10 Clever Habits To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2019
  • 10 Clever Habits To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!
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  • Sarah Latham
    Sarah Latham Day ago

    I really enjoy your videos... Typically. However, in this one I realize how anti-age you actually are.
    You mentioned, quite a few times, that to be attractive one needs to look young, and I think you truly believe that.
    Diane Keaton is beautiful because she's 73 not in spite of.
    Someday, when you become Pro-age, I will follow you again.

  • hawa
    hawa Day ago +1

    What do you mean you only have a couple years left to have long hair??
    I don’t understand :(
    I plan on keeping my hair long forever..

  • Fleurella
    Fleurella 2 days ago +1

    I made it

  • cobweb afternoon
    cobweb afternoon 2 days ago

    What is it about your sweaters? I love them in every video! Thx for the great tips! Now I'm going to watch your video about looking sexy, lol! Glad I found your channel now so I can binge! 😉👍😍🙋‍♀️

  • Nexx 1
    Nexx 1 2 days ago

    I like greens

  • Bid To ক্রয়

    How to use apple cider vinegar? Straight apply on you scalp ? Or only just hair ?

  • Barbara McStravick
    Barbara McStravick 4 days ago

    Ratio of acv to water in spray bottle for hair?? Please do the body type/ clothes video:)

  • C6whatever
    C6whatever 5 days ago +2

    Made it but I would like to know about the sweater you’re wearing

  • StaceyRose777
    StaceyRose777 6 days ago

    Why do people keep telling you to cut your hair??? Ur such an inspiration and a great spirit, your hair is beautiful! Don’t let people take that away from you or make you think you need to cut it at a certain point in your life! All that matters is that you feel pretty

  • Michelle Lida
    Michelle Lida 7 days ago

    Your hair is GORGEOUS, why would you cut it!? Age is just a number!

  • Aida Diack
    Aida Diack 8 days ago

    Dressing for your body type please🗣

  • A J
    A J 8 days ago

    If other women are telling you that they can't stand how long your hair is it's because they are completely jealous! Women are not nice to each other and don't listen to them at all because it's absolutely stunning!

  • malika camus
    malika camus 8 days ago

    On Biosil for hair/nails/skin: www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/health-general-science/can-biosil-really-help-thicken-my-hair-and-nails

  • RothSaeed
    RothSaeed 9 days ago

    She played me

  • Sheila Soule
    Sheila Soule 10 days ago

    I’m 51 with waist long naturally wavy hair. I love it. I never cease to be astonished at how others feel that because you’re on a video that that can criticize you, your hair length etc. it’s all a myth about age & hair length so rocks your pretty hair as long as you want 🙂

  • MsRefined1
    MsRefined1 11 days ago

    Made it! Definitely agree re the veggies! Also WATER! Many of us think we drink enough but don’t. If you aren’t drinking at least 2L per day you are dehydrated.

  • Thor’s #1 fan
    Thor’s #1 fan 12 days ago

    Oh, Shea! So glad you mentioned Dianne Keaton, you’re right about her!! You’re as sweet, beautiful & adorable as she is...👍👍😘😘

  • SkiingIsMyHappyPlace Bliss

    It’s great that you mentioned hand care! Another important aspect of that is sun protection. Hands are particularly prone to developing age spots as we get older, so using a high SPF sunscreen on them *every* time we go outdoors is very important. When going outdoors for an extended period, sport/athleisure tops with extra long sleeves with thumb holes are handy, some even have SPF protection built into the fabric. Protection when you’re young will help prevent age spots later in life!

  • Arwa Hussein
    Arwa Hussein 12 days ago

    I made it ❤

  • Che Rie
    Che Rie 13 days ago

    I made it to the end & I loved these points, thank you.

  • Darlene McKinney
    Darlene McKinney 15 days ago +4

    You have pretty hair. I’d like to see you with a side part. I think it would balance the heaviness at the bottom of your hair with the top.

  • Cate Hunt
    Cate Hunt 15 days ago +1

    Interesting fact: Vitamin C is what helps your body create collagen.

  • April N.
    April N. 15 days ago

    Yes!! I keep telling my kids I should eat avocado bc it’s healthy, but they say blue isn’t a healthy color. I tell them it’ll make my headache that I’ve had for 8 yrs straight go away, and they still say I can’t have it, so my kids are buzzkills. Btw, I’m deathly allergic to avocado...I make killer guacamole, tho! Pun not intended, but appropriate in my case.😜

  • LolaK Lloyd
    LolaK Lloyd 15 days ago

    That's why I was first prescribed Retin-A (for acne). Start with a low dose and work your way up. Don't use w/ harsh exfoliating scrubs or acid-alternate. Also, you need to wear sunscreen (which you should always do anyway) UVA/UVB protection (50 or higher). You do need a script but you can scan and send it to Canadian Intl. Pharmacy Reliable RX (also Latisse-check w/eye doc)in Canada for sooo much cheaper (yes, same product( If you have the money, then why not get a neck lift of some kind (why hide it with a turtleneck?) She also wears gloves a lot. Also, why not keep your har long)? Look at Jane Seymour- omg-amazing. Its all up to each individual. Find your passion, eat healthily, drink a lot of water & take your vitamins.I like making shakes w/ collagen, or using a high- quality green or red powder-veggies & fruits. And a big salad, once a day (baby kale is fine-like baby spinach) Just be creative and watch the dressing (or unhealthy things) you add. You also must workout- and incorporate weights /resistance bands (you start losing muscle in your thirties)And Pilates or Yoga or Barre once or twice a week for lean and flexible body, for a strong back , core and posture, that's one of the most important things you can do to stay youthful, healthy, and it's good for your brain too.

  • Kim Gordon
    Kim Gordon 17 days ago

    Camouflage Baby 🎶

  • Nala Sabal
    Nala Sabal 17 days ago

    I am bloody 20 and have like no wrinkles and aging but I will keep that in mind for forever 😀💜

  • Haylie R. Wilson
    Haylie R. Wilson 17 days ago

    I’ve been drooling over your thick, shiny hair this whole video

  • Nerrissa Richards
    Nerrissa Richards 17 days ago

    My mom always told me about the hands, she says pay attention to your neck and hands and she showed me different techniques to massage them, she also eats well!

  • S. Yoshikawa
    S. Yoshikawa 18 days ago

    If your skin gets very sensitive after Retin-A applications mix in a teeny bit of vegetable glycerin into your regular moisturizer and apply that immediately after, it's been a miracle help for me.

  • Krislyn Kelu
    Krislyn Kelu 20 days ago +1

    I am watching @3:32😫😨😩😖😖😖

  • Bennu AYMAN
    Bennu AYMAN 21 day ago

    i really hope and wish i look as amazing as you when i get your age.

  • Kim YaTae
    Kim YaTae 24 days ago

    Eewww I don't bite my finger nails😂😂

  • TubnQT
    TubnQT 25 days ago

    Shea, I think a great idea would be to take several of your subscribers who are willing to stick to these suggestions and then you dress them and show the before and after.A total makeover!! But not necessarily using make up. The makeover would utilize dietary supplements, skin care, and fashion to enhance their body type.

  • Ronald Absent
    Ronald Absent 25 days ago

    I'm 48 size 6 been told I look 28...I hv 4 kids n attract more young men than the older ones!!! I'm being called a cougar!! I just walk everyday drink a lot of water n live life to the fullest!!..most of all keep GOD in your life!!

  • Marcela Gómez Peñaloza

    you talk too fast, please breathe!

  • Stretch Opotomus
    Stretch Opotomus 28 days ago +1

    I never really bit my nails, but I have been known as a stinking rotten picker.

  • Melissa Verboom
    Melissa Verboom Month ago

    Why do you wear your hair always like this? As a hairstylist I am dying to fix your hair, not because its so long, if you like long hair then keep it long, but wear it to one side, or get some layers around your face. This hairdo makes your face so small and thin, while you have nothing to hide. Show your face girl ;) :D Hope you try!! Love to see!!

  • Heart Centered Dating

    Do you rinse out the apple cider vinegar or do you leave it in? Condition afterwards?

  • Dee
    Dee Month ago +1

    She is so hyper that I need an Ativan now.

    S OLVERA Month ago +1

    Thank you good info!!

  • Damilare Oluseye
    Damilare Oluseye Month ago

    The greens make such a difference fr!! I started that a few months ago and it works amazing and is so cheap to maintain

  • AngelStormee
    AngelStormee Month ago

    Made it. 🥦

    MAUVE Month ago

    Sadly the apple cider vinegar dries out my hair very badly. My tips for taking care of your skin is cleaning your face with water and skip the skin make-up once in a while. Eat healthy fats. Most importantly, don't use a lot of products. I've been looking the same in 10 years.

  • Tara Daniels
    Tara Daniels Month ago

    Her voice is kinda annoying

  • Gooblyful
    Gooblyful Month ago

    Goddamn the fear for aging bodies is so crazy to me as you know...we all age?! You can wear/do whatever you want as you get older it is NOT a point of shame to be wrinkled! It is NOT a point of shame to not look 16! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THIS MAKES ME SO MAAAAD

  • Joan Walters
    Joan Walters Month ago

    Made it💝

  • meldan5
    meldan5 Month ago

    I’m 42 and have long hair. I will have long hair as long as possible because i have natural curl and the shorter I go the curlier it get, in high school I cut it to a bob which turned into a fro ☹️. I still get compliments so I’m keeping it long!

  • Joyce Greer
    Joyce Greer Month ago

    Love your sweater. Hands should get the same treatments as face. I've seen women looking one age with their face, but really old with their hands. I like color and prints, not so much neutral. Really great tips. Definitely the products, apple cider vinegar, greens.

  • Jenn Martinello
    Jenn Martinello Month ago +1

    People need to know regardless, that there are 28 or so types of collagen, and many can't not be combined. Type 1 and 3 for hair, skin and nails, and type 2 for joints. You cannot take 1, 2 , and 3 at the same time, as you waste your money and efforts. Thanks for your videos. Love them!

  • Curl Girl
    Curl Girl Month ago

    My mom has longer hair in her 70s. She always gets mad if I cut my hair too short. In fact, she met her 2nd husband in her 70s and he was very attracted to her longer hair, as most women that age had really short hair. I kid you not! Anyway, my point is if you want to be in your 70s and still have long hair, I say go for it! There are no rules, only what makes you feel and look good. I'm going to be one of those women!

  • Anna Hanu
    Anna Hanu Month ago

    This is another vapid twenty something fashion/makeup/hair/lifestyle RU-clipr who supplies "you guys" devotees with asinine advice/dribble which is absorbed by foolish followers who worship every thing put out by their video goddesses. Come on people, what does this girl know at her age that she can pass on to you to transform your life? Does anyone notice, too, that all these girls with their channels look the same, like, like, like talk the same, and like, like like value the same crap ?

  • monicas madhouse
    monicas madhouse Month ago

    celebrities look great because THEY have ARTIFICAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS & SURGERY. it's NOT natural.

  • Belinda Rose-Maree Teresa Wilcox

    Why do you only have a few years left for having long hair? Im 33yrs old and have very long strawberry blonde hair.

  • Angela Bowe
    Angela Bowe Month ago

    You are talking to much. Just give solution.

  • FrenchLove Boutique
    FrenchLove Boutique Month ago +1

    I tried biosil and loved it too.

  • Tk T
    Tk T Month ago +1

    Made it to the end

  • stickynikkiz
    stickynikkiz Month ago

    Retin-A is super toxic for your skin & health!! Do not take and you shouldn't advertise this. Ya it works for your skin but damages your organs. Do some research before you post this.

  • Heba Madi
    Heba Madi Month ago

    I made it to number 10🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 loved all of the tips

  • Heba Madi
    Heba Madi Month ago +1

    I love your energy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤

  • Heidi Maria Alexandra
    Heidi Maria Alexandra Month ago +1

    I made it to the end!