Opening The New Yugioh Shadows In Valhalla Booster Box!!! BROKEN PULLS!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • This is hands down one of the best or is the best set of the year!
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Comments • 11

  • williamhowe1
    williamhowe1 Year ago +1

    Must get cards for collection!

  • Nhixxel Basa
    Nhixxel Basa Year ago

    Love the channel dude! Subbed

  • Jayden Sandrock
    Jayden Sandrock Year ago +2

    WOW, is ash blossom always behind glow moss that is crazy!!

    • Kyoutou Card Games
      Kyoutou Card Games Year ago

      Its either Strike NInja, Glow Moss, Ash, Mechaba then secret, or Glow Moss, Ash then secret (There are 2 patterns i think).

  • Kelvin Corp
    Kelvin Corp Year ago

    Insane box !!

  • meeper 67
    meeper 67 Year ago

    That's one good box

  • Benjamin Hide
    Benjamin Hide Year ago +3

    Valkyries are named after German numbers:
    Erste = first
    Zweite = second
    Dritte = third

  • LOLPMan 2.405
    LOLPMan 2.405 Year ago

    Nice box

  • Gotta Collect'em All

    Very cool! Is every card supposed to be holographic in this set?

  • bookys 123
    bookys 123 Year ago

    Dude that was a nice box you lucked up.