating: The "trend" they're inclining is when you look like a effin doll--- Straight up plastic surgery to stage.

  • Lori로리
    Lori로리 3 months ago +1

    Oh my goodness! Don't do it Taemin! Your face is perfect. And trends don't last but your Art will.

  • delia michelson
    delia michelson 3 months ago

    It's not about the face...what matters is he's so famous

  • Johanna Rose
    Johanna Rose 4 months ago

    One may ask how can a face be outdated 🤔

  • Hikari's Dream Kawaii
    Hikari's Dream Kawaii 4 months ago +2

    Don't hate on SHINee!!!!!

    Ya stupid haters😑🖕

  • kim Vuong
    kim Vuong 4 months ago

    Taemin is what he is yall haters back off 😃

  • Fir Aliff
    Fir Aliff 4 months ago +1

    even the most beautiful face gets hated .... he is incredibly cute and handsome and gorgeous ALL in one person

  • Harriet Clarkson
    Harriet Clarkson 4 months ago

    “popular type of face” that even sounds stupid netizens should stop

  • Devaki Bhagwat
    Devaki Bhagwat 4 months ago +3

    For people who haven't seen the clip of him saying that, he was kidding around and laughing with his staff. He doesn't actually care enough to "wonder" about surgery

  • Koharuie
    Koharuie 5 months ago

    I'm confused as to how a FACE can be outdated...

  • / Gline TV그라인티비
    / Gline TV그라인티비 5 months ago +1

    No no no no no! Just a BIG no! Taemin is very very handsome with or without makeup! Please don't changeee😭😭❤️❤️

  • sally blackcat
    sally blackcat 5 months ago

    Taemin is the most handsome artist I've ever seen ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • cherrymaus 25
    cherrymaus 25 5 months ago

    He is perfect as he is, he has nothing to chance. If someone don't like him, it's bis or her Problem.
    Taemin continue as before and do not listen to the hater who have no idea .
    Love you ❤🙆‍♀️

  • me mag
    me mag 6 months ago

    If u are dumb(haters),pls act like one...no such thing as 'outdated face',ridiculous comment😏...taemin too gorgeous for tis era😊😍

  • Devina Anindita
    Devina Anindita 6 months ago +1

    I think these haters are the middle schoolers.

  • Sketchy Akechi
    Sketchy Akechi 6 months ago

    How can someone's face be outdated? Anyway, Taemin is a good bean and I'm glad he's using this to drive his skills forward instead of dwelling on it any further.

  • saber
    saber 6 months ago +2

    How tf can a face be outdated that doesnt make any sense.

  • Nanda Andrade
    Nanda Andrade 6 months ago

    Que dijeron QUÉ? Qué chucha tiene esa gente en la cabeza? Por qué tienen que querer que todos estén operados, weón? Yo amo el rostro de Taemin y amo a que siga siendo casi igual a sus fotos de niño. No le cambiaría nada, Taemin es hermoso, es como un muñequito. Váyanse a la cresta un rato, haters de mierda.

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry 6 months ago +3

    This happened quite a while ago, during the MOVE-era. I saw this in 1 of Taemin's Xtra cam episodes I think. How on Earth can a face even be outdated? Lol. Taemin has such a nice face and has nothing to envy of others at all. I believe he mentioned it to kinda laugh back at the comment poster tbh, since he did his eyelid hiding trick afterwards. I think the staff giggled along as well from what I remember :D

  • Mishpa Rubhavathy
    Mishpa Rubhavathy 6 months ago +2

    I think some fans' bias idol has single eyelid or no eyelids they would've have been jealous of our cute baby shark

    Don't think anything stupid taemin~ah be yourself every SHAWOLS love the way your are so be the same our little baby please don't do any plastic surgery
    Be the same
    We're there for you and always by your side fighting taemin~ah saranghae

    #leetaemin #outstandinganduniquevisual

  • Ruhee Shawol
    Ruhee Shawol 6 months ago +1

    Taemin you're very cute and very handsome shawol loves u the way you are 💕💕💕

  • Angie Hiu
    Angie Hiu 6 months ago +2

    your face will never out of date dear. because your face is extraordinary... extremely handsome... and C.U.T.E

  • manstien manu
    manstien manu 6 months ago +3

    Oh plz... He is one of the most handsome kpop idol.... 😘

  • bacon
    bacon 6 months ago +5

    The obsession Asian ppl have with double eyelids?! I am from Canada and Taemin is literally my dream man, I can not stop dreaming about him. He is my ideal dream man...

    • sally blackcat
      sally blackcat 5 months ago

      me too! I often dream about him, he is very handsome ... love TAEMIN

  • JustOne Taeminie
    JustOne Taeminie 6 months ago +1

    I really love his face. He is so chubby but on stage his face is so manly. ♡♡♡
    But i love him for his voice and his dance so don't worry Taemin !

  • Flaming Unicorn
    Flaming Unicorn 6 months ago +2

    Few days ago a group of people were hating on prince looking visual Minho's small face

  • Alliah Rose
    Alliah Rose 6 months ago +3

    i didn't know that there's an outdated face thing in this world. Just what the heck is that. you better just study. gee. this makes my blood boils. just shut up if you can't say positive and beautiful things. no one cares about your opinions if it's not constructive. thank you.

  • Salha AbdulAziz
    Salha AbdulAziz 6 months ago +1

    A face is not a trend or fashion. How can it becomes 'outdated'? These haters are trying to poke Taemin in to doing something thats not right. Shinee hyungs please take care of Taemin.

  • Saj Corpuz
    Saj Corpuz 6 months ago

    Why? What the problem to his face.. oppa is so yeppeoda !

  • YuirZa Hani
    YuirZa Hani 6 months ago +3

    These haters are insecure with our boys. Period.

  • Salha AbdulAziz
    Salha AbdulAziz 6 months ago +2

    Teamin, if you took serious about what these haters said means you are sucked into the negative energy. Just imagine that you put these hates in a box, squeeze them in, seal it and throw it as far away as possible and forget about them. Move forward. Just be yourself. Love yourself. Improve your skill as you've said and be more motivated. Thats what you should do. Not by removing your double eyelids. No no no. Dont change for the sake of these haters.

  • Hikaru Shidou
    Hikaru Shidou 6 months ago +5

    Lol trendsetters don't go "outdated" like that.. Everyone else adjust according to them!! Be updated people!! 😂😂
    U're just perfect Taeminnie ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ale Xandra
    Ale Xandra 6 months ago +9

    Outdated?? WTF Taemin is one of the most good looking idols. Just tell me who said that I'm gonna beat their ass off

  • Beth Garcia
    Beth Garcia 6 months ago +2

    Who the hell said that??? 😤 if that face is outdated whT kind of face is popular now? That boy was walking model literally... his eyes could melt a thlusand people his smile could dream every night and his built was every one dream off.. so who is outdated?? Look at the mirror before saying bad thing about that boy... get a life and do not disturb him..

  • edgt 01
    edgt 01 6 months ago +3

    They can't diss him for his insane talent and good personality so they target his beautiful face instead🤣 sore losers

  • Rocio O.
    Rocio O. 6 months ago +3

    Who the fu ck say that the actual popular face is without double eyelids? I mean thiS IS SO STUPID I hope he's just kidding. Taemin honey, there is more important things than "being a popular face" you are incredibly talented and a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and that's what matter. LOVE❤

  • Cheshire Gold
    Cheshire Gold 6 months ago +1

    Outdated? Absolutely nt. Taemin is neva outdated. 💚

  • Cheshire Gold
    Cheshire Gold 6 months ago +3

    Taemin is da best, & will 4ever be. 💖

  • abha singh
    abha singh 6 months ago +4

    Who the hell cares about face Taemin-ah you are one of the best dancer of korea and a rising legend. You are hella talented babe please ignore the haters they can die some where and people wouldn't even know about it, but you my dear need to learn to ignore these stupid crazy ass peoples called haters.

  • jiawen
    jiawen 6 months ago +7

    I love his double eyelids tho!! Hope he stays true to loving his every bit more, I truthfully say that I love his eyelids:) (I’m not lying for the sake of anyone) he looks very cute with it!!

  • sinjin5155
    sinjin5155 6 months ago +7

    There isn’t any thing wrong with his face people say things like that because they’re jealous of him and his popularity, he is beautiful, when he is natural your gorgeous Taemin, please don’t listen to these idiots. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😘🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • KeeKee
    KeeKee 6 months ago +6

    Taemin ah, you are very handsome and attractive, will always be. A handsome face will not get outdated.

  • Auntie67
    Auntie67 6 months ago +3

    Ha, ha, outdated - lol!!! Taemin is literally the most handsome man in this whole industry. Also is this some old news??? The footage you used is from Move promotion era...?

    • Lori로리
      Lori로리 3 months ago

      Whoever said those words is seriously messed up. How can a face so perfect and gorgeous be outdated?

  • あきら akira
    あきら akira 6 months ago +2

    hahaha my god look at the mirror first before insulting others ya hoes. leave him alone.

  • Tracee Vince
    Tracee Vince 6 months ago +1

    Taemin is classy and looks amazing 💖 do not change a thing Taemin!!!💖💖

  • KaTerria Epps
    KaTerria Epps 6 months ago +1

    Only thing outdated is these haters calling him outdated. It's called a trend for a reason, it comes and goes like the wind. Taemin keep what your mama and daddy gave you! Difference between a trend and a legend.....a legend is forever and trends fade! Don't change to please ignorance, if they don't like it I would imagine you won't lose sleep over it!!

  • tenshi taem
    tenshi taem 6 months ago +1

    Haters should see him face to face then tell me whos look is outdated 🙄

  • dapdap kpop
    dapdap kpop 6 months ago +2

    Wtf Korea has been pressuring people to have double eyelid for I don't know how long and now they want it to be reversed I don't know can't u just accept people as they look

  • Ellessa w
    Ellessa w 6 months ago +2

    WTF taemin is beautiful don't listen to them 😭❤

  • Sebooty Yehet
    Sebooty Yehet 6 months ago

    WTF Taemin is always hot! Double eyelids are the shit! ♥ Screw the haters. Idc what the "trend" is. If you're handsome, you're handsome.

    DAMNRayS TAEMIN 6 months ago +1

    Do not pay attention to haters, they are crazy by envy, you have natural beauty, and high talent makes them envious.