• Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Comments • 5 400

    REACT  2 months ago +660

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    • Marcelo Esteban Mauricio
      Marcelo Esteban Mauricio Month ago

      What's that bell icon next to the "Subscribed" icon?

    • 本音
      本音 Month ago +1

      If you do another one or these, you should do I Will Always Love You, since Whitney's version is a cover and I don't think many know that

    • Derian Valdez
      Derian Valdez Month ago

      This was really fun, I want to see more of this kind of videos

    • S H
      S H Month ago +1

      Yo, you should do this again, but use the song ‘Hurt’. It was originally released by Nine Inch Nails (awesome song and band btw) but was popularized by Johnny Cash’s cover in 2012. Most people have only ever heard Cash’s version.

    • Chunaduaialwen
      Chunaduaialwen Month ago +1

      You should let them hear the original versions after telling them the right answer.

  • Jeylan Jubran
    Jeylan Jubran Month ago +1

    More more more

  • – whereforeartthouspagghet

    I see tom i click

  • Brianna Christyne
    Brianna Christyne Month ago +7

    Not only is the sound of silence my favorite song but the cover by disturbed is my absolute go to.

  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly Month ago +6

    It's s sad when someone says "I've never heard it before" when it comes to Sound of Silence. I weep for the future.

  • Kevin Arevalo
    Kevin Arevalo Month ago +2

    Frank Ocean

  • Nicholas Blyde
    Nicholas Blyde Month ago

    That moment when you knew all of these. Other good choices would of been... tainted love, torn, hurt, respect, I will always love you, girls just wanna have fun, i love rock n roll, mambo no 5, hound dog, if i were a boy, mickey, whatta man, superstition, ring of fire, feeling good,
    (All very popular songs that people easily mistake as originals)

  • KannieKosplay yes
    KannieKosplay yes Month ago +3

    one of these days they'll play Africa covered by Danny Sexbang xD

  • Liana H
    Liana H Month ago +1

    tfw they dont know simon and garfunkle

  • AdikMusic OfficialTM
    AdikMusic OfficialTM Month ago +3

    tfue look like troy

  • Anya Luckenbill
    Anya Luckenbill Month ago +3

    Cover (this one was a back and forth)

  • Film IOS
    Film IOS Month ago +17

    Troy and Tori lowkey goals🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rose Lion
    Rose Lion Month ago +2

    Aw hell yeah respect! It’s an og even before they said I thought it was an og!? Well I am only 13 how am I gonna guess but one of your elders guess that song i knew all of them XD in music each kid can put on one song I always put on old songs a teacher said I’m a old soul I was born in the wrong year cuz I love old music but I like new ones to Xd

  • Eduardo Mora
    Eduardo Mora Month ago +1

    Isnt chloe the girl who thought nightmare by A7X was scary?

  • Disguylolz 1738
    Disguylolz 1738 Month ago +7

    Who else is a teen but still rooted for the college kids?

    • Disguylolz 1738
      Disguylolz 1738 Month ago

      Yah Gurl KaeKae Same

    • Yah Gurl KaeKae
      Yah Gurl KaeKae Month ago +2

      Disguylolz 1738, me because I grew up with the college kids when they were teens while I was still a naive kid on RU-clip 🤧🤷🏾‍♀️

  • LoganEspo
    LoganEspo Month ago +4

    Troy looks exactly like tfue

    • Fluid Clan
      Fluid Clan Month ago +1

      Ikr I was thinking that the whole time

    • Bananabøi _
      Bananabøi _ Month ago

      LoganEspo plot twist: he is from the past

  • Liquidate Studios!
    Liquidate Studios! Month ago +3

    What about Bob Dylan & Jimi Hendrix!?

  • KendallDaPug
    KendallDaPug Month ago +11

    Does anyone else really wanna be friends with Dionte or just me

  • Striffee
    Striffee Month ago +14

    How... do you NOT know The Sound of Silence?

    • Izzle Frizzle
      Izzle Frizzle Month ago

      Hello darkness my old friend........

    • titleloanman
      titleloanman Month ago

      I still don’t know it even after hearing the title

    • Izzle Frizzle
      Izzle Frizzle Month ago

      Striffee it’s more likely that they would recognise the original but didn’t recognise the cover as it is so different

  • Lil Goat
    Lil Goat Month ago +5

    Why does Troy look like teen version of Tfue😂😂😂

  • Kendrick Mott
    Kendrick Mott Month ago +5

    How did more than half the people not know a song that was a meme a couple of years ago?

    • Anthony Nguyen
      Anthony Nguyen Month ago +1

      Probably only heard the meme part and never the whole song. Guessing FBE cut out the meme part for the challenge

  • Sam Hunt
    Sam Hunt Month ago +2

    How had they never heard that

  • illfuckoff ?
    illfuckoff ? Month ago +1

    I feel Tom thoroughly about the Beatles thing. Love me do is, in fact, like angels.

  • gamer mohammed
    gamer mohammed Month ago +38

    I can imagine Chloe attacking tom

  • Gabriele Avila
    Gabriele Avila Month ago +6

    I'm so Glad Tom won

  • Vanilla Wolfy
    Vanilla Wolfy Month ago +2

    I think I wouldn’t be able to win either..

  • Overlord YT
    Overlord YT Month ago +4

    tom = best

  • Jasmine Lee
    Jasmine Lee Month ago +5

    I loved listening to the covers people are so talented

  • Goldi Locks
    Goldi Locks Month ago +6

    Yoooo I love Tom

  • Iain Kilcar
    Iain Kilcar Month ago +3

    Only one I didn't get was last one but only because I didn't recognise it as moon river

    • KuleUlrik
      KuleUlrik Month ago

      Frank Ocean Moon River is good enough as a standalone to be good enough to listen to, despite not sounding like Audrey Hepburn

  • Rachel Cecile
    Rachel Cecile Month ago +9

    Rae is my mood all the time

  • Wrecking Rim
    Wrecking Rim Month ago +1

    Can you cover Poets of the fall,Skillet,Godsmack!!! In next episode

  • Anita J
    Anita J Month ago +13

    11:14 well that was awkward..

  • Maycee graham
    Maycee graham Month ago +1

    I did twist and shout in my program.

  • Ashibo
    Ashibo Month ago +4

    3:44 - 4:00 ME WHEN A SONG COMES ON THAT I KNOW (aka every song soooooo im singing to every song basically xD)

  • Pippa Gilroy
    Pippa Gilroy Month ago +5

    I lk ship chloe and tom

  • Julia Ramirez
    Julia Ramirez Month ago +1

    React to old EDM and tech house, technotronic, c+c factory...

  • Sofia Pachuca
    Sofia Pachuca Month ago +8

    Bro Troy is so cute wtf lol

  • Iti Pisupati
    Iti Pisupati Month ago +3

    You're so cute Tom!

  • Nataliexiswolf
    Nataliexiswolf Month ago +1

    Welp if this was like a p!atd version I woulda won

  • Titanium Alpha
    Titanium Alpha Month ago +5

    I feel so ashamed for u guys, I'm younger than u teens and I knew more bout music than u 😥😥 but at least u did ok-ish

  • Anna OOP-
    Anna OOP- Month ago +13

    When he said Ariana grande is a new artist I bit my pizza angrily and now it’s bleeding sauce

  • Slippy 0809
    Slippy 0809 Month ago +16

    I love the sound of silence and only one person knew it

    • Liquidate Studios!
      Liquidate Studios! Month ago

      @Barry Goldberg I do like Disturbed
      , and I remember when the cover came out. I was in my last year of high school, but I didn't enjoy it. I did know it was a cover, just never really got into Simon & Garfunkel
      , some songs (Sound Of Silence included) I do enjoy and especially the originals!

    • Barry Goldberg
      Barry Goldberg Month ago

      That cover by Disturbed is pretty good. I prefer the original, but for Disturbed, that's a pretty sweet cover. I also swept this, even though I didn't know the last one, I still just guessed cover.

  • Charmaine Kearney
    Charmaine Kearney Month ago

    the first song is ovi twist and shout

  • MoonDustShine
    MoonDustShine Month ago +5

    *Hears No tears left to cry*
    Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *throws headphones off* that song is hell for Gods sake!

    • BloxBabe
      BloxBabe Month ago

      MoonDustShine what???

  • sydneyyy
    sydneyyy Month ago +22

    I really thought they meant ppl on RU-clip making covers tbh....

  • B Sweeney
    B Sweeney Month ago +1

    troy is a brown haired tfue

  • roast beef
    roast beef Month ago +9

    wow the fact none of them except one knew the sound of silence

    • Slippy 0809
      Slippy 0809 Month ago

      Ik I love that song and I’m sad that basically no one knew it

  • For Fun
    For Fun Month ago +2

    Most college kids are teens lmao

  • Snacks
    Snacks Month ago +12

    Y’all realize the age gaps from the teens and college kids at most is 3-4 years why do they act like they from different eras half the teens look more like they in college then the college kids

  • uwu we stan
    uwu we stan Month ago +7

    Ariana is not a new artist LMAO

  • Meriam Ezneh
    Meriam Ezneh Month ago +2

    I was waiting for one way or another

  • m8
    m8 Month ago +4

    the fact that so few people knew the sound of silence makes me sad

  • Alex Greben
    Alex Greben Month ago +5

    What the heck ?! No one knew " The sound of silence" ? Come on people...

  • Ariana Grande FanClub
    Ariana Grande FanClub Month ago +10

    why is that guy saying ariana is ‘such as new artist’ i-

    • uwu we stan
      uwu we stan Month ago

      KUNA actually no new is up to two years being around... Ariana has been around for yearsssss not new at all....

    • KUNA
      KUNA Month ago +1

      she is a new artist actually
      she's not been there from 80's or something

    • uwu we stan
      uwu we stan Month ago

      Sweetener World Tour RIGHT?!

  • Xavier
    Xavier Month ago +5

    Troy looks like Lucky Blue Smith

  • Denise & Paul Webster
    Denise & Paul Webster Month ago +3

    Troy looks a lot like Tfue

  • Luis Alberto
    Luis Alberto Month ago +4

    I saw Frank Ocean, so I clicked!

  • BullitKing41
    BullitKing41 Month ago +1

    They should have done daft punk get lucky

    • BullitKing41
      BullitKing41 Month ago


    • BullitKing41
      BullitKing41 Month ago

      Yes the original is from the 20s

    • Xavier
      Xavier Month ago

      BullitKing41 is that a cover???

  • User 27
    User 27 Month ago +18

    It's sad that most of them didn't know Sound of Silence

  • eoghano4321
    eoghano4321 Month ago +11

    7:40 DISTURBED!! YESSSS!!!!!

  • Aung Khant Chit Ko
    Aung Khant Chit Ko Month ago +6

    CHOLE is soo cute

  • MøstAmazingPersønAsHeIsABøss

    Troy is not a college kid???

  • Du'fudy
    Du'fudy Month ago +4

    Am i college or teen am i teen? Im19 but im in my sophomore yr of college... idk i got all but the first one

  • Kennedy Kaiser
    Kennedy Kaiser Month ago +12

    I hate all of them for not knowing Disturbed.

  • Jordi Van Der Schoot
    Jordi Van Der Schoot Month ago +40

    3:48 Me when Ariana comes on the radio 😂

  • TheFingerlessWonder
    TheFingerlessWonder Month ago +2

    Next time do The Boys of Summer either by Don Henley (OG) or The Ataris (cover) !!!

  • Haylee Mckay
    Haylee Mckay Month ago +4

    I love Rae's energy 😂❤

  • Kpop plus Yaoi
    Kpop plus Yaoi Month ago +2


    WILLIAM MATTHEW Month ago +10

    Troy and Tori would actually make a good couple!

  • Jess
    Jess Month ago +3

    This was a very boring challenge video

  • Couches
    Couches Month ago +11

    11:13 I’m dying lmao 🤣

  • Lorin :3
    Lorin :3 Month ago +12

    I automatically knew sound of silence was a cover. The cover is by disturbed and the original is Simon and garfunkel! I love both of them!

  • donnielp3
    donnielp3 Month ago +8

    Doesn't help some of them don't know what a cover is. "Ed Sheeran writes songs for One Direction..." Ok, well that's still an original.

  • Love_FPL
    Love_FPL Month ago +1

    You need a video on Disturbed

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez Month ago +1

    I'm 20 so I think I'm a college kid (young adult) I got 3 out 5

  • Lil Lily
    Lil Lily Month ago +8


  • Cassandra Bergantim
    Cassandra Bergantim Month ago +18


    • Lorin :3
      Lorin :3 Month ago

      YES! I love both of them!

  • Cartooniee 220
    Cartooniee 220 Month ago +14

    Troy kept saying Ariana grande was a new artist omg smh

    • Xander Ty
      Xander Ty Month ago

      Cartooniee 220 I’ll spit on you

    • Cartooniee 220
      Cartooniee 220 Month ago

      Future subie owner yeah I guess.

    • Future subie owner
      Future subie owner Month ago

      Cartooniee 220 yes I agree definitely not very new as in what Troy meant bc I mean she has 5 albums which are all amazing and yeah i guess that counts when she was in the Broadway musical 13 but she wasn’t making her own music at the time

    • Cartooniee 220
      Cartooniee 220 Month ago

      Xander Ty I’m not comparing to the beetles and she not VERY new like he said

    • Cartooniee 220
      Cartooniee 220 Month ago

      Future subie owner wait tho she started singing in broadway musicals in 2008 and then started her fame in 2010 on victorious

  • Jude Payet
    Jude Payet Month ago +1

    I got the first one correct I think the original is more up beat I have heard an up beat of the song
    Edit:I’m 12

  • Raechel_Burgund
    Raechel_Burgund Month ago +2

    They are older than me and they don't know

  • adilene rivera
    adilene rivera Month ago +3


  • 。V O L O M A N 。
    。V O L O M A N 。 Month ago +4

    Do like guess the country challenge 🤞

  • tntboysss empuerto
    tntboysss empuerto Month ago +16

    i swear Troy was part of Junior Masterchef US

    • Cordelia Lytle
      Cordelia Lytle Month ago

      tntboysss empuerto OMG I just looked it up IT IS HIMMMM

    • Shiloh Karma
      Shiloh Karma Month ago

      tntboysss empuerto he was omggg!!

  • 軍煒趙
    軍煒趙 Month ago +2

    Jeez.. I love Rae’s voice

  • Deyla InWonderland
    Deyla InWonderland Month ago +10

    next time pls put jungkook we dont talk anymore in bc its sounds like charlie puth

    • Namjoon’s Wife
      Namjoon’s Wife Month ago

      Deyla InWonderland stop embarrassing army please :))

    • Grace Zheng
      Grace Zheng Month ago

      Deyla InWonderland everyone's entitled to their own opinion

    • Deyla InWonderland
      Deyla InWonderland Month ago

      a r i yep so pls go and hate yourself and not bts

    • a r i
      a r i Month ago


    • Deyla InWonderland
      Deyla InWonderland Month ago

      Mel yeah jk version is 100 times better I know😊

  • Gacha Øçęań
    Gacha Øçęań Month ago +12

    *_you won this one,but not the war_* .

  • Freezing Jazzy
    Freezing Jazzy Month ago +3

    They didn't put "All Along The Watchtower" on this list... *_i m f u c k i n u p s e t_*

  • Jill
    Jill Month ago +8

    Sound of silence, the cover by Disturbed is one of my favourites.

  • Benoy Eugene
    Benoy Eugene Month ago +18

    1:50 wdym you've never heard this?
    *sound of silence plays in BG*

  • Bxsicvlly
    Bxsicvlly Month ago +6

    im eleven and i know sound of silence.

  • Nyx the GamingGirl
    Nyx the GamingGirl Month ago +6

    A new official cover of sound of silence was released every year for eight years

  • Tyler Barnes
    Tyler Barnes Month ago +2

    I live for Franks version of Moon River.... & I’ve heard ALOT of people sing Moon River

  • Kelsey Rose Lobach
    Kelsey Rose Lobach Month ago +6

    Dionte and Rae need to always be paired together 😂 Them singing together was life 🙌🏻😂

  • Bruna Abreu
    Bruna Abreu Month ago +3

    I was so happy when they played The Sound of Silence 😍 I was literally waiting for this! I love Disturbed's version so much! It's just so powerful! 🖤

  • litty.chungus 1
    litty.chungus 1 Month ago +5

    If this was rap you all would be dead

  • Banana Lynn
    Banana Lynn Month ago +5

    When no one knew sound of silence I almost lost it. I’m 14 and I’ve been listening to that for years

  • ImSorra
    ImSorra Month ago +4

    Bruv jeanie and rae are legit twins, they look the same, but different hair

  • Kim Tae V
    Kim Tae V Month ago +10

    that girl chloe is so not fun to be pair with

  • Goon Bitch Productions

    Came because I saw frank on the cover